Exploring Sarajevo's abandoned Olympic facilities and hidden stories

Do you ever think about the untold stories from the Olympics? Come with us to Sarajevo’s abandoned Olympic facilities. We will discover the secrets they hold. Imagine, beyond the lively streets, some places from the 1984 Winter Olympics are now forgotten.

What stories do these old buildings tell? They show how time passes and how Sarajevo keeps moving forward. Let’s explore the unknown tales of these places.

The Olympic bobsleigh track, now taken over by nature, is one stop. Then, there’s the Sarajevo Olympic Hall, beautiful and eerie, and the empty Olympic Village. Each place holds memories of joy and the scars of war. We will look into each site’s rich history, from the ski jump to the Olympic Ice Stadium and more.

Our trip isn’t only about the past. We’ll talk about saving these places for the future. Join us to explore and learn about Sarajevo’s lost Olympic sites. Their stories are waiting to be heard.

A Glimpse into Sarajevo’s Olympic Past

Join us on an amazing journey through Sarajevo’s Olympic history back to 1984. Step into the footsteps of athletes from worldwide at these iconic venues. Start by exploring Sarajevo’s Olympic legacy and the city’s vibrant history.

Reliving Olympic Moments

Feel the buzz of the Olympic Games at places like the Olympic Stadium. Discover secrets from the ski slopes to the ice rinks. Learn about the amazing achievements during the Games.

Visit the Olympic Bobsleigh track where athletes raced on the icy curves. Witness the Olympic ski jump platform, imagining skiers going for gold in the air.

Sarajevo history tour

As you explore, you’ll see the Games’ remains and learn athletes’ stories. Each venue has its own special history to share with you.

“The Olympic Games in Sarajevo were a transformative moment for our city. We were able to showcase our rich history, culture, and winter sports to the world. The legacy of those Games lives on, reminding us of the resilience and spirit of Sarajevo.” – Local resident

A Window into History

Visiting Sarajevo’s Olympic sites gives a glimpse into its past and shows the city’s strength. Although they’re empty, these places continue the city’s story.

By visiting, you become part of sharing the 1984 Winter Olympics stories. It ties you closer to Sarajevo’s past, celebrating its athletes and their memorable journey.

Take a Sarajevo history tour to discover the city’s Olympic legacy. Live the excitement of the Games and gain new respect for this amazing city’s spirit.

The Abandoned Olympic Bobsleigh Track

Go on a thrilling journey in Sarajevo. Explore the overgrown paths of the abandoned Olympic bobsleigh track. This track, once full of life, is now a haunting memory of its Olympic past.

The bobsleigh track sat on Trebević Mountain. It was built for the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo. This concrete path, over 1,200 meters long, was a challenge for athletes.

Today, the bobsleigh track is reclaimed by nature. Its broken concrete is now covered in bright graffiti. The track’s twists and turns intrigue explorers, urging them to find its hidden stories.

Walking the overgrown path, you might find pieces of steel and old signs. These objects tell the story of the track’s past glories. They remind us of the victories and defeats that took place here.

Exploring the track is surreal. It’s quiet, with only the sound of the wind and leaves. You’ll feel the stories of the athletes who raced here, aiming for Olympic gold.

For adventurers and photographers, the track is a must-see. It’s where nature and the Olympic dream meet. The scene with the decaying track and beautiful mountains is unforgettable.

Urban exploration in Sarajevo

Abandoned Olympic Bobsleigh Track Facts

Location Length Year Built Status
Trebević Mountain 1,200 meters 1983 Abandoned

Take a moment to think about the past along this track. Imagine the excitement and spirit that used to be here. This part of Sarajevo’s history welcomes those who seek adventure and hidden tales.

Sarajevo’s Olympic Ski Jump Stadium

Experience Sarajevo’s Olympic heritage at the iconic Olympic Ski Jump Stadium. This site in the mountains lets you feel like an Olympian. You can imagine the excitement of flying high to win.


Sarajevo's Olympic Ski Jump Stadium

In 1984, it was a key spot for the Winter Olympics. It features impressive architecture and tough ski jumps. Climbing up, you feel the same excitement as the athletes who bravely skied down.

The top offers stunning views of Sarajevo’s beauty. You see mountains and greenery far and wide. It’s the backdrop for unforgettable Olympic moments.

Visiting here is a must for skiers and Olympic fans. You’ll appreciate the athletes who showed dedication and skill here. They truly made history in winter sports.

Exploring the Olympic Ski Jump Stadium

Start at the base to learn about the jump’s design. Then, follow the jump path up. Along the way, enjoy the history of the Olympics and athletes’ stories.

At the top, the jump’s height is breathtaking. You can imagine the competitions’ excitement. Don’t miss a photo to remember this awe-inspiring visit.

“Standing atop the Olympic ski jump platform, I couldn’t help but marvel at the courage of the athletes who launched themselves into the sky. It’s an awe-inspiring sight that truly showcases the indomitable Olympic spirit.” – Traveler, Alyssa Thompson

After your climb, enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Take a walk on the trails or sit on the observation deck. It’s a good time to think about the Olympics’ impact on Sarajevo.

Visiting Information Contact Details
  • Location: Mountains surrounding Sarajevo
  • Opening Hours: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tickets: $10 per person
  • Accessibility: Please note that the ski jump platform involves climbing several flights of stairs.
  • Facilities: On-site parking, restroom facilities

Uncovering the Olympic Village

Exploring Sarajevo’s Olympic Village is a unique journey. Step into its abandoned buildings to glimpse the lives of past athletes. They called this place not just a village, but home.

The Olympic Village in Sarajevo was a vibrant place during the 1984 Winter Olympics. Athletes worldwide stayed here, creating lifelong bonds and memories.

Today, this village sits abandoned. Yet, its walls are still alive with stories of victory and teamwork. As you walk through, imagine the buzz of activity that once filled it.

You might find dormitory rooms with stories to tell. Each room has its own history, marked by the dreams and laughter of its occupants. These tell the story of the global unity in sports.

The village also has a tattered dining hall and forgotten recreation spots. Here, athletes ate, relaxed, and made lasting friendships, adding to the area’s rich history.

Relive Sarajevo’s 1984 Winter Olympics. Let the abandoned buildings talk to you. They reveal the untold tales of the games and the athletes’ human struggle.

Uncover the Olympic Village highlights:

  • Discover the *now* dilapidated dormitory rooms where athletes once slept and dreamt of victory.
  • Visit the abandoned communal dining hall, a place where athletes shared meals and forged friendships.
  • Explore the recreation areas, where athletes relaxed and decompressed between competitions.
  • Admire the architecture and design of the Olympic Village buildings, which still retain their unique charm.

Sarajevo Olympic Village

Uncovering the Olympic Village is a special journey. It takes you beyond the usual sights to truly appreciate Sarajevo’s Olympic story. Listen to its past and feel the Olympic spirit by learning about the athletes who lived here.

The Haunting Beauty of the Sarajevo Olympic Hall

Step into the eerie halls of the Sarajevo Olympic Hall. Immerse yourself in its haunting beauty. It hosted athletic triumphs during the 1984 Winter Olympics. Now, it’s a reminder of a city hurt by war.

Dark tourism Sarajevo

You can feel the past as you explore. The halls once echoed with cheers and athletes’ feats. Now, it stands in silence, slowly falling apart.

Walking through the empty corridors, imagine the games played here. Ghostly Olympic banners and memorabilia adorn the walls, reminders of the past.

The Sarajevo Olympic Hall attracts explorers of dark tourism. Its haunting atmosphere draws those looking for unique and thoughtful experiences in abandoned places.

The Transformation from Sporting Triumph to Haunted Place

The Sarajevo Olympic Hall transformed from joy to sorrow. The Bosnian War brought significant damage. Its scars remind us of the city’s past struggles.

Visiting the hall shows the endurance of the human spirit. It tells the impact of history on places and their stories. Combining dark tourism with Sarajevo’s history creates a rich narrative.

Standing among the ruins invokes awe and sadness. It shows the strength of Sarajevo’s people. It’s a powerful symbol of resilience.

The Significance of Dark Tourism Sarajevo

Dark tourism in Sarajevo gives a deep look into history. By visiting places like the Olympic Hall, people connect emotionally with the city’s past and conflict’s effects.

Haunted places, like the Olympic Hall, remind people to appreciate peace and resilience. Dark tourism experiences highlight human strength to endure and rebuild.

Sarajevo’s Olympic Ice Stadium

Visit Sarajevo’s Olympic Ice Stadium to feel its hidden charm. This is where the chill met the thrill of figure skating. Walking on the empty ice, you imagine the past glories. The place breathes with the memory of amazing competitions.

This stadium was ready for the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo. It saw some of the best figure skating in history. Even today, it draws people to see where champions once skated.

Stand under the big stands and feel the history. Once, this place was alive with cheers from fans worldwide. It was the heart of Olympic spirit and achievement.

Despite its worn look, the stadium’s spirit is strong. It still whispers the tales of incredible figure skating moments. You can almost see the dreams that took flight here.

“The Olympic Ice Stadium was not merely a stage for figure skating; it was the canvas where dreams took shape, where skaters left their mark in the annals of sporting history.” – Anonymous

Each step inside echoes with the past. From jumps to spins, you feel the beauty of the sport here. The stadium is a symbol of Sarajevo’s spirit during the Winter Olympics.

It’s more than just a worn-out stadium. It’s a living piece of Sarajevo’s Olympic story, still drawing those eager to feel its history.

Step into this Olympic site. Stand where athletes made magic, and feel the era come alive. Sarajevo’s Olympic Ice Stadium is ready to enchant you.

Reasons to visit Sarajevo’s Olympic Ice Stadium
Experience the ambiance of an iconic Olympic venue
Immerse yourself in the rich history of the 1984 Winter Olympics
Discover the legacy of figure skating in Sarajevo
Connect with the indomitable spirit of athletes who once graced these grounds
Take captivating photographs of this abandoned Olympic gem

Sarajevo's Olympic Ice Stadium

Don’t miss the chance to see Sarajevo’s Olympic Ice Stadium. Hear stories of champions and how they made history. Their legacy remains strong in Sarajevo’s Olympic story.

Exploring the Abandoned Olympic Training Center

When exploring Sarajevo, the abandoned Olympic Training Center is a must-see. It lets you walk through its once vibrant halls and training grounds. Now, it stands as a tribute to the city’s Olympic memory and the athletes who trained there.

Inside, you’ll feel as if time has stopped. The air echoes with the efforts of athletes striving for greatness. Imagine the sounds of athletes running, weights being lifted, and coaches encouraging their students.

Urban exploration in Sarajevo

This center offers a look at the dedication that filled its halls. Athletes worldwide once dreamed and trained here for the Olympic Games. Now, those same spaces sit empty, yet full of memories.

Walking through, you’ll see old equipment and training areas. Even though they’re worn, you can still picture athletes working hard. They aimed for perfection and faced challenges head on to reach the top.

“The abandoned Olympic Training Center is a time capsule that captures the athletes’ passion and drive. Exploring it is a reminder of the sacrifices made for Olympic success.” – Local Urban Explorer

Despite the empty halls and dusty items, the Olympic spirit remains. It shows the strong human will and the lasting impact of the Olympics in Sarajevo.

Features Details
Training Facilities Athletics track, gymnasium, swimming pool, and specialized training rooms
Athlete Accommodations Dormitories, dining halls, and communal areas
Coaching Staff Offices, meeting rooms, and support facilities

Visiting this center connects you to the athletes’ enduring spirit. You’ll gain a deeper perspective on Sarajevo’s Olympics and on what humans can achieve.

The Forgotten Olympic Museum

When in Sarajevo, visiting the abandoned Olympic Museum is a must. It’s a hidden gem filled with memories from the 1984 Winter Olympics. These artifacts offer a sneak peek into a special time in a unique city.

Going inside, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back into history. You can see valuable Olympic items like medals and uniforms. These were once worn by the athletes who competed in the beautiful but challenging Sarajevo venues.

If you love stirring tales of determination, this museum is for you. Through hands-on displays, you learn about the tough journey athletes faced. Discover the heart and spirit that led them to Olympic success.

Reliving Olympic Moments

The museum brings to life unforgettable Olympic moments. You can watch videos of incredible ski jumps. And then, you can experience the thrill of a bobsleigh race yourself. It’s a unique way to connect with Olympic history.

“The Olympic Museum in Sarajevo is a hidden gem, preserving the memories of the city’s momentous Winter Olympics. It’s a place where you can feel the energy and passion that once filled these halls, truly immersing yourself in Sarajevo’s Olympic legacy.”
– Local Olympic enthusiast

Walking through, you’ll see old photos and exhibits that are showing their age. These remind us of a time when Sarajevo was at the heart of the world’s attention. This museum is a chance to think about the lasting impact of the Games on the city.

Planning Your Visit

The museum is in central Sarajevo so it’s easy to find. It’s currently closed for a refresh but will open again soon. This reopening will let you explore its Olympic treasures.

Keep an eye on Sarajevo’s tourism website for the latest news on the museum. It’s a fantastic chance to be part of Olympic history and honor the athletes of the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo.

Highlights of the Olympic Museum Opening Hours Contact Information
Interactive exhibits featuring Olympic memorabilia Currently closed for restoration For updates, visit the official Sarajevo tourism website
Relive iconic Olympic moments through immersive experiences
Fascinating displays showcasing the history of the Games
Reflect on the enduring legacy of the 1984 Winter Olympics

Tales of Survival: War’s Impact on Olympic Sites

During the Bosnian War, Sarajevo’s Olympic venues saw the worst of times. They became symbols of the city’s suffering. Yet, they also showed the strength and hope of the people.

Sarajevo’s Olympics in 1984 were a symbol of joy and togetherness. But the war changed everything. Now, they stood in the midst of destruction, a stark contrast to their former glory.

Sarajevo history tour

In the war, the Olympics sites took on new roles. They sheltered those escaping the violence. The bobsleigh track, quiet and abandoned, saved many lives.

Some buildings were badly damaged, but their spirit didn’t break. They stood for hope and the power of people to overcome the worst. A true example of human resilience.

The Legacy Lives On

Today, Sarajevo’s Olympic sites carry the scars of war. The ski jump and ice stadium remind us of past athletes and the war’s toll. But they also show the city’s will to rise again.

“The Olympic sites in Sarajevo are not just ruins; they are symbols of survival and hope. They remind us of the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.”

– Local historian, Ivan Petrovic

The war changed Sarajevo’s Olympic legacy. But it couldn’t defeat the hope they stand for. These sites highlight the city’s strength and must be remembered.

Visiting Sarajevo’s war-torn Olympic sites is a powerful experience. It unveils the city’s spirit and refusal to be defined by tragedy alone. A journey you’ll never forget.

The Path to Healing and Preservation

People are working to save Sarajevo’s Olympic past. The Sarajevo Olympic Museum and others are helping. They want to keep the stories alive for the future.

Holding on to these remains is more than remembering. It’s Sarajevo’s step toward peace and coming together. A way to honor the athletes and heal the city’s wounds.

Olympic Sites Condition
Abandoned Olympic Bobsleigh Track Overgrown and partially damaged, but accessible for exploration.
Sarajevo’s Olympic Ski Jump Stadium Partially damaged but standing as a testament to the city’s Olympic legacy.
Olympic Ice Stadium Significantly damaged but still bears traces of its former grandeur.
Abandoned Olympic Training Center Mostly intact, providing a glimpse into the training facilities of past athletes.
Forgotten Olympic Museum Partially damaged but still holds artifacts from the 1984 Winter Olympics.

Preserving Sarajevo’s Olympic Legacy

Sarajevo charms tourists with its history and stunning views. It’s now focused on saving the city’s old Olympic spots. It’s to make sure these places keep telling their stories for years to come.

Local authorities and groups know how important Sarajevo’s Olympic sites are. They’re working hard to keep these old places safe. By restoring them carefully, they show the world the magic of the 1984 Winter Olympics.

The Olympic bobsleigh track has turned into a special place after the games. It’s a mix of nature and old human-made designs. By saving this site, people can see the cool blend of nature and history.

Sarajevo tourism

The Olympic ski jump, high on a hill, is also being looked after. It’s an iconic spot that shows the thrill of ski jumping. Efforts to fix it up are meant to keep alive the excitement of the games back then.

Also, the Olympic Village is being saved. It was where athletes stayed during the Winter Games. By saving these old homes, visitors can feel the stories of joy and teamwork from the Olympics.

The Sarajevo Olympic Hall, once a place for big wins, now looks eerie and beautiful. People are trying to keep it safe while keeping its ghostly feel. It lets visitors see a once-busy site in its quiet state now.

By saving these places, Sarajevo keeps its Olympic memories close. Tourists get to learn all about the past and values of the Olympics. It’s a way to be part of a city that’s full of stories and history.

Sarajevo’s work to save the old Olympic sites is a big deal. It shows the city’s care for its history and future. Through this, the story of Sarajevo’s Olympics stays alive, inspiring everyone who visits.


As we come to the end of our adventure through Sarajevo’s old Olympic spots, we see how much history is here. These forgotten places are full of stories and old memories that stay alive in the ruins.

The old bobsleigh track and ski jump, along with the empty Olympic Village and Ice Stadium, tell Sarajevo’s Olympic story. We can still feel the energy of the 1984 Winter Olympics when we stand here.

But more than just memories, these places show the city’s strength after the Bosnian War. The war’s scars on these buildings remind us how important it is to remember and protect our past.

Even though no games play here now, people are working to save and fix these sites. This helps keep their history alive. Discovering Sarajevo’s secrets and learning about its Olympics isn’t just interesting. It’s a salute to the strong spirit of this special city.