Boston family attractions

Are you thinking about a family trip to Boston? Want to make it fun for everyone? Boston has many great places that are fun and teach something new. You’ll find old landmarks, cool museums, and exciting outdoor activities. Every family member will have a blast. So, what are the best spots in Boston for family fun? Let’s explore where to go in Boston for a trip full of great memories.

Exploring the Freedom Trail

Walk the iconic Freedom Trail to learn Boston’s rich history with your family. This trail is a 2.5-mile path that takes you back in time. You’ll see places crucial to the American Revolution’s start.

Freedom Trail attractions

On the Freedom Trail, history comes alive. You’ll hear about brave revolutionaries and see important landmarks:

  1. Massachusetts State House: Explore the gold-domed building and its political past.
  2. Paul Revere’s House: Visit the home of an American hero from the colonial era.
  3. Old North Church: Look at the steeple where Paul Revere’s ride began.

This is a fun and educational family-friendly history tour. The guides tell amazing stories that make everyone feel the past.

“The Freedom Trail offers a unique opportunity for families to step back in time and immerse themselves in the rich history of Boston.” – Local historian

Strolling the historical sites in Boston opens your eyes to America’s past. It’s a thrilling trip that anyone, young or old, will remember.

Fun at the New England Aquarium

Dive into the world of an underwater wonder at the New England Aquarium. Explore stunning exhibits, like the giant ocean tank full of sea life. You can touch stingrays and get up close with penguins. This makes it a great place for anyone who loves the ocean.

New England Aquarium

The New England Aquarium welcomes visitors of all ages. It’s a place that brings you into a magical world filled with the wonders of the sea. Each exhibit you walk through is home to unique and amazing marine creatures.

Marvel at the Giant Ocean Tank

The Giant Ocean Tank is the highlight of the aquarium. It’s a massive tank where you can see a variety of marine life. Watch as fish in all colors glide by, creating a beautiful show. Don’t forget to check out the daily shows to learn more about these creatures.

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Get Up Close with Stingrays and Penguins

Meeting the marine life up close is an exciting part of the New England Aquarium. In the Shark and Ray Touch Tank, you can feel and feed the stingrays. It’s a chance to make a special connection with these amazing animals.

The penguin exhibit is also a fan favorite. You can see these cute birds walk, swim, and have fun in their unique space. Plus, you’ll learn about the many penguin species and how they survive in the wild.

“The New England Aquarium is a fantastic place for families to explore the wonders of the ocean together. With its engaging exhibits and interactive experiences, it offers a fun and educational outing for all.”

Make sure to include the New England Aquarium in your plans. It’s a place full of adventure for anyone interested in fish, stingrays, or penguins. Perfect for a family day out, this Boston gem has something for everyone.

Discovering the Museum of Science

Go on a journey of curiosity and learning at the Museum of Science. It’s in Boston and famous for its interactive exhibits. These engage kids of all ages in fun educational activities.

It’s a place where kids can do hands-on experiments. They learn while having fun. For example, they can explore outer space in the planetarium. Or they can discover the miracles of the natural world. There’s always something fascinating happening here.

Not to miss are the interactive exhibits for kids. These let kids play and learn science concepts together. They can do their own experiments. Or they can learn about physics and engineering, all while enjoying themselves.

“The Museum of Science is a treasure trove for both kids and adults. It offers a unique learning experience through its interactive exhibits and engaging presentations.” – Parent Review

Exploring the Cosmos

The Cosmic Light Show is a big hit here. It takes you through space, showing us the universe’s wonders.

Don’t forget the Hall of Human Life. It teaches kids about the human body in a fun way. They can see DNA and learn the brain’s functions. This shows how amazing our biology is.

Bringing Science to Life

The Theater of Electricity is unlike anything. It’s the world’s biggest indoor lightning display. The sights and sounds are truly electrifying. It makes science thrilling.

The Butterfly Garden is also a highlight. It’s a beautiful place full of various butterfly species. Visitors can see them up close. It’s truly special.

Museum of Science

The Museum of Science is both fun and educational. It’s perfect for families in Boston. The museum sparks imagination and creates unforgettable memories.

Key Features of the Museum of Science Interactive Exhibits for Kids Educational Presentations
Engaging hands-on experiments
Exploration of outer space in the planetarium
Learning about the wonders of the natural world
Exhibits that cater to kids of all ages

Enjoying Family Fun at Franklin Park Zoo

Embark on a wild adventure at Franklin Park Zoo in Boston. It’s great for families, with lots of fun animal experiences for kids. The zoo welcomes nature lovers and families looking for a good time.

Franklin Park Zoo

At the zoo, meet animals from all over the world. You can see lions, tigers, giraffes, and zebras up close. These amazing animals roam and interact in large spaces.

Want a hands-on experience? Don’t miss the chance to feed some animals. Learn what they eat and how they live. It’s fun and you’ll learn a lot.

Explore various exhibits reflecting different habitats and wildlife. Visit the Tropical Forest and the Outback Trail. Each place shows a unique part of nature.

The zoo is big on teaching about conservation and wildlife protection. Visit the education center to learn how you can help. The zoo teaches visitors to care for the world’s animals.

Plan Your Visit

Looking to visit Franklin Park Zoo? Check their website for tickets, hours, and rules. The zoo makes sure it’s safe and clean for everyone.

Make unforgettable memories at Franklin Park Zoo. It mixes fun, learning, and adventure. Discover the beauty of the animal world right in Boston.

Exploring the Children’s Museum

Visit the Boston Children’s Museum and watch your kids’ imagination unfold. This place is filled with hands-on fun and educational value. It focuses on science, art, and culture to make learning a vibrant adventure for children.

hands-on activities for kids

One must-see area is the New Balance Climb. It’s more than just for fun; it builds kids’ confidence and strength.

Another favorite spot is the Construction Zone. Here, kids can use tools and materials to build and break things. It’s a fun way to learn problem-solving and construction skills.

There are many more places to explore. “PlaySpace” and “KidStage” are just a couple. They all help kids think and play in new ways. There’s something exciting for every child.

“The Boston Children’s Museum is a gem for kids wanting to learn and have fun. It offers hands-on fun and ways for children to explore and create. Every family looking for play-based learning should go here.”

– Sarah Johnson, Parent

Plan Your Visit to the Boston Children’s Museum

Plan for a fun-filled day at the Boston Children’s Museum. It’s in a great spot on the South Boston Waterfront. You’ll find it easy to reach and close to other fun places for families.

Here’s what you need to know before you go:

  • Location: 308 Congress Street, Boston, MA 02210
  • Operating Hours: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM (closed on Mondays)
  • Admission: $18 for adults and children; free entry for infants (under 12 months)
  • Accessibility: It offers an inclusive experience with easy access for all, including elevators and accessible restrooms.
  • Dining Options: There’s a cafeteria with tasty, child-friendly food.

The Boston Children’s Museum is all about learning through play. It’s a great place to inspire your children. You can have fun, encourage their creativity, and build memories in downtown Boston.

Key Features Benefits
Interactive exhibits focused on science, art, and culture Stimulates curiosity and fosters a love for learning
New Balance Climb and Construction Zone Encourages physical activity, problem-solving, and creativity
Hands-on play areas like “PlaySpace” and “KidStage” Promotes imagination, critical thinking, and social interaction
Central location on the South Boston Waterfront Conveniently accessible with other family-friendly attractions nearby

Thrills and Learning at the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

Step back in time at the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. Relive the historic Boston Tea Party through interactive activities. You can even throw tea overboard. It’s a interactive history experience that takes you back in time.

Get ready to be part of history at the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. You and your family can step onto a replica ship. Experience what being a colonist at the Boston Tea Party was really like.

Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

Here, you’ll meet costumed actors who make history come to life. They’ll tell you why the Boston Tea Party happened and its big impact. This family-friendly attraction in Boston is both fun and informative for everyone.

“We had a blast at the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum! It was incredible to participate in the reenactment and learn about this important moment in our country’s history. Highly recommended!” – Sarah, Boston

Experience history by throwing tea into the harbor. It’s your chance to feel the Revolution’s sparks. The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum is not just a museum. It’s a place where you live the historical adventure of the brave Americans who fought for freedom.

Fun in the Sun at the Boston Common and Public Garden

Take a break from city life at the Boston Common and Public Garden. These parks are perfect for outdoor fun with your kids. They’re a green gem in Boston’s heart, where families can enjoy nature.

The Boston Common is the oldest public park in America, covering 50 acres. It’s great for picnics, games, and walks. Your children can run around and breathe in the fresh air. It’s a sunny paradise for quality family time.

Entering the Public Garden, you’ll see beautiful gardens, bright flowers, and famous statues. Don’t miss a ride on the Swan Boats, a century-old tradition. Enjoy the calm water and the garden’s beauty.

“The Boston Common and Public Garden offer a harmonious blend of natural beauty and recreational opportunities, making them the perfect destination for a family day out.” – Local Visitor

Get lost in the beautiful paths of the park. You might find the Make Way for Ducklings sculpture, loved by kids. They’ll love the cute ducklings made of bronze.

The parks have lots for kids to do, from treasure hunts to Frisbee. Also, there are events like concerts and fairs for more fun. The whole family can enjoy these activities.

Whether you seek peace or adventure, the Boston Common and Public Garden are for you. So, pack a picnic and enjoy these wonderful parks with your family.

Boston Common and Public Garden

Embarking on a Duck Tour Adventure

Ready to see Boston in a new way? Jump on a Boston Duck Tour for an adventure mixing fun sightseeing with cool history facts. This tour lets you explore Boston’s lively streets and the serene Charles River from a unique viewpoint: a vehicle from World War II.

Your guide will fill you in on Boston’s history as you cruise. They’ll tell you about the American Revolution and share stories of important people from the city. It’s a fun way for everyone to learn about Boston’s past.

Get ready to see famous Boston sites like the State House and Fenway Park from land and water. You’ll feel the thrill as you drive into the Charles River. It’s a refreshing look at the city you won’t forget.

If you love history or want a fun family activity, the Boston Duck Tour is perfect for you. Get ready to have a quacking good time. It’s a great way to see Boston and learn something new at the same time.

Boston Duck Tours

Exploring the USS Constitution Museum

Welcome to the USS Constitution Museum in Boston. It’s a great place for the whole family. You’ll learn a lot about America’s maritime history. Also, you’ll find out how the USS Constitution helped protect the country.

USS Constitution Museum

The USS Constitution is famous as “Old Ironsides.” It’s the oldest active warship in the world. You can touch its history and feel like a sailor with interactive shows and exhibits at the museum.

Visit the museum’s displays to see old weapons, uniforms, and sailor’s personal items. This gives you a glimpse into naval battles and the life of a sailor over the years.

“The USS Constitution Museum offers visitors a unique opportunity to step back in time and discover the stories behind this iconic ship. From the bravery of its crew to the battles it fought, there is so much to learn and appreciate about our nation’s naval history.” – John Smith, Naval Historian

Take part in activities that let you experience life during the 18th and 19th centuries. Make a tricorn hat, practice tying knots, and learn about signal flags. There are also fun scavenger hunts for kids.

Make sure to get on board the USS Constitution. Walking on its decks is like going back in time. The ship is kept in great shape. This lets you see its true beauty and learn how it was a key part of history.

If you love history or the sea, this is the place for you. The USS Constitution Museum is a top choice for families visiting Boston. It’s fun, educational, and full of adventure.


Boston is a city full of fun things for families to do. You can visit historic places or see marine life. There’s always something exciting for everyone.

Join the adventure by walking Boston’s Freedom Trail or visit the New England Aquarium. You can explore at the Museum of Science or see animals at the Zoo. Boston has many places to discover.

Get ready for a family trip to Boston. This city is perfect for learning and fun. Discover why Boston is an amazing place to create new memories.

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