Best time to visit Oktoberfest

Are you planning a trip to Oktoberfest? That’s amazing! You will enjoy amazing beers, tasty food, and fun music. But, you should think about the best time to visit Oktoberfest before you go.

Some think the weekends at Oktoberfest are the best. The tents are full, the vibes are great, and it feels like a big party. But, is it really the best time? Is Oktoberfest more than just the crowds?

We know Oktoberfest well and the right time to go can change everything. Imagine seeing the opening ceremony or celebrating German Reunification Day. Each part of the festival is special.

We are going to share the Oktoberfest schedule and dates with you. Plus, we’ll give you tips on the best times to attend. This guide is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time or if you’re a beer expert. Let us help you plan your ultimate Oktoberfest adventure.

Ready to find out the best time to visit Oktoberfest? Your perfect beer is waiting for you!

Oktoberfest Schedule and Dates

Planning your trip to Oktoberfest in Munich needs a look at its schedule and dates. It usually starts on the second last Saturday of September. It then goes on till the first Sunday of October or October 3rd, lasting about two weeks.

The festival is known for its exciting events and activities. Let’s check out what happens on the different weekends:

Opening Weekend: Mayor’s Tapping

The fest begins with the opening ceremony, the Mayor’s Tapping. Here, Munich’s mayor taps the first beer keg, starting Oktoberfest. It brings crowds ready to celebrate with their beer steins.

Middle Weekend: Italian Weekend

Italian Weekend happens during the second weekend. It attracts many Italian visitors and students from nearby countries. The vibe is vibrant with music, food, and beer.

Closing Weekend: German Reunification Day Celebration

The last weekend matches with German Reunification Day, celebrating East and West Germany’s joining. Oktoberfest ends with fireworks and festivities. It’s a memorable conclusion of the event.

At Oktoberfest, you find beer tents, Bavarian food, rides, live music, and culture. It’s perfect for beer fans, foodies, or anyone wanting a rich cultural experience. Oktoberfest has something for everyone.

With this info, you can better plan your Oktoberfest trip. Make sure to check the yearly dates so you don’t miss the fun.

Oktoberfest events

Weather at Oktoberfest

Planning your trip to Oktoberfest means thinking about Munich’s weather. The weather during Oktoberfest can change quickly, from warm to cool. To enjoy your visit, it’s smart to be ready for any weather.

The weather in Munich during Oktoberfest moves from summer to winter. This means temperatures can vary and you might see some rain. Always check the weather forecast before you go and pack what you’ll need.

Earlier in the festival, the days can be quite warm. Temperatures often reach the mid-70s to low 80s Fahrenheit. But as the festival goes on into late September and early October, it gets cooler, especially at night.

Being ready for different weather is key to enjoying Oktoberfest. Bring clothes you can layer, so you’re comfortable no matter the temperature. Don’t forget a light jacket or sweater for the chilly evenings.

Oktoberfest weather image

Oktoberfest Experience on Weekdays vs. Weekends

If you’re planning to go to Oktoberfest, there’s a key choice to make. Do you visit on weekdays or weekends? Each option has its perks, depending on the vibe you prefer.

Weekdays during the first two weeks of Oktoberfest are calmer than weekends. If you like a chilled and less crowded setting, weekdays are for you. You’ll find it easier to explore, with shorter lines and more room to enjoy.


Weekends, however, are full of life and excitement. They’re perfect if you love being around lots of people. The energy is high as folks from around the world join the party. The tents and streets are packed, showing off Oktoberfest in full swing.

The ending weekend is special because it overlaps with German Reunification Day. This day brings even more people together to celebrate a key moment in Germany’s history. For a deep dive into local culture and Oktoberfest’s big finish, don’t miss this weekend.

No matter when you go, Oktoberfest has something for all. It’s a fest of Bavarian traditions, beer, food, and friendship. So, wear your lederhosen or dirndl, grab a stein, and get ready for a memorable time at Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest weekdays vs weekends

The Opening Weekend: Must-See Moments

The opening weekend of Oktoberfest is packed with moments you’ll never forget. It’s the start of the world’s biggest Volksfest, buzzing with excitement.

The opening ceremony happens on the first Saturday at noon. To get the full experience, arrive early. When the mayor of Munich taps the first keg, it’s official—the fun begins. That first beer starts flowing, and everyone’s excitement skyrockets.

As the day goes on, the festival’s lively spirit is everywhere. You’ll see beer tents decorated beautifully, each one offering something special. There’s traditional Bavarian music too. You can sing and dance along with other visitors.

Oktoberfest opening weekend

Getting a table in one of the tents is a big deal on the opening weekend. As night falls, it gets harder to find one. Arriving early increases your chances to enjoy Bavarian dishes and clink steins with new friends.

Make sure you don’t miss the Oktoberfest opening weekend. Dive into Bavarian culture, make wonderful memories, and find your own must-see moments at this famous fest.

The Middle Weekend: Italian Weekend

Oktoberfest’s middle weekend, known as the Italian Weekend, brings an international flair. Students from Italy, France, and England come to Munich. They join the fun, filling the beer halls with life from morning.

This weekend is your chance to try Bavarian dishes and enjoy the festival’s famous friendship. You can eat delicious pretzels and sausages. Don’t forget to try a stein of the world-famous German beer for the full experience.

Visiting during the Italian Weekend? Try to arrive late morning or after lunch. This helps you find a free table easier. Then, you can enjoy the festival worry-free. Make sure to enjoy the food, the atmosphere, and make memories.

Oktoberfest middle weekend

Key Highlights of the Italian Weekend:

  • International student presence
  • Lively beer halls from morning till night
  • Bavarian dishes and German beer
  • Increased chances of finding a free table in the late morning or after lunch
  • Vibrant atmosphere and social camaraderie

The Closing Weekend: German Reunification Day Celebration

The closing weekend of Oktoberfest is an thrilling time. It matches with German Reunification Day on October 3rd. This day celebrates the merging of East and West Germany, a big part of their history. It brings people from all over to Munich, adding energy to Oktoberfest.

During this time, locals and visitors unite to celebrate at Oktoberfest. The grounds bustle with happy people, music, and the smell of German cuisine. It’s a blend of traditions and joy.

However, the closing weekend has its challenges. With more people, moving around and enjoying beer tents can get tough. For those seeking quiet, it’s better to go earlier in the festival.

Yet, the significance of German Reunification Day makes the weekend special. It’s a chance to see Germany’s pride and unity. Whether you’re there to party or watch, it’s a memorable event.

Oktoberfest Closing Weekend

Oktoberfest Trips and Tours

Planning your visit to Oktoberfest? You’ll want to dive deep into the fun. Joining an Oktoberfest trip or tour is a great idea. It’s the best way to see all the highlights and soak up the festive mood.

Are you visiting for the first time or maybe you’re an Oktoberfest pro? Either way, there’s a perfect trip or tour for you. With options like guided walking tours or pub crawls, you’re sure to find your fit.

Guided Walking Tours

Imagine exploring Oktoberfest with a guide. They’ll show you the cool spots and share the festival’s fascinating stories. You’ll see the beer tents, learn about Bavarian costumes, and hear how the festival started.

Brewery Tours

Love beer? Don’t miss the brewery tours. You’ll visit top Munich breweries and learn how Oktoberfest beer is made. Discover what goes into brewing and taste the unique flavors of this special beer.

Pub Crawls

Experience Munich’s nightlife with a pub crawl during Oktoberfest. Visit the best bars and meet people from all over. Enjoy beers, Bavarian snacks, and dance to awesome music. It’s a fun way to see the city’s lively side.

An Oktoberfest tour can really enhance your visit. It makes sure you see the best parts and learn insider tips. Looking for history, beer, or fun nights? There’s a tour for you.

Before you go to Oktoberfest, think about joining a tour. It will make your visit even more memorable.

Oktoberfest trips

What to Expect at Oktoberfest: Overview and Essential ERips

Oktoberfest is a famous beer festival in Munich, Germany. It’s known for its fun, traditional costumes, and beer. Millions of visitors come to enjoy it each year. If you’re going, get ready for a lively atmosphere. Here’s what to expect and some tips to enjoy Oktoberfest.

The Festival Grounds and Tents

Oktoberfest is huge, covering 104 acres. There are 14 different tents, each with its unique charm. Whether you like the big Hofbräu Festzelt or the cosy Schottenhamel tent, you’ll find your spot. Expect lively crowds, live music, and a celebration of Bavarian culture.

Traditional Attire

At Oktoberfest, many people wear traditional Bavarian outfits. Men wear lederhosen, and women wear dirndl dresses. Wearing these can make your experience even better. Think about renting or buying one before you go.

Beer and Food

Beer is the star at Oktoberfest. Only six official Munich beers are served, following strict quality rules. Each tent offers a different beer, giving you lots to try. Don’t forget the Bavarian food like pretzels, sausages, and Schweinshaxe (roast pork knuckle).

Oktoberfest essentials

Entry and Reservations

Getting into Oktoberfest and its tents is free. But, it can be crowded, especially on weekends and evenings. Reserving a table can secure your spot. This is a good idea for big groups or busy days.

Payment and Cash Tips

Credit cards are more accepted in Munich, but cash is still king at Oktoberfest. Smaller vendors and shops usually only take cash. There are ATMs, but they often have long lines. Bring cash to save time and enjoy everything at Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest Etiquette

Be respectful at Oktoberfest. Always wait to be seated and use designated smoking areas. Ordering at least one drink per person in tents is customary. And don’t forget to toast “Prost!” (cheers!) with your friends and new acquaintances.

Keep these tips in mind for a great Oktoberfest experience. Remember to drink water, enjoy yourself, and celebrate Bavarian traditions!

Weekdays Weekends
Less crowded Bustling atmosphere
Relaxed experience Vibrant energy
Shorter wait times Longer wait times
Easier access to attractions Higher competition for attractions
Essential Tips for Oktoberfest Details
Reserve a table Secures your spot and guarantees a table
Cash is king Most vendors prefer cash payments
Dress the part Consider renting or purchasing traditional Bavarian attire
Try the local beers Six official Oktoberfest beers brewed in Munich
Indulge in traditional food Pretzels, sausages, Schweinshaxe, and more
Follow Oktoberfest etiquette Wait to be seated, order drinks in tents, toast “Prost!”

Oktoberfest Etiquette and Useful Phrases

When visiting Oktoberfest, it’s important to know how to act to have a good time. Following the proper rules helps you fit in and make great memories. Also, speaking a little German helps you talk to vendors and other people at the festival.

Oktoberfest Etiquette

1. Oktoberfest is about drinking responsibly. Though the festival is fun, don’t drink too much. Enjoy the various foods and drinks instead.

2. Dancing is big at Oktoberfest. You can dance on the benches but stay off the tables. This way, you won’t bother others or block their view.

3. Don’t take beer glasses as keepsakes. They belong to the beer tents. Buy official Oktoberfest items to remember your visit.

4. Be respectful of personal space. Oktoberfest gets busy, so don’t push or cut in line. Stay patient and enjoy the event without upsetting others.

Useful Phrases

1. Knowing some German phrases can make Oktoberfest more fun. Here are a few:

  • “Ein Bier, bitte” – “One beer, please”
  • “Wo ist die Toilette?” – “Where is the restroom?”
  • “Ich hätte gerne eine Brezel” – “I would like a pretzel”
  • “Prost!” – “Cheers!”
  • “Danke” – “Thank you”

2. Basic greetings like “Guten Tag” (Good day) and “Guten Abend” (Good evening) are also good to know. They help you interact nicely with locals.

By following Oktoberfest rules and learning some phrases, you’re all set to enjoy the festival’s traditions and lively spirit.

Oktoberfest Etiquette


Oktoberfest in Munich is truly one-of-a-kind. It brings to life the rich Bavarian traditions and culture. Whether you love beer, German food, or just want to dive into fun, there’s something for everyone here.

When you decide to visit Oktoberfest can shape your experience. Each weekend has its own vibe and special events. The opening weekend starts with big parades and the first beer keg is tapped. There’s also the Italian Weekend, where German and Italian cultures mix. And don’t forget the closing weekend, which celebrates German Reunification Day.

Planning is key to enjoying Oktoberfest fully. Make sure to book your stay and tickets early because they sell out fast. Knowing Oktoberfest etiquette also helps make your visit smoother. Respect the traditions, follow the rules, and have fun.

So, grab your beer stein and toast with a “Prost!” (Cheers!). Savor the delicious German food, enjoy the music and entertainment, or just take in the lively scene. Oktoberfest promises great memories that will stay with you forever.