Day trip to Clervaux from Bastogne, Belgium

Ready for excitement and discovery? Embark on a day trip from Bastogne, Belgium to the captivating town of Clervaux . There, you’ll explore rich history, stunning architecture, and a lively culture. Walk through beautiful scenery, visit cultural jewels, and savor mouth-watering dishes. Eager to learn about Clervaux’s attractions and the best way to spend your time? Let’s dive into this immersive journey together.

Exploring Clervaux’s Rich History

Step into Clervaux’s history and be amazed by its sights. You’ll see the stunning Clervaux Castle and Saint-Maurice Church. These places show the town’s important role in World War II and its rich culture.

Clervaux Castle is a great start to your journey. It’s a big medieval castle that tells a story of the town’s past. The castle not only looks impressive but also hosts the Family of Man exhibition. This exhibit is full of photos that share our common experiences.

Saint-Maurice Church is a must-see, too. It’s been around since the 9th century and shows off Clervaux’s faith history. The church is known for its lovely stained glass and detailed stonework. While there, feel the calmness and think about all the years the church has seen.

The town’s story is linked with a big battle in World War II. Known as the Battle of the Bulge, it was a turning point in the war. Clervaux now remembers the soldiers who fought and died there.

Exploring Clervaux means seeing its strong culture. Walk the streets filled with old Luxembourgish homes. The local museum, Musee d’Histoire de la Ville de Clervaux, gives a deeper look into the town’s story.

Clervaux mixes old and new beautifully. Its past is a fascinating story to discover. Take your time to learn about Clervaux’s history and you’ll see its charm in a new light.

Clervaux attractions

Planning Your Bastogne to Clervaux Itinerary

Plan the perfect day trip from Bastogne to Clervaux. Clervaux is great for history fans, nature buffs, and those who love culture. Here’s how to make your journey smooth and fun:

Transportation Options

Getting from Bastogne to Clervaux offers various ways to travel. You might like a guided tour for ease, letting you learn from experts. Or, jump into your own adventure by driving or taking local transport.

Recommended Time Allocations

To have a great time, plan your day well in Clervaux. Here’s our recommended timing:

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Attraction Recommended Time
Clervaux Castle 1-2 hours
Saint-Maurice Church 30 minutes
The Family of Man exhibition 1 hour
Abbey of Saint-Maurice and Saint Maur 1 hour
National Museum of Military History 1-2 hours
Leisurely walk along the Clerve River 30 minutes – 1 hour
Exploring local shops and boutiques 1 hour

These times are just estimates and may change based on what you like to do and how fast you move. So, feel free to plan your day how you want.

Useful Tips

  • Start your day early to get the most out of Clervaux
  • Check when places open before you go
  • Put on comfy shoes for a lot of walking
  • Bring a map or use a phone app to find your way around
  • Don’t forget water and snacks to keep you going
  • A camera is great for remembering the amazing sites

With these tips, you’ll enjoy your time in Clervaux to the max. It’ll be a day from Bastogne to remember.

Bastogne to Clervaux Itinerary

Exploring Clervaux’s Cultural Treasures

Jump into Clervaux’s cultural world and uncover its lively essence. This charming town sits at the intersection of rich history and artistic tradition. Here, you’ll find a variety of must-see spots, each telling a piece of Clervaux’s unique story.

Visit the renowned Family of Man photography exhibition

Don’t miss the Family of Man photography display at Clervaux Castle. Edward Steichen’s worldwide exhibit beautifully captures themes like love, family, and life, uniting us all. It’s a journey of the heart through stunning photos from everywhere, reminding us of our shared experiences.

Explore the Abbey of Saint-Maurice and Saint Maur

Step into the magnificent Abbey of Saint-Maurice and Saint Maur for a real treat. Its mix of Gothic and Romanesque architecture is truly awe-inspiring. You’ll see detailed carvings, peaceful courtyards, and amazing stained glass. It’s the perfect place for anyone who loves history or stunning design.

Discover the local art scene

Clervaux thrives with a local art community, offering beautiful galleries and studios. While wandering, you can enjoy a mix of art forms. From colorful paintings and detailed sculptures to captivating installations, every piece reflects Clervaux’s unique artistic vibe.

Dive into Clervaux’s arts, from the moving Family of Man exhibit to the Abbey’s beauty. Let its lively art community enchant you with memories of a vibrant culture.

Make sure to add Clervaux’s art highlights to your travel list. You’ll get to explore touching photography, stunning architecture, and local art that brings Clervaux to life.

Clervaux attractions

Enjoying Clervaux’s Natural Beauty

Experience the stunning natural beauty of Clervaux. This picturesque town is perfect for those who love nature. It’s filled with charming views and hidden gems. Make sure you see its breathtaking attractions.

Begin at the heart of Clervaux with a visit to the National Museum of Military History. It sits among lush greenery. This museum dives into the area’s military past with a huge array of artifacts. You’ll walk away with a deep appreciation for the stories it shares.

“The National Museum of Military History in Clervaux is a must-visit attraction for history buffs and those interested in learning about the region’s rich military heritage.”

Then, take a peaceful walk along the Clerve River. It offers a calming view of the town. It’s a perfect spot to relax and take in the beautiful surroundings.

As you explore Clervaux, admire its mix of old and new buildings. The town’s architecture is a blend of tradition and modernity. Enjoy the details and the craftsmanship of these structures.

For a deeper connection with nature, head to Oesling Nature Park near Clervaux. This large park is great for outdoor fun like hiking and cycling. Walk its trails and enjoy the lush forests. Don’t forget to look out for the local plants and animals.

Clervaux’s Natural Attractions:

  • National Museum of Military History
  • Clerve River
  • Oesling Nature Park
Attraction Description
National Museum of Military History Located within Clervaux’s lush greenery, the museum offers a comprehensive collection of military artifacts and exhibits.
Clerve River A tranquil river that runs through Clervaux, providing a serene setting for leisurely walks and scenic views.
Oesling Nature Park An expansive park near Clervaux, offering opportunities for hiking, cycling, and experiencing the region’s natural beauty.

Clervaux’s beautiful landscapes are waiting for you. Explore and make memories in this natural wonderland.

Clervaux's Natural Beauty

Where to Dine and Sample Local Cuisine

Exploring Clervaux means diving into its food scene. The town is home to various eateries. You can find everything from local Luxembourgish meals to dishes from around the world.

“Clervaux’s culinary scene is a treat for food enthusiasts. With its charming ambiance and delectable offerings, the town is a paradise for both locals and visitors alike.”

Want to try real Luxembourg cuisine? Then, Le Clervaux is the place to be. This spot is famous for its local dishes, made using fresh, nearby ingredients. Here, you can enjoy dishes like bouneshlupp and judd mat gaardebounen, exploring the rich flavors of Luxembourg.

Clervaux attractions

Feeling like something different? Le Chalet brings Swiss food to Clervaux. Enjoy Swiss fondue and raclette there. Plus, you get a great view of the town while you eat.

Looking for Italian food in a cozy place? Head to La Romantica. They serve wood-fired pizzas, pastas, and seafood. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy a meal.

Clervaux Restaurant Guide

Restaurant Cuisine Address Contact
Le Clervaux Luxembourgish 1 Rue de Marnach, 9719 Clervaux, Luxembourg +352 92 93 91
Le Chalet Swiss 2 Grand Rue, 9710 Clervaux, Luxembourg +352 92 86 25
La Romantica Italian 7 Grand Rue, 9710 Clervaux, Luxembourg +352 92 00 66

Clervaux has a lot to offer food lovers. Whether you want local tastes or international dishes, you’ll find something great. The town’s many places to eat are waiting to make your visit special.

Exploring the Surrounding Area

If you have time, extend your trip from Clervaux and check out nearby areas. You can go to places like Vianden Castle or Esch-sur-Sûre village. This way, you’ll make your trip unforgettable and find special spots in the region.

Visit Clervaux in a day

For a great day, add a tour to your visit in Clervaux. Vianden Castle is not far away and is a must-see. You get to walk through its huge halls and enjoy the view over the lands.

Another place to see is Esch-sur-Sûre village, with its charming atmosphere. It’s in the lovely Sûre Valley and has a small river and a castle on a hill. Walking through its small roads will give you a peaceful feeling.

Visiting places around Clervaux shows you the area’s true beauty. You can see grand castles or quiet villages, each with its own special touch. Adding these spots to your tour will make your day unforgettable.

Bastogne to Clervaux Travel Tips

Get ready for a great day trip from Bastogne to Clervaux with these tips. Find out the best time to go, learn local customs, and get details on how to travel and stay there. These tips will make your trip smooth and enjoyable.

1. Best Time to Visit Clervaux

Spring and summer are ideal for a visit from Bastogne to Clervaux. The weather is perfect for outdoor activities. You’ll also get to witness lively festivals and events. This adds to the town’s charm.

2. Understanding Local Customs and Traditions

It’s key to respect Clervaux’s customs when you visit. The locals are friendly and open. So, start with a simple “Bonjour” or “Hello.” Plus, it’s good to know a few phrases like “Merci” (Thank you) and “S’il vous plaît” (Please).

3. Transportation Options

Traveling from Bastogne to Clervaux is easy. You can choose a train or bus for a lovely trip through the Ardennes. Or, you might prefer driving. There’s plenty of parking in Clervaux.

4. Accommodation Options

If you want to stay in Clervaux, you’ll find many places to pick from. There are options for every budget, from cozy B&Bs to top-notch hotels. It’s best to book early, especially during busy times.

5. Exploring Clervaux with a Local Guide

Hiring a guide can really enrich your visit. They know a lot about Clervaux’s history and culture. They can show you special places off the beaten path, making your trip more memorable.

6. Essential Items to Pack

Don’t forget to pack the essentials for your trip. You’ll need good shoes for walking, fitting clothes for the weather, and things like sun protection. A camera and water bottle are must-haves for a fun day out.

7. Sample Local Cuisine

Trying the local food is a must in Clervaux. Taste dishes like Judd mat Gaardebounen or Kachkéis. The town has great spots to eat, offering something for everyone.

8. Capture Your Memories

Lastly, remember to take photos or videos. Capture the beauty of Clervaux’s buildings and nature. This way, you can share your favorite moments with loved ones for years to come.

Clervaux Day Trip Checklist
Comfortable walking shoes
Weather-appropriate clothing
Refillable water bottle
Camera or smartphone
Sense of adventure

By using these travel tips, you’ll be set for your journey. Enjoy the history, culture, and beauty of Clervaux. It’s a place where you can make wonderful memories.

Bastogne to Clervaux Travel Tips

Unwinding in Clervaux

Once you’ve explored Clervaux’s history and culture, it’s time to unwind in this charming town. Clervaux is quiet and offers various activities to relax and refresh.

Take in the stunning views from cozy cafes or stroll through the picturesque streets. Clervaux’s beauty is a perfect setting for tranquility.

Explore the local boutiques for unique souvenirs. You’ll find everything from handmade crafts to tasty local treats. Shopping in Clervaux is a joyous experience.

Indulge in Local Delights

Enjoy the delicious food of Clervaux in its charming restaurants. You can taste local Luxembourgish meals or international cuisine. There’s something for every food lover.

Try the Bouneschlupp, a Luxembourgish special green bean soup, for an authentic treat. Don’t forget to enjoy it with a local beer or wine.

Experience Tranquility

Clervaux invites you to relax and enjoy its calm. A walk by the Clerve River is perfect. You’ll hear the water and see beautiful scenery.

Just find a peaceful park or garden to unwind. Clervaux is ideal for connecting with nature and finding peace within.

Clervaux attractions

Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body

If you need more relaxation, a spa treatment in Clervaux is perfect. The town has wellness centers to pamper you and relieve stress.

Let the expert therapists refresh your mind and body. You’ll feel renewed and ready for your Clervaux journey.

Clervaux’s Festivals and Events

Get into the fun of Clervaux by visiting during its festivals and events. This town is alive with culture and music, drawing visitors from all over. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of the celebration. It’s a great way to make special memories in this lovely place.

Cultural Celebrations

Clervaux has many cultural events across the year. They show off the town’s history and culture. You can enjoy traditional music, dance, and food. From parades to Christmas markets, each event lets you see Clervaux’s traditions.

Music Festivals

Music fans will love Clervaux’s music festivals. They feature local and global music acts. You can hear jazz, classical, and more. The surroundings in Clervaux make these concerts even better.

Art Exhibitions

If you love art, Clervaux is the place to be. It has art shows with works by local artists. You can see paintings, sculptures, photos, and more. These shows are a chance to explore and be amazed by Clervaux’s art scene.

“The festivals and events in Clervaux are a testament to the town’s vibrant cultural scene. From lively celebrations to captivating performances, there is always something happening that will leave you with lasting memories.”

Plan to visit Clervaux when there’s a festival to enjoy. It’s a perfect time to also see the town’s sights. You’ll get to enjoy local traditions, food, and the festival fun. Always check the event list before you go to not miss any fun.

Clervaux Festivals and Events

Festival/Event Date Description
Carnival February A lively celebration with parades, costumes, and traditional music.
Clervaux Music Festival July A music festival featuring a variety of genres and performances by local and international artists.
Christmas Market December A festive market with food stalls, local crafts, and live performances.

Capturing Memorable Moments

If you’re in Clervaux, you must catch the beauty of this lovely town. Bring your camera and soak in the amazing architecture, great views, and lively culture. Clervaux is waiting to be discovered through your lens.

Walking through Clervaux, see the cool old buildings and sites. Don’t miss the chance to take photos of Clervaux Castle, a key part of the town’s history. The castle’s beauty and detailed design are perfect for your pictures.

“Clervaux is a town that exudes charm and character. It’s a photographer’s dream, with every corner offering a new opportunity to capture a timeless moment.” – Photographer123

Also, don’t miss Clervaux’s natural side. Take a walk along the Clerve River and snap the calm and beauty it offers. The green trees and river reflections make a stunning image.

Immerse yourself in Clervaux’s lively culture, too. Go to the art galleries and see unique and deep artworks. During festivals and events, the town becomes even more alive, giving you the chance to catch its happy spirit.

“Clervaux offers a perfect blend of history, culture, and natural beauty – all begging to be captured through the lens. Don’t forget to bring an extra memory card, because you’ll want to capture every moment.” – WanderlustPhotog

Save your Clervaux pictures and show them to your loved ones. Each photo tells the story of your remarkable time in this magical town.

Top Photography Spots in Clervaux
1. Clervaux Castle Uncover the castle’s magnificence through your lens and capture its rich history.
2. Clerve River Find the perfect spot along the riverbank and photograph the serene beauty of the flowing water.
3. Town Center Wander through the charming streets and capture the vibrant energy of Clervaux’s cultural hub.
4. The Family of Man Explore the powerful photography exhibition and document the emotions it evokes.
5. Festivals and Events Join in the festivities and photograph the lively spirit of Clervaux’s celebrations.


Clervaux is a perfect day trip from Bastogne, Belgium. It’s filled with rich history, stunning architecture, and cultural treasures. Whether you’re a history buff or just love trying local foods, there’s something for everyone. So, plan your visit and explore the hidden gems of this charming town today.

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