Fort Collins mountain biking trails

Did you know Fort Collins has over 280 miles of mountain biking trails? You’re about to start an adventure like no other in this lively Colorado city. Anyone, from beginners to experts, will find trails suited to their skills. Fort Collins offers a unique experience for everyone.

The Rocky Mountains offer an awe-inspiring backdrop for your journey through Fort Collins. Our guide will show you the best trails, from easy to challenging. You’ll see amazing scenery, feel the excitement, and join a vibrant biking community. Get ready for an adventure in Fort Collins you won’t forget.

Exploring Fort Collins’ Bike-Friendly Culture

Fort Collins is a dream for mountain biking. It’s a top spot for those loving the great outdoors and exciting trails. Here, you’ll find many trails and beautiful nature. This is why Fort Collins is a favorite for mountain biking in the United States.

To see the best mountain biking trails in Fort Collins, go to the top spots. These places have beautiful views, tough paths, and a friendly vibe. They are a must for bikers at any level.

The Famous Riders’ Canyon

popular mountain biking spots Fort Collins

One favorite is Riders’ Canyon. This trail is known for its many challenges and beautiful views. It has everything from hard uphill paths to fun downhill trails. You must visit for a chance to see Fort Collins’ stunning scenery. And don’t forget your camera!

Thunderbolt Peak Loop

The Thunderbolt Peak Loop is great for those who love a challenge. It takes you through rough terrain and has tricky parts to test your skills. But the view from Thunderbolt Peak is amazing, offering panoramas of the mountains and valleys. It’s an unforgettable journey.

Wildflower Trail

The Wildflower Trail is more laid-back and beautiful. It lives up to its name with colorful flowers in spring and summer. The path is easy, making it perfect for riders of all levels. Enjoy the peace and beauty as you ride.

Local’s Insight: Hidden Gems

“Find the hidden gems known to the locals. Get tips from riders at bike shops or online. Fort Collins has many unknown trails to discover!.”

– Local Mountain Biker

In Fort Collins, bikers share a special bond. This makes the biking community alive and happy to help each other out. No matter your skill level, you’ll find something you love here.

Trail Difficulty Level Highlights
Riders’ Canyon Intermediate-Advanced Breathtaking views, diverse terrain
Thunderbolt Peak Loop Advanced Panoramic mountain views, technical sections
Wildflower Trail Beginner-Intermediate Colorful wildflowers, gentle slopes

Beginner-Friendly Mountain Biking Trails

If you’ve just started mountain biking, Fort Collins is a great place to look. There are many trails perfect for beginners. You can learn and enjoy the sport while seeing stunning views.

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Foothills Trail is a top choice. It’s close to Fort Collins and not too hard with its mild slopes. The scenery is beautiful, making every ride enjoyable. This trail is also well-kept and easy to follow, ideal for novices.

Coyote Ridge Natural Area Trail is worth a visit too. It mixes easy and a bit harder parts. You’ll see pretty prairies and the Front Range. It’s a nice challenge for those just starting.

If you’re up for a longer trip, try the Poudre River Trail. It runs by the Cache la Poudre River. The path is smooth and mostly flat, perfect for honing your skills and enjoying nature.

When biking, stay safe and have fun by following a few rules:

  1. Always wear a helmet for protection.
  2. Begin with short rides, then increase the distance as you get more confident.
  3. Focus on keeping balanced and steady.
  4. Always be mindful of others on the trail and give way when needed.
  5. Have important items with you, like water and a first aid kit.

Enjoying beginner trails is all about taking it slow and appreciating the view. Fort Collins has a lot of options for new riders. So, take your time and dive into the beauty of biking on your terms.

Beginner-Friendly Mountain Biking Trails

Challenging Mountain Bike Trails

Looking for an adrenaline rush and a thrilling mountain biking experience? Fort Collins’ challenging mountain bike trails will test your skills. They provide thrilling chances for riders to show off their abilities and conquer rough terrain.

Feel your heart race as you take on steep descents, tricky technical parts, and tough obstacles. These trails are made for an exciting ride that will keep you coming back for more. But, they’re best for experienced bikers who are okay with hard terrain.

Keeping safe should be your top priority on tough mountain bike trails. Have your protective gear like a helmet, knee, and elbow pads. Riding with a buddy is a good idea, and always tell someone your biking plans.

Recommended Challenging Mountain Bike Trails in Fort Collins

Trail Name Difficulty Level Length Notable Features
Devil’s Backbone Expert 6.8 miles Technical sections, stunning rock formations
Blue Sky Trail Advanced 13 miles Scenic views of Horsetooth Reservoir, challenging climbs
Timber Trail Expert 7.6 miles Steep descents, technical singletrack
Maxwell Natural Area Advanced 5.3 miles Rocky terrain, challenging switchbacks

Here are a few examples of challenging mountain bike trails in Fort Collins. Each trail has unique obstacles and rewards, making your biking experience unforgettable. Always respect the trails and follow any rules to keep the area beautiful.

If you’re ready for an adventure and want to challenge your biking skills, Fort Collins has the perfect trails for you. Prepare to tackle steep descents, technical terrain, and feel the adrenaline rush.

challenging mountain bike trail in Fort Collins

Scenic Bike Trails near Fort Collins

Fort Collins has many great mountain biking trails. But, it’s nice to go beyond the city and find scenic trails. These paths let you enjoy nature and see amazing views. So, grab your gear for a memorable ride through beautiful landscapes.

Looking for a trail with amazing views? Check out the Horsetooth Mountain Open Space Trail. You’ll see the beautiful Horsetooth Reservoir and the Rocky Mountains. Pedaling through, you’ll find stunning rocks and bright plants, making your trip special.

For a mix of nature and history, try the Poudre River Trail. It goes along the Cache la Poudre River with pretty sights of water and trees. Remember to enjoy the peace and the pretty scenery around you while biking.

“The scenic bike trails near Fort Collins let you leave the city noise behind. You can find peace in nature while doing what you love biking.”

Ready for a longer biking trip? Explore the Lory State Park Trails. It takes you through forests, meadows, and challenging terrain. The reward is amazing views of the mountains and a chance to see local animals.

To see the charm of the Fort Collins countryside, visit the Spring Canyon Park Trails. These paths go through hills and fields with clear views of the prairie. It’s a tranquil journey where you might see birds that live there.

When you bike these trails near Fort Collins, it’s more than just exercise. You get to connect with nature and see Colorado’s stunning beauty. There’s something for everyone, from new riders to seasoned mountain bikers, in these beautiful areas around Fort Collins.

scenic bike trails near Fort Collins

Trail Biking Routes in Fort Collins

Looking to explore on two wheels? Fort Collins offers many trail biking routes perfect for any outdoor enthusiast. Whether you just started or have years of experience, there’s a trail for you.

1. Poudre River Trail

The Poudre River Trail takes you on a 21-mile journey. This route is known for its peaceful serenity. Be prepared to see stunning views of the river and its wildlife.

2. Horsetooth Mountain Open Space

For those seeking a challenge, the Horsetooth Mountain Open Space fits the bill. This 29-mile trail boasts stunning views along with tough uphill sections and fast descents. It’s ideal for experienced riders ready to test their mettle.

3. Lory State Park

Lory State Park has something for everyone. With trails that match every skill level, it’s a great place to bike. The paths vary from easy to difficult and are 1-4 miles long, letting you see the park’s beauty and wildlife.

4. Blue Sky Trail

Longer rides more your style? Try the 17-mile Blue Sky Trail. It’s filled with beautiful hills and views of Horsetooth Reservoir. This trail is ideal for those looking to push themselves a bit more.

5. Devil’s Backbone Open Space

If you’re looking for a mix of challenges, the Devil’s Backbone Open Space is perfect. This 12-mile trail includes technical parts and speedy downslopes. Plus, you can enjoy amazing vistas on the way.

Fort Collins has many more biking trails ready for you to discover. Always check trail updates and follow any rules about closures. So, gear up, check your bike, and dive into an incredible biking journey in Fort Collins.

Fort Collins trail biking routes

Top-Rated Mountain Bike Trails in Fort Collins

Fort Collins has many mountain biking trails for all skill levels. Looking for the best? These top trails are a must. They are loved by locals and visitors for their unique features and stunning scenery.

1. Horsetooth Mountain Open Space Trail

“The Horsetooth Mountain Open Space Trail is a must-ride for any mountain biking enthusiast visiting Fort Collins. It offers a challenging but rewarding experience with stunning views of Horsetooth Reservoir and the surrounding foothills.”

Local Mountain Biking Enthusiast

This trail is great for skilled bikers wanting a thrilling ride. Covering over 29 miles, it has tough terrain and steep descents. Make sure to bring your camera for the amazing views.

Trail Difficulty: Advanced

Distance: 29 miles

2. Lory State Park

“Lory State Park offers a great diversity of trails, making it an ideal destination for mountain bikers of all levels. The trails wind through beautiful forests, offering a peaceful and immersive biking experience.”

Fort Collins Outdoor Enthusiast

Lory State Park has many trails for all skill levels. You’ll find paths for beginners up to experts. Ride through beautiful forests for a peaceful and scenic experience.

Trail Difficulty: Beginner to Advanced

Distance: Varies

3. Coyote Ridge Natural Area

“Coyote Ridge Natural Area is a hidden gem for mountain biking in Fort Collins. The trails offer a fun mix of technical sections, flowy descents, and scenic views. It’s a trail system that keeps you coming back for more.”

– Seasoned Mountain Biker

Coyote Ridge Natural Area is great for intermediate to advanced bikers. It has both challenging and smooth sections with beautiful views. You might also see some wildlife on your ride.

Trail Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

Distance: 2.5 miles

4. Blue Sky Trail

“The Blue Sky Trail is a favorite among Fort Collins bikers due to its picturesque landscapes and exhilarating descents. It’s the perfect combination of challenging and scenic, providing an unforgettable riding experience.”

– Fort Collins Local

The Blue Sky Trail is a stunning path next to the Cache la Poudre River. It has some climbs, fast descents, and beautiful views. Enjoy the beauty of the area as you bike through.

Fort Collins mountain biking trails

These top trails are the heart of mountain biking in Fort Collins. They offer an adventure for every rider. So, put on your helmet and get ready for an amazing biking journey in Fort Collins.

Planning Your Fort Collins Mountain Biking Adventure

Are you excited for a mountain biking trip in Fort Collins? Make sure you plan well. Think about what you need and the weather. This will make your ride safer and more fun.

Gear Up for Success

Having the right gear is key before you start biking. Your bike should be in top shape, ready for all kinds of terrain. Helmets and protective gear are a must for safety.

Carry a backpack with water, snacks, and a first aid kit. Add a multi-tool for bike repairs. Wear clothes that keep you dry and cool.

Weather Conditions Matter

Fort Collins varies in weather, so always check before you go. Dress for the forecast. This ensures you’re ready for whatever comes your way.

Remember, summers can get really hot, with afternoon thunderstorms. In winter, wear layers and look out for icy trails. Safety comes first. Be ready to change your plans if needed.

Respecting Trail Etiquette

It’s important to be polite on the trails in Fort Collins. Yield to others, and watch out for wildlife. Always stick to the marked trails.

Ride the trails that match your skill level. Stay alert and ride safely. By not creating new paths, you help keep the area beautiful for all bikers.

“Mountain biking is not just about the physical challenge; it’s also about immersing yourself in nature and enjoying the journey.” – Fort Collins Mountain Biking Club

Resources for Trail Information

Fort Collins has plenty of info for bikers. Stop by the Visitors Center for maps. Or check out MTB Project and Trailforks online for trail details and reviews.

Join local biking groups to meet other bikers. They can share insights on the best trails. Having the right info will help you have an awesome ride.

Stay Safe and Have Fun

Planning is key for a great biking trip in Fort Collins. Make sure you’re well-equipped, know the weather, and respect the trails. Use the area’s resources for the best adventure.

Fort Collins mountain biking trails

Exploring Fort Collins’ Mountain Biking Community

Fort Collins is an amazing place for mountain biking, not just because of its trails. It also has a strong community for bikers. People of all skill levels can find fun events, groups, and organizations. They help create a friendly and passionate environment for mountain biking.

The Fort Collins Mountain Biking Association (FCMBA) is a key group. They focus on making and keeping up sustainable biking trails. Thanks to their hard work, bikers will always have good trails to ride on.

Fort Collins mountain biking community

Take part in local mountain biking events to dive into the community. Fort Collins offers races, contests, and festivals all year. These are great for having fun, testing your skills, and meeting other bikers who love what you do.

Looking to make friends and find new trails? Join one of Fort Collins’ many biking groups. These groups plan group rides from easy to challenging for experienced bikers. Riding with others makes the experience better and you can pick up tips and friends along the way.

“Being in the mountain biking community in Fort Collins changed my biking life. The support and advice from other bikers helped me improve a lot. It’s a family that cheers on our biking passion.”

– Jennifer Thompson, Fort Collins mountain biker

For those who want to get better at biking, there are clinics and workshops in Fort Collins. They teach everything from basic riding to advanced trail skills. These classes can make your biking trips more enjoyable and boost your confidence as a rider.

Recommended Mountain Biking Groups in Fort Collins:

  • Fort Collins Mountain Biking Association (FCMBA)
  • Rocky Mountain Ramblers
  • Just Ride Bikes
  • Women on Wheels
  • Fort Collins Bike Co-op

Discovering the mountain biking community in Fort Collins is more than just riding. It’s about connecting, swapping stories, and fostering love for biking. Anybody, whether from the area or not, will find their biking adventures richer by joining this lively community in Fort Collins.


Fort Collins is a heaven for those who love mountain biking. It has trails for every level of rider. So, whether you’re just starting or looking for a thrill, this city in Colorado will not disappoint you.

The majestic scenery makes Fort Collins the perfect place to bike. As you ride, you’ll see beautiful mountains, green forests, and amazing views everywhere. This makes every biking trip a memorable one.

So, get on your bike and explore the trails in Fort Collins. Enjoy the beautiful nature and the thrill of biking. Be part of the lively biking community in this amazing city. Prepare to make wonderful memories and enjoy biking in Fort Collins’s stunning beauty!

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