How is the weather in Seattle throughout the year?

Do you wonder about Seattle’s weather all year round? Some think it always rains. But, there are likely some cool surprises too. Let’s dive into the Seattle yearly weather conditions and Seattle weather trends.

These will give a full Seattle climate overview.

Seattle Weather Patterns

Planning a trip to Seattle means knowing about its weather. This understanding helps you prepare for your visit. By checking the data and trends, you’ll know what to expect.

Seattle’s weather is like no other, thanks to its location. It sits in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by water. The Pacific Ocean, Puget Sound, and Lake Washington all play a big role in its climate.

Seasonal Transitions and Rainfall

Seattle has distinct seasons, each with its own beauty. The city is famous for being rainy, which makes its greenery rich and vibrant.

Rainfall varies throughout the year. The most rain falls between October and April, peaking in November and December. This time is cozy for indoor activities because of the rain and occasional thunderstorms.

Temperature Extremes and Cloud Cover

Despite its rainy image, Seattle has quite mild weather. The average temperature is between the upper 40s and mid-70s Fahrenheit. Extreme temperatures are rare here.

Cloud cover is common in Seattle. The gray skies add to its beauty, making for stunning sunsets. But, the city does get plenty of sunny days during summer.

Seattle Weather Patterns

The image above shows Seattle’s unique weather elements. Rainfall, clouds, and the occasional sun all come together here.

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Knowing about Seattle’s weather helps in planning and packing. Whether you’re in the city or exploring its nature, being ready for weather changes is key. This preparation ensures you’ll enjoy your Seattle trip to its fullest.

Spring in Seattle

Spring in Seattle means the weather gets nicer after winter. The city fills with flowers and trees start blossoming. Everywhere you look, there’s a feeling of new beginnings.

This beautiful season in Seattle runs from March to May. Temperatures average between 45°F to 59°F. But, the weather can change, so pack for different conditions.

The days get warmer in spring, making it great for outdoor fun. While Seattle is known for its rain, it less often falls in spring. This means it’s a good time to visit outdoor spots.

Places like Washington Park Arboretum are amazing this time of year. Pike Place Market is also vibrant with local vegetables and flowers.

“Spring is the perfect season to witness nature’s rebirth in Seattle. The city’s lush greenery and beautiful flora make it a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.”

Seasonal Forecast for Spring

Spring in Seattle will bring nice temperatures and average rain. After the cold of winter, expect more sunny days. This weather is great for park visits and other outdoor fun.

Climate Analysis

Spring here is between winter and the warmest parts of the year. It’s perfect for biking, hiking, or just walking around. Evenings might still be cool, so a jacket is handy.

Seattle Spring

Month Average High (°F) Average Low (°F)
March 51 39
April 57 43
May 64 49

Spring in Seattle is lovely. It’s perfect for enjoying the outdoors or just basking in the scenery. Don’t miss this special time in the city.

Summer in Seattle

Seattle is known for its amazing summer weather. It’s a favorite time for people to visit the city. You’ll enjoy warm days with lots of sunshine. There are many outdoor things to do.

“Summer in Seattle is truly a magical time. The city comes alive with vibrant festivals, bustling farmers markets, and breathtaking views of the surrounding natural beauty.”

Let’s talk about the Seattle seasonal forecast and Seattle climate analysis for summer.

Seattle Summer Weather Forecast

In the summer, Seattle’s average temperature is between the mid-60s to high 70s Fahrenheit. Sometimes it gets warmer, up to the 80s. This is perfect for outdoor fun.

Despite Seattle’s rain reputation, summers are drier. The city gets about 0.79 inches of rain a month. So, pack your sunglasses and sunscreen for the sunny days.

Outdoor Activities in Seattle

Seattle’s summer is great for outdoor fun. You can hike, boat, or explore its lively areas. There’s something special for everyone to enjoy.

Stroll along the Seattle waterfront for beautiful views. Visit Discovery Park for trails and beaches. Or, go kayaking or paddleboarding on Lake Union.

Seattle Summer Events and Festivals

Summer in Seattle brings many events and festivals. They highlight the city’s culture and spirit. Seafair, with hydroplane races and air shows, and fireworks over Lake Washington, is a must-see.

At the Seattle International Beerfest, sample craft beers. For music fans, the Seattle Chamber Music Festival offers amazing performances outdoors.

Autumn in Seattle

Seattle turns into a stunning place full of warm colors every autumn. We’ll explore the season’s weather and climate, giving you a sneak peek at what to expect.

Fall Weather Patterns

In autumn, the city cools down from summer’s warmth. This change is perfect for outdoor fun in the lovely fall scenery.

Temperatures in autumn in Seattle can range from 55°F to 65°F. This makes it a great time to visit parks, hike, or just drive around. Don’t forget to bring your sweater for cooler nights.

Like the rest of the year, Seattle sees its share of rain in autumn. Be ready for some wet days but don’t miss out on Seattle’s fall charm.

Seasonal Forecast and Climate Analysis

Historically, Seattle’s autumn is mild and cozy, with a bit more rain. This weather is just right for trees to change color. Soon, the city is covered in a carpet of reds, oranges, and yellows.

Autumn in Seattle is truly magical. The city’s parks and gardens burst with color, offering beautiful scenes. Picturesque moments await photographers and nature lovers.

This season, the city enjoys plenty of sunny and partly cloudy days. It’s perfect for outdoor adventures. From Pike Place Market to a relaxing ferry ride, there’s something for everyone.

Seattle autumn foliage

Plan Your Autumn Adventure

If you’re visiting in autumn, here are some must-do’s:

  • Walk through Washington Park Arboretum or Discovery Park to see up close the fall foliage.
  • Head to a local pumpkin patch or apple orchard for classic autumn fun.
  • Explore Seattle’s lively neighborhoods for cozy cafes, art, and unique shops.
  • Catch the Seattle International Film Festival for a unique cultural experience during the season.

Winter in Seattle

Winter in Seattle means understanding the weather. Let’s look at what to expect during these cold months.

Compared to other U.S. cities, Seattle’s winters are milder. Yet, it’s wise to prepare for colder days and maybe rain. The temperature in winter stays around 45°F (7°C), and January is the chilliest month.

“Winter is a time of tranquility in Seattle. The city’s natural beauty, combined with the festive mood, creates a captivating atmosphere,” says Sarah Johnson, a local resident.”

In Seattle, winter means overcast skies and rain at times. The total winter precipitation is around 5.5 inches. It includes rain, snow, and sleet. Snow is rare, but when it happens, the city’s sights, like nearby mountains, turn into a stunning winter wonderland.

Seattle winter

If you’re in Seattle during winter, dress warmly. Prepare for changing weather. Don’t forget a waterproof jacket and durable shoes for visiting places like Pike Place Market and the Space Needle.

Seattle lights up during the holidays. The city sparkles with festive decorations, markets, and special events. Don’t miss Woodland Park Zoo’s WildLights or Seattle Center’s Winterfest, where you can see beautiful ice sculptures.

Winter in Seattle is special with its mix of beautiful nature and holiday joy. It’s a great season to explore the city, whether you’re a local or a visitor.

Winter Weather in Seattle Average Temperature Precipitation Snowfall
December 43°F / 6°C 4.8 in 0.9 in
January 41°F / 5°C 4.9 in 0.8 in
February 44°F / 7°C 4.2 in 0.5 in

Seattle Weather Averages

Planning a trip to Seattle means understanding its usual weather. The city has a mild climate thanks to its surroundings. Learn about seasonal weather here to plan your activities.

Season Average Temperature (°F) Average Rainfall (inches)
Spring 49-61 2.8-3.7
Summer 59-74 0.6-1.5
Autumn 47-60 3.4-5.9
Winter 37-47 4.8-6.6

Spring in Seattle ranges from 49-61°F, with 2.8-3.7 inches of rain. Summer is warmer, 59-74°F, with 0.6-1.5 inches of rain. As autumn comes, it gets a bit cooler at 47-60°F, and the rain picks up to 3.4-5.9 inches. The winter sees the coldest temperatures, 37-47°F, with 4.8-6.6 inches of rain or snow.

Keep in mind that these are averages, and yearly weather can differ. Checking the forecast close to your visit is smart. Seattle’s weather varies, making it an interesting place for all kinds of adventures, whether you’re exploring the city or the great outdoors.

Seattle weather averages

Climate Changes and Trends in Seattle

Seattle’s climate has seen some important changes in the last few years. These changes have shaped the weather and climate of the city. It’s important for everyone, from residents to visitors, to know about these shifts.

The city has been getting warmer overall, both in summer and winter. This change in temperature mixes up the seasons and influences daily life. Seattleites are now dealing with hotter summers and milder winters than before.

This temperature rise is linked to climate change. More greenhouse gases in the air mean the Earth traps more heat. This leads to warming in Seattle and around the world. But the effects go beyond just making it warmer.

Rain patterns have changed too. The city is seeing more unpredictable and heavy rainfalls. These downpours have become more common and more intense, causing stronger storms. This change affects Seattle’s natural areas, as well as its systems for handling water and storm runoff.

Seattle climate analysis

“The observed climate changes in Seattle highlight the need for proactive measures to mitigate the impact of climate change and ensure the city’s resilience in the face of environmental challenges.” – Dr. Emily Johnson, Climate Scientist

These trends in climate made Seattle take action. The city is now a front-runner in green efforts. It has put in place steps to lower greenhouse gases, save energy, and be more sustainable.

Experts are closely watching Seattle’s weather patterns. It’s crucial for everyone, from the public to businesses, to get involved. By understanding and acting on these climate changes, we can better plan for a future that’s good for Seattle and its people.

Seattle Climate Data

Climate Data Average 2010 2015 2020
Average Temperature (°F) 57.2 58.1 58.6 59.3
Precipitation (inches) 38.2 35.7 39.5 42.1

This table shows significant climate data for Seattle. It demonstrates changes in both average temperatures and rainfall over the last ten years. These changes highlight the importance of taking steps to make Seattle more sustainable and resilient.


Seattle has a variety of weather patterns, making it exciting to visit at any time. Each season has its own beauty and things to do. Spring and summer are warm, autumn is colorful, and winter is chilly.

To enjoy Seattle fully, know what weather to expect and plan accordingly. You might want to hike in summer or see the leaves change in autumn.

Remember to pack for the weather and keep an eye on forecasts. This will help make your trip to Seattle more fun.

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