Oktoberfest with kids

Oktoberfest is famous for beer, bratwurst, and fun. It’s also great for families with kids.

Enjoying Oktoberfest with children doesn’t mean missing out. There are lots of activities and events for families. From exciting rides to tasty food, there’s something for everyone.

Want to celebrate Oktoberfest with your kids in the best way? Looking for an unforgettable experience for all? Keep reading for our top Oktoberfest guide for families.

Find the best advice for a stress-free Oktoberfest with your kids. Learn about saving on Family Day and the festival’s secret spot – the Familienplatzl. There are also special spots like the Oide Wiesn, perfect for kids.

Ensuring your kids have fun while staying safe is our priority. Get all the info you need for a memorable Oktoberfest with your kids.

Ready to explore Oktoberfest with your family? Let’s get going!

Tips for a Relaxed Visit to Oktoberfest with Children

Planning a family trip to Oktoberfest requires knowing the rules for kids’ safety and fun. The youth protection authorities have developed guidelines. These are to ensure everyone has a good time, especially families.

Children under 6 are not allowed in beer tents after 8 p.m., even with a parent. This rule helps keep their bedtime routine and limits adult activities exposure. It’s important for parents to follow these rules for their kids’ well-being.

Kids and teens under 16 can enjoy Oktoberfest until closing if they’re with a parent or guardian. This rule ensures they are always under watchful eyes.

Teens over 16 have more freedom and can stay till Oktoberfest closes. But, remember, some beer tents might only let them in until midnight. Always check the tent’s rules before planning your visit to avoid disappointment.

As parents or guardians, making sure your children are safe and happy at Oktoberfest is crucial. Following the set rules can lead to a great experience for the whole family.

Oktoberfest regulations

Age Regulations
Under 6 Not allowed in beer tents and catering establishments after 8 p.m.
Under 16 Can stay until the end of the festival if accompanied by a parent or guardian
Over 16 Can stay until the end, but some tents have restrictions until midnight

Tuesdays at Oktoberfest: Family Day is Savings Day

Tuesdays at Oktoberfest are known as Family Day. On this day, special prices and discounts are available until 7 p.m. This makes it cheaper for families to enjoy many rides and snacks.

This is a great chance to have fun at the festival with your kids. And you won’t have to spend a lot of money.

Family Day at Oktoberfest

Family Day offers special deals on different attractions, rides, and food. With a festive atmosphere and exciting activities, it’s the ideal time for a family outing.

Looking to ride the Ferris wheel or enjoy tasty Bavarian snacks? Want to explore the fair? Family Day has discounts for all this, making fun affordable for everyone.

Create special memories at Oktoberfest without spending too much. There’s a lot to do, from exciting rides to tasty food. It’s a day full of fun for the whole family, without the big cost.

Many families choose Tuesdays at Oktoberfest for the great deals. It’s a perfect chance to make unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

Attraction Regular Price Discounted Price
Roller Coaster $10 $7
Ferris Wheel $8 $5
Bumper Car $5 $3
Cotton Candy $4 $2
Pretzel $3 $1

Explore the “Familienplatzl” at Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest isn’t just for grown-ups; it’s also welcoming for families. It offers special areas like the “Familienplatzl.” This spot is on Street 3/East. It’s meant to give families a peaceful place to experience the festival together.


At the Familienplatzlaus, there’s a lot to make visits with kids fun and easy. One helpful feature is a stroller garage. Here, you can safely leave your stroller and move easily through the crowd, worry-free.

There’s also a changing table for babies. It makes changing diapers clean and easy. Plus, a children’s toilet helps with quick bathroom breaks.

A microwave is available too. With it, you can warm baby bottles or food to keep meals tasty for your child. It helps manage your kid’s diet away from home without stress.

“The Familienplatzl is a haven for families at Oktoberfest, offering a range of amenities that prioritize the needs of parents and children.”

Don’t miss the Familienplatzl’s cozy beer garden. It’s a fantastic place for families to unwind. Enjoy tasty snacks and drinks while kids find surprises to delight them.

In summary, the Familienplatzl provides key amenities like a stroller garage and changing table. There’s also a children’s toilet and microwave. It’s a spot where families can rest during the festivities, ensuring a pleasant time for all.

Familienplatzl at Oktoberfest

Amenity Description
Stroller Garage A secure place to park your stroller
Changing Table A convenient spot for changing diapers
Children’s Toilet A dedicated toilet for little ones
Microwave A facility to warm up food for your child

Special Services for Families at Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest has great services for families with kids. You can park your stroller at many spots around the festival. At the Theresienwiese Service Center, there are baby changing rooms. They have everything you need, like changing tables and microwaves.

There are also spots to sit and relax in many ride areas and tents. These services make sure your family visit is cozy and fun.

If you’re looking for a secure spot for your stroller, Oktoberfest has it covered. With stroller parking all over the festival, you don’t have to worry. Your stroller is safe while you enjoy everything Oktoberfest has to offer.

Oktoberfest is thoughtful about what families with little ones need. At the Theresienwiese Service Center, there are baby changing rooms. They’re equipped with everything for your baby’s comfort.

Need a break from the fun and dance? Check out the resting spots in various fair rides and tents. Here, you can chill and give your family a little rest. It’s ideal for keeping everyone happy and full of energy.

Stroller parking at Oktoberfest

Affordable Storage Options

Storing your stroller at Oktoberfest won’t drain your wallet. With affordable options available, you can enjoy the festivities worry-free. Your stroller will be secure without stretching your budget.

Family-Friendly Environment

Oktoberfest aims to be a place where families can create lasting memories. They offer many services like stroller parks and changing rooms to make your visit smooth.

With amenities like stroller parking, baby facilities, resting spots, and budget-friendly services, Oktoberfest ensures a stress-free experience. Enjoy your visit knowing Oktoberfest cares about your family’s needs.

Services Locations
Stroller Parking Various locations around the festival grounds
Baby Changing Rooms Theresienwiese Service Center
Rest Areas Fairground rides and tents

The ‘Oide Wiesn’: A Children’s Paradise at Oktoberfest

On the southern edge of the festival grounds is the ‘Oide Wiesn’. It’s a special spot at Oktoberfest that takes families back in time. It’s filled with traditional fun, making it perfect for kids.

Children’s Activities

At the ‘Oide Wiesn’, kids find all sorts of rides and games. Prices are low, so trying everything is easy. Here, every young explorer finds joy, from merry-go-rounds to bumper cars.

Museum Tent and Oktoberfest Diploma

The museum tent at the ‘Oide Wiesn’ is a must-see. It’s where you and your kids can learn about Oktoberfest’s rich past. Plus, children can go on a treasure hunt and win an Oktoberfest diploma!

Special Activities

There are even more fun things for kids to do at the ‘Oide Wiesn’. They can have their faces painted or watch balloon artists at work. It’s a day full of fun activities that will keep them happy.

Marionette Theater

The Munich Marionette Theater is a major draw. It’s where magical puppet shows entertain children. Talented puppeteers bring stories to life, making wonderful memories for the kids.

Family-Friendly Facilities

The ‘Oide Wiesn’ thinks of everything for families. There are child-sized toilets close by for quick breaks. Comfort and safety are very important here.

Children at Oide Wiesn

Make sure to visit the ‘Oide Wiesn’ at Oktoberfest. It offers history, fun, and a kid-friendly atmosphere. It’s the perfect place for both children and adults to make special memories.

Treats for Little Oktoberfest Guests

Oktoberfest has lots of treats for kids. Many tents have children’s menus with discounted prices. Kids can enjoy fries, chicken nuggets, and sausages. Outside, there are Bavarian delicacies perfect for kids.

“Oktoberfest isn’t just for adults. We’ve created a special menu for kids. It lets them enjoy Bavarian food in smaller portions that fit them,” Maria Schmidt, a family-friendly tent owner, shared.

Don’t miss the almond stand of Doris and Stefan Grill at Oktoberfest. They’re famous for their roasted almonds and nutty treats. Plus, they offer a sweet and crunchy snack loved by kids and adults alike. On family days, kids of kindergarten age get free cotton candy.

Almond Stand at Oktoberfest

Enjoy these tasty options with your little ones at Oktoberfest. From special kids’ menu meals to treats at the almond stand, there’s something for all kids to love.

Almond Stand at Oktoberfest: A Sweet Experience for All Ages

The almond stand by Doris and Stefan Grill is a must-see at Oktoberfest. They’re known for their delicious roasted almonds. These almonds offer a delightful crunch and sweet aroma.

They offer many flavors, including traditional roasted, cinnamon-coated, and chocolate-covered almonds. It’s a great place for a sweet treat and a taste of Bavaria.

Flavor Description Price
Traditional Roasted Almonds Classic Bavarian almonds with a perfect balance of sweetness and crunch. $5
Cinnamon-Coated Almonds Almonds with a hint of warm cinnamon flavor, adding a delightful twist to the traditional recipe. $5.50
Chocolate-Covered Almonds Roasted almonds generously coated in smooth, creamy chocolate for an indulgent treat. $6

Bringing Kids to Oktoberfest: Tips and Tricks

Taking kids to Oktoberfest needs good planning for a fun family time. Here’s how to make the event enjoyable for everyone:

1. Timing is Everything

Visit on weekdays to avoid big crowds. Coming early helps find good spots and enjoy the fest before it gets too busy.

2. Getting There and Getting In

Munich’s public transport is great for reaching Oktoberfest. Take a train, bus, or tram. Look for signs or folks in lederhosen to guide you. Getting in is free, but there’s a security check at the door.

3. Choosing a Tent

Look for tents friendly to families. They usually have special areas for parents and kids. Try to get there before 4 p.m. to get a table.

4. Getting a Table

Finding a table can be tough, especially when it’s busy. Getting there early or before 4 p.m. helps. You might also book a table ahead of time.

Bringing Kids to Oktoberfest

Final Thoughts

Plan well and think about what your kids need to enjoy Oktoberfest. Arrive early, pick the right tent, and maybe book a table early. Wear your dirndl and lederhosen for a fun time with lasting memories!

Kids’ Special Services & Attractions at Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest has lots of fun and handy services for kids to make their time memorable. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Stroller parking and baby changing rooms

There are stroller parking spots all over the festival. This makes it easy for you to enjoy the event. Plus, there are baby changing rooms equipped with everything. You can easily take care of your child’s needs.

Children’s menus and discounted offers

Oktoberfest tents have special menus just for kids. Even picky eaters will find something tasty. The meals are cheaper, so you don’t have to spend a lot. Some tents also offer special discounts for kids. It helps make the festival a family-friendly outing.

Oide Wiesn: A children’s paradise

The ‘Oide Wiesn’ area is a dream come true for kids at Oktoberfest. Here, they can enjoy fun rides and games at low prices. They can ride anything from gentle carousels to exciting roller coasters. It’s a place where kids can let their imagination soar.

Children’s toilets and toy stalls

Oktoberfest also has toilets just for kids, making things easier for your little ones. Plus, your children can find toy stalls all around the festival. They can choose a favorite souvenir or take part in fun activities.

Enjoy these amenities and make Oktoberfest an unforgettable experience for your kids.

Oide Wiesn at Oktoberfest


Planning to attend Oktoberfest with kids promises a memorable experience. Follow these tips to make unforgettable moments. From the ‘Oide Wiesn’ exploration to savoring Bavarian treats, there’s joy for all. Keep your children’s safety and comfort in mind for a joyful Oktoberfest adventure.

To sum up, remember these points:

  • Consider safety and comfort when planning your visit with kids.
  • Look for family-friendly activities and services at the festival.
  • Don’t miss the ‘Oide Wiesn’, a great spot for kids.
  • Enjoy yummy Bavarian treats your kids will love.
  • Use these tips for a smooth and fun Oktoberfest experience.

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Oktoberfest with kids

Experience Activities
Explore the ‘Oide Wiesn’ Petting zoo, traditional rides, puppet shows
Indulge in Bavarian treats Pretzels, bratwursts, gingerbread hearts
Family-friendly services Stroller rental, baby changing facilities
Engage in traditional activities Dancing, music, traditional costume parades


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