What family-friendly activities are available at Atlantic Fun Park?

Looking for fun activities in Virginia Beach that every member of the family will enjoy? Atlantic Fun Park is your go-to! It offers a variety of entertainment for all ages. This amusement park is ideal for families who love excitement and joy.

But why is Atlantic Fun Park a top pick for family outings in Virginia Beach? What makes it different from other local attractions?

Let’s take a closer look at Atlantic Fun Park. We’ll see what fun and thrilling adventures are waiting for you and your family. Here, you’ll find rides for kids, exciting roller coasters, water play areas, mini-golf, arcade games, family-friendly shows, tasty food, and much more. Atlantic Fun Park truly has something for everyone.

So, are you prepared for a one-of-a-kind family adventure? Then, let’s start exploring the amazing opportunities for creating lasting memories at Atlantic Fun Park!

Fun Rides for Kids

Atlantic Fun Park is full of fun, safe activities for children. It offers many exciting rides that are perfect for kids of all ages.

Kids love the gentle carousels at the park. These rides have beautiful music and lovely animal figures to sit on. From horses to unique creatures, kids can pick their favorite and enjoy a magical ride.

Kids looking for more adventure will love the mini roller coasters. These coasters are made just for them, with small drops, and exciting turns. It’s a fun and safe way for kids to experience the thrill of a roller coaster.

“Atlantic Fun Park provides a safe and engaging environment for kids to enjoy fun rides while parents have peace of mind.”

The rides are both fun and help kids learn. They improve motor skills, coordination, and how kids understand space. Kids will love these fun experiences and learn a lot while they play.

Don’t miss out on the fun at Atlantic Fun Park. It’s a great place for the whole family. Whether it’s their first carousel or roller coaster ride, it’s sure to be memorable for everyone.

Family-friendly activities at Atlantic Fun Park

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The park has many family-friendly activities. There’s always something fun to do with your kids. Next, we will talk about the exciting roller coasters for those looking for a bigger thrill.

Thrilling Roller Coasters

Looking for an adventure at Atlantic Fun Park? Our thrilling roller coasters will not disappoint. They’re perfect for older kids and adults who love excitement. These coasters are full of twists, turns, and speed. Get ready for a wild ride you’ll always remember.

Atlantic Fun Park is all about family fun. We offer many outdoor activities for all ages. If you love thrills or want to try something new, our coasters are a great choice.

Ready for an adrenaline rush?

Experience the excitement of our top-rated roller coasters:

  1. The Dragon’s Claw: Hang on tight as this beast of a coaster takes you through loops and inversions at lightning-fast speeds.
  2. The Twisted Cyclone: This coaster delivers unexpected drops, sharp turns, and stomach-churning twists that will leave you breathless.
  3. The Thunderbolt: Brace yourself for a thrilling ride filled with sudden drops and hairpin turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
  4. The Wild Wind: Feel the wind in your hair as you fly through the air on this exhilarating coaster that combines speed and excitement.

Choosing any coaster means choosing an adventure you’ll never forget. Our staff works hard to keep you safe. So, go ahead and enjoy the thrill worry-free.

Don’t miss the opportunity to challenge our exciting roller coasters and create lasting memories with your family. The Atlantic Fun Park awaits your arrival!

Roller coaster at Atlantic Fun Park

Comparison of Atlantic Fun Park’s Thrilling Roller Coasters
Roller Coaster Height Max Speed Inversions
The Dragon’s Claw 120 feet 60 mph 3
The Twisted Cyclone 95 feet 55 mph 2
The Thunderbolt 105 feet 65 mph 4
The Wild Wind 85 feet 50 mph 1

Water Play Area

Beat the summer heat at Atlantic Fun Park’s water play area. It’s set up with lots of family-friendly activities for all ages. Kids can enjoy a splashing good time with splash pads and slides. This spot is great for mixing outdoor fun and water play.

Water Play Area Attractions Key Features
Splash Pads An interactive area with sprinklers and water jets for children to enjoy.
Water Slides Thrilling slides that provide a fun and refreshing experience for kids and adults.
Kiddie Pools Shallow pools perfect for younger children to safely splash and play in.
Lazy River A relaxing river-like water feature where families can relax and float on inflatable tubes.

The water play area at Atlantic Fun Park is perfect for family-friendly entertainment. It ensures everyone can have outdoor fun with water. You can make a big splash or enjoy a calm float. Don’t forget your swimsuits and towels for a day full of water fun.

Outdoor Water Play Area

“The water play area at Atlantic Fun Park is the perfect destination for families seeking fun and refreshing outdoor activities. With a variety of water attractions to choose from, kids of all ages can cool down and have a splashing good time. Whether it’s running through splash pads or sliding down water slides, the water play area offers endless entertainment for the whole family.”

– Amelia Johnson, Fun Times Magazine

Mini Golf Course

Atlantic Fun Park has a delightful mini golf course friendly for families of all ages. It’s perfect for experienced golfers or those new to the game. The beautiful setting makes your game even more enjoyable.

Mini golf is great for families on vacation. It’s a fun way to bond and make memories. You can also show off your skills in a friendly game. This game is a hit with both parents and kids at Atlantic Fun Park.

The mini golf course here is full of unique challenges. Each hole requires different skills to succeed. The course’s good care and pretty surroundings make it all the more fun.

While playing, take in the beauty of Atlantic Fun Park. The course is made to fit right in with the natural scenery. It’s a beautiful and peaceful spot, perfect for an afternoon of fun.

Discover the joy of mini golf at Atlantic Fun Park and make memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re vacationing with your family or looking for entertainment for all ages, the mini golf course promises a delightful experience for everyone. Don’t miss out on this family-friendly activity that’s sure to bring smiles and laughter to your day at Atlantic Fun Park.

Family enjoying mini golf at Atlantic Fun Park


“We had a blast playing mini golf at Atlantic Fun Park! The course was well-maintained and provided a great challenge for the whole family. We loved the beautiful surroundings and friendly atmosphere. Highly recommended!” – The Johnson Family

  1. Charming and family-friendly mini golf course
  2. Engaging activity suitable for all ages
  3. Picturesque setting adds to the enjoyment
  4. Opportunity for friendly competition and bonding
  5. Each hole presents a unique challenge
  6. Immersive and well-designed course
  7. Tranquil atmosphere with lush greenery
  8. Create lasting memories with your loved ones
  9. Highly recommended by previous visitors

Arcade Games

Get ready for fun times at Atlantic Fun Park’s arcade! Our place is packed with classic and new arcade games for all ages. It’s the perfect spot for both gamers and those who just want to hang out.

Dive into a world of games and test your skills. You’ll find racing games and claw machines, each game offering a different challenge. Beat high scores on your own or challenge friends and family.

Bring your loved ones and spend time winning tickets. Exchange them for cool prizes at our redemption counter. It’s all about the fun and special memories you make together.

Unleash your gamer spirit and create lasting memories. Whether reliving the past or making new memories with family, our arcade is a top pick for all.

“The arcade games at Atlantic Fun Park are so much fun! My kids and I had a blast playing the different games and winning tickets. It’s a great way to spend quality family time.”

– Sarah, satisfied visitor

Featured Arcade Games

Game Description
Pac-Man Relive the classic arcade experience and guide Pac-Man through a maze while avoiding ghosts.
Whack-a-Mole Test your reflexes and accuracy as you try to whack as many moles as possible within the time limit.
Street Fighter Battle it out with your friends in this iconic fighting game where you can choose from a variety of characters and special moves.
Stacker Test your skills and patience by stacking blocks on top of each other to win big prizes.

Join us for endless fun at our arcade. It’s great for those seeking a challenge or just looking to have a good time. So, get your tokens ready and enjoy the excitement!

Arcade Games Image

Family-Friendly Shows and Performances

Atlantic Fun Park has something for every family. You can enjoy exciting rides and fun attractions. Plus, they have family-friendly shows and performances for all ages.

Get lost in the world of live music. Skilled performers play tunes that make everyone happy. You’ll hear old favorites and the latest hits.

Do you love magic? Then, you’ll be blown away by the magic shows. The magicians will leave you amazed with their unbelievable tricks.

The park also offers other performances. You can see theatrical plays, comedy shows, and acrobatics. It’s a chance to witness the amazing skills of performers together.

Check the schedule for what’s coming up. Atlantic Fun Park has live music, magic, and more. It’s entertainment the whole family will love, making unforgettable memories.

Don’t miss the fun at Atlantic Fun Park. Visit and see what their family shows are like. It’s a great experience for everyone in Virginia Beach.

Family-Friendly Shows at Atlantic Fun Park

Snack Stands and Dining Options

After enjoying a day at Atlantic Fun Park, you’ll need to feed your hunger. The park has various snack stands and dining choices. They are there to keep you fueled for more adventures.

The snack stands offer treats loved by both kids and grown-ups. You can enjoy the traditional taste of popcorn or grab a cold ice cream cup. And if you crave something sweet, give cotton candy a go. It’ll be a yummy, sticky treat.

For those wanting something bigger, the park’s food stations won’t disappoint. They serve juicy burgers and tasty hot dogs. You can also add your favorite toppings. This way, you get to create a meal that you and your family will love.

Sample Menu

Snack Stands Dining Options
Popcorn Hamburgers
Ice Cream Hot Dogs
Cotton Candy Chicken Tenders
Soft Pretzels Pizza Slices

When it’s snack time or you’re ready for a full meal, the park has you covered. Atlantic Fun Park’s choices cater to every taste. So, take a moment to rest, and enjoy some delicious food. It will power you up for more fun in the park.

Snack Stands and Dining Options

Souvenir Shops

Before you leave Atlantic Fun Park, remember to visit the souvenir shops. There, you can find a special keepsake from your family’s special day. These shops have a wide range of items, ensuring you find something to remember your time at the park.

You can look through racks of t-shirts, hats, and more, all with the park’s logo. Choose from classic or modern styles. There’s something for everyone in the family.

If you like accessories, there’s a lot to see. You’ll find keychains, magnets, and small items. They’re perfect for remembering the good times at Atlantic Fun Park. Plus, they make great gifts.

If you love art, consider postcards or prints. They feature beautiful Virginia Beach scenes. You can hang them or send them to friends, sharing your joy and memories.

The souvenir shops are all about keeping memories alive. Your keepsake will help you relive the fun days at the park. The memories of excitement, rides, and laughs will stay fresh in your mind.

Atlantic Fun Park is more than just a place to visit. It’s an experience to treasure forever. So, don’t miss the chance to get something special from the souvenir shops. It will always remind you of the good times with your family here.

Souvenir Shop Merchandise Options

Product Description
T-shirts A wide variety of sizes, colors, and designs featuring Atlantic Fun Park logos and graphics.
Hats Stylish and functional headwear to shield you from the Virginia Beach sun, adorned with Atlantic Fun Park branding.
Keychains Durable and portable keychains featuring fun designs and icons from Atlantic Fun Park.
Magnets Decorative magnets to brighten up your fridge or magnetic surfaces, featuring scenic images of Atlantic Fun Park.
Postcards Beautifully designed postcards depicting picturesque views of the Virginia Beach attractions and Atlantic Fun Park.

Whether you buy a t-shirt, hat, keychain, or postcard, it will remind you of your amazing day at Atlantic Fun Park. These items make perfect mementos of your family’s time together.

souvenir shop at Atlantic Fun Park

Special Events and Seasonal Festivities

Make your trip to Atlantic Fun Park even better by joining special events. These events happen year-round. They make your family trip more fun with activities for everyone. From holidays to themed parties, the park is always buzzing with something special.

  • Join us for our Family Fun Day in July. This day offers reduced prices. Also, you’ll see special shows and family activities.
  • Feel the Halloween spirit at our Spooktacular Extravaganza in October. There are haunted houses and costume contests for kids and adults.
  • Celebrate winter during our Winter Wonderland Festival in December. Enjoy the decorations, music, and a chance to meet Santa.
  • Don’t miss out on events like Beach Bash Parties, Pirate Adventures, and the Summer Concert Series. They’re on the calendar all year.

Any season is perfect for a visit to Atlantic Fun Park. You’ll always find something memorable to do with your family.

“Atlantic Fun Park’s events offer families something more than the usual fun. Themed parties and holiday celebrations bring joy to everyone. These events make the park even better for all visitors.”

– Mary Johnson, Local Resident

Upcoming Events

Here are the next events at Atlantic Fun Park:

Date Event Description
July 15 Family Fun Day Enjoy discounted admission, live performances, and activities.
October 31 Spooktacular Extravaganza Join us for Halloween with haunted houses and more.
December 20 Winter Wonderland Festival Celebrate with decorations, music, and Santa Claus.

Special Events


Atlantic Fun Park in Virginia Beach is a top choice for family fun. It’s filled with outdoor activities that everyone can enjoy. You’ll find thrilling rides and fun shows. It’s the perfect place for making special memories with your family.

At the park, enjoy a wide range of adventures. There are rides for every age, from coasters for thrill-seekers to gentle options for kids. Plus, there’s entertainment that will amaze you.

Spend your vacation at Virginia Beach’s Atlantic Fun Park. It’s ideal for both fun days out and relaxing. This amusement park has everything you need for a great time. Laugh, explore, and have fun with your family at this amazing entertainment spot.

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