Jurmala dog-friendly beaches

Looking for a beach where your dog can run free in the sun? Jurmala, Latvia is your spot. It’s famous for its beauty and lets your dog enjoy the sand and sea. Dog-friendly beaches here make for a great day out for you and your pet.

Wondering which beaches are best for your dog? Which ones have what your pet needs? Let us guide you through Jurmala’s best pet-friendly beaches. With our help, you’ll find the perfect spot for fun in the sun with your furry friend.

Exploring the Pet-Friendly Coast of Jurmala

Jurmala is a top pick for pet-friendly beach trips. It’s a Latvian town with sandy shores and peaceful coastlines. You and your pet can find many places to relax and have fun together.

Picture yourself walking on Jurmala’s pet-friendly beaches. You feel the soft sand under your feet while the sea breeze cools you. Your dog is excited, running free and playing in the clear waters.

If quiet spots are your thing, Jurmala has them too. You can enjoy peace with your pet away from big crowds. These hidden areas are perfect for bonding in Jurmala’s beautiful surroundings.

pet-friendly coast Jurmala

“Jurmala’s coast welcomes dogs to enjoy nature and good company. It’s ideal for escaping daily stress and sharing joyful moments with your pet.” – Local Jurmala resident

Jurmala’s pet-friendly coast is great for all types of dog owners. Whether you love adventures or just want to relax, there’s something for you. You can explore sandy areas or green coastal paths with your furry friend.

Top Activities on Jurmala’s Pet-Friendly Coast:

  • Long walks along the shoreline
  • Playing fetch in the open spaces
  • Swimming and splashing in the sea
  • Enjoying a picnic overlooking the stunning views

Don’t forget to pack your stuff and your dog’s essentials for the trip. Jurmala’s beaches are bound to make beautiful memories for you and your pet, be you a local or a first-time visitor.

The Best Dog Beaches in Jurmala

Looking for the best dog-friendly beaches in Jurmala? You’re in luck! This coastal town has many beautiful beaches. You and your dog can soak up the sun, play in the sand, and enjoy the water. These beaches have amenities especially for dogs, making your visit special.

Kemeri Beach

Kemeri Beach is great for dog owners. It has a large shore and beautiful scenery, making it a top dog beach in Jurmala. Dogs can run freely in certain zones. There are spots for easy dog waste disposal to keep the beach clean.

Dzintari Beach

Dzintari Beach is a hit among dog owners in Jurmala. It has a special area where dogs can be off-leash. You can walk on the beach while your pet plays in the water. There are also dog-friendly cafes nearby for a meal or drink together.

Melluzi Beach

Melluzi Beach is peaceful, perfect for a quiet day with your dog. Dogs can go off-leash in certain areas. It has water stations for dogs and breathtaking views. This setting is ideal for a calm beach day.

best dog beaches in Jurmala

Whether it’s Kemeri, Dzintari, or Melluzi Beach, you and your dog will have a blast. These beaches welcome dogs to play, socialize, and have fun outdoors. So, gather your beach gear, leash up your dog, and head to these top places for a great day at the beach!

Dog-Friendly Seaside Spots in Jurmala

Jurmala is a great place to enjoy the sea with your dog. There are many spots where both of you can have fun. You’ll find sandy beaches and quiet areas perfect for every dog and owner.

dog-friendly seaside spots Jurmala

Bulduri Beach is loved by everyone. It’s a sandy area perfect for dogs to run and play. Relax by the water while your dog has fun in the waves.

“Bulduri Beach is heaven for dog owners. Watching so many happy dogs run and play together is heartwarming.”

Looking for a quiet beach? Melluzi Beach is the place to go. This beach is calm, beautiful, and dogs are welcome. They can walk the shore with you.

The Jurmala Open-Air Museum offers a unique experience. It’s in a forest and allows dogs. Walk around the exhibits as your dog sniffs nature’s scents.

Dzintari Forest Park is another great place for dogs. It’s a big, green park with trails. Dogs can run around off-leash and play. Perfect for a picnic or to play fetch.


While at Jurmala’s dog-friendly spots, do keep in mind the rules. Always clean up after your dog and respect others. This ensures everyone enjoys these beautiful areas.

Head to Jurmala’s dog-friendly seaside spots for unforgettable moments. You and your pet will enjoy a beautiful coastal area together.

Top Pet-Friendly Beaches in Jurmala

Looking for pet-friendly beaches in Jurmala? You’re in luck. Jurmala’s coasts don’t just please the locals but also visitors with pets. They offer beautiful sea views and are open to those who like to spend their beach outings with furry friends.

Bulduru Beach stands out with its long stretch of sand and beauty. It’s a great place to relax with your pet. You can walk, play in the water, or just enjoy the peace. This beach is perfect for pet owners and their pals.

Another great spot is Majori Beach, close to Jurmala’s main street. It’s full of life and handy for pets. There are play areas without a leash and places to clean up after your pet. Majori Beach makes it easy for you and your pet to have a good time.

top pet-friendly beaches in Jurmala

Why visit these pet-friendly beaches?

The pet-friendly beaches of Jurmala are more than stunning. They are safe and welcoming for pets. Your pet can play in the water or relax by your side in the sun. These beaches are great for both fun and down time.

“With its stunning landscapes and welcoming atmosphere, Jurmala’s pet-friendly beaches are the ideal destination for pet owners looking to create unforgettable memories with their furry companions.”

Many eateries in Jurmala are also friendly to pets. So after playing on the beach, you and your pet can enjoy a meal together.

Beach Name Location Amenities
Bulduru Beach Located near Bulduri train station Expable shoreline, pet waste stations
Majori Beach Near Jurmala’s main street Off-leash play areas, pet waste stations

If you love the calm of Bulduru Beach or the liveliness of Majori Beach, you’ll find the best pet-friendly options in Jurmala.

Jurmala Dog-Friendly Shorelines

Welcome to Jurmala, a coastal paradise that’s perfect for humans and their furry friends. This section covers the best dog-friendly beaches in Jurmala. You and your dog will find the perfect spot, whether they like the water or just want to lounge in the sun.

Jurmala’s beaches offer many great services for dog owners. You’ll find dog waste disposal stations to keep the beach clean. Plus, there are areas where dogs can run free and meet other dogs.

When you visit these beaches, it’s important to follow the rules. Keep your dog on a leash when it’s needed. And always pick up after them to keep the beach beautiful for everyone.

Take a break at one of the dog-friendly cafes near Jurmala’s beaches. You can enjoy a meal or a drink while your dog relaxes beside you.

Quotes & Tips from Dog Owners:

“Jurmala’s dog-friendly shorelines are perfect for my dog. He loves playing in the sand. And I love how easy it is to keep the beaches clean, thanks to the waste stations.” – Emma, Dog Owner

“I’m happy about the off-leash areas Jurmala has. It’s great for my dog to meet others. And the beach setting is so pretty.” – Alex, Dog Owner

Ready for a day at Jurmala’s dog-friendly beaches? Check out the table below for beach information:

Beach Name Amenities Off-Leash Area Waste Disposal Stations
Golden Beach Restrooms, Lifeguards, Picnic Areas Yes Yes
Bulduri Beach Beach Volleyball, Cafes Nearby No Yes
Majori Beach Children’s Playground, Sports Courts Yes Yes
Dzintari Beach Surfing, Beach Chairs, Umbrellas Yes Yes

Jurmala dog-friendly shorelines

Armed with this info, you’re ready to explore Jurmala’s dog-friendly beaches. Bring your beach gear for a day filled with sun, sand, and lots of wagging tails. Jurmala’s beauty is ready to be enjoyed by you and your four-legged friend.

Canine-Friendly Beaches in Jurmala

Jurmala is a top spot for outdoor fun with your dog. This coastal town in Latvia has beaches where pups can have a blast. They can splash in the water, play on the sand, or just bask in the sunshine.

The Melluzi Beach is a hit with dog owners. It’s on Jurmala’s north coast, offering a big sandy area. The water is shallow, great for a swim. The calm surroundings are perfect for relaxation. You and your dog can take long walks and enjoy the Baltic Sea’s view.

Canine-Friendly Beaches in Jurmala

Bulduri Beach is great for dogs, too. It has a special off-leash area for them to play and socialize. Plus, there are stations for disposing of dog waste, keeping the beach clean. You can also visit dog-friendly cafes after a play in the sun.

Kemeri Beach is ideal for those wanting a quieter beach. It lies in Kemeri National Park, offering peace and natural beauty. You and your dog can walk through pine forests and then enjoy a calm beach stroll. This beach is loved by those who enjoy nature with their pets.

If you’re in Jurmala, these dog-friendly beaches are perfect for spending time with your dog. Just make sure to follow all local rules for a safe and fun visit.

Canine-Friendly Beaches in Jurmala:

Beach Name Location Features
Melluzi Beach Northern coast of Jurmala Wide sandy stretch, shallow waters
Bulduri Beach Central coast of Jurmala Dedicated dog area, off-leash play, dog waste disposal stations, nearby dog-friendly cafes
Kemeri Beach Kemeri National Park, Jurmala Secluded, natural beauty, pine forests

Jurmala Pet-Friendly Coastal Areas

Jurmala is famous for its pretty beaches. But there are more than just the beaches for you and your pet. Let’s look at different coastal spots in Jurmala. Here, you can walk your dog and enjoy a picnic.


Jurmala’s beauty shines through its pet-friendly parks. Dzintari Forest Park, for instance, has lovely paths for hiking. You can go on a hike with your dog and enjoy the peaceful nature. This park is a nice break from the busy beach area.

Kemeri National Park is another great choice. It’s famous for its plants and animals. You and your dog can see the beauty of the Latvian countryside together.


Enjoy a nice walk on the promenades in Jurmala. The Majori and Dzintari Promenades are great for dog walks. They have beautiful views, nice buildings, and lively streets.

As you walk, you and your dog can feel the sea breeze. You can also enjoy the sun and visit cafes and shops. It’s the perfect chance to meet other pet owners.

Scenic Locations

Many spots in Jurmala are perfect for spending time with your pet. Melluži Pier, for example, has an amazing view of the Baltic Sea. It’s ideal for photos with your pet.

Then, there’s Dubulti Beach Park. It mixes nature with play areas. You can walk your pet, picnic by the sea, or just relax and enjoy the views.

Jurmala has lots to offer for those with pets. You can choose from walks in the park, on the promenades, or by the sea. It’s a great place for pet lovers to have fun.

Jurmala pet-friendly coastal areas


After checking out Jurmala’s dog-friendly spots, you have some great options. There are sandy beaches and calm coastlines for you and your dog. This makes Jurmala a perfect place for adventures with your pup.

Use this guide to plan your next trip and make great memories. There are many pet-friendly services, like spots where dogs can be off their leash and waste disposal areas. So, you and your dog can have a great time at the beach.

Jurmala is known for its beauty and welcome for everyone, including dogs. It’s a place where you and your furry friend can have a lot of fun. So, get ready, bring your dog’s favorite things, and head to Jurmala for an amazing day.