Budva travel tips

Planning a trip to Budva in Montenegro? Or have you booked your tickets? You’re in for a treat. But, before you go, wouldn’t you like to know the Budva travel tips, Budva trip planner, and Budva travel hacks? These will make your trip unforgettable.

Imagine strolling through the Old Town, soaking up the sun on beautiful beaches. Or tasting the local food and joining in the bustling nightlife. It’s more than just exciting, isn’t it?

You’ll find hidden gems, cultural and historical spots, and learn to move around like a local. Budva welcomes beach lovers, history buffs, and adventurers alike. There’s always something special here.

This guide has everything to make your Budva adventure the best. You’ll get essential tips, find great places to stay, and explore what Budva has to offer. Ready for your Montenegrin adventure?

Getting to Budva

Before heading to Budva, it’s wise to learn the top transport options. This is whether you’re journeying from near or far. This guide ensures an easy trip to this gorgeous place.

Flights to Budva

Flying in is a great choice if you’re from another country. You’ll land at Tivat Airport, just 23 kilometers away from Budva. Many big airlines fly here, making it easy for you. After landing, grab a taxi or a preset transfer to Budva.

Trains to Budva

Budva lacks its own train station. Montenegro’s trains link big cities, missing Budva. So, if you love traveling by rail, go as far as Podgorica or Bar. Then, it’s a short bus or taxi ride to Budva.

Buses to Budva

Taking a bus to Budva is cheap and well-loved, especially from close by or neighboring countries. It’s closely connected to places like Podgorica, Kotor, and Dubrovnik. Budva’s bus station is conveniently located, easing your arrival journey.

Remember to look at bus schedules before your trip. Booking early, especially in busy seasons, makes your journey smoother and more reliable.

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“Traveling isn’t just about the final stop; it’s about the story along the way. Whether by plane, train, or bus, your adventure begins instantly.”

However you get to Budva, your excitement begins there. With travel clear, it’s time to dive into this stunning coastal town.

Finding Accommodation in Budva

Finding the perfect place to stay in Budva is key to a great trip. It influences how much you enjoy this lovely city. Our tips cover everything from budget options to luxury. Let’s help you pick the best spot for your Budva visit.

Recommended Neighborhoods in Budva

Choosing where to stay in Budva means thinking about what you like and need. Let’s look at some good areas:

  • Old Town lets you dive into Budva’s history and charm. It’s full of old streets, buildings, and local places to eat.
  • Becici is close to the city but offers peace and quiet. It has lovely beaches for a relaxing vacation.
  • Jaz is perfect if you love the beach and want a fun nightlife. It has a long sandy beach and clubs for a lively time.

Think about what you like to do when choosing your Budva spot. This way, you’ll have a vacation that meets your goals.

Accommodation Options

Budva has many places to stay, fitting various budgets and tastes. Think about these options:

  1. Budget-Friendly: Save money by choosing guesthouses or apartments. These are comfy and affordable.
  2. Mid-Range: Mid-range hotels give you a good price for comfort. They often have private bathrooms and cool extras like a pool.
  3. Luxury: Pamper yourself at Budva’s top hotels. Enjoy fancy amenities, great food, and amazing sea views.

When you pick where to stay, consider your budget, comfort wishes, and location. Booking early can get you good deals and peace of mind during busy times.

Tips for a Comfortable Stay

Want a cozy time in Budva? Remember these tips:

  • Book your room early, especially in summer. The best places fill up fast.
  • Check out what others say in reviews. They offer a good look at what to expect.
  • Look closely at what each place offers. Wi-Fi, parking, and meals are important to consider.
  • Think about where your stay is located. Being close to what you want to do saves time and hassle.

With these tips, you’re set to find a great place in Budva. A comfy, fun trip awaits.

Now that you know about finding a good place to stay, let’s move on to discovering Budva’s top attractions.

Budva travel advice


Exploring the Best Things to Do in Budva

Budva is a picturesque town by the sea in Montenegro. It has lots of fun things to see and do. This includes places rich in history and beautiful beaches. We’ll show you the top activities in Budva. This way, your trip will be full of amazing experiences. Let’s start exploring the gems of Budva!

1. Explore the Charming Old Town

Not exploring Budva’s Old Town means missing out. Here, you step into the past as you stroll through old streets. They are lined with historical buildings and cute shops. Make sure to see the Citadel for its stunning views. The Old Town is a charming place soaked in Budva’s deep history and culture.

2. Visit Pristine Beaches

The coast of Budva is famous for its clear waters and beautiful beaches. You can find bustling sandy shores or quiet hidden spots. Visit beaches like Mogren and Jaz for a swim or sunbathe. For quieter places, go to Becici and Sveti Stefan. These beaches showcase Budva’s stunning natural beauty and are perfect for unforgettable moments.

3. Indulge in Local Cuisine

Eating local food is a big part of any trip to Budva. Try Montenegrin favorites like cevapi and burek. There’s also fresh seafood for those who love it. Eat at the local spots to enjoy real Montenegrin flavors. It’s a tasty way to discover the culture.

4. Experience the Vibrant Nightlife

At night, Budva is full of energy and fun. There are bars, clubs, and beach parties. You can listen to music, dance, or just hang out with a drink. Budva’s nightlife is exciting, offering something for every night owl or party lover.

“Budva mixes history with modern fun, offering a bit of everything. Explore the Old Town, enjoy its beaches, try local food, and delve into the nightlife. Budva welcomes all, making it a top spot to visit in Montenegro.”

best things to do in Budva

Discovering Hidden Gems in Budva

Budva is famous for its top attractions, but some spots are still waiting to be found. Dotting the city are these lesser-known places that promise unique experiences and beautiful sights. They add something special to your trip through Montenegro.

The village of Sveti Stefan is among Budva’s hidden gems. It’s on an islet and boasts narrow streets and stone houses. You’ll get to see stunning views of the Adriatic Sea. It’s a great place to walk around and feel the history and charm of this unique town.

Budva hidden gems

Buljarica Beach is a dream for nature enthusiasts. It’s not far from Budva and offers clear waters and golden sand. You can relax there or check out the sea life by snorkeling.

For a glimpse into culture, visit the Petrovac Museum. It’s in a 19th-century fortress and tells Petrovac’s story through exhibits. The museum is a great place to learn about the area’s past and traditions.

Plan a day trip to the small village of Gornji Stoliv and discover its hidden treasures. Nestled in the bay of Kotor, this charming village offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the Bay of Kotor. Take a leisurely walk along the waterfront, visit the local churches, and enjoy a delicious meal at one of the quaint restaurants.

For something unique, go to the Budva Citadel. This old fortress overlooks the city and sea, offering incredible views. Wander the streets, visit the museum, and take in the rich history and beauty of this place.

Wrap up your exploration at the Island of St. Nicholas. A boat ride takes you to this paradise with its beautiful beaches and clear waters. It’s a perfect place for a peaceful break away from the busyness.

The hidden gems in Budva are ready for you to find. Step off the regular path and discover these special places for unforgettable moments and stunning sights.

Enjoying Budva’s Seaside Bliss

Budva is a hidden gem in Montenegro, known for its stunning beaches and clear waters. It’s a perfect place for both relaxing in the sunshine and exciting water sports. Every visitor finds something they love about Budva’s shores.

When you visit Budva, make sure to plan your activities well. This way, you can enjoy all the seaside fun it has to offer. Here’s how to have an amazing time at Budva’s beaches:

  1. Visit the Best Beaches: In Budva, every beach is beautiful in its way. You must see the gorgeous Mogren Beach with its pretty views and hidden spots. For more action, head to Jaz Beach for music, water fun, and a lively vibe.
  2. Try Water Activities: The blue waters of Budva beckon you to try fun water sports. Snorkeling or scuba diving lets you meet the colorful sea life up close. Or, for a big thrill, hop on a jet ski, go parasailing, or try paddleboarding.
  3. Indulge in Delicious Seafood: Budva boasts many seaside restaurants with great seafood. Try the fresh fish, grilled octopus, or mixed seafood platters. Enjoy your meal with a glass of local wine or a tasty cocktail as you take in the Adriatic Sea’s beauty.

Feel the calm of Budva’s beaches, with the soft sea breeze against your skin. You can relax on the sand, swim in the clear sea, or have water fun. Budva’s coast is perfect for a memorable break from your usual routine.

Budva's Seaside Bliss

Don’t forget to carefully choose your beach time in Budva, especially during busy seasons. Getting there early means you get the best beach spots and avoid the midday crowds. Bring sunscreen, a towel, and other beach must-haves for a pleasant day out.

Budva is great for those who love sun, sea, and adventure or just want to enjoy good seafood. Use these tips to plan your Budva trip for an unforgettable experience along Montenegro’s charming coast.

Immersing in Budva’s Culture and History

Budva isn’t just known for its beaches. It’s a city with a rich history and culture. Dive into its lively atmosphere by visiting its museums, art galleries, and historical sites. Here, we explore the best places to see in Budva for cultural and tourist adventures.

1. Museums

Budva’s museums are windows into its past. The Maritime Museum is great for those who love history. You’ll see items and exhibits about Budva’s days at sea.

The City Museum is another key spot. It goes deep into the city’s past, talking about its start and growth over time.

2. Art Galleries

Budva has a lively art scene, thanks to its many galleries. The Modern Art Gallery shows off works by modern artists. It includes pieces from both local and worldwide talents.

The Budva City Gallery lets you see Montenegrin traditional art. You can also learn about the local culture through its exhibits.

3. Historical Landmarks

Step into history by exploring Budva’s old sites. The Old Town is filled with medieval beauty. It’s even a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Don’t forget the Budva Citadel, an ancient fortress. From there, you can see amazing views of the city and sea.

“Budva’s rich cultural heritage is best experienced by exploring its museums, art galleries, and historical landmarks. Take a journey through time and discover the city’s fascinating past.” – Budva Travel Guide

4. Cultural Events and Festivals

Join the fun at Budva’s cultural events. The Budva Theater City Festival lights up summer. It showcases theater, dance, and music.

In February, the city’s Carnival bursts with life. It’s a fun event with colorful outfits, parades, and more.

Event/Festival Date
Budva Theater City Festival July-August
Budva Carnival February

These events are a special way to get to know Budva’s traditions and people.

Exploring Budva’s cultural sites and joining local events deepens your understanding of its history and culture. Use these Budva travel tips and recommendations to get the most out of your trip.

Budva's Cultural and Historical Landmarks

Navigating Around Budva

Exploring Budva becomes a lot easier if you know how to get around. Whether you’re checking out the Old Town or hitting the beaches, transport tips are key. We’ll talk buses, taxis, and renting cars. Plus, hints on moving around the city’s sights are coming your way.

Local Buses

Opting for buses in Budva is smart and cheap. The network links up the city with nearby attractions. Make sure to grab a map and schedule at the Tourist Info Center or bus stops. Oh, and keep in mind, bus times can change, so plan well.


[PS1]Taxis offer a quick way to move around. They’re easy to find in the city or wave one down. Go for trusted cab services or apps for fair prices. Also, check the price with the driver upfront to avoid surprises.

Rental Cars

Want more freedom? Renting a car is your answer. Many rental places in Budva have all sorts of vehicles. This option lets you see more of Montenegro at your speed. Just remember, parking in the city is tough. Invest time in finding spots or use paid lots.

Navigating Budva’s Streets and Landmarks

Finding your way in Budva is vital, despite its small size. The Old Town can puzzle with its tight paths. A map or phone app are handy for not getting lost. Plus, standout spots like Citadela Fortress can help you stay on track.

Budva street view

Useful Tips for Navigating Budva:

  • Sketch your routes before stepping out and know the city map.
  • Keep coins for the buses or some local cash for taxis.
  • Stay alert in crowds and on transport against pickpockets.
  • Driving? Know and follow the local rules, plus parking laws.
  • When in doubt, locals and hotel staff are great for directions.

Armed with these transport and tips, you’re set to discover Budva. Enjoy your time in this stunning coastal city.


We’ve reached the end of our Budva travel tips guide for Montenegro trips. By using these suggestions, you’ll find the best parts of Budva. This includes everything from its Old Town to its beaches and local culture. Budva is waiting for you to explore its beautiful scenes and rich history.

It’s important to prepare and book your stay early to avoid any issues. Remember to bring the right items for the warm weather and lots of walking. While there, don’t miss out on trying local foods and enjoying the nightlife.

Get ready to fully enjoy Budva and all it has to offer. This sea-side city is full of amazing scenery, interesting stories, and welcoming people. Let Budva be the next stop on your travel list, and get ready for a memorable trip along the Adriatic Sea.