Avala Tower visit

Have you ever wished for an adventure filled with amazing views and deep history? Then, look at the iconic Avala Tower in Belgrade, Serbia. This guide offers everything you need for a memorable trip to Avala Tower.

When you see the tower for the first time, you can’t help but feel its grandness. You’ll be eager to learn its stories. How has this tower lasted through time to become a favorite spot in Serbia? Let’s explore its past.

However, Avala Tower isn’t just a historical gem. It’s also a place for incredible experiences. Picture yourself at the top, looking out at the vast panoramic views of Belgrade. You’ll see the beauty of the city like never before.

Keep reading to know the best times to visit Avala Tower. Whether you love sunny days or the magical evenings, we’ve got advice for every season. We want you to have the best possible visit.

And the planning doesn’t stop with just timing your visit. We’ll help you with the tower’s hours and getting in easily. We think a traveler who’s well-informed is a happy one.

But, what about the other cool spots nearby? Don’t worry, we’ll show you attractions like Avala Park and the Monument to the Unknown Hero. You’ll dive into Serbia’s fascinating history.

Exploring Avala Tower can build an appetite. Find out about the best places to eat nearby for a taste of scrumptious Serbian food. Your journey won’t just be about sights but flavors too.

After a day of fun and adventure, a good night’s sleep is crucial. We’ve got plenty of accommodation options close to Avala Tower. This ensures your stay is comfy and worry-free.

Ready for a journey full of beautiful sights, rich history, and memorable moments? Let’s explore Avala Tower together. Make your trip to Belgrade standout with Avala Tower as a key experience.

Discover the Panoramic Views from Avala Tower

Visit the Avala Tower viewpoint for amazing views of Belgrade and its surroundings. This tower stands at 205 meters, giving you the best view of Serbia’s capital.

As you go up to the observatory deck, you’ll see views that go on forever. You can take in Belgrade’s skyline, the Danube River, and beautiful green areas.

When you reach the deck, a full 360-degree view awaits. It’s perfect for taking photos of Belgrade’s historic and new buildings. Bring your camera to remember these stunning views.

Avala Tower photos

Highlights of the Avala Tower Viewpoint Description
Belgrade Skyline Marvel at the panoramic view of Belgrade’s skyline, with its mix of medieval fortresses and contemporary architectural marvels.
Danube River Gaze upon the majestic Danube River as it winds its way through the city, providing a picturesque backdrop.
Vast Natural Beauty Admire the sprawling landscapes of Serbia, with its rolling hills, lush forests, and charming villages.
Spectacular Sunsets Witness breathtaking sunsets from the Avala Tower viewpoint, as the sky transforms into a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors.

This spot is great for everyone, even if it’s your first time in Belgrade. It’s a unique chance to see the city from above and create unforgettable memories.

Uncover the Rich History of Avala Tower

Explore Avala Tower’s intriguing history. It started in the 1960s and survived a war, becoming a powerful symbol. This story of resilience spans decades.

Avala Tower history:

In 1960, work started on a TV tower near Belgrade, Serbia. Architect Uglješa Bogunović designed it. It quickly became a symbol of progress and a national icon. The tower stood at 204.5 meters, the highest in the region then.

The tower offered stunning views. People came from everywhere to see the beautiful sights. But, the NATO bombing in 1999 caused major damage. The tower nearly disappeared.

Thankfully, the Serbian government saw the tower’s value and historical importance. Reconstruction efforts started in 2006. With hard work, Avala Tower was rebuilt, showing Serbia’s strength and pride.

Now, visitors can enjoy the tower’s grandeur and its surroundings. It has become a beacon of hope.

Attractions near Avala Tower

Avala Tower is surrounded by history and beauty. Visit the Monument to the Unknown Hero. It honors World War I soldiers. Then, take a walk in Avala Park. It’s a green haven away from the city.


For the adventurous, check out Ada Ciganlija. It’s known for its beaches and fun activities.

Explore Rakovica village. It has old buildings and offers peace and quiet. Places like this make the area great for everyone.

Avala Tower history

Avala Tower History – By the Numbers

Year Event
1960 Construction of Avala Tower begins
1965 Avala Tower officially opens to the public
1999 Avala Tower is severely damaged during the NATO bombing
2006 Reconstruction of Avala Tower begins
2010 Avala Tower reopens to the public

Best Time to Visit Avala Tower

Planning your visit to Avala Tower in Belgrade? Find out the perfect time to see this famous spot. This way, your trip will be unforgettable.

Weather Conditions: Check the weather before you go to Avala Tower. The best visits happen in spring and autumn. These are mild times, with temps from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Less Crowded Times: To avoid crowds, go on a weekday or during off-peak times. Mornings and evenings are quieter. This lets you enjoy the views without the rush.

Seasonal Events: Watch out for special events near Avala Tower. They can make your visit more fun. Plus, they let you see more of Serbia’s culture.

Golden Hour: Love taking photos? The golden hour is perfect for magic shots. It’s just before sunrise or sunset. The light makes Avala Tower look even more beautiful.

Nighttime Exploration: Going to Avala Tower at night is a must. You’ll see Belgrade lit up. It’s a view that’s truly breathtaking.

To guide your trip, here’s a simple chart of the best times to visit Avala Tower:

Season Weather Crowdedness Recommended Time
Spring Mild and Pleasant Less Crowded Early Morning
Summer Warm Peak Season Late Afternoon
Fall Mild and Pleasant Less Crowded Golden Hour
Winter Cold Less Crowded Nighttime

Pick the time that works best for you to enjoy Avala Tower.

best time to visit Avala Tower

Avala Tower Opening Hours

When you plan to visit Avala Tower, knowing the opening and closing times is key. The tower is open all week. Here’s when you can visit:

Day Opening Hours
Monday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Avala Tower is open from Monday to Sunday, giving you a lot of time to visit. It stays open until 7:00 PM. This is great for seeing the city in daylight or watching the sunset.

On special days like public holidays, hours may change. It’s smart to check their website or call ahead for any updates.

Knowing the tower’s hours lets you plan your trip well. You’ll get to see the tower up close and enjoy the great views it offers.

Enjoy the Spectacular Views at Your Convenience

Visiting Avala Tower during the day means you can take your time. This is perfect for anyone who loves taking photos or just enjoys beautiful views. Don’t forget your camera or phone to capture the scenery.

Avala Tower Opening Hours

Avala Tower is ready to welcome you with its long hours. Come and see its amazing scenery. Your trip to Belgrade will be even more memorable.

Tickets and Admission to Avala Tower

Getting ready to visit Avala Tower means knowing about ticket prices and how to buy them. This guide gives you the details you’ll need for a great visit to this top spot.

General Admission Prices

For entrance to Avala Tower, adults pay $10 and kids 7-14 pay $5. Little ones under 7 get in for free. You can buy tickets at the tower or online. Buying beforehand is smart to skip lines and not miss out.

Discounts and Special Offers

Students, seniors, and those with a valid disability card pay $8. Don’t forget to bring your ID to get the discount.

If there are 10 or more in your group, you might get a special deal. This is great for family trips or group adventures. Just check the group rates and reserve ahead of time.

VIP Experience

Want something more from your Avala Tower visit? Think about the VIP package. It includes priority entry, a guided tour, and VIP lounge access. You get to know more about the tower and its history up-close.

Online Ticket Purchase

Buying your tickets online means less waiting. Just go to the official site, pick your date and time, and pay. You can get your tickets sent to your email or phone. This makes your entry smoother.

Avala Tower tickets

Whether you buy your tickets in person or online, remember to bring your ID for any discounts. Plan your budget well and enjoy your visit to Avala Tower.

Navigating Avala Tower: A Visitor’s Guide

When visiting Avala Tower, a good guide is key to a smooth trip. This section covers everything from getting there by car to the tower’s facilities. It also gives tips on how to make your visit easier.

1. Parking

Avala Tower has lots of parking space. There are spots near the tower entrance. Be sure to lock your car and keep valuables safe before you head out.

2. Elevators

To get to the top of Avala Tower, you’ll use the elevator. It’s a comfortable ride up. And when you arrive, you can see all of Belgrade from the observatory deck.

3. Facilities

The tower has many facilities that make your visit better. You’ll find clean restrooms and places to buy souvenirs. Everything you need for comfort is available.

4. Accessibility

Avala Tower makes sure it’s accessible to everyone. There are elevators, ramps, and special parking for those with disabilities. This means all visitors can enjoy the amazing views.

Avala Tower guide

“Avala Tower provides a seamless and enjoyable visitor experience. With convenient parking, modern elevators, and accessible facilities, exploring this iconic landmark is a delight.” – Traveler Review

With this guide, you’re set to enjoy Avala Tower. Whether the view, history, or simply a fun day out, Avala Tower will be memorable.

Exploring the Surroundings of Avala Tower

Be sure to check out what’s around Avala Tower. There are many cool places and things to do nearby. You can enjoy cultural spots and beautiful nature sights.

Just near Avala Tower, you’ll find Avala Park. It has pretty walking paths, calm picnic areas, and great views. Walk around the park to feel its peaceful vibe.

Avala Tower attractions

The Monument to the Unknown Hero is another key spot. It sits on top of Avala Hill and honors those who died in World War I. This impressive monument is a place of respect and reflection.

Want some adventure? Go hiking on Avala Mountain for amazing views and nature’s beauty. It’s perfect for those who love the outdoors.

“The surroundings of Avala Tower are a treasure trove of history and natural beauty, waiting to be explored.”

History fans should visit Ružica Church. This old Serbian Orthodox church is from the 15th century. It has beautiful paintings and design. It offers a look into Serbia’s cultural past.

Nearby Attractions at a Glance

Attraction Description
Avala Park A picturesque green space with walking trails and picnic spots.
Monument to the Unknown Hero A striking monument honoring the fallen soldiers of World War I.
Avala Mountain A natural haven for hiking enthusiasts with breathtaking vistas.
Ružica Church A historic Serbian Orthodox church adorned with stunning frescoes.

Whether you like quiet nature spots, historical places, or just seeing new things, Avala Tower’s area has it all. Dive into the beauty and culture of this amazing place.

Where to Eat Near Avala Tower

After you’ve taken in the stunning views and Avala Tower’s history, treat yourself to some amazing food. Around the tower in Belgrade, there are many places to eat. You can enjoy the best of Serbian food and international meals. There’s plenty to choose from for everyone’s taste.

Some top restaurants and cafes are very close to Avala Tower. Here’s where you can grab a great bite:

  • Restaurant Zlatnik: This cozy spot is known for its tasty Serbian dishes. You can’t miss their delicious grilled meats and Balkan favorites. The friendly staff will make sure you feel welcome.
  • Cafe Kalemegdanska Terasa: Situated in Belgrade’s core, this cafe offers stunning city views. It’s the ideal place for a drink, a quick snack, or a sweet treat.
  • KGB Bar & Restaurant: This modern restaurant mixes Serbian and international flavors. It’s a unique spot for trying a range of different foods.
  • Gondola Skadarlija: Visit the charming Skadarlija quarter for a taste of traditional Serbian food. Try cevapi, sarma, and baklava while you enjoy the lively atmosphere and live music.

Don’t leave Avala Tower without trying Serbian cuisine at these amazing places. Dive into the foodie scene near the tower. It’s a great way to remember your visit alongside exploring this famous spot.

Avala Tower attractions

Accommodation near Avala Tower

Are you staying in Belgrade to see Avala Tower’s beauty? Good news! There are lots of places to stay near this famous spot. You can pick from fancy hotels to more budget-friendly places. So, you’ll always find a great spot to relax after a day of adventure.

Whether you’re dreaming of luxury or just a comfy bed, there’s something for everyone near Avala Tower.

Luxury Hotels

If luxury is what you’re after, there are many high-end hotels by Avala Tower. These places have everything – big rooms, fine dining, spa treats, and great views of the city. Among the top luxury places near Avala Tower are:

  • Hotel Moskva
  • Metropol Palace
  • Hyatt Regency Belgrade

Avala Tower Tourism

Mid-Range Hotels

Looking for a place that’s not too expensive but still comfy? There are plenty of mid-range hotels not far from Avala Tower. They come with nice things like good service and are in handy locations. Some well-liked ones include:

  • Hotel Zlatnik
  • Crowne Plaza Belgrade
  • Hotel Srbija

Budget-Friendly Accommodation

On a tight budget? You can still find a cozy place near Avala Tower that won’t hurt your wallet. These places are great for travelers who are hitchhiking, going it alone, or just looking to save. Here are a few to check out:

  • Hostel Bongo
  • Hotel Rex
  • Hotel Slavija

When picking where to stay near Avala Tower, think about what matters to you. Your budget, where you want to be, and what you need in a room all count. By choosing carefully, you’ll have a wonderful time exploring this amazing landmark.


Plan an unforgettable visit to Avala Tower in Belgrade. Discover the best with the iconic landmark. From amazing views to rich history, everyone will find something they love.

On the observatory deck, see the city from above. Take photos of Belgrade’s skyline that you’ll never forget. Learn about the tower’s story, from the 1960s build to its rebuilding after the NATO bombing.

Avala Tower is great to visit year-round. Make sure to check opening hours and buy tickets early. This will ensure you have a great time at this top spot.

Don’t forget to explore the area around the tower. Visit Avala Park and the Monument to the Unknown Hero. Enjoy tasty Serbian dishes at the restaurants and cafes around.