Colorado Springs weekend escapes

Are you tired of the daily grind? Ready to enjoy the beauty of Colorado Springs? This place has so much for an unforgettable weekend.

From exciting outdoor fun to cozy romantic spots, there’s a lot for anyone. Plus, it’s all nearby! Ready to check out Colorado Springs’ best spots? Let’s find out which weekend adventures will thrill and inspire you.

Outdoor Weekend Adventures in Colorado Springs

Looking to get away from daily stress? Head to Colorado Springs for your weekend escape. It’s filled with outdoor fun like epic hiking trails and rock climbing. Everyone can find something they love in this beautiful place.

Hiking Trails

Colorado Springs is perfect for hikers of all levels. It has trails for everyone, showing off the area’s beauty. The Garden of the Gods Loop Trail is a must-do. It offers amazing rock views and sights of Pikes Peak.

Biking Routes

Biking fans will love Colorado Springs’ many paths. The Pikes Peak Greenway Trail is great for a bike ride next to the creek, with mountain views. The Ring the Peak Trail is perfect for those seeking a challenge on their bike.

Rock Climbing

For those who love a thrill, Colorado Springs has top rock climbing spots. Red Rock Canyon Open Space has climbing for all skill levels, with amazing views. Beginners can find guides and gear to help start their rock climbing adventure.

Other Outdoor Recreational Opportunities

Besides hiking, biking, and climbing, there’s so much more to do outdoors. You can kayak or paddleboard at Rampart Reservoir. Or, fly fish in the South Platte River. Animal lovers should check out the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo or ride horses in the countryside.

Whatever adventure you pick, Colorado Springs is an amazing backdrop. So, grab your gear, put on your hiking boots, and explore the natural beauty waiting for you. This place is an outdoor paradise.

Outdoor Weekend Adventures in Colorado Springs

Activity Highlight
Hiking Explore the Garden of the Gods Loop Trail for stunning rock formations and views of Pikes Peak.
Biking Ride along the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail for a scenic route along the creek and majestic mountain views.
Rock Climbing Test your skills at Red Rock Canyon Open Space and conquer towering red rock formations.
Water Sports Kayak or paddleboard on Rampart Reservoir or try your hand at fly fishing in the South Platte River.
Wildlife Excursions Visit the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo or go horseback riding through the beautiful countryside.

Romantic Weekend Escapes in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs awaits couples with its breathtaking landscapes. It’s the perfect spot for a romantic weekend. You’ll find cozy hotels and beautiful places to explore together. There are also intimate dining experiences that make for memorable moments.

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Scenic Spots

Explore the natural beauty of Colorado Springs together. Visit the Garden of the Gods for a magical stroll among red rocks and greenery. Or, see Seven Falls where water cascades down cliffs for a romantic hike.

Pikes Peak is another great spot. Drive or take the cog railway to the top for amazing views. Make sure to take some romantic photos with the beautiful scenery in the background.

Romantic Hotels

Stay at the historic Broadmoor Hotel at the base of Cheyenne Mountain. It has luxurious rooms, spa treatments, and romantic dining. Enjoy a couples’ massage and a candlelit dinner at one of their restaurants.

If you prefer something quaint, The Cliff House at Pikes Peak is perfect. This boutique hotel has Victorian elegance and modern comforts. Have a romantic dinner at their award-winning dining room and enjoy the local cuisine.

Intimate Dining

The Melting Pot offers a cozy setting for couples. Enjoy delicious fondue in a romantic atmosphere. End the evening with a chocolate fondue dessert for a sweet touch.

For a unique dining experience, check out The Rabbit Hole. This underground restaurant has a playful decor and innovative cuisine. It feels like a fairytale, perfect for a romantic dinner.

Hotel Location Features
The Broadmoor 1 Lake Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 Luxury rooms, spa facilities, fine dining
The Cliff House at Pikes Peak 306 Canon Ave, Manitou Springs, CO 80829 Boutique hotel, Victorian charm, scenic views

Romantic Weekend Escapes in Colorado Springs

Planning a special celebration or just time together? Colorado Springs is ideal. With its stunning views, cozy stays, and intimate dining, your weekend will be unforgettable.

Relaxing Retreats in Colorado Springs

Are you looking for a calm getaway? Colorado Springs has many relaxing spots that will refresh your mind, body, and spirit. You can enjoy spa treatments, hot springs, or quiet nature spots. Let Colorado Springs be your escape from the daily grind.

Spas for Ultimate Relaxation

Colorado Springs’ wellness centers offer luxurious spa treatments. Get a massage tailored just for you, try holistic therapies, and facials with organic products. You’ll feel relaxed and renewed, thanks to expert therapists.

“The spa experience in Colorado Springs is truly unmatched. From the moment you step through the doors, you’ll be transported to a world of serenity and tranquility.” – Rachel, Spa Enthusiast

Hot Springs Oasis

In Colorado Springs, natural hot springs are waiting for you. Soak in warm, mineral-rich waters and let your stress disappear. These hidden spots are peaceful escapes to nature’s healing embrace.

Nature Retreats for Peaceful Solitude

Find peace in Colorado Springs’ nature spots. Be surrounded by trees, lakes, and mountains. Go hiking or find a quiet place to think. These retreats are perfect for rediscovering balance and peace.

relaxing retreats Colorado Springs

Looking for a peaceful spa, healing hot springs, or calm nature retreat? Colorado Springs has it all. With beautiful views and a peaceful vibe, it’s a top spot for a restful escape.

Weekend Trips Near Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs itself is beautiful. But, there are great places nearby for weekend trips. If you love scenic views, history, or outdoor fun, there’s something for you.

Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs is a short drive from Colorado Springs. It’s a quirky mountain town loved for its mineral springs. Visit Main Street to see unique shops and art galleries. The Manitou Cliff Dwellings are a must-see. They let you explore ancient Anasazi homes. For hiking fans, the nearby Manitou Incline has amazing views from the top.

Garden of the Gods

Close to downtown Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods is perfect for nature lovers. It’s known for stunning red rock formations and is a National Natural Landmark. You can walk around, hike, or rock climb. Don’t forget your camera – the scenery is incredible.

Pikes Peak

A trip to Pikes Peak is a must in Colorado Springs. This towering mountain is over 14,000 feet high! You can drive or hike to the top. When you’re up there, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the view. It’s unforgettable.

Destination Distance from Colorado Springs Attractions
Manitou Springs 6 miles Mineral springs, Manitou Cliff Dwellings, Manitou Incline
Garden of the Gods 5 miles Red rock formations, hiking trails, rock climbing
Pikes Peak 12 miles Scenic drive, hiking, panoramic views

These places are great for a break from the city and to enjoy nature around Colorado Springs. Whether you explore Manitou Springs, admire Garden of the Gods, or climb Pikes Peak, your weekend will be awesome.

Weekend Trips Near Colorado Springs

Vacation Destinations in Colorado Springs

Planning your vacation in Colorado Springs? You’ll find plenty of interesting places to visit. This city is full of natural wonders and cultural landmarks. So, there’s something fun for everyone.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

For animal lovers, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a top pick. It’s home to over 750 animals from more than 150 species. This zoo gives you a chance to learn and have fun.
As you walk through the beautiful mountain area, you’ll see giraffes, lions, and elephants. It’s an unforgettable experience.

United States Olympic and Paralympic Training Center

Sports fans, don’t miss the United States Olympic and Paralympic Training Center. It’s where top athletes prepare for the Olympics and Paralympics. You can take a tour to see where they train.
You’ll learn about the US Olympic team’s history and see what it takes to be the best.

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

Art enthusiasts will love the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. It has a huge collection of American art, featuring famous artists like Georgia O’Keeffe. The center also has exhibitions, shows, and educational programs.
It’s a great way to explore the area’s cultural heritage.

In Colorado Springs, every traveler finds something special. Looking for adventure with wildlife, sports, or art? This city has everything you need.

Vacation Destinations Colorado Springs

Best Weekend Retreats in Colorado Springs

Planning a weekend getaway in Colorado Springs? The right retreat makes a big difference. Whether you want luxury or a cozy mountain cabin, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top weekend retreats for a unique and unforgettable stay.

Garden of the Gods Resort and Club

The Garden of the Gods Resort and Club sits at Pikes Peak’s base. It offers stunning views of the rock formations and mountains. The resort has luxury rooms, a spa, an 18-hole golf course, and dining options. It’s the perfect spot for a relaxing weekend in nature.

Cloud Camp

Cloud Camp offers a special retreat on top of Cheyenne Mountain. It has amazing views of the Rockies and Pikes Peak. Enjoy nature in comfort with luxury stays, gourmet food, hiking, and stargazing.

Mountain Goat Lodge

The Mountain Goat Lodge is cozy and charming. It’s in Salida, near Colorado Springs, offering comfy rooms and homemade breakfasts. It’s set in a beautiful mountain area. You can hike, soak in hot springs, or relax in peace around here.

The Broadmoor

The Broadmoor has been a top choice for over a century. Its five-star service includes elegant rooms, top restaurants, golf, and a spa. Dive into luxury and charm at The Broadmoor for a memorable weekend.

best weekend retreats Colorado Springs

These are a few top weekend retreats in Colorado Springs for relaxation and amazing experiences. Whether you want mountains, luxury, or coziness, there’s a perfect spot for you here.

Colorado Weekend Travel Tips

Planning a getaway to Colorado Springs for the weekend? Here’s what you need to know for a great trip:

1. Transportation Options

Coming to Colorado Springs? You can fly into the local airport, which has direct flights from big cities. Or drive and enjoy the beautiful views along the way.

2. Best Times to Visit

Spring and fall are perfect for a weekend in Colorado Springs. The weather is nice, and the nature is beautiful. Winter is great for snow sports lovers.

3. Packing Essentials

Pack clothes that are comfy, with layers for the weather, and closed-toe shoes for outdoor fun. Also, bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to protect from the sun.

4. Budget Considerations

Colorado Springs has places to stay that fit any budget. Choose based on what you can spend. Plan your meals and fun in advance to keep within your budget while enjoying the area.

5. Must-See Attractions

Don’t miss the Garden of the Gods for amazing rock formations and hiking. Pikes Peak is another spot for a great drive or outdoor activities.

Take your time to enjoy these beautiful places and nature around them.

Colorado weekend travel

6. Local Tips and Recommendations

For a real Colorado experience, try the local breweries and distilleries. The food scene here is about fresh, local ingredients you should definitely enjoy.

“Colorado Springs is all about outdoor fun, natural beauty, and great food. Use local tips to get the most from your weekend.” – Local Resident

Keep these tips in mind for an amazing Colorado Springs weekend. Whether it’s adventure, romance, or culture you’re after, this place has it all.

Exploring Colorado Springs Cuisine

Colorado Springs is perfect for food lovers on a weekend escape. This city offers many dining options that highlight local tastes. Whether it’s farm-to-table or iconic restaurants, there’s something for everyone.

The Must-Try Restaurants

In Colorado Springs, several restaurants have earned fame for their excellent food. The Broadmoor’s “Penrose Room” offers a five-star dining experience with amazing dishes and top-notch service. For something laid-back, try “Four by Brother Luck”. It’s known for American food with a unique twist.

Local Specialties

Don’t pass up on Colorado Springs’ local specialties. Start with a Colorado-style breakfast of green chili and fluffy biscuits. For lunch, try Rocky Mountain oysters, a staple of the state’s food tradition. And, a juicy bison burger is a must-try for dinner.

Farm-to-Table Dining

Farm-to-table dining is big in Colorado Springs, focusing on local and seasonal items. “The Warehouse Restaurant and Gallery” offers dishes made with ingredients from local farms. “Black Bear Restaurant” also stands out with its rustic feel and creative menu.

“Colorado Springs is a haven for food lovers, offering a diverse range of dining options that showcase the region’s local flavors.”

A Culinary Adventure

A culinary journey in Colorado Springs offers a chance to dive into the city’s lively food culture. “Tejon Street” is full of restaurants, cafes, and food trucks. Sampling these dishes lets you taste the city’s cultural mix.

A Taste of Colorado Springs

Trying the local craft beer is essential when visiting Colorado Springs. The city is home to many breweries. Enjoy a unique brew at “Phantom Canyon Brewing Company” or “Bristol Brewing Company”. Here, you get to see the craft behind the local beer scene.

Colorado Springs cuisine

Make the most of your weekend in Colorado Springs with its culinary offerings. This city has both upscale and hidden dining spots. You’re sure to want more of this delicious experience.

Discovering the Art and Culture of Colorado Springs

Dive into the lively art and culture scene of Colorado Springs. This city is packed with museums, galleries, and events. There’s something here for all art lovers to see and enjoy.


Your cultural adventure starts with a trip to the local museums. Visit the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum to learn about the city’s past. Engaging exhibits tell the stories of early settlers.

Art fans should check out the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. It showcases art from different times and styles, from classic to modern works. The creativity on display will surely inspire you.


Take a look at the local art scene by visiting city galleries. The Cottonwood Center for the Arts is a hotspot for artists. It has paintings, sculptures, and photos. You might find something special to remember your trip by.

Don’t miss the Michael Garman Museum & Gallery. It features unique sculptures by Michael Garman that capture life’s many characters. The detail and storytelling in his work are amazing.

Cultural Events

Join the cultural buzz of Colorado Springs by going to events all year round. The Colorado Springs Philharmonic offers concerts that will amaze you. Their classical music performances are top-notch.

The First Friday Artwalk is a must for a fun experience. Held monthly, it celebrates local art with music and snacks. It’s a great way to meet locals and enjoy the art scene.

Colorado Springs Art and Culture

Explore the artistic and cultural wonders of Colorado Springs. There’s history to learn, museums to visit, galleries to explore, and events to enjoy. For art lovers or those who enjoy creativity, Colorado Springs provides an inspiring experience.


As you conclude your trip to Colorado Springs, you’ll find it’s a place full of weekend escapes. It offers outdoor fun, romantic spots, and cultural sights. There’s something for everyone.

Enjoy hiking scenic trails and biking beautiful paths. Relax in hot springs or at top-notch spas. The city’s art and culture await at museums, galleries, and events.

A romantic weekend in Colorado Springs is special. Picture a cozy cabin in the mountains and dining with great views. Take walks in lovely gardens with your partner. These moments become treasures.

Colorado Springs has weekend escapes for all. Whether you love nature, romance, or culture, start planning now. Discover the wonder and charm of this great destination.

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