Novi Sad craft beer

Are you ready to explore Novi Sad’s craft beer scene? You’ll find the best artisanal brews and get to know the city’s culture. It adds a unique flavor to everything.

Novi Sad is a treasure trove for craft beer lovers. The city is filled with small breweries and a big community of fans. This has made Novi Sad a dream destination for those who love beer from all over the world.

So, what’s so unique about Novi Sad’s craft beer scene? Is it the local ingredients? Maybe the creativity or the tradition of brewing? Let’s find out!

In this article, we’ll look closely at Novi Sad’s craft beer scene. We’ll explore why it’s become so famous. Join us to discover the awesome breweries, their best beers, and the cool beer events. These things make Novi Sad a perfect place for beer lovers.

Are you excited to learn about Novi Sad’s craft beer? It’s time to start our journey!

The Rise of Craft Beer in Novi Sad

Novi Sad is known for its rich culture. Now, it’s making a name in craft beer. The craft beer trend has grown a lot in the past few years. This city has become a favorite place for small breweries and beer fans.

What’s making craft beer so popular in Novi Sad? The city’s love for quality and realness plays a big part. Local brewers are skilled at making unique beers. They use special flavors and methods to make beers for those who know what they like.

“Craft beer is a step away from the big-brand beers and into a world of creativity. Novi Sad’s craft beer community shows the hard work and creative ideas of local brewers.”

People in Novi Sad love trying different kinds of beer. They’re looking for high-quality, unique brews. This has pushed the craft beer movement further. Beer lovers enjoy finding local breweries that offer something special.

The craft beer world in Novi Sad feels like a big family working together. Breweries often join forces to plan events and festivals. These celebrate the craft of brewing and let more people taste their beers. It’s a great place for beer fans to meet, share, and explore together.

The craft beer scene is thriving in Novi Sad. It’s a top spot for anyone who loves good brews. No matter if you’re new to craft beer or an expert, you’ll find interesting beers in the city’s microbreweries. They will surely surprise and delight your taste buds.

Brewery Location Signature Beer
Crna Ovca Brewery Novi Sad Koliba Imperial Stout
Varionica Craft Brewery Novi Sad Varionica IPA
Tron Brewery Novi Sad Tron APA
Novosadska Craft Pivara Novi Sad Novosadski Golden Ale

There are many well-known craft breweries in Novi Sad. Each has its own style and flavors. Here are some top choices:

  • Crna Ovca Brewery: This brewery is at the center of the city. It’s famous for its smooth and dark Koliba Imperial Stout.
  • Varionica Craft Brewery: Housed in an old steam laundry building, Varionica Craft Brewery makes great IPAs. These beers are loved for their strong hop flavors.
  • Tron Brewery: Tron Brewery is known for its creative brews. They have many tasty APA beers that are light and full of hops.
  • Novosadska Craft Pivara: Local people enjoy Novosadska Craft Pivara for its well-balanced golden ales. These beers have just the right mix of bitter and sweet.

Craft Beer in Novi Sad

When you visit the craft beer places in Novi Sad, get ready for a fun taste adventure. Whether you like classic or new beer types, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy the city’s craft beer by trying different brews. Novi Sad welcomes all beer lovers to its unique brewing world.

Top Craft Breweries in Novi Sad

Novi Sad is a hub for craft beer, offering a diverse range of flavors. You can find breweries that make hoppy beers or fruity ones. There’s something to please every taste.

Pivara Izvor

In Novi Sad, Pivara Izvor is at the center of the craft beer scene. This brewery is famous for its creative beer styles. They blend old-school methods with new, exciting flavors, creating beers that stand out.

Among their creations, the Izvor IPA tops the list. It’s a beer for adventure, full of citrus and flowers. If you like strong, sharp tastes, this is for you.

Their Summerscape Wheat offers a lighter option. This beer, with hints of coriander and orange, is great for summer chillouts. It’s a perfect match for sunny days.

craft breweries Novi Sad

Dogma Brewery

For those who love unique flavors, Dogma Brewery is a perfect spot. It’s housed in a renovated industrial area. This brewery is all about trying new things and making top-notch beer.

Don’t miss their Dogma Dark Ale if you love rich beer. It combines chocolate and caramel for a smooth, fulfilling taste.


The Dogma Hefeweizen is another great option, especially if you like fruity and spicy hints. It smells like banana and clove. It’s a cool choice for those after unique flavors.

Kabinet Brewery

Kabinet Brewery embraces Novi Sad’s rich brewing legacy. They use both traditional methods and innovative ideas. The result is beers of excellent quality.

The Kabinet IPA is one of their stars. It combines fruity and flowery tastes with a nice bitterness at the end. It’s a drink you won’t forget.

Ready for something intense? Give their Kabinet Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout a try. This beer, aged in oak, features rich flavors like roasted malt, vanilla, and dark chocolate.

When you visit these breweries in Novi Sad, enjoy the friendly vibe. Talk to the brewers and hear about their craft. And of course, taste their amazing beers.

Artisanal Beer Tasting in Novi Sad

Step into Novi Sad’s lively craft beer scene through artisanal beer tastings. These gatherings help you discover local brews’ flavors and styles. They’re great for both experienced fans and new faces.

In Novi Sad, you’ll get to taste beers made by nearby microbreweries. The range includes everything from bold IPAs to rich stouts. Each brew tells a story of the brewer’s skills and love for what they do.

The tastings are often led by beer experts. They’ll teach you about the brewing process and which foods go best with each beer. You’ll also learn about the special ingredients and local touches that make each beer unique.

“Artisanal beer tasting events in Novi Sad provide an excellent platform to appreciate the craftsmanship and creativity of local brewers. It’s a fascinating journey of flavor exploration that captures the essence of the city’s craft beer scene.” – Beer Enthusiast Magazine

As you enjoy the beers, you get to chat with others who love craft beer. It’s a great way to form friendships. You can swap stories and tips on your favorite beers in a fun, social setting.

Upcoming Artisanal Beer Tasting Events in Novi Sad:

  • Novi Sad Craft Beer Festival – a yearly celebration showcasing the best artisanal beers in the city
  • Brewers’ Night – an intimate gathering where you can meet and interact with local brewers
  • Beer and Food Pairing Workshop – a guided tasting experience that explores the synergy between craft beer and local cuisine

Artisanal Beer Tasting in Novi Sad

Benefits of Artisanal Beer Tasting in Novi Sad Why Attend Artisanal Beer Tasting Events
1. Expand your palate and discover new beer flavors 1. Learn about the brewing process from industry experts
2. Support local microbreweries and the craft beer scene in Novi Sad 2. Connect with fellow beer enthusiasts and exchange recommendations
3. Gain a deeper appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship behind artisanal beers 3. Participate in guided tastings to enhance your beer knowledge
4. Engage in meaningful conversations about beer flavor profiles and brewing techniques 4. Experience the unique culture and community of Novi Sad’s craft beer scene

Novi Sad’s Signature Beer Styles

Novi Sad’s craft beer scene is vibrant, with a range of unique and tasty beers. You can find everything from classic lagers to daring new brews. It’s a paradise for beer enthusiasts of all kinds.

The city is famous for its traditional Serbian Pilsner beer. This golden lager is made with top-notch malts and aromatic hops. It offers a clean, refreshing taste with a sharp end note, perfect for those who love balance in their beer.

Novi Sad also shines with its rich Dunkel beer. This dark lager has flavors of caramel and chocolate. It’s smooth and rich, a great partner for big, satisfying meals. Both locals and visitors enjoy this beer.

If you’re into experimental beers, Novi Sad’s breweries have something for you. Imagine fruity IPAs with local flavors or stouts aged in barrels. These beers offer something new and thrilling for adventurous drinkers.

The heart of Novi Sad’s beer culture is its local brewers’ creativity and skill. Their unique beers cater to both seasoned beer fans and newcomers. Novi Sad is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who loves craft beer.

Novi Sad craft beer

Brewery Tours and Beer Experiences in Novi Sad

Embark on a journey through Novi Sad’s brewery culture by joining tours and experiences. Get a close look at what the local brewers are cooking up. You’ll visit microbreweries and meet the passionate people behind the craft.

The craft beer scene in Novi Sad offers a wide range of flavors and styles. By taking a brewery tour, you’ll get to see how beers are made up close. This includes the chance to learn about the art of making small-batch, high-quality beers. It’s a great experience for both newcomers and experts in the craft beer scene.

You’ll get to see different microbreweries during the tour. They each have their own special way of making beer. You can try a range of beers from hoppy IPAs to dark stouts, showing the diversity of Novi Sad’s craft scene.

Highlights of Brewery Tours in Novi Sad:

  • Guided tours led by knowledgeable brewery staff
  • Insights into the beer-making process, from grain to glass
  • Tastings of various craft beers
  • Opportunities to meet and engage with local brewers
  • Exclusive access to limited-edition and seasonal brews

Visiting a brewery in Novi Sad offers more than just beer tasting. It’s a chance to be part of the local brewing community. You’ll come away with a true love and understanding of the brewing craft.

These tours are perfect for anyone interested in the beer world. If you want to learn about beer’s history or its making, or just enjoy trying new beers, there’s something here for you.

microbreweries Novi Sad

Name Location Specialty
Beerija Dunavska 15 Belgian-style ales
Tap Room 021 Jevrejska 4 Experimental and seasonal brews
Hop Hooligans Danila Kiša 5 Modern and innovative beers

Craft Beer Events and Festivals in Novi Sad

Immerse yourself in Novi Sad’s lively craft beer scene by joining in the fun at the city’s craft beer events and festivals. Every year, these events draw in beer lovers from all around. They come to enjoy a huge variety of craft beers and taste the special flavors from Novi Sad’s breweries.

The Novi Sad Craft Beer Festival is a favorite and happens each summer in the city’s center. It showcases the best craft beers from Novi Sad. At this event, local breweries share their best brews. You can try everything from hoppy IPAs to flavorful stouts.

The Novi Sad Beer Week celebrates all things beer for a whole week. This event sees different bars and microbreweries around the city hosting unique activities. You can enjoy special beer events, tap takeovers, and beer pairings. It’s a great chance to visit various places and taste interesting beer blends.

By attending these events, you get to do more than just taste great beers. You can meet local brewers and other beer fans. It’s a cool way to get to know Novi Sad’s craft beer community better. Plus, you might find some new favorite breweries and flavors.

Besides these major events, Novi Sad’s microbreweries often have their own special occasions. This includes beer launches, tastings, and tours. These gatherings let you get closer to the brewers. You can learn about their beer-making processes and the stories that inspired their beers.

Don’t Miss These Craft Beer Events in Novi Sad:

  • Novi Sad Craft Beer Festival: A must-visit summer festival that brings Novi Sad’s craft beer scene to life. Taste a wide variety of beers and soak up the festival’s vibrant atmosphere.
  • Novi Sad Beer Week: An exciting week full of beer-focused events, tap takeovers, and pairings. Enjoy discovering new venues and trying out special brews.
  • Microbrewery Launch Parties: Join in on the excitement at microbrewery launch parties. Be the first to sample their latest creations.
  • Brewery Tours: Go behind the curtain on a brewery tour. Learn about the brewing process from the experts themselves.

Make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming craft beer events in Novi Sad. They provide great opportunities to dive into the city’s craft beer culture. Novi Sad is a welcoming place for both seasoned beer fans and those new to the scene. It’s a hub for craft beer lovers, offering unforgettable tastes.

craft beer scene Novi Sad

Pairing Local Cuisine with Craft Beer in Novi Sad

Experiencing Novi Sad’s craft beer scene means matching the city’s food with the right brew. Traditional Serbian meals mix well with Novi Sad’s craft beers. This pairing offers a unique and great tasting adventure.

Here are top picks for the ultimate brewery-chef combos:

Local Brewery Cuisine Specialties Recommended Craft Beers
Berta Brewery Artisanal sausages and cured meats IPA – Hops of Berta
Dodir Duhova Brewery Roasted lamb and traditional Serbian stews Dark Ale – Dodir Duhova’s Legends
Podrum Brewery Grilled fish and seafood delicacies Wheat Beer – Podrum’s Alestorm

Berta Brewery is a must-visit for top quality sausages and meats. Their Hops of Berta IPA is a great choice. It matches well with the smoky and rich meats.

Dodir Duhova Brewery welcomes with cozy vibes and serves lamb and stews. Enjoy these meals with their legendary Dark Ale. It’s a mix of strong flavors.

Seafood lovers should visit Podrum Brewery. They specialize in grilled fish and seafood. Savor these options with their light Wheat Beer. It rounds out the meal perfectly.

craft beer scene Novi Sad

Exploring Novi Sad’s beer and food scene brings you closer to local life. With so many tastes to try, each dish and beer will be a memorable experience.


The craft beer scene in Novi Sad is alive and full of adventure, catering to all tastes. If you’re new to craft beers or a longtime fan, this city welcomes you. Here, you’ll find a variety of local microbreweries and unique beer options, making Novi Sad’s scene stand out.

When visiting, make time for brewery tours and beer tasting. You’ll see how beer is made and get tips from local brewmasters. Plus, the city’s craft beer festivals happen all year, offering a taste of many artisanal beers.

Discovering Novi Sad’s food and craft beer together is an essential experience. Enjoy the match made in heaven at the city’s various breweries. You’ll find everything from classic lagers to new, exciting brews, all a testament to Novi Sad’s love for great taste, creativity, and brewing.

So, if it’s your first look or a return visit, Novi Sad’s craft beer promises a memorable journey. Every drink showcases the city’s commitment to the craft. Here’s to Novi Sad and its lively craft beer community! Cheers!