Is Herceg Novi worth visiting?

Tired of crowded tourist spots? Want to find a place where you can truly relax and enjoy stunning beauty? Herceg Novi is Montenegro’s secret waiting to be uncovered.

On the Adriatic coast, Herceg Novi is a beautiful town. It has amazing beaches, a charming Old Town, and many outdoor things to do. This hidden gem is perfect for an escape from the usual tourist areas.

But what makes Herceg Novi special? How does it win over visitors with its beauty? We will uncover Herceg Novi’s secrets. Join us to learn about its rich history, natural wonders, and cultural treasures.

Get ready to fall in love with Herceg Novi’s beauty. You’ll explore amazing landscapes and experience vibrant culture. Plus, you’ll make memories that will stay with you forever.

In the next parts, we’ll show you around this lovely coastal town. Discover the top places to visit and get useful travel tips. Are you excited to start this journey?

Let’s start discovering Herceg Novi.

A Brief History of Herceg Novi.

Exploring Herceg Novi shows its deep history. This history built its unique character. It was first a fortified town in the 14th century. Over time, it saw many empires and cultures, making its history rich and interesting.

The location of Herceg Novi by the Adriatic Sea made it appealing to many empires. Throughout history, it was ruled by the Byzantines, Venetians, Ottomans, and Austro-Hungarians. Each empire added to the town’s look and traditions, which we can still see today.

The Kanli Tower stands out in Herceg Novi. It was built by the Ottomans in the 16th century. Today, it offers great views. The Forte Mare Fortress, from the Austro-Hungarian time, is another top spot. It overlooks the beautiful Bay of Kotor.

Herceg Novi has a strong maritime history too. The Spanjola Fortress is a key reminder of its naval past during Venetian times. This fortress is well-kept and offers beautiful views for photos.

The Old Town of Herceg Novi is a must-see. It has narrow streets and old buildings that reflect its history. Walk the main Nikola Đurkovića Street. You’ll find squares, cafes, and shops full of local culture.

Herceg Novi welcomes all, from history lovers to the curious. It’s a place to explore the past through its landmarks and culture. This town lets you dive into Montenegro’s hidden beauty on the coast.

Herceg Novi tourism

Key Historical Landmarks in Herceg Novi:

Landmark Description
Kanli Tower A 16th-century Ottoman tower offering panoramic views of the town.
Forte Mare Fortress An Austro-Hungarian fortress overlooking the Bay of Kotor.
Spanjola Fortress A Venetian fortress showcasing the town’s maritime history.

The Natural Beauty of Herceg Novi.

Herceg Novi shines with natural beauty along the Montenegrin coast. Its untouched beaches, clear waters, and awe-inspiring scenes make it a dream spot for those who love the outdoors.

The town’s beaches are among its top draws. You can pick from quiet spots to busy beach clubs. At Zanjice Beach, the water is so blue and calm. Or, choose Igalo Beach for fun water activities or just to relax in the sun.

If you’re looking for calm, go see the Blue Grotto. It’s close to Mamula Island and is famous for its blue water and fascinating caves. A boat trip to the grotto will let you see nature’s wonders up close.

Herceg Novi sightseeing

Besides the beaches, Herceg Novi also boasts beautiful landscapes. The town sits between mountains and the Adriatic Sea, creating a stunning view no matter where you are. Go to Forte Mare for sweeping views of the area. The greenery at the Savina Monastery is also a peaceful spot for some quiet time.

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir

Herceg Novi is a place that rejuvenates the spirit. Whether it’s the beaches, the views, or hidden spots, this town is perfect for lovers of the outdoors.

Pristine Beaches:

  • Zanjice Beach
  • Igalo Beach

Enchanting Cave:

  • Blue Grotto

Panoramic Views:

  • Forte Mare

Lush Oasis:

  • Savina Monastery

Cultural Delights in Herceg Novi.

Immerse yourself in Herceg Novi’s vibrant cultural scene. Discover its rich art, history, and traditional events. This coastal town will captivate you with its many cultural charms.


Start by visiting the art galleries in Herceg Novi. You’ll see a mix of local and international art in various styles. These galleries showcase the town’s artistic talent.

Love history? Check out the town’s museums and historical sites. Visit Forte Mare, a fortress with views of the Adriatic Sea. The Museum of Herceg Novi tells the town’s story through its exhibits.

Don’t miss the traditional festivals, like the Mimosa Festival in February. It celebrates mimosa flowers with parades and local food. Join in the fun and enjoy Montenegrin music and dances.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural scene of Herceg Novi and discover a rich tapestry of art, history, and traditional festivities.

Add these activities and sites to your trip plan:

  1. Visit the galleries of the Old Town for local and international art.
  2. Check out historical places like Forte Mare and the Museum of Herceg Novi.
  3. Join the lively Mimosa Festival to celebrate Montenegrin traditions.

Herceg Novi cultural delights

In Herceg Novi, art, history, and cultural events mix for a great experience. Plan your trip, enjoy local traditions, and make memories in this Montenegrin gem.

Outdoor Adventures in and Around Herceg Novi.

Feel the excitement of outdoor activities in and around Herceg Novi. This hidden beauty in Montenegro has amazing landscapes. It’s perfect for those who love hiking, water sports, or exploring. Herceg Novi truly has adventures for everyone.

Mountain Hiking and Trekking

Strap on your hiking boots for a journey in the mountains near Herceg Novi. The Herceg Novi sightseeing area is famous for its beautiful trails and views. You might want to hike up Mount Orjen or visit Lovcen National Park. Both offer stunning views of the sea and land.

Coastal Excursions

Explore the coast of Herceg Novi with a kayak on the water. See hidden spots and sea caves under the clear blue sky. Or take a boat trip to the Lustica Peninsula or the Blue Cave. These trips show the coast’s true beauty and are memories you won’t forget.

Underwater Exploration

Love to dive or snorkel? Herceg Novi is the place for you. Jump into the clear sea and meet colorful fish and coral. You can also see old shipwrecks and caves. No matter your skill level, diving centers here offer tours and courses.

Adventures on the Bay

Enjoy the coast by trying water sports. Give jet skiing, wakeboarding, or windsurfing a go. Feel alive as you speed through the sea. You can also rent a paddleboard and explore at your own speed. The bay in Herceg Novi is great for all these activities.

Herceg Novi sightseeing

“Herceg Novi offers an abundance of outdoor adventures for every enthusiast. Whether you prefer the thrill of exploring mountains, coastlines, or underwater wonders, this coastal town has it all.”

– Local Guide

Dive into the fun and beauty of Herceg Novi’s adventures. Plan your trip with lots of outdoor activities. Create memories in this hidden gem of Montenegro that you’ll cherish forever.

Beaches of Herceg Novi.

Herceg Novi is truly a hidden gem for beach lovers. It offers a beautiful Mediterranean escape with its sandy shores and clear, blue waters. It’s no surprise that the beaches here are among the region’s top spots.

Looking for a quiet place to unwind or an exciting beach adventure? Herceg Novi has exactly what you need. Let’s look at the top beaches you should check out:

1. Igalo Beach

Herceg Novi tourism

Igalo Beach is special for its mineral-rich mud that’s said to be healing. It’s a great spot to relax and get a wellness boost. Enjoy the sun and take a mud bath for a therapeutic experience.

2. Žanjice Beach

Find peace at Žanjice Beach away from big crowds. It’s a hidden paradise with green surroundings and clear waters. You can swim, snorkel, or just relax with a book on the sand.

3. Mirište Beach

At Mirište Beach, you’ll discover stunning views and peace. It’s a pebble beach set between cliffs with clear waters. Enjoy the sea, soak up the sun on smooth stones, or walk along the shore.

4. Njivice Beach

Njivice Beach is perfect for families with its calm, shallow waters. Kids can safely play and swim here. Plus, there are places to eat, drink, and play beach volleyball for a full day of fun.

5. Škver Beach

Škver Beach is at the center of Herceg Novi and loved by both locals and tourists. It has a lively atmosphere with cafes and restaurants nearby. Enjoy a walk, taste seafood, or absorb the bustling vibe.

Choosing any Herceg Novi beach means enjoying beautiful views, the warm sun, and various water activities. These include swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, and beach volleyball. There’s something for everyone to relax and have fun.

Exploring Herceg Novi’s Old Town.

Exploring Herceg Novi means diving into the magic of its Old Town. You’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time. Walk its narrow streets, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by centuries-old buildings full of hidden treasures. This part of Herceg Novi tells a story of its rich past and cultural legacy.

The beauty of the Old Town’s architecture will captivate you. Each building is unique, with detailed stone facades and beautiful balconies. As you walk, you might get lost in its streets but find yourself surrounded by locals in small squares.

The Kanli Tower is a key spot not to miss. This fortress offers amazing views of the town and sea from its top. Once you’re up there, you’ll see why it’s such an important part of Herceg Novi’s history.

The Clock Tower is another iconic feature of Herceg Novi. It stands tall in the central square, symbolizing the town’s story. Its design and ringing bells are worth noticing as you explore.

The Old Town of Herceg Novi is a place of beauty and mystery. Its ancient walls and buildings invite you to imagine the past as you walk through them.

While exploring, you’ll find shops with local crafts, boutiques, and cafes. Stop for a break with a coffee and enjoy the atmosphere. And be sure to taste the local food at one of the many restaurants around.

Don’t miss a chance to attend a live music show or a play. These cultural events offer a unique way to experience the Old Town. They bring a special vibrancy to this ancient place.

Being in the Old Town feels like a journey to the past. Enjoy its one-of-a-kind atmosphere and learn about its history. Let the beauty of this spot leave you spellbound on Montenegro’s coast.

If history or architecture excites you, the Old Town of Herceg Novi is a must-visit. Its streets are full of stories and beauty. Take a walk, find its hidden places, and make unforgettable memories in this charming part of Montenegro.

Best attractions in Herceg Novi

Hidden Gems in the Old Town

The Old Town of Herceg Novi is a treasure trove of hidden gems. Here are some spots to add to your list:

  • Visit the Orthodox Church of St. Michael. It is a small church with beautiful frescoes.
  • See the Spanish Fortress for its stunning views of the bay and town.
  • Walk through the “Kissing Gates” and hear the story behind the name.
  • Experience peace at the Church of Our Lady of the Rocks on a small island nearby.

These places offer insight into the Old Town’s history and culture. They tell stories that enrich your visit.

Day Trips from Herceg Novi.

Although Herceg Novi is beautiful, day trips nearby can help you see more. They let you explore Montenegro’s stunning coast and its culture. Some great day trip ideas from Herceg Novi are:

1. Kotor

Kotor is a UNESCO World Heritage Site near Herceg Novi. It’s famous for its old medieval look and beautiful bay. Visit the old town’s winding streets, see the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon, and climb the city walls for great sea views.

2. Perast

Perast is a lovely town by the Bay of Kotor, with stunning Baroque architecture. Go on a boat to Our Lady of the Rocks and St. George islets. You can also see palaces, churches, and walk by the water.

3. Budva

Budva is great for fun and a lively nightlife. Check out its old town and ancient city walls. Relax on sandy beaches and see famous sites like the Citadel and Church of St. John.

These are just a few choices for day trips from Herceg Novi. You can find something for everyone, from history buffs to those who love the outdoors. The areas around Herceg Novi offer a lot of different experiences to add to your trip.

Herceg Novi tourism

Where to Stay and Dine in Herceg Novi.

Planning your Herceg Novi trip? Picking the right place to stay and eat is key for a great time. Luckily, this lovely Montenegrin town is full of places to stay and food spots for every budget and taste. From cozy hotels with great views to beach resorts with everything included, you won’t be short of options in Herceg Novi.

Accommodations in Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi has everything from cozy boutiques to family-friendly spots. Each place blends comfort with convenience perfectly. If you’re looking for suggestions, here are our favorites:

Hotel Description Highlights
Hotel Azalea Hotel Azalea in Herceg Novi is perfect for those who love the city bustle. It boasts chic rooms and a rooftop with the best Adriatic Sea views. – Central location – Rooftop terrace with sea views
Villa Ksenija Villa Ksenija in a serene area offers comfy apartments. They have kitchens and balconies. Plus, there’s an outdoor pool in a beautiful garden. – Peaceful location – Apartments with kitchenettes
Palmon Bay Hotel & Spa Right on the beach, Palmon offers luxury with amazing sea views. This place pampers with spa treats and a rooftop eatery. – Beachfront location – Spa facilities
Guesthouse Boka Bay Guesthouse Boka Bay charms guests with its cozy rooms and a pretty courtyard. It’s a great place to feel the warmth of Montenegrin culture. – Cozy ambiance – Charming courtyard

Dining Experiences in Herceg Novi

Foodies will love Herceg Novi. This town is a treasure trove of Montenegrin and global flavors. Here’s where to find some amazing meals:

  • Restaurant Porto Novi: Experience fine dining at Porto Novi’s beautiful marina. They offer exquisite seafood and Mediterannean tastes.
  • Bastion Restaurant: Bastion, in the Old Town, serves local specials. Enjoy a charming dinner inside centuries-old walls.
  • Konoba Feral: Konoba Feral is a top spot for local dishes, tucked in a sweet courtyard. Don’t miss their grilled meats.
  • Riva 1902: For quality food and ocean views, visit Riva 1902. They serve Mediterannean and global dishes in a premier setting.

In Herceg Novi, hospitality and great times are always on the menu. Enjoy the local food and the cozy comforts of your stay. It’s the perfect recipe for a memorable vacation.

Herceg Novi vacation tips


Herceg Novi is a place worth visiting. It has a lot to offer. Its history, beautiful nature, and lively culture make it a unique spot.

Explore the town’s rich past and how it grew. See its lovely beaches and clear water. And enjoy its many cultural events and traditions.

Here, you can have outdoor fun too. You can hike in the mountains or kayak by the sea. Then, walk through the Old Town’s charming streets.

You can also take day trips to other cool spots nearby – like Kotor and Perast. There’s always a place to stay or eat that fits you.

Herceg Novi is perfect for history buffs, nature fans, and people who love adventure. Or, if you just want to unwind, it’s great for that too. So, get ready to have an amazing time in Montenegro’s hidden treasure.