When is the EXIT festival in Novi Sad?

Get ready for the best music experience in Novi Sad.

Grab your calendar and mark these dates. The famous EXIT Festival is back in 2023! It’s the biggest music party in Novi Sad, and we know when it’s happening.

This year, the festival is bigger and better. There’s a lineup that will amaze you and an atmosphere to dance all night. It’s a musical journey you won’t forget.

Want to know the dates for the EXIT Festival in Novi Sad? The wait is over! We’re excited to share the dates. Start planning your trip now.

Stay tuned for the lineup, where to stay, how to get there, and more. This is a must for everyone, whether it’s your first festival or not.

Ready for a musical journey of a lifetime? Find all about the EXIT Festival in Novi Sad. Get ready for the magic!

About the EXIT Festival

Welcome to the world of the EXIT Festival. It’s an iconic annual music event that draws fans from every corner. It takes place in Novi Sad, Serbia, and is known for its thrilling atmosphere, varied acts, and immersive vibe.

The EXIT Festival started in 2000 and has become a big deal in Europe. Back then, it was a student protest against the government. Now, it’s a cultural juggernaut bringing people together with music.

This festival happens at the Petrovaradin Fortress by the Danube River. The old fortress makes the perfect setting for amazing performances. It’s a backdrop that makes the festival unforgettable for everyone there.

Each year, the festival shows off a huge array of artists, both local and from abroad. Their music covers many types, like rock, electronic, and hip-hop. Fans of all music styles find something they love at the EXIT Festival.

But it’s not just music that makes the EXIT Festival special. It’s a blend of art, culture, activism, and new ideas. There are cool art pieces, interesting exhibits, and fun things to do all around.

Plus, the festival cares a lot about the world. It runs a Green Exit program to be kind to the earth. This includes things like recycling and teaching about taking care of our planet.

Join in with the excitement at the EXIT Festival. You’ll have memorable times, whether it’s your first festival or you’re a pro. The music and vibe will leave you with lifelong memories.

The Timeline of Novi Sad EXIT Festival:

  • 2000: The first EXIT Festival marks a start for freedom and unity.
  • 2001-2003: It quickly grows, bringing more artists and fans.
  • 2004: The festival finds its home at the Petrovaradin Fortress, making it special.
  • 2011: It wins the Best Major European Festival award, showing its global status.
  • 2014: Over 190,000 fans join in, setting a record for the event.
  • 2022: The festival pauses for a year because of a global pandemic.
  • 2023: It comes back, promising an amazing lineup and experience for everyone.

Ready for a journey filled with music, art, and memories? The EXIT Festival in Novi Sad awaits you. Mark your calendar and prepare to dive into an unforgettable experience.

Novi Sad EXIT Festival Timeline

Past Highlights and Lineup

Step into the exciting world of EXIT Festival’s past. Discover its legendary shows and performances. This world-famous event showcases top artists from everywhere. It has been blowing away the crowds for years.

The lineup at EXIT Festival is always amazing. They bring in famous stars and new artists every time. You can enjoy music from rock to hip-hop. Every year, fans can’t wait to see who’s coming next.

“The EXIT Festival is where talent shows its true colors. It mixes the biggest names with new faces. Give yourself the chance to see incredible shows in a lively setting.”

Acts like The Cure, Arctic Monkeys, The Prodigy, and David Guetta have lit up the festival. Their shows range from grand stages to hidden electronic music gems. No matter your taste, there’s something special for you at EXIT.

This year, watch out for an amazing new lineup. It will blend big international stars with local gems. Stay with us to catch the first glimpse of the 2023 lineup.

EXIT Festival lineup announcement


Top Past Performances:

  1. The Cure’s mesmerizing set that left the crowd in awe with their timeless hits.
  2. Arctic Monkeys’ high-octane performance that had the audience on their feet.
  3. The Prodigy’s electrifying show, a true testament to their status as pioneers of electronic music.
  4. David Guetta’s unforgettable DJ set that turned the Dance Arena into a euphoric frenzy.

Each year, the EXIT Festival brings surprising and thrilling lineups. Join us for an unforgettable experience. See you at the next festival.

Novi Sad: The Host City

Novi Sad is the exciting host of the EXIT Festival. It has a mix of old culture and beautiful views. This city welcomes visitors on the Danube River in northern Serbia.

It is known as the “Athens of Serbia” for its lively art and music. This makes Novi Sad perfect for the famous EXIT Festival. Experience great music while feeling the city’s special vibe.

Novi Sad EXIT festival ticket info

Novi Sad is a place of amazing architecture and quaint streets. It holds cultural events all year. The Petrovaradin Fortress and the active city center show the city’s lively spirit.

Now, about getting tickets. It’s key to buy your EXIT Festival tickets early. They sell out fast, so don’t wait. Watch for when tickets go on sale to snag yours.

Novi Sad and the EXIT Festival are for anyone who loves music or culture. It will be an unforgettable time in a beautiful city. Join the fun and celebrate music with others from around the world at this famous event.

Planning Your Visit

Attending the EXIT Festival in Novi Sad needs some great planning. To make the most of this amazing event, we got the key details. This includes the dates, schedule, and all you need to know.

EXIT Festival 2022 Dates

The EXIT Festival 2022 will happen from July 7th to July 10th in Novi Sad, Serbia. It will be four days full of music, fun activities, and amazing experiences.

Novi Sad Festival Schedule

The Novi Sad festival has a lot to offer. You can enjoy performances, workshops, and see great art. It’s important to check the schedule so you don’t miss anything you want to see. There will be big international acts and exciting new talents to discover.

We will get more details on performance times and stages closer to the event. Keep up by checking the EXIT Festival website often or signing up for their newsletter.

EXIT Festival in Novi Sad

Exploring Novi Sad Beyond the Festival

The EXIT Festival is awesome, but so is Novi Sad. This city is known for its history, pretty buildings, and the Danube River. Don’t forget to explore these parts as well.

You can visit the Petrovaradin Fortress or walk in the parks. Novi Sad has a lot of culture and nature to enjoy. Take some time to see the city’s heritage, eat the local food, and meet the people.

Heading to the Festival Grounds

To get to the festival grounds easily, know the travel options in Novi Sad. Whether you come by plane, train, or bus, you’ll find good ways to get here.

The Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is close by. From there, you have trains and buses to Novi Sad. Taxis and shuttle buses in Novi Sad can take you right to the festival.

It’s a good idea to arrange your transport early. Or, check the festival’s website for helpful tips. Now you’re set to enjoy the EXIT Festival and Novi Sad. Mark the calendar, check the schedule, and prepare for a great time in a city full of music and fun.

Accommodation Options

When going to the EXIT Festival in Novi Sad, where you stay is important. Novi Sad has many places to stay, so every visitor can find what they like.


If you like luxury and convenience, Novi Sad has many great hotels for festival-goers. You can find comfortable rooms, the latest amenities, and they are close to the festival. Some favorites include:

  1. Hotel A – It’s right in the city center with beautiful views of Novi Sad. There’s a fitness center, spa, and great places to eat.
  2. Hotel B – Very close to the festival, it’s known for its great service and stylish rooms. You can swim in the rooftop pool or eat at the fine dining restaurant.
  3. Hotel C – It’s in the heart of the city and has a modern design. Enjoy their cozy rooms and wellness facilities.

Make sure to book your hotel early as they fill up fast during the festival.


If you’re on a budget or want to meet new people, try a hostel. Novi Sad’s hostels have dorm rooms and spots to hang out with others. Here are some options:

  • Hostel X – Close to the festival, it’s perfect for those wanting to save money and meet new friends. Enjoy the kitchen, common areas, and activities.
  • Hostel Y – It’s in a cool area and has friendly dorm rooms. Don’t miss the outdoor terrace for a great time with other travelers.
  • Hostel Z – In the city center, this hostel is affordable and comfy. Hang out in the lounge or join a city tour with other guests.

Hostels are ideal for anyone traveling alone or wanting to socialize during the festival.


For an outdoor adventure, try camping at one of Novi Sad’s campsites. You’ll love being in nature and with other festival-goers.

Some campsites have showers, toilets, and places to eat. Here are a few options:

  • Campsite A – Close to the festival, it has room for tents and RVs. Enjoy nature while still being near the festival fun.
  • Campsite B – It’s peaceful and not far from the festival. Relax in nature just a short walk away from the action.
  • Campsite C – This campsite is well-equipped for campers. They have a restaurant, store, and places to socialize.

Camping is a great way to fully experience the festival, surrounded by natural beauty and like-minded people.

Novi Sad events calendar

Remember, whatever you choose, book early. Novi Sad gets busy during the EXIT Festival. Whether you pick a hotel, a hostel, or a campsite, early booking ensures a great, worry-free trip.

Getting to Novi Sad

Plan your trip to Novi Sad easily and get to the festival all set for an amazing time. Here’s how you can get to Novi Sad using different modes of transport.


Traveling from far away? Flying into Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is your best bet. You can then hop on a domestic flight or find a way to Novi Sad. This airport connects you to many places, offering a lot of choices.


Trains are a great way to travel in Serbia, and Novi Sad has good connections. There’s a train station close to the city’s heart, perfect for festival lovers. Enjoy beautiful views on your way to Novi Sad from within Serbia or nearby.


Traveling by bus is both cheap and easy. Novi Sad’s bus station is a hub for many routes, both local and international. Thanks to several bus companies, it’s a smooth and straightforward option for festival guests.

When picking your travel mode, remember to check the EXIT Festival’s schedule. Then, you won’t miss out, and your travel will go smoothly. Since transport options can change, booking early is wise for a hassle-free journey.

Transportation Option Pros Cons
Flights – Fast and convenient
– Wide range of airlines and destinations
– Comfortable travel experience
– May need more transport from the airport
– Flights sometimes delay or cancel
Trains – Beautiful journey
– Easy to get around and not costly
– Chance to meet other festival fans
– Not as many trips
– Limited space for your stuff
Buses – Lots of routes to choose from
– Saves money
– Can bring a lot of luggage
– Takes longer than other options
– Traffic could slow you down

Think about what matters most to you when selecting how to travel to Novi Sad. With good planning, you’ll be all set to enjoy the EXIT Festival and make incredible memories.

Novi Sad festival schedule

Exploring Novi Sad

The EXIT Festival in Novi Sad is a must-see. But, there’s more to the city than just this event. Novi Sad, known as Serbia’s cultural capital, is full of history and charm.

Begin by diving into the city’s past. See the majestic Petrovaradin Fortress, known for its views over the Danube. You can join a tour to uncover its stories and strategic role in various wars.

“Novi Sad’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, featuring stunning architecture, charming squares, and cozy cafes where you can relax and soak in the city’s ambiance.”

Novi Sad events calendar

Next, explore Novi Sad’s vibrant culture. The Serbian National Theatre hosts opera, ballet, and plays. Check out the events calendar to catch a show and dive into local arts and culture.

Don’t forget to walk along Zmaj Jovina Street. It’s full of shops and places to eat. You’ll find local foods, cultural vibes, and great places for souvenir shopping.

Discover Novi Sad’s Hidden Gems

For a deeper look at the city, check out Novi Sad’s lesser-known spots. The Matica Srpska Gallery showcases art from Serbia and beyond. It’s a chance to see a different side of art.

Nature lovers will enjoy Fruška Gora National Park. It’s close to Novi Sad and perfect for hiking. You’ll see beautiful views and quiet monasteries. It’s a peaceful break from the festival.

Guided Tours and Independent Exploration

You can explore Novi Sad with a tour or on your own. A walking tour will teach you about its history and culture. Or, you can wander by yourself to find hidden gems.

Be sure to look at the Novi Sad events calendar for special happenings. This is a great way to experience more of the city’s culture. Events like exhibitions and concerts will make your visit memorable.

In short, Novi Sad is more than just the EXIT Festival. See its history, culture, and highlights. Whether you like tours or exploring alone, the city’s beauty and stories will stay with you.

Tips for a Memorable Experience

Ready to enjoy the EXIT Festival in Novi Sad to the fullest? We’ve got some expert advice for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or you’re a festival pro. Follow our tips to have an amazing time at this year’s event.

1. Pack Smart

Packing the right gear for the EXIT Festival is key. Bring comfy shoes and tools for sun safety. A hat and sunscreen are a must. Also, remember your phone charger and wet wipes for staying fresh on the move.

2. Stay Hydrated

It’s easy to lose track of water during the fun. But it’s super important to stay hydrated. The festival has water stations, so keep a refillable water bottle with you.

3. Explore Beyond the Stages

While music is the highlight, don’t forget to check out other fun things. Explore the art, food, and fun activities. They add to the festival’s unique vibe.

4. Plan Your Schedule

Planning out which acts to see is smart. Check the EXIT Festival’s schedule and highlight your favorites. Don’t forget to leave time for surprises.

5. Connect with Fellow Festival-Goers

The festival is a chance to meet people from all over. Chat with others, make friends, and share music tips. You could find your new favorite band this way.

6. Capture the Moment

Remember to take photos and videos to remember the fun. Share your posts with the festival hashtag. But, remember to also enjoy the live moments without your phone.

7. Practice Self-Care

Music festivals can be draining. Take care of yourself by finding quiet spots to relax. You could also do yoga or enjoy a massage to unwind.

8. Respect the Environment

Novi Sad’s natural beauty is amazing. Help care for it by using recycling bins and avoiding single-use plastics. Let’s keep the festival and its surroundings clean.

Novi Sad EXIT festival timeline

9. Embrace the Experience

The EXIT Festival is all about the experience. Let yourself get carried away by the music and the fun. Dance freely and make memories that will stay with you forever.

Stick to these pointers and you’ll have a blast at the EXIT Festival in Novi Sad. Get ready for great music and unforgettable times!

Safety and Security

Your safety is critical to us at the EXIT Festival. We have security in place, along with emergency plans. Extra help is also on hand to make sure your time is hassle-free and fun.

Here’s what you can count on for safety and security at the festival:

1. Access Control

There are strong measures to control who comes in. Our security checks things closely to keep the area safe. They make sure only the right things come through with you.

2. Surveillance and Crowd Management

Surveillance cameras are everywhere to watch how things are going. This helps our skilled security team handle the crowd well. They make sure everything runs smoothly for everyone to have a good time safely.

3. Medical and First Aid Services

We really care about your health. You’ll find our medical and first aid spots around the festival. They’re staffed with pros who are ready to help if you’re not feeling well or get hurt. They’ll take care of you, quickly and well.

4. Lost and Found

If you lose something, don’t fret. Our Lost and Found team is ready to help. They know losing stuff is hard. They work to get your things back to you as soon as they can.

5. Emergency Evacuation Procedures

For rare times we need to leave quickly, we’re well-prepared. Our team knows how to guide you to safety. They’ll give you clear steps to follow to stay safe during any evacuation.

Your health and safety matter most at the EXIT Festival. We’ve done everything we can to make a safe place for you to savor the music and vibes of this exceptional event.

If there’s any safety worry or emergency, find our smiling staff or security. They’re here to help you, always.

EXIT festival security measures


The eagerly awaited EXIT Festival in Novi Sad is almost here, happening in 2023. It offers a rich history, with many international artists in the lovely city of Novi Sad. This makes it a top choice for music fans everywhere.

Now that you know all about the festival, Novi Sad’s cool vibe, and how to plan your trip, get ready. Whether you’ve been to many festivals or it’s your first, the EXIT Festival is set to amaze you. It will give you unforgettable memories and connect you with others who love music worldwide.

Mark your calendars and prepare for an amazing music event at the EXIT Festival in Novi Sad. This is your chance to enjoy outstanding shows, create lasting memories, and join a huge music community. Buy your tickets, pack up, and be ready for something truly extraordinary.