Savannah historic cemetery tours

Savannah, Georgia boasts some of the United States’ most significant cemeteries. These sites are not just resting places. They also tell captivating stories. These tales give us a special look into the city’s past.

Savannah Historic Cemetery Tours are a dream for history fans, those with a keen eye for photos, or anyone interested in the city’s deep roots. They provide an unforgettable experience. This journey will make you feel like you’re stepping back in time.

In this article, we’ll explore the importance of these cemeteries. We’ll discuss why guided tours are beneficial. And we’ll point out the amazing architecture and hidden stories. All of this brings Savannah’s history back to life. Let’s explore the secrets that lie behind the gates of Savannah’s historic cemeteries.

Uncover Savannah’s Storied Past

Step into the world of Savannah’s historic cemeteries to discover fascinating stories. These sites show the rich history and notable figures of Savannah. You’ll get a peek into their lives and how the city grew.

The cemeteries in Savannah mirror the area’s dynamic past. Walking among the tombstones, you’ll see where key individuals rest. They influenced Savannah’s culture, politics, and society hugely.

“Savannah’s historic cemeteries are like time capsules, each grave holding a unique story waiting to be unearthed.” – Local historian

In your tour, you might find Juliette Gordon Low. She started the Girl Scouts in the USA. Her monument stands for her work in helping girls’ and women’s empowerment.

You’ll also find places like Conrad Aiken’s grave, a famous poet. Plus Johnny Mercer, who wrote hits like “Moon River.” These figures add to Savannah’s deep history and cultural heritage.

Significance of the Historic Burial Grounds

The old cemeteries in Savannah are more than just resting places. They tell Savannah’s story, showing its growth and people’s lives across the years.

“Savannah’s historic cemeteries are storytelling landscapes, preserving the memories of the past for generations to come.” – Local preservationist

The cemeteries also show the changing styles of their times. You’ll see a mix of neoclassical, Victorian, and Gothic architecture. This unveils the cultural and artistic tastes of the past.

The tombstones tell stories, too. They might have symbols like hands showing friendship, or special messages. These clues give us a deeper look into the lives of those buried there.

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Savannah historic cemetery tours

By taking a tour in Savannah’s cemeteries, you’ll learn their stories. Guides will share the city’s history and stories of the people there. It’s a way to dive into Savannah’s interesting and vibrant history.

Guided Cemetery Tours in Savannah

When it comes to exploring Savannah’s historic burial grounds, nothing beats a guided tour. You get to dive deep into the rich history of the city. With a knowledgeable guide, you’ll discover secrets and stories hidden behind every tombstone.

The guides are the real gems of these tours. They know Savannah’s history and its famous people inside out. As you walk among the graves, you’ll feel their love for the subject. They tell stories that will stay with you, breathing life into the landmarks.

If you love history or are just curious about Savannah’s past, these tours are perfect. You’ll find a new respect for the cemetery and its residents. They let you connect with the city’s founders by sharing their stories and showing their influence.

Joining a guided cemetery tour in Savannah is like taking a step back in time. The guides’ knowledge and enthusiasm create an unforgettable experience that brings the city’s history to life.

One big plus of these tours is being able to interact with the guide. As you explore, you can ask about anything that catches your eye. Guides love answering questions and sharing interesting facts—they’re there to make the experience better for you.

These tours also take you to Savannah’s most famous and important spots in the cemeteries. You’ll see grand mausoleums, unique tombstones, and more. Along the way, you’ll learn the meaning behind the memorials. It’s a great window into the past’s creativity and skill.

Choosing a guided cemetery tour lets you see the best of Savannah’s burial sites. With a guide leading you, you’ll understand the city’s history and its culture better. It’s a sure way to have a meaningful and unforgettable time in Savannah.

guided cemetery tours Savannah

The Benefits of Guided Cemetery Tours in Savannah:

  • Expertise of knowledgeable guides
  • Fascinating stories and historical context
  • A deeper appreciation for Savannah’s history
  • The opportunity to ask questions and engage with the guide
  • Visiting notable and historically significant gravesites
  • Exploring hidden gems and learning about symbolism

Walking Through History

Step into the calm and beauty of Savannah’s old cemeteries with a walking tour. You’ll enjoy the peaceful feeling and discover interesting tales. These stories date back centuries.

The burial sites’ architecture tells Savannah’s deep history. You’ll see detailed tombstones and learn about different styles over time. It’s a history lesson in stone and brick.

Each carving and symbol in the cemeteries has a deep meaning. These marks share stories of life after death and offer protection. Your guide will help you understand what these symbols represent.

One special sight is the old oak trees covered in Spanish moss. They mix with the history for a beautiful scene. It’s a place perfect for thinking about the past.

Walking through Savannah’s cemeteries feels like time-traveling. At each turn, you see more of the city’s history. It’s a time for reflection on the people and lives of the past.

Discovering Notable Residents

Your tour will lead you to famous figures’ graves. Here lie authors and leaders who shaped Savannah. It’s a chance to see a different side of these well-known names.

If you love literature, don’t miss seeing where Flannery O’Connor rests. Her grave is found in the scenic Bonaventure Cemetery. This visit will deepen your understanding of her famous writings.

The sites also tell stories of Savannah’s greater history. Look out for Civil War and Yellow Fever memorials. They remind us of the city’s hardships and resilience.

Preserving History for Future Generations

Keeping Savannah’s cemeteries intact is important for its history. Your visit supports their upkeep. It’s a way to help protect these historical sites for coming generations.

Joining a Savannah cemetery tour helps in their maintenance. Such tours back the work of groups preserving these special places. This ensures others can also enjoy their meaning and beauty.

Enhancing Your Experience

For your tour, wear comfy shoes and take water. Also, a camera is great for capturing the beauty and history. These essentials will make your experience even better.

Walking Savannah’s burial sites gives you a close look at its past. You’ll journey through time, connecting with the city’s stories. It’s a unique way to see the city and its heritage.

Savannah cemetery walking tours

Tales of the Paranormal

Exploring Savannah’s old cemeteries is unlike any other tour you’ve been on. Ghost tours there are chilling adventures into the unseen. They narrate ghost stories, legends, and mysteries that will thrill you.

The spooky Savannah ghost tours visit haunted cemeteries. Skilled guides lead you through these eerie places. You’ll learn about their creepy history and the strange events that occur there.

Chilling Hauntings and Eerie Legends

On these tours, you’ll listen to stories of spirits, mysterious steps, and ghostly meetings. You’ll discover the secrets of Bonaventure Cemetery and its troubled ghostly visitors. Or visit Colonial Park Cemetery, with stories of duels, pirates, and lost souls.

‘Savannah is considered one of America’s most haunted cities, and its historic cemeteries are rich with paranormal activity.’

Feel the supernatural as you stand by the graves of famous souls. You’ll hear about Civil War soldiers and magical voodoo priestesses. These intriguing tales will keep you on the edge of your seat.

An Eerie Twist to Your Tour

Savannah’s ghost tours mix history, folklore, and scary stories in a unique way. You’ll explore the places where history blends with the spirit world. It’s an unusual experience you’ll never forget.

Savannah ghost tours cemetery

Exploring Beyond the Living

This tour into Savannah’s historic places is both scary and exciting. You’ll hear eerie ghost stories. It’s a chance to witness the supernatural, where life and the afterlife meet.

Ghosts or not, the ghost tours in Savannah are unlike any other. They offer experiences and memories you’ll cherish for life. Dare to find out the stories behind Savannah’s haunted cemeteries.

Immersive Historical Experiences

Discover the history of Savannah through a unique cemetery tour. These tours take you back in time, showing Savannah’s past through the people buried there. You’ll see the city’s rich history by visiting its cemeteries.

In these historic places, every tombstone shares a story. You’ll learn about Savannah’s past from the lives of the people buried there. You’ll see both famous and everyday people who helped build the city.

“A visit to Savannah’s cemeteries lets you connect with the city’s past deeply. You’ll understand more about its unique history and identity.”

Explore beautiful mausoleums and detailed tombstones. These places show the skill and taste of past artists. You’ll get a taste of history through their designs.

Learning from Knowledgeable Guides

Your tour guides will be experts on Savannah’s history. They share interesting stories and facts about the cemeteries. Through their tales, you’ll grasp the city’s key moments and people.

These guides mix facts with local stories, making Savannah’s history come alive. They explain the importance of these cemeteries in keeping Savannah’s culture alive.

If you love history or just exploring, these guided tours are a must. They are full of fascinating stories. Prepare to be amazed by what you’ll learn at the cemeteries in Savannah.

Savannah history tours cemetery

Unveiling Untold Stories

Walking through Savannah’s cemeteries, you’ll find tales not usually spoken of. You’ll encounter the stories of people who made the city great but are not widely known.

These tours bring forward hidden history. They reveal the lives of those not often recognized. You get to hear about their joys and struggles, seeing the city’s past in a new light.

“The cemeteries of Savannah tell the stories of those who built the city. Join a tour to honor them and celebrate their lives.”

The tours celebrate everyone from local heroes to those who changed the city. Through their stories, we learn Savannah’s deep history. They show Savannah’s heritage and the people who built it.

Hidden Gems and Secluded Monuments

Discovering Savannah’s historic cemeteries on a Savannah historic cemetery tour reveals hidden gems and secluded monuments. These places have unique stories where you can find surprises. Look for tombstones showing great art or sculptures that make you wonder.

historic burial grounds Savannah

Delve into Intricate Tombstones

Part of what makes Savannah’s cemeteries special are the detailed tombstones. They show more than just names and dates. You’ll see symbols and designs. These include flowers and carvings that share the past lives and achievements.

Discover Stunning Sculptures

In Savannah’s quiet cemeteries, you’ll find beautiful sculptures. They honor those buried and show historical artwork. These include angels and statues. They are a treat for anyone who loves art and history.

Uncover the hidden gems hidden within Savannah’s historic burial grounds, where intricate tombstones and stunning sculptures reveal stories waiting to be discovered.

Preservation and Restoration Efforts

Learning about Savannah’s historic cemetery work is key to knowing why it’s vital for the future. These sites are not just places, they’re stories of the city’s past, needing our care.

The work includes many tasks to keep the grounds beautiful and whole. People fix old tombstones and buildings so they can last. Skilled workers use old methods to save the area’s special historic look for all to enjoy.

Conservation and Stewardship

Caring for Savannah’s cemeteries is a big group effort. Regular upkeep and special fixes help keep these places special. Many give their time and money to make sure these spots remain a part of the city’s story.

“Preserving Savannah’s historic burial grounds is a labor of love. It requires a deep understanding of the historical significance of each monument and the skills to ensure their preservation for generations to come.” – Rebecca Johnson, Director of Preservation Society of Savannah

Each project carefully follows rules to keep the old structures true to their past. This helps keep the area’s magic alive for those who visit.

Collaborative Efforts and Community Involvement

Many groups, including the government and locals, join hands for these projects. They all pitch in, aiming to save Savannah’s history. It’s a big team effort.

Local people and groups give their support and time. They join in fixing things up and share the story of the city’s past. Their goal is to honor those who have gone before us.

The Lasting Impact

This work is more than just about the physical parts of the cemeteries. It’s about showing respect to those who have passed and teaching others about the past. Connecting people to these stories is its real goal.

By saving these special places, we let those yet to come enjoy the beauty and stories of Savannah. Every old tombstone and monument speaks of the city’s history and the lives lived there.

Through these efforts, Savannah’s heritage sites stay fresh in our memories. They’re a reminder of the city’s deep history and cultural value for all to see.

Photography Opportunities

On a guided tour of Savannah’s historic burial grounds, be sure to have your camera ready. These cemeteries are perfect for unique photography. You can capture the city’s old-world charm and mystery in your shots. They are full of stunning buildings and peaceful settings, perfect for any photographer.

Walking through these grounds, you’ll notice the tombstones and mausoleums’ details. Each one is a work of art, telling the personal stories of those buried there. This adds more meaning and richness to your photos.

Don’t miss Bonaventure Cemetery and Colonial Park Cemetery. They are known for their beauty and historical significance. They will be great places to focus your lens.

For a special touch, visit at sunrise or sunset. This time of day offers beautiful light and shadows. Your photos will have a unique, almost magical quality.

Try different angles and shots as you explore. You might find a perfect close-up of a tombstone or a wide shot of the whole area. Mixing up your shots can lead to some really cool photos.

Always respect these places. Follow the rules to not disturb the graves or memorials. This ensures everyone can enjoy and remember these special sites.

Your photos can tell the story of these historic places. They may even be viewed by future generations. So, capture the beauty and history of Savannah’s cemeteries with your lens.

Savannah historic cemetery tours

Recommended Photography Tips for Savannah’s Historic Cemetery Tours:

  • Use a wide-angle lens to capture the expansive landscapes of the cemeteries.
  • Experiment with different lighting conditions, such as morning or golden hour, to create different moods in your photographs.
  • Focus on the intricate details of tombstones, sculptures, and mausoleums to highlight the craftsmanship and symbolism.
  • Play with perspective and composition to create visually interesting and unique shots.
  • Respect the sanctity of the cemeteries and follow any guidelines provided by your tour guide or the cemetery management.

Connecting with Savannah’s History

When you take a Savannah historic cemetery tour, you connect with old stories. This tour lets you see the city’s rich history up close. You’ll walk through old burial grounds and feel the past stories.

During the tour, you’ll learn about Savannah’s founders and other important people. It highlights their contributions to the city’s culture. Every gravestone tells a story of a life well lived.

By visiting these places, you help keep Savannah’s history alive. These cemeteries are not just old; they’re important parts of the city’s heritage. Your tour helps to protect them for the future.

These tours are perfect for anyone interested in history. Or if you love to explore new places. You’ll have a guide to share little-known facts. It’s like stepping back in time.

So, dive into the history of Savannah today. Book a tour and experience the past in a special way.

Discover the Stories Behind Savannah’s Prominent Figures

“These historic cemeteries hold a wealth of stories just waiting to be discovered. From famous politicians and war heroes to renowned artists and writers, every gravestone represents a piece of Savannah’s remarkable history.” – Savannah Historical Society

Preserving Heritage Through Cultural Exploration

The graveyards in Savannah are key to its charm. Your tour helps keep them safe for tomorrow. It’s a way to show you care about Savannah’s past.

Savannah historic cemetery tours

Savannah Historic Cemetery Tours Historic Burial Grounds Savannah
Immersive guided tours Explore the final resting places of Savannah’s influential figures
In-depth historical insights Learn about Savannah’s cultural heritage and significant events
Fascinating stories and anecdotes Discover the untold tales of the city’s past
Expert guides Knowledgeable historians and storytellers bring history to life
Preservation of heritage Support the conservation and restoration of historic burial grounds

Planning Your Cemetery Tour

When exploring Savannah’s historic cemeteries, good planning is essential. Make sure you prepare well for a rewarding experience. Here are tips to make your Savannah cemetery tour better.

Guided cemetery tours in Savannah

1. Research and Choose the Right Tour

Begin by looking into the guided tours of Savannah’s cemeteries. Choose a tour that matches your interests. It might be about the city’s history, its architecture, or even ghost stories. Also, read reviews. They can point you to the best tours for you.

2. Check Operating Hours and Availability

Check the hours the cemetery is open before you go. Some places are only open for certain times or days. This is especially true for guided tours. Also, make sure the tour you want is available when you plan to visit.

3. Dress Appropriately

Since you’ll be outside, choose your clothes wisely. Wear sturdy shoes and consider the weather. It’s a good idea to bring along things like hats or sunscreen. This can help you enjoy the tour more.

4. Bring Essential Items

Don’t forget to bring a few important things. Pack a water bottle and some snacks. A camera or smartphone is great for photos. A notebook can also be useful for writing notes.

5. Respect the Sacred Space

Remember, you’re in a place with a lot of history and memories. It’s a sacred space. Always listen to your guide’s rules. Be careful around graves and keep your voice down out of respect.

“Exploring Savannah’s historic cemeteries is not only a journey into the past, but also an opportunity to honor and remember those who came before us.” – [Tour Guide Name]

To wrap up, with the right preparation, tour picking, and respect, your trip to Savannah’s cemeteries will be unforgettable. So, get ready well, dive into the city’s rich history, and feel the connection to its past.


Visit Savannah’s historic cemeteries and step into history. Explore burial grounds that are rich in stories. They provide an amazing link to Savannah’s past.

Walking the paths, you find the graves of famous people. These include leaders, soldiers, and artists. Each grave has a story to tell.

Enjoy the peace of these old cemeteries, filled with beautiful tombstones. You can take a guided tour or a ghost tour. Either way, you’ll be amazed and touched.

Discover fascinating tales on Savannah’s cemetery tours. See amazing architecture and take photos. Step into the past and feel the city’s history with each visit.

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