Where to eat in Mostar?

Planning a trip to Mostar and unsure where to eat? You’re in the right place. Here, we’ll reveal the best places to eat. These spots will meet your food needs and leave you wanting more.

If you love food or enjoy trying new tastes, Mostar has something for you. There are plenty of options for every taste and liking. So, get ready to explore Mostar’s lively food places.

Best Restaurants in Mostar

Dining in Mostar is a wonderful experience. You’ll find a lot of places to eat, from local food to food from around the world. There’s something for everyone, whether you want a small cafe, a fancy dinner, or a special spot.

Enjoy amazing food and great places to eat in Mostar.

Here are some restaurants you should visit:

Karadjoz-Begova Dzamija

In the middle of the city, you’ll find Karadjoz-Begova Dzamija. They serve traditional Bosnian food. Try the Cevapi, which is grilled meat, or Bosnian pita. The restaurant’s courtyard is cozy and authentic.

Sadrvan Restaurant

Sadrvan Restaurant is famous for its kind service and tasty Bosnian food. They offer dishes like stews and grilled meats. Save room for dessert. Their Baklava is a must.

Turo d.o.o.

For a taste of food from around Europe and the Mediterranean, try Turo d.o.o. They have fresh seafood and amazing steak. The restaurant is beautiful and the service is great.

There are many more great places to eat in Mostar. Look around the Old Bridge area or the old town. You’ll find great food to enjoy.

Restaurant Name Cuisine Location
Karadjoz-Begova Dzamija Traditional Bosnian Old Bridge area
Sadrvan Restaurant Traditional Bosnian Old Town
Turo d.o.o. European and Mediterranean City Center

Best Restaurants in Mostar

Mostar is a great place to eat, with food for every taste. There are many wonderful restaurants to try. Start your journey to find the best flavors in Mostar.

Traditional Bosnian Cuisine in Mostar

Discover traditional Bosnian cuisine in Mostar. You’ll find a mix of unique flavors and old cooking customs here. Mostar’s food is rich in variety, perfect for both meat lovers and vegetarians. There’s something special for every taste in Mostar’s kitchen.

Must-Try Dishes

Be sure to try Mostar’s iconic Bosnian dishes:

  1. Cevapi: These small meat sausages are a mix of beef and lamb. They come with onions, bread, and a drink called ayran. A meal in Mostar isn’t complete without them.
  2. Burek: This pastry can be filled with meat, cheese, or vegetables like spinach. It’s enjoyed by many as a tasty street food.
  3. Ćufte: Try Bosnian meatballs, made from beef, onions, and spices. They’re served in a thick tomato sauce with mashed potatoes on the side.
  4. Pita: A traditional Bosnian pie made with thin filo pastry. It has many fillings like meat, cheese, or spinach. Every bite is a delight.
  5. Bosnian Coffee: Finish your meal with strong, aromatic coffee. Bosnian coffee is served in a special small pot called a džezva. It represents Bosnian culture and hospitality.

Experience the Flavors of Mostar

Mostar offers bold flavors, fresh ingredients, and ancient cooking methods. Locally sourced meats, aromatic spices, and fresh bread are the stars of Mostar’s cuisine.

“The rich flavors and unique combinations found in traditional Bosnian dishes are a reflection of the multicultural influences that have shaped the region’s culinary heritage.”

Whether in a cozy restaurant or trying the street food, Mostar’s food will enchant you. It’s a chance to enjoy the true tastes and smells of traditional Bosnian cuisine in Mostar.

Must-try dishes in Mostar

Dish Description Image
Cevapi Meat sausages made from a blend of beef and lamb, served with onions, bread, and ayran Cevapi
Burek Flaky pastry filled with meat, cheese, or spinach Burek
Ćufte Meatballs made from a mixture of ground beef, onions, and spices, served with tomato sauce and mashed potatoes Ćufte
Pita Filo pastry filled with various ingredients such as meat, cheese, spinach, or potato Pita
Bosnian Coffee Strong and aromatic coffee brewed in a džezva, a small copper pot Bosnian Coffee

International Flavors in Mostar

Mostar invites you to a global culinary adventure. It boasts many restaurants with flavors from around the world. Whether you love Italian, Chinese, Mexican, or Indian, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. These places cater to different tastes, ensuring everyone finds something they love.

Sakura Sushi Bar is said to be a top spot for sushi in Mostar. They serve up fresh and beautifully made sushi. It’s the perfect place for fans of Japanese food.

Their sushi rolls are a masterpiece of flavor and beauty. Everyone will find a favorite from the varied menu, which includes both classics and surprises.

Mostar dining options

Opt for Mediterranean tastes by visiting Terra Momo. This cozy Italian spot feels straight out of Italy with every bite. Its ambiance and food make it a special spot in the city.

Curry House is ideal for those who adore Indian cuisine. Their menu includes delicious curries, tandoori grills, and biryanis. Get ready for a spicy yet flavorful culinary journey through India.


Sample international cuisines in Mostar:

  • Head to Pancho Villa for Mexican favorites like tacos and margaritas.
  • Enjoy Turkish meals at Tavra, including kebabs and pide.
  • Try Thai Street Food for a taste of Thailand’s bustling street food scene.

International Flavors in Mostar – A Snapshot:

Restaurant Cuisine
Sakura Sushi Bar Japanese
Terra Momo Italian
Curry House Indian
Pancho Villa Mexican
Tavra Turkish
Thai Street Food Thai

Popular Cafes and Bistros in Mostar

Find out what makes Mostar’s cafe culture so exciting. This city is famous for its cozy cafes. They’re perfect for relaxing or enjoying a good cup of coffee. You’ll find many cafes and bistros that everyone will like.

1. Café de Alma

Chill in the heart of Mostar’s Old Town at Café de Alma. It’s a favorite for coffee fans. You can enjoy their unique coffees with stunning views. And, try their tasty pastries and desserts too.

2. Villa Neretva

Looking for a peaceful coffee spot with a great view? Villa Neretva by the Neretva River is the place. It’s a short walk from the Old Bridge. Enjoy drinks, Bosnian coffee, and light meals in this cozy cafe.

3. Caffe Macchiato

Love a mix of modern and trendy? Caffe Macchiato is your spot. It’s perfect for quality coffee and treats like homemade cakes. A great place for meeting friends or enjoying quiet time.

“Coffee is a ritual in Mostar. The cafes and bistros bring this tradition to life with their energy and love for the drink.”

4. Black Dog Pub

Black Dog Pub is your go-to for a chill vibe and good food. It has many coffee options, craft beers, and tasty dishes. Relax on the terrace and take in the energy of the streets.

5. Bistro Fleur

Bistro Fleur is known for its great food and friendly service. You can have a big breakfast or a long lunch here. They mix Bosnian and international foods with local ingredients.

Mostar dining options

Mostar’s cafes and bistros are exciting and diverse. They offer everything from beautiful river views to cool city life. Whether it’s for coffee or food, these spots are worth visiting in Mostar.

Dining with a View in Mostar

Enjoy the breathtaking views of Mostar while having a fabulous meal. Find the best places to dine that not only serve delicious food. They also have beautiful scenes of the city, rivers, and historic sites. From romantic dinners to relaxed lunches with great views, Mostar offers it all.

1. Restaurant Emen

Restaurant Emen sits by the Neretva River and looks at the Stari Most bridge. You can eat Bosnian favorites like cevapi and burek with a view. Its outdoor terrace lets you enjoy your meal while seeing the city’s grand architecture.

2. Restaurant Hindin Han

In Mostar’s old town, you’ll find Restaurant Hindin Han. It has a cozy feel and a terrace that overlooks the old cobblestone streets. There, you can try Mediterranean and international dishes. Plus, you’ll have a view of the lively market square and ancient buildings.

“Dining with a view in Mostar is unforgettable. It makes your meal special, letting you take in the city’s history and beauty. All while enjoying good food.”

There are many more places like these in Mostar. They merge great food with amazing views. You can pick from riverside settings, the old town’s warmth, or hills with city panoramas. No matter where you go, your dining experience will be one to remember.

Hidden Gems in Mostar

Mostar is famous for its great food spots, but there are also lesser-known places worth a visit. Local restaurants not widely known offer unique and real food experiences loved by people living there. So, if you want to try something different and explore Mostar’s culinary secrets, these hidden places are perfect for you.

1. Restaurant Savana

Location: Brace Fejica 113, Mostar

Restaurant Savana is a quiet spot outside the busy tourist areas. It offers a warm and welcoming dining place. You’ll find a mix of Bosnian traditional meals and world flavors, all made with local ingredients. Be sure to try their tasty grilled dishes and yummy homemade sweets.

2. Caffe Restaurant Nisoku

Location: Rade Bitange 60, Mostar

Caffe Restaurant Nisoku is calm and beautiful, with a lovely garden and cozy inside. It’s known for its great service and a menu that blends Mediterranean and Bosnian food. Enjoy their fresh seafood or tasty vegetarian dishes.

“Caffe Restaurant Nisoku is a hidden gem that combines exceptional food, attentive service, and a serene ambiance. It’s one of my favorite places to eat in Mostar.” – Local food enthusiast

3. Restaurant Harmonija

Location: Gojka Vukovića 70, Mostar

Restaurant Harmonija is perfect for a special meal. This gem is warm and full of charm, with lovely traditional finishings. You can taste different Bosnian meals with a modern touch here. Their famous Bosnian pies and creamy soups are must-tries.

4. Tavern Taurus

Location: Alekse Šantića, Mostar

Tavern Taurus is hidden in Mostar’s pretty streets. It’s run by a family and serves real Bosnian food in a comfortable setting. Their menu features everything from rich stews to delicious grilled meat. Add a glass of local wine to make your meal perfect.

Finding these hidden gems in Mostar will make you both full and happy. Whether you love food or are just curious, these secret spots will make your time in Mostar special.

Street Food Delights in Mostar

Dive into Mostar’s lively street food scene. The city is known for its busy food stands. Try local snacks and meals from street vendors for a quick taste of Mostar.

Mostar’s street food has options from all over. You can enjoy kebabs, burgers, and more. Whether you want a meal or a small bite, you’ll find something you love.

Don’t miss trying ‹Ćevapi›, a dish with grilled minced meat in bread. Many street stalls sell it, often served with onions and sour cream. It’s a dish that locals and tourists enjoy.

Looking for something lighter? Give ‹Burek› a taste. It’s a pastry filled with cheese, spinach, or meat. Warm and flaky, it’s a beloved snack in Mostar.

If you love sweets, don’t skip ‹Baklava›. This dessert is a mix of filo pastry, nuts, and syrup. It’s a delicious way to end your meal.

Enjoy your food with Bosnian coffee or ‹Boza›. Bosnian coffee is strong and often served with a sweet side. ‹Boza› is a unique drink made from wheat or barley. They both make your meal complete.

Top Street Food in Mostar

Street Food Description Location
Ćevapi Grilled minced meat served in warm bread with onions and sour cream Various street food stalls throughout Mostar
Burek Savory pastry filled with cheese, spinach, or meat Local bakeries and street food stalls
Baklava Layered pastry with nuts and sweet syrup Local bakeries and dessert shops
Bosnian Coffee Strong coffee served in a small traditional pot with a side of lokum Coffee shops and street vendors
Boza Fermented beverage made from wheat or barley Street food stalls and local cafes

Try Mostar’s street food and get a taste of its culture. These foods are not only delicious but also help you explore the city. They are a big part of what makes Mostar special.

Fine Dining Experiences in Mostar

In Mostar, fine dining is a real treat. There are plenty of fancy restaurants perfect for celebrations or if you just love good food. You’ll find places with great atmosphere, top-notch service, and food that’ll make your taste buds dance.

Restaurant Emen is a top pick. It sits in the city’s heart, mixing local Bosnian dishes with international tastes. The staff welcomes you warmly, and the place feels cozy. The food is truly impressive, with every dish blending local and global ingredients in a fine art of cooking. Visiting Restaurant Emen is a memorable dining experience.

If you’re looking for another great spot, consider The Old Bridge Restaurant. It’s close to the famous Old Bridge, offering amazing views and delicious local food. The setting is beautiful and the food celebrates Mostar’s culinary history. Every dish is prepared with care to honor the city’s rich food traditions.

Restaurant Location Cuisine Highlights
Restaurant Emen City Center Bosnian and International Exquisite dining experience, impeccable service
The Old Bridge Restaurant Near Old Bridge Regional cuisine Breathtaking views, authentic flavors

Villa Anri is perfect if you want a blend of new and old food traditions. It mixes the latest cooking methods with local ingredients. This creates unique dishes that leave a mark. The restaurant itself, in a historic villa, is beautiful. It’s a great choice for a memorable evening.

Planning a big dinner or just want to enjoy something special? Mostar’s fine dining scene won’t disappoint. You’ll love the amazing service, the delicious food, and the elegant settings. It truly shows off the city’s best in dining.


Exploring Mostar’s top dining places is a thrilling journey for anyone who loves food. The city offers a mix of traditional Bosnian dishes and worldwide tastes. It has meals for all tastes, from hidden gems to fine dining.

Discover cozy cafes and chic bistros perfect for relaxing while enjoying good food and drinks. You can also try the lively street food for a taste of local flavors while on the move. And don’t miss out on a fancy dining experience at one of Mostar’s high-end restaurants.

Mostar is a dream for those who love breathtaking views and food history. Next time you visit, choose from the many dining spots around the city. Start a culinary adventure and enjoy the sights, smells, and tastes of this beautiful place.