Podgorica transport options

Planning a trip to Podgorica, the capital city of Montenegro? Wondering about transport options? If you’re a business traveler or on vacation, knowing the Podgorica transport options is key.

Podgorica has public transport, taxis, car rentals, and more. But, what’s the best way to get around cost and efficiency-wise? How to find the city’s hidden spots?

This article gives a full look at transportation in Podgorica. It covers public transport like buses and trains. These services reach the city’s hotspots and hotels. We’ll also chat about getting around with taxi services smoothly.

If you want to drive and explore freely, we’ve got car rental options. We’ll share driving tips and routes for an amazing trip.

But there’s more! We’ll also explore private transport services. Find out how private drivers and chauffeur services can make your stay special in Podgorica.

Looking for a unique way to see the city? Check out alternative transportation options. You can rent bikes, scooters, or join walking tours for a new view of Podgorica.

Everyone’s welcome to enjoy the city’s transport, which we’ll touch on. We’ll talk about accessibility and special services for those with disabilities or special needs.

Flying in? We’ve got info on airport transfer options. This includes private, shuttle, and public service details.

We’ll also cover some transport tips and etiquette for moving around like a local. This includes the best times to travel and knowing local customs.

Thinking of day trips? We’ve listed day trips and excursions to nearby sites. Learn about transport options to these spots. It’ll add a new layer to your Montenegro adventure.

Excited? Join us as we explore Podgorica’s transport options. We aim to give you the knowledge for a hassle-free, flexible, and memorable adventure!

Public Transportation in Podgorica

Exploring Podgorica becomes easy with its public transport. The city has a great network of buses and trains. This means you can get around, whether you’re a visitor or a local heading to work.

The bus system:

The city buses cover a lot of areas, making it easy to get where you want. They come often, so you won’t wait long. Buses have comfy seats and are cool in summer. So, going to places like the Old Town is a breeze on a bus.

The train service:

Trains have fewer routes but are useful for longer trips in Montenegro. They link Podgorica to other big cities. This makes it simpler to see different parts of Montenegro, like the pretty North or coastal towns.

Navigating the system:

Getting around by bus or train in Podgorica is simple. Signs and timetables are clear. Buses run early to late, and the train station’s in the city center. This makes travel easy from anywhere in Podgorica.

Remember to have the right change or a bus card for fares. You can buy bus tickets on board or at kiosks. Train tickets are available at the station or online. Before you go, always check schedules and updates to make your trip run smoothly.

Advantages of public transportation in Podgorica

• Public transport in Podgorica saves you money, more than taxis or car rentals.

• It’s better for the earth, cutting down on pollution and protecting nature.

• Buses reach most places, making travel easy.

• Traveling with locals lets you dive into the culture.

• No parking worries, so you can enjoy your trip more.

Podgorica’s public transport is a top choice for moving around affordably. It blends convenience with low cost. By taking buses or trains, exploring the city is not just easy but enjoyable too.


Podgorica public transportation

Transportation Mode Advantages Disadvantages
Buses – Extensive network
– Regular schedules
– Affordable fares
– Can be crowded during peak hours
Trains – Scenic journeys
– Convenient for longer trips
– Limited routes

Taxi Services in Podgorica

In Podgorica, taxis are a top choice for getting around. They’re perfect for quick trips, be it for work or fun. We’ll cover everything you need to know about taxis in Podgorica. This will make your stay better and traveling easier.

Availability and Booking

There are many taxis in Podgorica, great for both locals and visitors. You’ll spot taxi stands all over, near big centers, hotels, and famous spots. Or, jump on taxi apps like Red Taxi, City Taxi, or ComTaxi for easy booking with your phone.

Choose your ride carefully. Pick taxis with neat cars and expert drivers who know their way around. Be careful with unlicensed cabs or those that pick you up oddly. They might not be safe or reliable.

Fares and Tips

Taxis in Podgorica are usually budget-friendly. They charge by how far and how long your ride is. Ask the driver about the fare first. Most start at around 1.50 euros, plus some cents per kilometer.

Tipping isn’t a must, but a small one now and then is nice for good service. For great help, like handling your bags, a little extra tip shows your thanks.

Hassle-Free Taxi Experience

For a smooth ride, here’s what to remember:

  • Check for the taxi’s clear signs of being licensed.
  • Have your destination info ready to show the driver.
  • Agree on the fare clearly before you go.
  • Bring small change – big notes can be hard for drivers.
  • If something doesn’t seem right, note the details, and let officials know.

Podgorica taxi services

Taxi Company Contact Information
Red Taxi +382 20 111 222
City Taxi +382 20 643 333
ComTaxi +382 20 223 232

Car Rental Options in Podgorica

Renting a car in Podgorica gives you the freedom to go where you want. You can explore the city and its beautiful surroundings with ease. There are many car rental companies to choose from. Whether you prefer a big international brand or a smaller local one, you’ll find what you need here.

International Car Rental Companies: Some of the biggest names in car rental are found in Podgorica. Avis, Hertz, and Budget are ready to serve you. They offer a wide selection of cars and top-notch service. You can pick up and drop off your car at many locations, including the airport, which is great for visitors.

Local Car Rental Companies: Podgorica has its local car rental scene too. These companies often offer deals and a personal touch. They can give you tips on the best places to visit that only a local would know. It’s a chance to discover Montenegro in a unique way.

Driving in Montenegro means driving on the right side of the road. You must have a valid license to rent a car. The rental companies usually require you to be at least 21 years old. Some may ask for older drivers.

There are amazing routes to drive from Podgorica. The road to Kotor is one of the most scenic drives in the world. It’s full of beautiful views and lovely towns. Or take a trip to Durmitor National Park and see its majestic mountains and clear lakes. These drives make for unforgettable experiences in Montenegro.

To make your car rental go smoothly, book your car early. This is especially true during busy times. Early booking can also get you a good deal. Remember to check the rental’s rules and fees, such as insurance and any extra costs.

Podgorica car rental

Tips for Renting a Car in Podgorica:

  • Compare prices and offerings from different car rental companies to find the best deal.
  • Check the rental vehicle for any existing damages and document them before driving off.
  • Ensure you have the necessary insurance coverage, including liability and collision damage coverage.
  • Observe the local traffic rules and regulations, including speed limits and parking restrictions.
  • Plan your driving routes in advance and have a GPS or map handy for navigation.
  • Fill up the car’s fuel tank before returning it to avoid any additional charges.

With a rented car in Podgorica, you can see the best of Montenegro. So get ready for an amazing journey. Start driving, and make memories that will last a lifetime in this incredible place.

Private Transport Services in Podgorica

Getting around Podgorica has several options, but private transport services stand out. They offer personalized journeys, perfect for executives or tourists who want luxury. These services tailor your travel experience to meet your exact needs.

The Benefits of Private Transport Services

Private transport services come with many perks. They give you more freedom, comfort, and local insights. Let’s dive into these advantages:

  • Flexibility: With private transport, make your itinerary. Visit multiple places in a day, all at your own pace.
  • Comfort: Enjoy a plush ride with a private car and driver. No need to stress about directions or traffic.
  • Convenience: Door-to-door service saves time. Say goodbye to parking and public transport waits.
  • Expert Local Knowledge: Your driver knows Podgorica well. They’ll share tips, making your visit better.
  • VIP Experience: Anticipate special treatment. Enjoy luxury vehicles, top-notch service, and more.

“Private transport in Podgorica means seeing the city your way. It’s all about comfort and convenience.”

Types of Private Transport Services

There are many private transport options in Podgorica. From private drivers to customized tours, here’s what you’ll find:

Service Type Description
Private Drivers Need a ride to various spots? Private drivers offer tailored service. They make your travels easy and smooth.
Limousine Services For a glamorous ride, choose a limousine service. It brings elegance and memorable trips with professional drivers.
Airport Transfers Start your trip stress-free with airport transfer services. A driver meets you, avoiding post-flight transport worries.
Customized Tours Get a private tour that matches your interests. Go see the city or surrounding areas with a knowledgeable guide.

In Podgorica, private transport gives many options for your travel needs. It’s all about a comfortable, luxury, or unique journey. They aim for a top-notch travel experience.

private transport Podgorica

Alternative Transportation Options

Aside from the usual ways to get around, Podgorica has cool choices for visitors. These alternatives let you explore the city in fun ways. You can rent bikes or scooters or join a walking tour. These are all great ways to see the city differently.

best transportation Podgorica

Bike rentals are perfect for a green and easy tour of Podgorica. Many shops in the city rent bikes. You can pick from mountain bikes for the rougher paths or city bikes for a casual ride. Riding a bike lets you see the city closely and enjoy the outdoors.

Advantages of Bike Rentals:

  • Flexibility to explore at your own pace.
  • Access to bike-friendly paths and trails in and around Podgorica.
  • Opportunity to discover off-the-beaten-path attractions.
  • Eco-friendly transportation option.

Scooter rentals are good if you want to move faster around the city. They are small and easy to use, letting you dodge through traffic. This lets you see more of the city and nearby areas. It’s a favorite choice for many people exploring.

Advantages of Scooter Rentals:

  • Efficient mode of transportation for short distances.
  • Easy maneuverability through crowded city streets.
  • Convenient parking options.
  • Provides a thrilling and adventurous experience.

If learning about Podgorica’s culture interests you, a walking tour is perfect. These tours are very informative, covering the city’s history and culture. Guides share interesting facts and show you special spots. It’s a great way to really get to know the city.

Advantages of Walking Tours:

  • Insightful exploration led by knowledgeable guides.
  • The opportunity to discover hidden corners and local favorites.
  • A chance to interact with locals and learn about their culture.
  • Flexibility to customize the tour based on your interests.

Alternative transportation in Podgorica is an exciting way to travel. It lets you see the city from a whole new angle. By renting a bike, a scooter, or joining a walking tour, you get an unmatched experience. This journey will be memorable in many ways.

Accessibility and Special Services

Podgorica works hard to make transport accessible for everyone, especially for those with disabilities. They’ve introduced many changes to ensure public transport, like buses and taxis, is easy to use. This makes travel much simpler for people in wheelchairs or needing extra help.

Accessible Public Transportation

In Podgorica, you’ll find buses ready to help those with disabilities. Most buses have ramps and special seating for people with mobility issues. Buses stops are made easy to reach with curb ramps. The city is also adding features like announcements to make traveling even better.

Special Assistance in Taxis

Taxis in Podgorica do their best to help those with disabilities. You can ask for taxis with ramps or lifts for wheelchairs. It’s smart to call ahead to get a taxi that meets your needs. Taxi drivers are also trained to give a hand to those requiring special care.

Resources and Support

Podgorica offers support for travelers needing a bit of extra help. Information centers are ready to guide you with accessible transport and trip planning. They also share info on places to visit and lodging that’s friendlier for those with disabilities. The city is working hard to make things better for everyone.

“Podgorica’s commitment to accessible transport options reflects its dedication to inclusivity and creating an environment where all individuals can navigate the city with ease.”

If you need easy-to-use transport, from buses to taxis, or just some extra support, Podgorica is here for you. They know accessible transport is key to making travel fair and fun for all.

getting around Podgorica

Transport Option Accessibility Features
Public Transportation (Buses) – Wheelchair ramps or lifts
– Designated seating areas
– Accessible bus stops
Taxi Services – Wheelchair-accessible vehicles (upon request)
– Assistance from trained drivers
Information Centers – Guidance on accessible transport options
– Maps with accessible routes
– Information on disability-friendly facilities

Airport Transfers

Arriving in Podgorica by air? Airport transfers are the best way to get to where you’re staying. No matter if you’re solo or with friends, you’ve got plenty of ways to get there. We’ll look at the different choices you have and share some advice on making your booking.

Private Transfers

Want a smooth ride from the airport? Private transfers fit the bill perfectly. A driver and a car just for you will be waiting. It’s all about making your trip easy and comfy. You can book ahead or when you land, depending on what’s more convenient for you. Prices will change depending on your end point and how many are in your group. So, checking out a few options is wise.

Shuttle Services

Looking to save some cash? Shuttles are a good pick. They run on a set timetable and carry several folks to different places in town. You can book your spot online or at the airport. Yes, they might make a few extra stops on the way, but they’re a wallet-friendly alternative. This way, you’ll arrive at your drop-off without breaking the bank.

Public Transport Links

The buses from Podgorica’s airport to downtown are also a good choice. They link you straight to the heart of the city. The timings match up with when flights come and go, making life easier. Great if you’re looking to save some money and see the city as you head to your stop. Just be ready with the bus times and fare.

When picking how to get from the airport, think about what matters most to you. Private rides are top-notch for service and freedom. But if budget is key, shuttles or public buses are super. Find what meets your needs and enjoy a problem-free journey.

“Airport transfers offer a stress-free way to begin your trip in Podgorica, allowing you to relax and focus on enjoying your time in the city.”

transport options Podgorica

Transfer Option Key Features Price Range
Private Transfers Personalized service, dedicated vehicle and driver Varies based on destination and number of passengers
Shuttle Services Shared rides, cost-effective option Affordable, fixed rates per person
Public Transport Links Direct bus service to city center Affordable, fixed fare

Transport Tips and Etiquette

Exploring a new city like Podgorica is thrilling. But, it’s key to know essential tips and etiquette. This ensures smooth and fun travel, whether by public transport, taxis, or car rentals.

1. Respect local customs

Transport in Podgorica shows Montenegrins’ friendly nature. Always be polite to people around you. This includes fellow passengers and drivers.

2. Plan your trip in advance

Planning ahead avoids confusion and delays. Check bus and train times in advance. Booking taxis early helps save time and makes your travel easier.

3. Be mindful of rush hour

Rush hour is busy, especially for people commuting to work. To avoid crowded public transport, time your trips well.

4. Keep an eye on your belongings

Every city has its share of risks. In Podgorica, watch your belongings. Make sure bags are secure to avoid pickpockets.

5. Follow traffic rules

For a safe car rental experience, know local driving rules. Follow speed limits, drive safely, and don’t use your phone. This keeps you safe and avoids fines.

Remember, safety comes first in Podgorica’s transport.

Remembering these transport and etiquette tips makes exploring Podgorica enjoyable. Have a great time in this stunning city.

transportation in Podgorica

Day Trips and Excursions from Podgorica

While exploring Podgorica is exciting, day trips to nearby spots can make your trip even better. You can see Montenegro’s diverse lands and rich culture by leaving the city. We’ll cover top day trips from Podgorica, showing how to get there. These trips let you see Montenegro’s beauty up close, from its scenery to its history.

One top destination near Podgorica is Skadar Lake National Park. It’s only a short drive away. Take a boat tour to enjoy the quiet lake and its green surroundings. You’ll see many animals and birds. A visit here lets you enjoy nature and take amazing photos.

“A visit to Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is also amazing. It’s by mountains and the Bay of Kotor, with old history and pretty buildings. Walk its cobblestone streets, see St. Tryphon Cathedral, and eat local food. Don’t miss this day trip.”

For a thrilling time, head to Durmitor National Park. It’s known for its high mountains, cold lakes, and fun adventures. You can hike its beautiful scenes, see the famous Tara Canyon, or try rafting on the Tara River. It’s perfect for nature lovers and those looking for excitement.

Transport Options

Getting to these destinations from Podgorica offers a few ways. Many people like to rent a car there because it gives freedom to go where you like at your pace. Or, you can join a tour that comes with a guide and transport.

Buses and trains are options, too, for public transport. But, they might have fewer trips, so it’s good to plan your trip ahead. Taxis are another choice for easy, direct travel.

As you plan your visits from Podgorica, remember to think about how far they are, how long you’ll need to travel, and what you’d love to see or do. Montenegro has lots to offer, from nature to culture and adventure. You can find it all near the capital city.

Podgorica travel choices


You’ve learned a lot about getting around Podgorica. Now you can easily find your way in this exciting city. You can choose from buses, taxis, renting a car, or private transportation.

We’ve given you advice to make your travel better. This will let you enjoy Podgorica more, whether you’re here for work or fun. Knowing about transport helps you feel confident while exploring.

We also suggested day trip and excursion ideas. These include scenic drives and historical spots. They let you see more of Montenegro’s beauty outside Podgorica.

To sum up, this guide has prepared you well for Podgorica. With what you’ve learned, you’re ready to have an amazing journey. Have a great trip!