What family-friendly activities are available in Columbus?

Welcome to our guide on the top family-friendly activities in Columbus! Hoping to find great things for kids and parents alike, whether you’re a visitor or a local? Columbus shines as a family adventure spot. It stands out with its unique activities for families. Let’s dive in together and see what makes it special.

Columbus is packed with fun for families. This city sparkles with activities kids love. With interactive museums, thrilling outdoor events, and festivals everyone can enjoy, there’s something for every family member.

Exploring Columbus with Kids

Columbus, Ohio, is great for families with kids. It’s full of fun places and things to do. Whether you live nearby or are visiting for the first time, you’ll find plenty of child-friendly activities. Columbus has fun for all ages, from exciting outings to cool attractions.

Family Outings in Columbus

Take your family on amazing adventures in Columbus. The city’s parks, like Franklin Park Conservatory, are beautiful. Kids can see rare plants and play at the gardens. The Columbus Zoo is another must-visit, with animals from all over.

The COSI Science Center is perfect for learning and fun. It has hands-on exhibits and a planetarium. Your kids will love exploring science and space here.

Kid-Friendly Attractions in Columbus

There’s a lot for kids in Columbus, from LEGOs to art. The LEGOLAND Discovery Center is a hit with LEGO fans. Kids can build and play with endless amounts of LEGO.

For art lovers, the Columbus Museum of Art is a dream. It offers activities that let kids dive into art. It’s a great place to spark creativity.

Children’s Activities in Columbus

Columbus offers lots of cool activities for kids. The Center of Science and Industry is one. It has cool science experiments and shows to spark their interest.

Don’t miss the Columbus Metro Parks for outdoor fun. There, you can hike, watch birds, or relax. The Scioto Audubon Park has a climbing wall and zip-line, perfect for active families.

Columbus family outings

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Columbus is ideal for a family vacation. It has everything from outdoor fun to museums. Kids will love exploring the city and making lasting memories.

Discovering Columbus Museums and Exhibits

Columbus is full of cool museums and exhibits for families. They’re both fun and educational. Kids who love history, science, or art will find something they like here.

Let’s check out some great places to visit with your family:

  1. Center of Science and Industry (COSI): This science center is in downtown Columbus. It’s famous for hands-on exhibits and fun programs. Whether in the Ocean or Adventure areas, kids will learn a lot in a cool way.
  2. Columbus Museum of Art: This museum has art from many places and times. Families can take part in special art activities. Make sure to visit the Wonder Room for fun art projects.
  3. Ohio History Center: This museum shows Ohio’s past in a fun way. Kids can see exhibits on Native Americans, the Civil War, and industry. They also have fun events to help children enjoy history.
Museum Description Highlights
Center of Science and Industry (COSI) A renowned science center offering hands-on exhibits, interactive demonstrations, and educational programs. Immersive learning experiences, Ocean exhibit, Adventure exhibition
Columbus Museum of Art Features a diverse collection of artworks from different periods and cultures. Wonder Room, interactive art installations, hands-on activities
Ohio History Center Takes visitors on a journey through Ohio’s history, including exhibits on Native American cultures, the Civil War, and industrial development. Engaging events, educational programs

Columbus Family Attractions

“Visiting these museums and exhibits in Columbus is not only a fun family outing but also an opportunity for children to expand their knowledge and curiosity. The interactive and educational nature of these attractions ensures that learning becomes an enjoyable adventure for kids of all ages.”

Always double-check the museum websites for hours and COVID-19 rules before going. Columbus museums are a great way to bond and learn with your family.

Enjoying Nature and Outdoor Adventures

Columbus is full of chances for families to enjoy nature and have fun outside. It has beautiful parks, kid-friendly areas, and nature trails. Columbus is great for families looking for outdoor activities and exploration.

The Best Kid-Friendly Parks in Columbus

Columbus has a lot of parks for kids. They are safe and fun places for children to play and learn. Here are some top picks:

  • Scioto Audubon Metro Park: This park has over 120 acres of green space. It’s perfect for nature lovers. There’s an interactive nature center, playgrounds, and rock climbing for kids.
  • Whetstone Park of Roses: This park is famous for its rose gardens. It also has a playground, ponds, and walking paths. It’s ideal for a family picnic or a relaxing walk.
  • Homestead Park: In Hilliard, this park has playgrounds, fishing ponds, and a skate park. Families can have a great time outside in this big park.

Columbus family outdoor activities

Exploring Columbus Nature Trails

Columbus is known for its beautiful nature trails. These trails offer great views and a chance to be in nature. Put on your hiking boots and check out these trails:

  1. Highbanks Metro Park: This park has many trails through forests, streams, and ravines. It’s a great place for a family hike or a quiet walk in nature.
  2. Sharon Woods Metro Park: With lakes, woodlands, and meadows, it’s a peaceful place to enjoy nature. The trails are in good condition for hikers of all ages.
  3. Blacklick Woods Metro Park: Along Blacklick Creek, this park is perfect for those who love nature. Families can see different ecosystems, wildlife, and enjoy peace from the city.

Engaging in Outdoor Activities

In Columbus, there’s more than just parks and trails. There are many outdoor activities for families. From biking to fishing, there’s a lot to do together:

“Time in nature is great for kids and adults. It keeps us fit, improves our mental health, and makes us curious. Use Columbus’ outdoor spots to make great memories with your family.”

Outdoor Activity Description
Biking Enjoy Columbus’ pretty bike paths, like the Olentangy Trail and the Alum Creek Greenway Trail.
Fishing Try fishing at spots like Hoover Reservoir or Griggs Reservoir in Columbus.
Kayaking Have fun kayaking on the Scioto River or Columbus’ lakes.
Picnicking Bring a picnic to Columbus’ beautiful parks for an outdoor meal.

Columbus is a great place for families who love exploring nature. It’s filled with parks, trails, and activities. So, get ready for fun outdoor adventures in Columbus with your family!

Attending Family-Friendly Events and Festivals

Columbus is the place for fun with the family. All year, there’s a mix of family events in Columbus and Columbus festivals for kids to enjoy. These include music fests and celebrations for holidays. There’s never a dull moment in Columbus for families.

“Attending family-friendly events is a great way to create lasting memories with your loved ones and indulge in the vibrant community spirit that Columbus has to offer. With a variety of events and festivals catering specifically to kids and families, you can find the perfect outing for every age and interest.”

Events like the Columbus Arts Festival and the COSI Science Festival are full of creativity and curiosity. You can’t miss the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium’s Boo at the Zoo for Halloween fun. Or see the Wildlights Festival at the Columbus Zoo during the winter for bright lights.

The Children’s Theater of Columbus puts on shows all year for the family. This is a great way to introduce kids to the magic of theater. Don’t forget about Picnic with the Pops at the Columbus Commons. It’s a favorite that combines picnics, music, and fireworks for an amazing night.

Columbus family entertainment covers music, art, science, and more. Every event and festival promises fun for the whole family. Parents can join in on the excitement, knowing their kids will have a blast and make great memories at these activities.

Upcoming Family-Friendly Events and Festivals in Columbus:

Event/Festival Date Location
Columbus Arts Festival June 11-13, 2021 Downtown Columbus
COSI Science Festival May 12-15, 2021 COSI Science Center
Boo at the Zoo October 2021 (dates TBA) Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Wildlights Festival November 19, 2021 – January 2, 2022 Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Children’s Theater of Columbus Ongoing shows Various theaters
Picnic with the Pops Summer season (specific dates TBA) Columbus Commons

Don’t miss out on these fun events and festivals. They’re perfect for a day full of laughs and family joy. Also, check the local event calendar. You might find more family-friendly options added throughout the year. Columbus always has something great going on for families.

Columbus Family Events

Exploring Columbus Zoos, Aquariums, and Parks

Columbus, Ohio, is full of attractions perfect for families. It has zoos, aquariums, and parks that offer fun, learning, and adventure. You can see exotic animals, learn about sea life, and enjoy outdoor fun. It’s a great place to spend a day with your loved ones.

Zoos in Columbus

In Columbus, you’ll find amazing zoos with lots of animals to see up close. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is famous for its wide variety of species and work in conservation. It’s home to more than 10,000 animals from over 600 types. Don’t forget to visit for a chance to learn a lot and see amazing animals.

Aquariums in Columbus

For those interested in the sea, the Newport Aquarium is a great choice. It’s not far from Columbus and features amazing underwater life. You can walk through tunnels where sharks float above you and touch stingrays. There are also activities that teach about saving our oceans.

Parks in Columbus

Columbus is also known for its family-friendly parks. Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is a highlight. It has beautiful gardens and many types of plants, plus fun for kids. The Children’s Garden has play areas and a place to watch butterflies. Goodale Park and Scioto Audubon Metro Park are also great for outdoor activities and are very pretty.

“Columbus’s zoos, aquariums, and parks provide families with fantastic opportunities to connect with nature and learn about wildlife from around the world. These attractions combine entertainment, education, and conservation, ensuring a memorable and enriching experience for visitors of all ages.”

– Columbus Family Adventures

Columbus Family-Friendly Attractions

Zoo Features
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Over 10,000 animals, educational presentations, conservation efforts
Aquarium Features
Newport Aquarium Underwater tunnels, shark exhibits, interactive experiences
Park Features
Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens Gardens, interactive exhibits, sensory experiences

Engaging in Sports and Recreation Activities

Columbus is a great place for family-friendly sports and fun activities. If you love sports or just want to stay active, you’ll find many options here. From indoor centers to outdoor fun, there are many things to do with your family.

1. Columbus Recreation Centers

Do you want a place that has it all for sports and fun? Check out the Columbus recreation centers. There, you can do many activities for all ages and skills. You’ll find fun like swimming, playing basketball, taking fitness classes, and more.

Poplular centers in Columbus include the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department, YMCA of Central Ohio, and Anytime Fitness. These spots are perfect for getting fit or spending quality time with your family.

Columbus recreation centers

2. Kid-Friendly Sports in Columbus

Getting your kids into sports is a wonderful idea. It teaches them teamwork, discipline, and being healthy. Plus, Columbus has plenty of sports for kids of various interests and ages.

Kids here can enjoy soccer, baseball, gymnastics, tennis, and more. These activities help them grow athletically and socially. They make friends and have a lot of fun.

3. Outdoor Adventures

Columbus is also amazing for outdoor lovers. It has beautiful parks, trails, and bike paths. You can take a stroll in Franklin Park or have a thrilling bike ride at Scioto Audubon. Outdoor activities are great for staying fit and spending time with nature.

“Engaging in sports and recreation activities as a family promotes a healthy and active lifestyle and strengthens the bond between parents and children.”

If you like the action of sports centers or the peace of nature, Columbus has it all. Enjoy the fun and health benefits of sports and activities in this lively city.

Uncovering Columbus Children’s Entertainment Centers

Columbus is known for its fun and varied children’s entertainment centers. They bring hours of joy to kids of all ages. Whether you live here or are visiting, these centers are perfect for family fun in Columbus.

Indoor Play Centers

Indoor play centers in Columbus are safe places for kids to have fun. They are full of exciting activities like colorful play areas, bouncing castles, and arts and crafts stations.

There’s something for everyone, depending on age and what kids like to do.

Outdoor Adventure Parks

For families who love the outdoors, Columbus has adventure parks. These parks include ziplines and climbing walls for a fun challenge. Families can play mini-golf or go-kart racing together in beautiful natural settings.

Interactive Museums

Columbus is also home to interactive museums that mix fun with learning. Kids can explore science, history, and more through hands-on activities.

Some of Columbus’s favorites include COSI and The Columbus Museum of Art.

Play Center Location Features
Kidtopia Downtown Columbus Indoor play structures, arcade games, toddler area
Magic Mountain Polaris Laser tag, inflatable bounce houses, miniature golf
ZipZone Outdoor Adventures Granville Zipline tours, treetop obstacle course, team-building activities
COSI Downtown Columbus Hands-on science exhibits, planetarium, live shows

These spots are just a taste of what Columbus offers. Each place lets families make special memories they’ll keep forever.

Columbus Children's Entertainment Centers

Treat your family to laughter, creativity, and games at these top Columbus centers. No matter what kind of fun you’re after—indoors, outdoors, or something to learn from—Columbus has a lot to offer. Start planning your family adventure for memories that’ll last a lifetime.


Congratulations! You’ve discovered the top family-friendly activities in Columbus. This city is full of engaging museums, interactive exhibits, and beautiful outdoor spaces. It has something for every family member, no matter their age. Whether you love to learn, have fun, or enjoy exciting events, Columbus is ready to welcome you.

Enjoy your time in Columbus by visiting its amazing museums and exhibits. Kids can learn and have fun at the same time. Also, you mustn’t miss the chance to explore Columbus’ nature and outdoor activities. There are many fun things to do, like hiking, biking, or having a picnic in its beautiful parks.

Experience Columbus’ lively culture by joining its family-friendly events and festivals. These activities are loads of fun and create unforgettable memories. For an educational experience with animals, visit the zoos, aquariums, and parks. They offer a unique chance to learn about nature up close.

Columbus is also perfect for families who enjoy sports and staying active. There are places for all kinds of activities that anyone can enjoy. From sports for kids to fun at recreational centers, Columbus has it all.

If you’re looking for places where your kids can have fun and you can relax, Columbus has dedicated spots for you. Check out Columbus’ best play centers. Your children can play, explore, and interact safely while having a great time.

With this guide, you’re all set to plan your family’s visit to Columbus. Create lifelong memories as you explore the city. Get ready for an exciting time with your loved ones in this vibrant city.

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