Top hiking trails near Vancouver with stunning views?

Are you ready to explore the breathtaking natural beauty of Vancouver? Lace up your boots and get ready for some amazing views. If you’re local or a visitor, we’ve listed the top hiking trails near Vancouver with stunning views.

These trails offer everything from city skylines to mountain ranges and serene coastlines. It’s an adventure you won’t forget. Challenge yourself, get close to nature, and see the beauty of Vancouver.

Cypress Provincial Park

Cypress Provincial Park is well-known for its breathtaking views and various hiking paths. It’s perfect whether you love hiking or you’re just starting. Plus, this park offers something for everyone.

The Baden Powell Trail is a top pick at Cypress. It stretches over 48 kilometers, showing off stunning sights of the nearby mountains and coast. This trail takes you through green forests, lets you cross small streams, and lets you enjoy nature’s beauty.

Want a challenge? Try the Black Mountain Loop trail. It’s a tough hike but it offers amazing views of Vancouver, the Gulf Islands, and more on clear days. This trail is for those who love a good adventure and don’t mind a steep climb.

After your hike, find a spot to chill and enjoy the park’s beauty. The trails and views make Cypress Provincial Park a top spot for folks who love the outdoors.

scenic trails in Vancouver

Popular Hiking Trails in Cypress Provincial Park

Trail Difficulty Distance Highlights
Baden Powell Trail Intermediate 48 km Scenic views, lush forests
Black Mountain Loop Difficult 14 km Panoramic vistas of Vancouver, Gulf Islands, and mountains
Yew Lake Loop Easy 2.7 km Beautiful lake, wildlife spotting
Hollyburn Mountain Intermediate 7 km Spectacular views from the summit

Whichever trail you pick, Cypress Provincial Park will amaze you with its beauty. Put on your boots, explore the paths, and make unforgettable memories in this stunning park.

Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain is a top spot for amazing hikes in Vancouver. It has tough trails and great views of the city and mountains. It’s perfect for hikers seeking excitement or nature lovers looking for beauty.

Selecting the Right Trail for You

The Grouse Grind is a well-loved trail here. It’s called “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster” for its steep climb. As you hike up, you’ll see Vancouver’s skyline and far-off mountains.

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Not into steep climbs? You can ride the gondola to the top and enjoy various easy to hard trails. These paths lead through meadows or boast city views. They all showcase Vancouver’s charm.

Soaring Views from Above

The Peak Chalet Skyride is a must. It takes you high above Grouse Mountain for stunning views. Remember your camera for these amazing sights.

After the trails, relax and enjoy food at one of the mountaintop eateries. You can also shop for unique gifts. Grouse Mountain is a dream for those who love the outdoors and nature.

Trail Difficulty Trail Length Estimated Time
Grouse Grind Difficult 2.9 kilometers Average time: 1.5 – 2 hours
Alpine Experience Easy/Moderate 1.5 kilometers Average time: 1 hour
Blue Grouse Loop Easy 0.5 kilometers Average time: 30 minutes
Thunderbird Ridge Difficult 3.6 kilometers Average time: 2 – 2.5 hours

Head to Grouse Mountain for incredible sights. You can climb the Grouse Grind or enjoy the view from the top. It’s a memorable spot for all, so lace up your boots and start exploring!

breathtaking hikes Vancouver

Quarry Rock

Quarry Rock is a real find in Deep Cove, a short trip from Vancouver. It’s a top pick for those in the know, locals and tourists alike. Lush forests and calming nature sounds welcome you. The path weaves through tall trees, a peaceful break from city life.

Your excitement grows as you walk. Finally, you arrive at the view over the Indian Arm. The scene is stunning, with water and mountains all around. This moment makes the hike unforgettable and totally worth it.

Unforgettable Views for Every Season

Any time of year, Quarry Rock is a beauty. In spring, flowers paint the trail with color. Summer lets you soak in sunshine and breeze with amazing views. Fall’s leaves turn the area into a burst of orange, red, and yellow. And winter brings a serene view of snow on the mountains and calm blue waters.

scenic view of Quarry Rock

A Hiking Adventure for Everyone

The Quarry Rock hike is for everyone, no matter their skill level. It’s just the right mix of fun and challenge. Anyone can enjoy the nature here, from seasoned hikers to beginners. There’s something special for all on this trail.

Getting There

Deep Cove, a 30-minute drive from Vancouver, is where you start. Parking can be tight, so arriving early is smart. The start of the trail is clear and easy to find, beginning your adventure smoothly.

Trail Length 3.8 km round trip
Elevation Gain 100 meters
Difficulty Moderate
Estimated Time 1.5 – 2 hours

Quarry Rock’s natural beauty is waiting for you. Walking through the woods, you can feel the peace. Reaching the top provides views and memories that will stay with you forever.

Lynn Canyon Park

Lynn Canyon Park is a hidden gem of Vancouver’s hiking trails. It’s perfect for hikers of all levels. The park, in the North Shore Mountains, is filled with lush forests and calm rivers. It’s a beautiful spot for anyone who loves nature.

The highlight of the park is the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge. This famous bridge is an adventure to walk across. You’ll see the river below and the green trees above. It’s breathtaking and a must-see for nature lovers.

Vancouver hiking trails

Besides the bridge, there are many trails at Lynn Canyon Park. They range from easy to hard, so there’s something for everyone. You can pick the perfect trail for your hiking skills.

The Baden-Powell Trail is great for a leisurely walk. It winds through forests and past pretty views. Walking this trail is calming and helps you feel at one with nature.

For a bit more challenge, try the Nine O’Clock Gun Trail. It’s a moderate hike with great views. You’ll see Lynn Valley and the mountains. It’s rewarding for those who enjoy a good hike.

“Lynn Canyon Park is a peaceful retreat from everyday life. The trails are beautiful, and the bridge is a wonder. It’s a top place to see the beauty of Vancouver’s nature.” – Local Hiker

Explore Lynn Canyon Park:

  • Take a leisurely walk across the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge and marvel at the stunning views.
  • Embark on the Baden-Powell Trail for a serene hike through old-growth forests and picturesque viewpoints.
  • Challenge yourself with the Nine O’Clock Gun Trail, a moderate hike that rewards you with panoramic vistas.
  • Pack a picnic and enjoy a peaceful afternoon surrounded by nature.

Each trail at Lynn Canyon Park offers a unique experience. So, put on your hiking shoes, bring your camera, and discover the beauty of Vancouver.

Stawamus Chief

The Stawamus Chief is a well-known spot near Vancouver. It’s amazing for hikers, with trails that show off great views. No matter if you’re a pro or just starting, this place will test you. But, the views from the top are totally worth it.

breathtaking hikes Vancouver

Three Summit Trails

There are three trails to the top of Stawamus Chief. They vary in difficulty, so there’s something for everyone. You’ll see Howe Sound, pretty valleys, and big mountains around Vancouver.

“The Stawamus Chief hike gives you an incredible sense of accomplishment when you reach the top. The views are absolutely stunning and make every step worth it.”
– Jennifer, avid hiker

Challenging Yet Rewarding

This hike is tough, with steep parts and rocks. But, the incredible views will blow you away. It’s a chance to feel proud and get close to nature.

Outdoor Enthusiast’s Favorite

Outdoor lovers in Vancouver really like Stawamus Chief. It’s clear from the many hikers you’ll meet. Going through the hard parts and seeing the views brings people together.

If you want a hike with stunning views and a good challenge, pick Stawamus Chief. Get your boots ready, your camera, and get ready for a great time.

Golden Ears Provincial Park

Golden Ears Provincial Park is perfect for hikers. It has various trails showcasing the park’s beauty. Whether you’re experienced or new, you’ll find something.

The Alouette Lake Trail is a top pick. It goes around the lake, offering stunning views. You can see clear water and green forests. The peaceful atmosphere will capture you.

The Golden Ears Trail is a great challenge. It leads to an amazing view from the summit. You can see the mountain and wilderness. Sometimes, Vancouver is visible too.

Golden Ears is a paradise for hikers. It lets you enjoy breathtaking views and connect with nature. A trip here is a must for nature lovers.

top hiking trails near Vancouver with stunning views

Highlights of Golden Ears Provincial Park:

Trail Difficulty Level Distance Estimated Time
Alouette Lake Trail Easy 7.5 km 2-3 hours
Golden Ears Trail Difficult 24 km 10-12 hours

Explore the wonders of Golden Ears Provincial Park. Dive into its top trails for unforgettable views. You’ll find peace and create lasting memories. So, get ready, wear your boots, and enjoy the untouched natural beauty.

Mount Seymour Provincial Park

Mount Seymour Provincial Park is perfect for those who love the outdoors. It’s in Vancouver and full of scenic trails. You can see the North Shore Mountains, Vancouver, and even the Pacific Ocean from its paths. It’s great for both experienced hikers and beginners.

A must-visit is the Dog Mountain Trail. This hike is moderate, leading you through green forests. You’ll see Vancouver’s skyline and the nearby mountains, perfect for memorable photos.

If you seek a challenge, try the Mount Seymour Trail to the highest peak. It offers stunning views of the North Shore Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Don’t forget your camera to capture the beautiful scenes.

“The views from Mount Seymour are simply breathtaking. Standing atop the mountain and looking out at the vast expanse of nature is a humbling and peaceful experience. It’s a hidden gem for outdoor enthusiasts.” – Amanda, avid hiker

The Mystery Lake Trail is great for families. It’s an easy walk to an alpine lake among tall trees. This scenic spot is perfect for a relaxing picnic or just soaking in the peaceful vibes.

For help planning your hike, here are some trail details:

Trail Name Difficulty Distance Estimated Time
Dog Mountain Trail Moderate 5.8 km 2-3 hours
Mount Seymour Trail Difficult 9.6 km 4-6 hours
Mystery Lake Trail Easy 3.5 km 1-2 hours

Exploring Mount Seymour’s scenic trails is an amazing experience. It helps you connect with the beauty of nature. So, put on your hiking boots, grab some snacks, and enjoy the adventure.

Scenic view from Mount Seymour Provincial Park

Pacific Spirit Regional Park

Pacific Spirit Regional Park is a peaceful oasis in Vancouver. It’s known for its beautiful hikes. The trails go through forests and by the coast. It’s great for both hikers and those wanting to get away from the city.

The park’s trails offer amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. You can see the long stretch of the coastline. It’s a calming and impressive sight as you walk.

The park is full of different plants and animals. You can see local wildlife as you walk. This makes your hike even more special.

Trails in Pacific Spirit Regional Park

There are plenty of great trails in Pacific Spirit Regional Park. Let’s take a look at some:

  1. Acadia Beach Trail is an easy walk to a beautiful beach. It has amazing ocean views. The perfect place to unwind.
  2. Spirit Trail is peaceful and deep in nature. It goes through forests to calm fields. A perfect trail to clear your mind.
  3. Wreck Beach Trail leads to Vancouver’s unique clothing-optional beach. It has great ocean views. You’ll see a variety of coastal life on your way to the beach.

best hikes near Vancouver

Whether you want an easy walk or a challenging hike, this park has it. It’s a gem for being close to Vancouver’s best hikes. You can really relax and enjoy nature away from the city.

Capilano River Regional Park

Capilano River Regional Park in Vancouver shows off the city’s stunning outdoors. It has many paths that wind through dense old-growth forests. These forests are filled with giant trees and a calm atmosphere.

While walking, you’ll find bridges that let you see the Capilano River and the forest. It’s a breathtaking view of nature tucked away in the city.

At the park, you can’t miss the Cleveland Dam. It’s a powerful sight as water flows over the dam. This place is perfect for taking pictures and enjoying the view.

Vancouver hiking trails

Visit the Salmon Hatchery to get a closer look at nature. In the hatchery, you can learn about how Pacific salmon live and watch them spawn in the river. It’s an amazing natural event to see.

“Capilano River Regional Park is a hidden gem that offers a peaceful and immersive hiking experience. The trails take you through towering trees, across suspension bridges, and offer stunning views of the Capilano River. It’s a must-visit for nature enthusiasts.” – Local Hiker

No matter your hiking level, this park has trails for you. Put on your hiking shoes and discover the beauty of Vancouver. It’s a top spot for those looking to get close to nature.


Vancouver and its surroundings are rich with hiking trails that show off the area’s beauty. Whether you’re experienced or just starting, there’s a trail for you. From hard mountain hikes to easy walks in pretty places, every skill level is covered.

These trails near Vancouver offer stunning sights of mountains, forests, and water. They also give you a peaceful connection with nature. If you want great views or to feel part of the outdoors, these trails are perfect.

Lace up your boots and prepare to see Vancouver’s hidden treasures. You’ll find amazing plants and animals and make unforgettable moments. Whether you seek excitement or peace, these top trails will meet your expectations.

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