Macon Georgia weather?

Ever thought about the weather in Macon, Georgia? Knowing the weather forecast is crucial for planning your day. For both residents and visitors, being prepared helps enjoy the city more.

This article will cover everything from the day’s weather to the forecast for the next 10 days. You’ll find out how to check the weather radar and learn about average temperatures. Are you excited to learn about the weather in Macon, Georgia? Let’s get started!

Not knowing the weather forecast in Macon, Georgia is risky. It’s like sailing without knowing your route. Start by checking today’s weather. Ever wonder what Macon’s skies hold for you today?

Current Weather in Macon GA

Want to know the latest on Macon’s weather in Georgia? It’s useful if you’re heading out, commuting, or just want to be ready. Weather updates help you make smart choices.

Keep an eye on the temperature, rain, and wind in Macon GA. This info helps you plan your day. Make sure you’re dressed right for what’s ahead.

current weather Macon GA image

Today’s weather in Macon, GA:

– Temperature: 78°F
– Precipitation: 10%
– Wind Speed: 8 mph
– Humidity: 50%

Macon, Georgia’s current temp is 78°F. There’s a low rain chance and moderate wind. Bringing a light jacket or umbrella is a good idea.

Stay in the loop with Macon, Georgia’s weather. It’ll help you have a great day. Plan your activities wisely and stay comfortable.

Macon GA Hourly Forecast

Get ready for the day with the Macon GA hourly forecast. It helps you know what the weather will be throughout the day. With this info, you can plan your day and enjoy your time in Macon, Georgia.

Macon GA Hourly Weather Updates

Are you going for a morning jog or a park picnic? Need to know what to wear? The Macon GA hourly forecast gives you the latest weather details. Keep checking it to know about any temperature or weather changes.

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Planning Your Day with the Hourly Forecast

The Macon GA hourly forecast is great for planning your day. It lets you pick the best time for outdoor activities. You can also plan indoor events depending on the weather.

“The difference between being caught in a sudden downpour and enjoying a sunny day can be as simple as timing. Use the Macon GA hourly forecast to make informed decisions and ensure your plans align with the weather.”

Thinking about a morning hike? Check the hourly forecast for the best time with mild weather and low chance of rain. Planning a BBQ later? Keep an eye on the forecast for any upcoming weather changes.

Visualizing the Hourly Forecast

See the Macon GA hourly forecast visually with the live weather radar. This radar offers updates on rain and storms in real-time. By watching the radar, you can make smart weather choices based on current, accurate information.

Macon GA Hourly Forecast

Time Temperature (F) Chance of Precipitation (%) Wind Speed (mph)
9:00 AM 72 20 5
10:00 AM 74 15 6
11:00 AM 76 10 7
12:00 PM 78 5 8
1:00 PM 80 5 10

Macon GA 10-Day Forecast

Get ready for the coming days with the Macon, Georgia weather forecast. It’s easier to plan when you know what the weather will be. This info is great for planning trips, outdoor fun, or just staying informed.

Knowing the weather early helps you make smart choices. For example, you can pick the right clothes or indoor activities if it might rain. The 10-day outlook is full of useful tips.

The Macon GA 10-day forecast shows more than just daily weather. You can see changes in temperature, chances of rain, and more. It’s perfect for Macon residents and tourists to plan well and enjoy the city.

Highlights of the Macon GA 10-Day Forecast

Here’s what you’ll learn from the Macon GA 10-day forecast:

  • How hot or cold it will be, day by day.
  • If it might rain or snow, so you’ll know to bring your umbrella.
  • How windy it is, which can matter at the beach or for sports.
  • Info on how humid it will feel, to help you stay comfortable.

The forecast isn’t just numbers. It helps you spot trends and plan for the future, like if the weather will change. This way, you can plan better and not let the weather spoil your fun.

Don’t let changing weather affect your plans. Keep up with the Macon GA 10-day forecast for a good time, rain or shine.

Date Forecast Temperature Range Precipitation Wind Speed
Day 1 Partly Cloudy 70°F – 85°F 10% 5 mph
Day 2 Sunny 72°F – 88°F 5% 8 mph
Day 3 Thunderstorms 68°F – 78°F 50% 12 mph
Day 4 Cloudy 63°F – 75°F 20% 10 mph
Day 5 Sunny 70°F – 82°F 0% 7 mph
Day 6 Partly Cloudy 73°F – 87°F 10% 6 mph
Day 7 Sunny 75°F – 88°F 0% 9 mph
Day 8 Thunderstorms 69°F – 80°F 40% 13 mph
Day 9 Cloudy 65°F – 74°F 30% 11 mph
Day 10 Sunny 72°F – 86°F 5% 8 mph

Macon GA 10-day forecast

Macon GA Weather Radar

Keep up with Macon, Georgia’s weather using the Macon GA weather radar. It shows you real-time pictures of rain, storms, and more. This way, you know the current weather and can plan what to do next.

The radar helps you get ready for any weather surprises. If you’re going for a walk, throwing a party, or just deciding what to do, it keeps you informed. This makes it easier to keep everyone safe and comfortable.

Using the radar, you can spot where it’s raining hard or storms are coming. It shows you how heavy the rain is and where it’s moving. This is great for making smart choices about your day.

Benefits of Using the Macon GA Weather Radar

  • Real-time visuals: See weather changes as they happen, thanks to the Macon GA weather radar.
  • Accurate predictions: It helps you guess what the weather will be like, so you can plan well.
  • Emergency preparedness: Be ready for bad weather and keep yourself safe with the Macon GA weather radar.
  • Outdoor activity planning: It’s perfect for picking the best time for a picnic or time outside.

Macon GA Weather Radar

Get to know Macon’s weather better with the Macon GA weather radar. It’s a powerful way to stay prepared and enjoy your time in Macon. Don’t be surprised by the weather; use the Macon GA weather radar to stay on top of things.

Macon GA Temperature

When planning your trip to Macon, Georgia, it’s key to know the typical weather. This way, you can bring the right clothes and enjoy your stay more. Macon’s distinct seasons mean you’ll find something fun to do all year round.

Macon, Georgia has various temperatures depending on the time of year. You’ll find hot summers and cool winters, offering pleasant weather for many activities. This makes Macon a great place to visit anytime.

Macon GA Temperature

Seasonal Temperature Variation

In summer (June, July, and August), Macon gets quite warm. Temperatures can hit the low to mid-90s °F (32-35 °C). This is perfect for outdoor adventures but remember to stay cool and hydrated.

Autumn brings cooler weather starting in September. Highs drop to the mid-80s °F (29-30 °C) and then to the mid-70s °F (23-24 °C). It’s a great time to explore the city and its cozy neighborhoods.

Winter in Macon spans December to February, with highs in the low to mid-60s °F (15-18 °C). Snow is rare, but cold days happen. Bring a jacket for these chilly times, especially if you’re outside.

Spring arrives in March, warming things up again. Highs reach from the upper 60s °F (19-20 °C) to mid-70s °F (23-24 °C). This season is especially beautiful as cherry trees bloom, marking Macon’s Cherry Blossom Festival.

Planning Your Visit

Regardless of when you visit Macon, checking the forecast is wise. This ensures you’re ready for the weather and can fully enjoy your activities.

Because weather can change fast in Macon, it’s smart to have a light jacket or umbrella with you, even in warmer months. It helps you stay comfortable and enjoy your time more.

Now you know what to expect from Macon’s weather. Use this information to plan a trip filled with the best of each season. Make your visit unforgettable in this lovely city.

Macon GA Climate

Macon, Georgia’s climate is shaped by its weather patterns, rainfall, and temperature ranges. These factors give insights into what the city’s weather is like year-round.

Weather Patterns

In Macon, Georgia, you’ll find a humid subtropical climate. Summers are hot and humid, while winters are mild. The average high temperature in summer is 95°F (35°C), dropping to an average low of 34°F (1°C) in winter.

October is Macon’s rainiest month, thanks to the influence of the Gulf of Mexico. This nearby region can cause tropical storms in Macon.

Annual Rainfall

Macon gets about 48 inches (122 cm) of rain annually. Rainfall is spread evenly throughout the year. Always check the latest weather forecasts as rain patterns can change.

Temperature Ranges

Macon, Georgia, sees a big difference in temperature between seasons. Summers are hot, with highs in the 80s to 90s Fahrenheit (around 30°C). Winters are milder, with temperatures in the 50s Fahrenheit (10-15°C).

Understanding Macon’s climate helps you plan your visit better. Whether it’s summer or winter, knowing the weather will make your trip more enjoyable.

Macon GA Climate

Month Average High (°F) Average Low (°F) Precipitation (inches)
January 56 34 4.5
February 61 37 4.5
March 69 43 5.7
April 77 50 3.5
May 84 59 3.5
June 89 67 3.8
July 91 71 4.6
August 90 70 4.5
September 85 64 3.1
October 76 52 2.7
November 67 42 2.6
December 59 36 4.0

Weather Patterns and Trends in Macon GA

Macon, Georgia has its unique weather patterns and trends. Historical data and recent changes offer insights into the region’s climate.

Summers in Macon GA are hot and humid. Outdoor activities can be tough due to high heat and humidity. It’s important to stay hydrated and avoid heat illnesses.

Winters in Macon GA are mild. Average temperatures can range from cool to warm. While rare, snow does occasionally fall, making the city look beautiful.

In recent years, climate change has started to alter Macon GA’s weather. This includes more heavy rain and intense storms. These changes can affect daily life, so staying informed is crucial.

“Climate change is a multifaceted challenge that affects every corner of our planet. It’s imperative to recognize and address the impacts it has on the local weather conditions in Macon GA.” – Scientist Name, Climate Researcher

Let’s look at the historical weather data more closely:

Month Average Temperature (F) Average Precipitation (in)
January Temperature Precipitation
February Temperature Precipitation
March Temperature Precipitation
April Temperature Precipitation
May Temperature Precipitation

The table shows how Macon GA’s weather varies in temperature and rain. This can help plan for various weather conditions.

Macon GA Weather Trends

The image above shows Macon GA’s weather trends. By studying this graph, we can notice changes in temperature, rain, and other weather factors over time.

Knowing Macon GA’s weather patterns helps make smart decisions for outdoor activities. Whether it’s going on a weekend trip or a simple picnic, staying updated on weather forecasts is key. Be ready for any weather.

Planning Your Activities in Macon GA

When you’re in Macon, Georgia, knowing the weather helps plan what to do. Check the forecast to pick activities that fit. This way, you’ll have fun seeing sights or being outdoors.

Check the Macon GA Weather Forecast

Always look at the weather forecast before you go out in Macon GA. This preps you on what to wear. Trust local weather services or good weather websites for the latest.

Plan Indoor and Outdoor Activities

Think about the weather when setting plans in Macon. Rainy days are great for indoor spots like museums. But on sunny days, go outside to parks or have a picnic.

Stay Prepared for Changing Weather

The weather might shift during the day, so be ready. Have a small umbrella or a raincoat ready for rain, for example. In hot weather, don’t forget sunscreen and a hat. Layer up if it’s cold to keep warm.

Consider Seasonal Activities

Seasonal activities can add fun to your visit. Spring offers cherry blossoms at the festival. Summers are for outdoor events while fall has beautiful leaves. In winter, explore the festive downtown.

Stay Informed About Events and Closures

Always check for events or closures that could change your plans. Being aware prevents surprises. Look at local calendars or websites for the most recent info.

Macon Georgia weather

Don’t forget to pack comfy shoes and wear layers for Macon. The weather can shift, so being prepared keeps you comfortable.

By checking the Macon Georgia weather and using these tips, you can plan well. Stay on top of the weather and adjust plans as needed. Have a great time in Macon, Georgia!

Month Average High (°F) Average Low (°F) Precipitation (inches)
January 58 36 4.58
February 62 39 4.50
March 70 46 5.35
April 77 54 4.04
May 84 63 3.26
June 89 70 4.11
July 91 73 4.74
August 90 73 4.05
September 85 68 3.52
October 76 56 2.38
November 68 47 3.76
December 60 40 4.12


It’s very important to keep up with the weather in Macon, Georgia. Knowing the forecast helps you plan ahead and make smart choices. This includes understanding what to expect in terms of climate and temperature. This way, your plans can match the weather, whether you’re downtown or exploring the outdoors.

Macon, Georgia’s weather varies. Winters are mild, but summers are hot and humid. The weather is usually great for outdoor fun, ranging from 60°F to 90°F. Yet, be ready for rain by wearing the right clothes or having indoor plans.

Using detailed weather forecasts, you can plan your time in Macon, Georgia well. If you’re visiting special places like the Ocmulgee National Monument or having a picnic, knowing the weather is key. It ensures you get the most out of your activities.

Keep an eye on Macon’s weather radar for live updates on rain and storms. Staying informed helps you have a better time in Macon, no matter the weather.

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