Is Kotor expensive to visit?

When you think about your next trip, the cost is always important. You want to have fun without spending too much. How much does it cost to visit Kotor, this lovely town by the sea in Montenegro?

This guide will look closely at Kotor’s travel cost, expenses during your trip, and the local cost of living. We’ll dig into the cost of staying there, getting around, eating, and doing things.

Are you looking to save money on your Kotor trip or just want to know the price? This article has helpful tips and insights. We’ll see if Kotor is a pricey place to go or if you can visit without spending a lot.

Understanding the Cost of Living in Kotor

When planning a trip to Kotor, knowing the cost of living there is key. This info helps in budgeting. You won’t overspend while visiting. Let’s look at how much things like food, transport, and more cost in Kotor.

The Price of Everyday Items

In Kotor, the cost of daily items is budget-friendly compared to other parts of Europe. You can find groceries and toiletries at fair prices. This is great for those who like cooking their own meals or staying in places with kitchens.

Meal Expenses

Eating out in Kotor can fit any budget. You’ll find many cafes, restaurants, and local spots. For cheaper meals, try local foods at smaller places or from stalls. If you want something fancier, Kotor has high-quality international restaurants too.

Local Transportation Costs

Getting around Kotor is easy on the wallet. The local buses are cost-friendly for trips in or around town. Taxis are pricier, but they provide a quick way to go further. For those who like to walk, Kotor’s sights are mostly close together.

Budget-Friendly Tips for Your Trip to Kotor

To save money in Kotor, here are some tips:

  • Choose a place to stay with a kitchen to cook your meals.
  • Shop at local markets for fresh, cheap food.
  • Enjoy discounts like happy hour offers at eateries.
  • Use buses or walk instead of always using taxis.
  • Find free or cheap things to do like seeing churches or hiking.

Using these tips, you can enjoy Kotor without spending too much. By planning your spending and choosing wisely, you’ll see everything this beautiful town has to offer.

Kotor cost of living

“Kotor offers a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, and experiencing it doesn’t have to be expensive. With a little planning, you can enjoy this charming town while staying within your budget.”

Accommodation Costs in Kotor

When you plan to visit Kotor, think about the cost of a place to stay. This city on the coast has many options for all budgets. You can choose from budget hotels, cozy guesthouses, and friendly hostels. This makes it easy to stay in Kotor and not spend too much.

Hostels are great for those watching their wallet. They offer shared rooms and a chance to meet new people. In Kotor, you can stay at places like the Old Town Hostel and the Montenegro Hostel B&B for as little as $15 a night.

If you prefer more privacy, guesthouses are a good choice. Places like Villa Ivana and Guesthouse Skadarski San are cozy and you can experience local life there. They usually include breakfast and cost between $30 to $70 per night.

Looking for a standard hotel? Kotor has many, from boutique to chain hotels. Hotel Vardar, Hotel Marija, and Hotel Cattaro are some favorites. Prices for hotels range from $60 to $150 each night. This depends on where they are and what they offer.

Here are some tips to save on your stay in Kotor:

  1. Go during the off-peak season to find lower prices.
  2. Book in advance to get better deals and choices.
  3. Compare prices on different sites to save money.
  4. Stay open to different dates; prices can change a lot.
  5. Consider places outside the city center for better prices.

Accommodation Options in Kotor

Wondering about the types of places to stay in Kotor? Check the table below for price ranges:

Accommodation Type Average Price per Night
Hostels $15 – $30
Guesthouses $30 – $70
Hotels $60 – $150

Note that these are average prices. The cost can change based on where and when you book. Always look around for the best offers when planning your trip to Kotor.

Affordable Kotor vacation

Dining Expenses in Kotor

Trying out the food in Kotor is a must-do, but you need to think about your budget. Kotor has everything from local spots to fancy places for every taste and wallet. This city is full of dining choices.

Average Cost of Meals

The cost of eating out in Kotor changes based on the spot you pick. Generally, meals at a mid-range place cost between $10 and $15. In places where tourists gather, prices might be steeper. So, it’s smart to look for dining spots in the less traveled areas.


“You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy delicious meals in Kotor. By seeking out local eateries and following these tips, you can savor the flavors of the city without overspending.”

Affordable Dining Options

For those on a budget, trying local street food or family-run places is a good idea. These places offer real local tastes without the high costs. Don’t miss out on dishes like octopus salad or Njeguški pršut, the local cured ham.

Also, many places in Kotor have special lunch deals or set menus at good prices. It’s a nice way to have a full meal for less.

Tips for Saving on Dining Expenses

Here are some tips to enjoy eating in Kotor without spending too much:

  • Prefer local places and look in the quieter spots for affordable meals.
  • Try street food or small family restaurants for authentic dishes that cost less.
  • Look for lunch deals or menus with special prices to save money.
  • If you can cook your own meals, that’s a good way to save.
  • Get suggestions from locals or online forums for inexpensive dining places.

Taking these steps and carefully choosing where you eat can keep your Kotor dining costs under control.

Affordable Dining in Kotor

Restaurant Type Average Price Range per Meal Examples
Mid-range Restaurant $10 – $15 Galion, Bastion
Local Eateries $5 – $10 Tanjga, Kantun, Scala Santa
Street Food Stalls $2 – $5 Grilled fish, Cevapi, Burek

Transportation Costs in Kotor

When you plan a trip to Kotor, think about how you’ll get around. You might choose taxis, the bus, or to rent a car. Knowing the costs can help you save money while enjoying your visit.


Taxis are great for a fast and easy ride in Kotor. Expect to pay around $8 for a 5-kilometer city ride. But, prices change based on the distance and when you travel. Be sure to pick a licensed taxi to avoid extra costs.

Public Transportation

If you’re watching your budget, the bus is a good choice. Fares start at about $1.50 for a ride. The bus travels to many popular spots, which is perfect for tourists.

Car Rentals

Renting a car gives you freedom to explore. In Kotor, the daily rental starts around $25, depending on the car and rental length. This way, you can see the coast and visit attractions as you like. Remember, you’ll also pay for gas and parking.

Tips for Saving Money on Transportation

  1. Walk or cycle for close destinations to save on transportation.
  2. Using public transport is cheaper than taxis most of the time.
  3. Shop around for car rentals to get the best rates.
  4. Plan well to reduce your need for lots of travel and cut costs.
  5. Avoiding busy travel times can help you save on taxi fares.

You can visit Kotor without spending too much on travel. Learn about your transportation choices and follow money-saving tips. This way, you can spend more on fun things to do.

Transportation Option Average Cost
Taxi $8 (for a 5-kilometer trip)
Public Transportation Starting from $1.50 (single journey)
Car Rental Starting from $25 per day

Always add travel costs to your overall Kotor budget. With good planning, you can enjoy this stunning place without spending too much.

Budget for visiting Kotor

Activities and Attractions in Kotor

Visiting Kotor means lots of choices for fun and sightseeing. You can see old buildings, enjoy the outdoors, or learn about local life. There are many places to see and things to do in Kotor. Let’s look at the top activities and sights you must see.

1. Visit the Old Town

Exploring Kotor’s Old Town is a must. You’ll love strolling its narrow streets and seeing old buildings. Don’t miss St. Tryphon’s Cathedral and the Maritime Museum. Plus, climb the city walls for stunning views.

2. Hike the City Walls

Don’t miss the chance to hike the city walls. This hike offers amazing views of the town and bay. You’ll see impressive fortifications and beautiful nature. It’s an unforgettable part of visiting Kotor.

3. Explore Nearby Natural Landmarks

Kotor is surrounded by beautiful nature. One great place to visit is Lovćen National Park. It has trails and stunning views. You can also check out nearby towns for beautiful coastlines and history.

4. Discover the Bay of Kotor

The Bay of Kotor is a special place, called Europe’s southernmost fjord. Take a boat tour to see its villages and lovely waters. Don’t forget to stop at Our Lady of the Rocks, a church on a man-made island. It has a fascinating story.

5. Experience Local Cuisine and Culture

Get to know Kotor’s culture by eating its food and joining local events. Try Montenegrin dishes like seafood and cheese. Taste local wine and watch for festivals that celebrate the region’s culture.

Activities and Attractions in Kotor

Budget-Friendly Alternatives

If money is tight, there are still tons of things to do in Kotor. Here are some tips:

  • Join a free walking tour of the Old Town.
  • Eat at local food markets for affordable meals.
  • Visit in the off-peak season for cheaper prices.
  • Explore nature on your own by hiking.
  • Stay in budget-friendly places away from the main spots.

By using these tips, you can enjoy Kotor without spending too much.

Activity/Attraction Entrance Fee
Visit the Old Town Free
Hike the City Walls €8-€10
Explore Nearby Natural Landmarks Varies (Free to €5)
Discover the Bay of Kotor (Boat Tour) €10-€30

Prices can change, so double-check before you go.

Kotor has lots to offer, no matter your budget. The city is full of wonders and adventures for all kinds of visitors. Enjoy its beauty, history, and culture without spending more than you want to.

Shopping and Souvenirs in Kotor

In Kotor, you can find unique items to remind you of its charm. There are many places to shop, like the local markets with fresh products. Or you can check out the small gift shops in the Old Town. If you want traditional souvenirs or something special, follow these tips to save money and shop wisely in Kotor.

Exploring Kotor’s Local Markets

Kotor is known for its lively markets with lots of local goods. The Main Market is full of fruits, vegetables, and more. There’s also a Seafood Market for fresh fish. By visiting these places, you get to feel the culture and find great deals.

Exploring Kotor’s Gift Shops

For a wider range of souvenirs, look at Kotor’s gift shops. They have local crafts, art, and jewelry. The Lovcen Gallery is great for unique crafts, and Perla has local wines and oils. Also, check out the Nikola Đurković Cultural Center for cultural clothes and accessories.

Shopping Smart in Kotor

To save money on gifts, remember these shopping tips:

  • Compare prices: Don’t buy the first thing you see. Look around for the best prices.
  • Shop off the beaten path: Stores away from tourist spots can be cheaper and have hidden gems.
  • Bargain: You can often lower the price at local markets by negotiating.
  • Avoid tourist traps: Watch out for shops that focus only on tourists. They might be more expensive.

With these tips, you can get great souvenirs without spending too much. It’s all about the memories you make while shopping. Not just the things you buy.

Kotor Shopping

Now you’re ready to explore Kotor’s stores wisely. Next, we will give you more advice on saving money in Kotor. Let’s start the next section.

Money-Saving Tips for Visiting Kotor

Planning a trip to Kotor can be affordable. Use these tips to enjoy this beautiful place without overspending.

1. Book affordable accommodations: Find cheap places to stay in Kotor. You could save by looking outside the city center. This way, you won’t have to give up comfort.

2. Sample local cuisine: Eat at local spots to save on food. You’ll get to try real dishes for less money. Local places are often cheaper than the ones in touristy areas.

3. Utilize public transportation: Use buses to move around Kotor. They’re a good option for seeing the sights without spending a lot on taxis or renting a car.

4. Take advantage of free or low-cost activities: Walk the city walls, stroll by the sea, or visit parks. These things are often free or very cheap. They let you enjoy Kotor without spending much.

5. Shop smart for souvenirs: Look for markets and local shops for souvenirs. You’ll find unique items that are kind on your wallet. Choose locally made goods to help the community and get better prices than touristy places.

“Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean missing out on incredible experiences. By implementing these money-saving tips, you can have an affordable and unforgettable vacation in Kotor.”

Saving money in Kotor

Money-Saving Tips for Visiting Kotor
1. Book affordable accommodations
2. Sample local cuisine
3. Utilize public transportation
4. Take advantage of free or low-cost activities
5. Shop smart for souvenirs

Seasonal Price Variations in Kotor

When you plan a trip to Kotor, think about how seasons change the cost of your visit. Knowing the peak and off-peak times and events that might affect prices is crucial. It helps you plan your budget well and get the most out of your money.

In June to August, the peak season, prices are higher in Kotor. This is when most tourists visit. Places like accommodations and restaurants can get busy. If you want to save money and avoid the crowd, visit in spring or fall. You will get better deals and a calmer experience.

Kotor Summer Carnival

Kotor trip expenses

The Kotor Summer Carnival in August is a big deal. It attracts people worldwide and makes the city fun and lively. Prices can be higher for everything. If you plan to go during the carnival, book early and prepare for higher costs.

Average Prices in Kotor During Different Seasons

Season Accommodation Dining Activities
Peak Season (June to August) Higher prices Elevated costs Tourist attractions may be more crowded
Off-Peak Season (Spring or Fall) More affordable options Potential discounts Less crowded attractions

Thinking about the seasons when planning your trip can save you a lot. Whether you visit in the lively peak season or the quieter off-peak times, you can have a great time in Kotor. You’ll make unforgettable memories no matter when you go.

Budget-Friendly Alternatives in Kotor

Kotor is full of attractions that can be pricey. But, there are many budget options too. You can enjoy the city’s beauty without spending a lot. Try free things, eat at affordable places, and visit less popular spots. This way, you can have a great Kotor visit without paying a lot.

Free and Low-Cost Activities

Kotor’s natural beauty is stunning and free to see. Walk along the Bay of Kotor for amazing mountain views. Or, get lost in the Old Town’s cozy streets and pretty squares.

For a small fee, you can check out the city walls or hike Vrmac Hill. Both give amazing views of Kotor.

Affordable Dining Choices

There are eating options for every budget in Kotor. Eating at bakeries and family-run places can save you money. They offer cheap, tasty local food.

Also, buying fresh food at markets is budget-friendly. You can then picnic by the water or in a park, enjoying the scenery.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Attractions

Yes, Kotor’s main spots are popular, but there are hidden places too. Explore nearby villages like Perast and Risan. They show traditional Montenegrin life and are charming.

Or rent a bike to get off the beaten path. You can find quiet spots like hidden coves and vineyards. It’s a beautiful way to see Kotor while avoiding the crowds.

Affordable Kotor Vacation

Adding these tips to your Kotor visit can save money. You can still enjoy the city a lot. See the free sights, eat local food, and find hidden gems. This way, Kotor is affordable without losing its charm.


After looking into Kotor, we can see it suits all wallets. It welcomes luxury seekers and thrifty travelers alike. Even though some things are pricey, Kotor has lots of cheap places to sleep, eat, and have fun.

Before you go, do some price checking to fit your budget. Visiting in quieter times can save you money and let you enjoy the city more. Don’t forget to check out low-cost food and free tours.

It’s wise to have a good money plan for your trip. Pick the things you really want to do. With smart choices and planning, Kotor can be a great, affordable adventure.