Columbus historic inns

Ever dreamed of stepping back in time to experience the charm of a different era? In Columbus, Ohio, this dream is real. Stay in its historic inns and be part of their rich stories.

Did you know some of the most enchanting historic inns in the country are in Columbus? They give you more than a bed. They let you live the city’s history.

The grand architecture and special decor of these inns share Columbus’ lively past. If you love history or just want a unique stay in Ohio, these inns are perfect for you.

Ready to explore Columbus’ captivating history through its historic inns? Let’s start and find the treasures they hold.

Experience the Allure of Ohio Bed and Breakfasts

Ohio bed and breakfasts are perfect for a special and cozy experience. They welcome all, whether you’re after romance or just want to relax. In Columbus, you’ll find top historic inns that are loved by visitors. They offer a unique blend of history and comfort, making them the best place to stay.

Ohio bed and breakfast

These places are filled with comfort and peace. The rooms are beautifully set up, showing off their rich history. Everything is designed carefully, taking you back to a different time. Each room has its own tale, mixing the old with the new in a special way.

A big perk of staying at an Ohio bed and breakfast is the breakfast. Every morning, you smell the coffee and taste the delicious food. From homemade pastries to fresh fruits, it’s all about starting your day right.

The innkeepers add to your experience by being very welcoming and helpful. They give great tips on what to do around town, making your visit memorable. Their stories about the city’s past and culture make it even more interesting to stay here.

Why Choose an Ohio Bed and Breakfast?

Staying at an Ohio bed and breakfast in Columbus is clever for many reasons:

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  • Unique and charming accommodations
  • Personalized service from friendly innkeepers
  • Daily homemade breakfasts
  • Convenient locations near city attractions and landmarks
  • Ambience and decor that transport you to the past

Experience the allure of Ohio bed and breakfasts firsthand and create lasting memories during your stay in Columbus.

Benefits of Ohio Bed and Breakfasts Reasons to Choose an Ohio Bed and Breakfast
1. Personalized service 1. Unique and charming accommodations
2. Homemade breakfasts 2. Personalized recommendations from innkeepers
3. Convenient locations near attractions 3. Ambience and decor that transport you to the past

Discover Columbus’ Top-Rated Historic Inns

Looking for the best place to stay in Columbus? Consider the top-rated historic inns. They are known for their great service, beautiful architecture, and history. If you love history or want a special stay, these inns are perfect for you.

Entering these historic inns lets you bond with Columbus’s past. You will see the city’s history, traditions, and beauty in a new way.

The moment you arrive, you’ll feel the inns’ welcome and love for history. Every guest gets special attention. The staff helps with tours and tips on what to see. They aim to give you an unforgettable visit.

The inns are full of stunning architecture and detail. The woodwork and furniture take you back in time. Each room is a blend of old and new, offering comfort and a sense of history.

One big plus of staying at these inns is learning Columbus’s story. Walk through the halls to see old artifacts and photos. Discover how Columbus grew into the lively place it is today.

Starting your day with a special breakfast is a treat. These inns serve food from the area. You can enjoy tasty pastries or a filling meal.

“Staying at one of Columbus’ top-rated historic inns was like stepping back in time. The charm and warmth of the staff, the beautifully restored rooms, and the rich history all combined to create an unforgettable experience.” – Sarah, a satisfied guest.

Planning to visit Columbus? It’s a great idea to stay at one of these historic inns. They offer a unique experience where you’ll connect with the past, share stories, and get top service.

Don’t miss out! Book your stay at one of Columbus’s top-rated historic inns today for a trip through history.

Boutique Hotels in Columbus: A Blend of Modernity and History

Do you like modern touches mixed with historical charm? Columbus’ boutique hotels are your perfect pick. They blend today’s design features with Columbus’ historical charm. This combo offers a stay you won’t forget in Ohio’s capital.

Imagine a place where today’s comforts mingle with the past’s spirits. Columbus’ boutique hotels do just that – they put you right in an exciting atmosphere. It celebrates the city’s present and its history. With amazing architecture and curated designs, each hotel shares a unique story.

Enjoy luxury in rooms that mix sleek furniture with high-tech gadgets. At the same time, they honor the building’s rich history. If you love history or simply good design, these places will win your heart.

“The fusion of modernity and history creates an ambiance that is both enchanting and sophisticated.” – Angela Stevens, Travel Enthusiast

To make your stay even better, boutique hotels in Columbus offer extra special services. That includes getting help from a concierge just for you, relaxing in a fancy spa, and trying top-notch local food.

As you check out Columbus’ lively areas, you’ll see the hotels are close to fun spots. Like the beautiful Scioto Mile or the artsy Short North District. You can also shop at Easton Town Center; it’s all near your hotel.

Discover the perfect mix of now and then in Columbus. Book a stay at one of the city’s boutique hotels. It’s a luxury journey with a historical twist.

Hotel Location Highlights
Hotel A Downtown Columbus Roof garden with panoramic views
Hotel B Short North Arts District Art-inspired rooms and suites
Hotel C German Village Historic building with modern amenities
Hotel D University District Proximity to Ohio State University

Uncover Unique Places to Stay in Ohio’s Capital

Ohio’s capital is full of unique places to stay. You can find hidden gems from converted mansions to historic buildings. These spots will take you back in time. They are perfect for history fans, romantic couples, or anyone looking for a special stay in Columbus.

Picture yourself in a beautifully restored mansion. It’s filled with history, but has all the modern comforts you need. These places mix old charm with new luxury. You get to explore Ohio’s history up close while enjoying your stay.

unique places to stay Ohio

The Atherton Hotel is a highlight, offering breathtaking city views and unmatched luxury. It’s a historic inn that showcases Columbus’s best. You’ll feel like royalty with the service and attention to every detail.

“Staying at the Atherton Hotel was like stepping back in time while still enjoying all the comforts of the modern world. The blend of history and luxury made our stay truly special.” – Rebecca, Ohio

The Lofts at LeVeque are perfect for a unique, intimate experience. They’re in the famous LeVeque Tower, with unparalleled city views. The blend of historical touches and modern comforts will leave you in awe.

“The Lofts at LeVeque exceeded all our expectations. We loved the unique blend of history and modernity, and the panoramic views from our room were simply breathtaking.” – Michael, Indiana

If you prefer something cozier, the German Village Guest House is ideal. It’s in a historic neighborhood, offering a warm welcome and snug rooms. This spot is perfect for those who love a charming, homey feel.

For a truly one-of-a-kind option, the Ohio Statehouse Bed and Breakfast delivers. It’s right in the heart of the Ohio Statehouse. Here, you can sleep surrounded by political history in comfort.

These are just a taste of Columbus’s unique stays. Each one has its own special ambiance. Whether it’s a converted mansion or a modern marvel, your time in Ohio’s capital will be unforgettable.


In Columbus, Ohio’s capital, there are unmatched accommodations waiting for you. From historic inns to converted mansions, each spot lets you dive into the city’s history. Don’t miss your chance to stay in these incredible settings. Book now and get ready for a journey through Columbus’s past and present.

Accommodation Location Highlights
Atherton Hotel Downtown Columbus Breathtaking city views, luxurious amenities
The Lofts at LeVeque LeVeque Tower Panoramic city views, stylish accommodations
German Village Guest House German Village Quaint neighborhood, cozy rooms
Ohio Statehouse Bed and Breakfast Ohio Statehouse Political history, comfortable accommodations

Embrace the Historic Lodging Experience in Columbus

Travel back in time by staying at a historic inn in Columbus. These inns offer more than just a bed. They let you really feel the city’s rich past.

When you walk into a historic inn in Columbus, everything changes. You feel like you’re in a different time. The old architecture and furniture take you to a place of beauty and history. Every inn has its own tale, showing off the city’s unique character.

“Staying at a historic inn allows you to experience the authenticity of Columbus’ past. These establishments have witnessed the city’s growth and transformation, and they have become integral parts of its history.”

Columbus has many kinds of historic places to stay. From big mansions to old factories turned into cozy spots, you’ll find what appeals to you. Maybe you like the elegance of a Victorian house. Or, you might prefer the simplicity of a factory that’s been remade.

Unveiling the Stories within Columbus’ Historic Inns

Each room in these inns has a story. They talk about famous guests and important events. These stories make your stay more interesting and personal.

Picture waking up in a room where an important person once slept. Or wandering through halls where big decisions were made. Every part of these inns is filled with Columbus’ history, just waiting to be explored.

Immerse Yourself in the Charm of Columbus’ Historic Inns

Staying at a historic inn in Columbus is like diving into the city’s culture. Walk through beautiful gardens, rest in comfy corners. Or just look at the old workmanship all around you.

These inns are perfect for anyone who loves history or is looking for something different. They offer a special mix of stories, warmth, and old-world beauty.

historic lodging Columbus

Benefits of Staying at Historic Inns in Columbus Features
1. Rich Historical Significance Experience the city’s history firsthand through your accommodation.
2. Authentic Atmosphere Immerse yourself in the charm and character of a bygone era.
3. Unique Stories Unveil the captivating tales and secrets held within the walls of these inns.
4. Architectural Beauty Admire the stunning craftsmanship and preserved architectural details.
5. Personalized Service Enjoy warm hospitality and personalized attention from innkeepers.

Indulge in a Romantic B&B Getaway in Columbus

Want to plan a romantic getaway? Columbus has cozy and historic inns perfect for this. Whether it’s an anniversary or to reconnect, these bed and breakfasts offer an unforgettable experience.

Imagine a romantic B&B in Columbus. It welcomes you with enchantment designed for love. Each room is beautifully adorned with antique décor. It promises charm and sophistication.

Cozy Rooms with Antique Décor

Stay in the heart of romance at your B&B room. It’s decorated with historic furnishings, inviting you into Columbus’ elegant past. You can share cozy moments by the fireplace. Or, enjoy a luxurious canopy bed, perfect for making memories.

Secluded Gardens for Evening Strolls

Enjoy the charming gardens of your B&B. Walk hand in hand amidst greenery and flowers. You may find a hidden bench and watch the sunset. These peaceful gardens are ideal for a romantic escape.

“Our stay at a historic inn in Columbus was a dream come true. The beautiful architecture, cozy room, and secluded garden made for the perfect romantic getaway.”
– Sarah and John, Columbus

End your day with a fantastic breakfast, served with warmth. Smell the coffee and homemade pastries. Enjoy your meal on fine china, prepared just for you.

Feel romance and history at Columbus’ inns. Make special moments and celebrate love in these cherished retreats.

Romantic B&B Getaway in Columbus

Immerse Yourself in the History of Columbus’ Accommodations

Explore the world of Columbus’ historic inns. Get ready for unique stories and rich history. These inns have welcomed famous guests and showcase the city’s deep heritage.

The Thunderbird Inn is a standout, started in 1933. It has a special place in Columbus’ history. The Thunderbird Inn mixes Art Deco style with old-time charm, taking you back in time.

“Staying at the Thunderbird Inn was like stepping back in time. The attention to detail and the sense of history were simply unmatched. It was truly an unforgettable experience!” – Mark Johnson, Guest

Don’t forget the Ohio House Motel, built in 1960. It keeps its mid-century look well-preserved. Bright neon signs and retro rooms greet you, capturing the era’s essence.

When in Columbus, stay at the LeVeque Tower Hotel. This historic tower is still impressive. It mixes old-world charm with new comforts. The stunning views from above will amaze you.

Explore Columbus’ Architectural Marvels

Visit Columbus’ architectural highlights through its historic inns. The Worthington Inn showcases stunning Federal-style from 1831. Its grand design invites you with elegant simplicity.

The Refectory Hotel gives a Gothic-inspired escape. Once a monastery in 1925, it now offers a unique stay. Its beautiful stained glass, high ceilings, and carvings hold a timeless allure.

Accommodation Year Established Architectural Style
Thunderbird Inn 1933 Art Deco
Ohio House Motel 1960 Mid-century Modern
LeVeque Tower Hotel 1927 Art Deco
Worthington Inn 1831 Federal-style
Refectory Hotel 1925 Gothic Revival

Dive into Columbus’ past by staying at these special places. They offer a view into the city’s history. Whether you love history or want a unique stay, Columbus’ historic inns will impress you.

historic accommodations Ohio

Explore Columbus’ Hidden Gem Inns

Sometimes, the best places aren’t the most obvious ones. We’ll guide you to Columbus’ secret inns. These spots are unknown to many, offering a special feel. You get to discover Columbus in a real, unique way.

historic lodging Columbus

Columbus has historic inns but also hidden jewels. These places make you feel the city’s rich history. They are perfect for quiet, personal getaways.

At The Green Willow Inn, step back in time with its Victorian-era style. Enjoy the pretty gardens and the inn’s friendly vibe.

Each inn has a unique tale, showing Columbus’ varied history and culture. They are filled with art and impressive designs. You’ll be amazed at every corner.

Visit The Rosewood Manor for a magical experience. Be greeted by beautiful stained glass and detailed woodwork. This place offers the calm of the past, away from the city’s hustle.

Discover Columbus’ hidden gems in these tucked-away inns. Enjoy their special service and kind welcome. These inns stand out for their attention to detail.

historic lodging Columbus

Looking for romance, peace, or an adventure? Columbus’ hidden inns are perfect. Dive into their stories and make unforgettable memories.

Soak in the Atmosphere: Walking through Columbus’ Historic Inns

Take a step back in time as we show you Columbus’ historic inns. These beautiful buildings tell stories from long ago. They offer a look at Ohio’s history with their special designs and old-world charm.

Columbus Historic Inns

Inside, you’ll see stunning woodwork, fancy light fixtures, and detailed art. They take you back to another time as you walk around. You’ll find the rooms and public spaces full of history and beauty.

A stay in one of Columbus’ historic inns is like stepping into a living history book. The architectural marvels and meticulously preserved details evoke a sense of awe, inspiring a truly immersive experience in the heart of Ohio.

Learn about famous people who have stayed in these inns. From top leaders to famous artists, many have visited. These stories add to their charm.

Imagine having tea in a beautiful room or walking in a serene garden. The feel of these inns is unforgettable. They offer a chance to see the past and enjoy their unique character.

Experience the Grandeur of Columbus’ Historic Inns

We’ve highlighted what makes each historic inn special. This makes them great places to visit:

  • Meticulously restored interiors that transport you to a different era
  • Exquisite architectural details, from ornate ceilings to stained glass windows
  • Antique furnishings that create an atmosphere of elegance and charm
  • Historical artifacts and photographs that offer a glimpse into the past
  • Landscaped gardens and courtyards for moments of relaxation and reflection
  • Welcoming and knowledgeable innkeepers who share stories and local insights
  • Convenient locations near major historical attractions and cultural landmarks

Embark on Your Own Historic Journey

Dive into the past with a visit to Columbus’ historic inns. Whether you love history or just want an amazing trip, these inns will impress you. They are a glimpse into Ohio’s rich past and worth visiting.

Plan Your Stay at a Columbus Historic Inn

You’ve made a great choice to stay at a historic inn in Columbus. These places offer charm, comfort, and rich history. Follow these steps to plan and book your stay perfectly.

Consider Your Preferences

Think about what you like most in a stay before choosing a historic inn in Columbus. Do you love the old look and stories of the place? Or do you need the latest comforts and easy living?

Here’s a list of key features to think about:

  • Historical ambiance
  • Modern amenities
  • Location
  • Room size and layout
  • On-site dining options

Research Unique Places to Stay Ohio

Columbus has many unique historic inns, each with a special character. Look into various options to find the best fit. Check reviews online, visit their websites, and look at photos to understand what each inn offers.

Make Reservations

When you’ve picked the perfect Columbus historic inn, it’s time to book. Check if your desired dates are available and reserve your room. Some inns let you book online, while others require a call or email.

Pro tip: Book in advance, especially in high travel seasons or for special events. Rooms in historic inns can fill up fast, so booking early is smart.

Columbus Historic Inns

Prepare for Your Stay

As you get close to your travel dates, get set for your Columbus inn experience. Here’s what to do:

  • Choose the right clothes: Pack for the weather, whether you need warm layers or light clothes.
  • Consider what’s provided: Check what the inn offers in terms of toiletries, linens, and where to park.
  • Plan fun things to do: Look up local sights, places to eat, and events to enjoy your time in Columbus. The inn’s staff might also share suggestions.

With these steps, you’ll be all set for a great time at a Columbus historic inn. Get ready to dive into the past and enjoy the unique charm of these places.


You’ve learned about the special charm of Columbus’ historic inns in this article. They offer a chance to dive into Ohio’s capital, mixing history with beauty. Whether for romance or remarkable memories, they promise an unforgettable trip.

Staying at these unique spots will let you see their amazing designs and historical value. With fine details and great service, these inns are favorites of many who visit.

Make sure you don’t miss the chance to make strong memories in Columbus. By choosing a historic inn, you’re starting a journey packed with great stories. These special places will make your visit to Ohio’s capital even better, full of charm and real history.

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