Where to stay in Krakow for Old Town access?

Are you planning a trip to Krakow and wondering where to stay for easy access to the Old Town? Look no further than our top picks for the best accommodation options in Krakow. Staying near Krakow Old Town allows you to explore the city’s historical sights, picturesque streets, and vibrant nightlife with ease.

Whether you’re looking for luxury hotels or budget-friendly options, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to discover the best hotels near Krakow Old Town and make your trip unforgettable.

Hotels Near Krakow Old Town

If you’re looking for accommodations near Krakow’s charming Old Town, you’re in luck. There’s a plethora of hotels within walking distance of the historical center, offering easy access to the city’s top attractions. From luxurious options to mid-range and budget-friendly hotels, you’re sure to find the perfect lodging for your needs.

Some of the most popular and highly-rated Krakow Old Town hotels include:

Hotel Name Price Range Distance from Old Town
Hotel Stary $$$$ Less than 5-minute walk
Puro Krakow Stare Miasto $$$ 5-minute walk
Metropolitan Boutique Hotel $$$ 10-minute walk
Hotel Jan $$ Less than 5-minute walk
Apartments Miodowa $ 10-minute walk

Whether you’re interested in staying at an international hotel chain or a unique boutique hotel, there are plenty of options to choose from. Many of these hotels boast modern amenities, charming decor, and spacious rooms, making your stay in Krakow both comfortable and enjoyable.

Book your stay near the Krakow Old Town to fully immerse yourself in the city’s enchanting history and culture. Checking into a hotel close to the Old Town is the perfect way to explore the city’s rich past and beautiful architecture at your leisure.

Luxury Hotels in Krakow Old Town

If you’re looking for opulent accommodations that offer easy access to Krakow’s Old Town, you won’t be disappointed. Here are some of the best hotels in Krakow for visiting Old Town, that provide an exceptional experience:

Hotel Name Location Price Range*
Hotel Stary Old Town $$$
Bonerowski Palace Old Town $$$$
Sheraton Grand Krakow Krakow Old Town $$$
Kanonicza 22 Old Town $$$$

“The network of old streets, preserved buildings, and diverse architecture, makes the Old Town a unique urban monument that cannot be missed.”
Hotel Stary

At these luxury hotels, expect elegant rooms, beautiful decor, and luxurious amenities like spas and fine-dining restaurants. Many of these best hotels in Krakow for visiting Old Town are refurbished historic buildings that showcase the rich cultural heritage of Krakow.

Luxury hotel room

Staying at one of these luxurious hotels means you’ll be well positioned to explore Old Town Krakow, while indulging in the finer things in life. Book now to treat yourself.

*Price range indicates approximate rates per night for a standard room, and is subject to change based on season and availability.

Mid-Range Hotels Near Krakow Old Town

Looking for a comfortable stay that doesn’t break the bank? There are plenty of mid-range hotels near Krakow’s Old Town that provide quality accommodations. These hotels offer the perfect balance between affordability and convenience, ensuring that your stay in Krakow is enjoyable and memorable.

Some top options for mid-range hotels near Krakow’s Old Town include:

Hotel Name Location Price Range Rating
Hotel Amber ul. Garbarska 10 $60-100 8.6/10
Apollo Hotel Krakow ul. Kopernika 30 $60-90 8.3/10
Hotel Jan ul. Grodzka 11 $50-80 8.0/10

Experience the city’s rich history and vibrant culture while enjoying comfortable lodgings. These mid-range hotels near Krakow’s Old Town provide the perfect home base for your adventures in the city. Enjoy the sights and sounds of Krakow, all while staying within your budget.

Budget-Friendly Lodging Options Near Krakow Old Town

Traveling to Krakow on a budget? No worries. You can still enjoy the charm of the Old Town without breaking the bank. We’ve listed some of the top affordable lodging options that are just a stone’s throw away from Krakow Old Town.

Hotel Name Price Per Night* Distance from Old Town Rating**
Hotel Wielopole $35 – $75 600 meters 8.4/10
Aparthotel Pergamin $40 – $80 400 meters 8.3/10
Dom Turysty PTTK $25 – $50 500 meters 7.6/10
Pokoje Goscinne Jordan $20 – $45 700 meters 7.9/10

*Prices are subject to change depending on availability and seasonality.

**Ratings based on user reviews on various booking websites.

Hotel Wielopole offers simple, yet comfortable rooms with modern amenities, while Aparthotel Pergamin has spacious apartments at affordable prices. Dom Turysty PTTK offers basic rooms at an unbeatable price, and Pokoje Goscinne Jordan provides cozy rooms right in the heart of Krakow’s Old Town.

If you’re willing to walk a bit further, you can also check out Hostel Euro-Room, which offers low-cost dormitory rooms. Or, if you prefer to have more privacy, you can opt for a private room at Greg&Tom Beer House Hostel, which offers affordable rates and a lively atmosphere.

No matter which budget-friendly hotel you choose, you can still enjoy all the sights and sounds of Krakow’s Old Town while saving on accommodations.


affordable lodging near Krakow Old Town

Boutique Hotels in Krakow for Old Town Access

For a memorable stay in Krakow, consider one of the charming boutique hotels near the Old Town. These accommodations offer unique settings, personalized service, and close proximity to major attractions. While they may not have the same facilities as larger hotels, they more than make up for it in character and ambiance.

Indulge in the rich history and culture of Krakow by staying at one of these boutique hotels. You’ll find yourselves surrounded by exquisite architecture, charming courtyards, and tasteful décor.

Benefits of Staying in a Boutique Hotel Near Old Town Krakow

Boutique hotels offer a more intimate experience, with fewer rooms, personalized service, and attention to detail. You’ll be treated as a valued guest, rather than a room number, as these hotels aim to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

In addition to personalized service, boutique hotels near Krakow’s Old Town offer the following benefits:

  • Proximity to major attractions and landmarks, allowing for easy exploration of the city
  • Unique and interesting décor, often reflecting the local culture and history
  • Ambiance that promotes relaxation and tranquility
  • Charm and character that sets them apart from larger, more mainstream hotels
  • Opportunities to support local businesses and enterprises

Top Boutique Hotels Near Old Town Krakow

Hotel Name Description Location
Hotel Grodek Located in a historic building, this hotel combines modern amenities with classical décor and furnishings. Offers a restaurant and bar. Ul. Na Grodku 4, 31-006 Krakow, Poland
Balthazar Design Hotel With only 13 rooms, this hotel offers a unique experience with contemporary design and an excellent location. A cocktail bar and terrace on the roof. Sw. Gertrudy 6, 31-048 Krakow, Poland
Kanonicza 22 Located in a 15th-century building, this hotel offers individually designed rooms with antique furnishings and modern amenities. In-room massages and other spa services available. Kanonicza 22, 31-002 Krakow, Poland

These boutique hotels are just a few examples of the unique accommodations available near Krakow’s Old Town. We recommend exploring different options to find the perfect fit for your preferences and budget.

Hotels with Modern Amenities Near Krakow Old Town

If you’re looking for a hotel that offers modern amenities while being a stone’s throw away from the Old Town, these hotels have got you covered. From wellness facilities to top-notch technology, these accommodations offer a seamless blend of comfort and convenience, ensuring a memorable stay. Check out our top picks:

Hotel Name Location Modern Amenities
Hotel Indigo Krakow – Old Town 14 Lipińskiego st., Krakow Wellness area with sauna and fitness center, lift access to all rooms, USB charging stations in each room, 49″ flat screen TVs, plush bedding
The Loft Hotel Senacka 10 Senacka st., Krakow iPad with Netflix in each room, smart room technology, air conditioning & heating, luxury linens and towels, 24-hour reception
PURO Kraków Kazimierz Halicka 14a st., Krakow 24-hour fitness center, rainfall showerheads, blinds and air-conditioning controlled by an iPad, mobile room keys, complimentary Wi-Fi

Book your stay in one of these hotels and enjoy the modern amenities while still being in close proximity to the Old Town, the perfect combination for your stay in Krakow!

best hotels in Krakow for visiting Old Town

Family-Friendly Hotels Near Krakow Old Town

Traveling with your family to Krakow? No problem! We’ve got you covered with our list of family-friendly hotels located in close proximity to the Old Town.

These hotels offer spacious rooms, amenities to keep your children entertained, and easy access to family-friendly attractions. Some of our top picks include:

Hotel Name Description Location
Hotel Amber Spacious family rooms with free Wi-Fi, pet-friendly, on-site restaurant Centrum district, 5-minute walk to Old Town
Novotel Krakow City West Family rooms with sofa beds, on-site game room, outdoor playground Krowodrza district, 15-minute drive to Old Town
Andel’s by Vienna House Cracow Family rooms with extra beds available, on-site restaurant, pet-friendly Stare Miasto district, 10-minute walk to Old Town

Take the stress out of your family vacation by staying in one of these family-friendly hotels near the Old Town. Your kids will thank you!

Hotels with Cultural Heritage Near Krakow Old Town

Are you a history buff? Do you want to stay in a hotel that captures the rich cultural heritage of Krakow? Look no further than the following hotels near the Old Town:

The Bonerowski Palace

Located in a beautifully restored 14th-century palace, The Bonerowski Palace offers luxurious accommodations with a touch of history. From its Gothic facade to the vaulted ceilings and antique furnishings, this hotel transports you back in time while still providing modern amenities.

Hotel Copernicus

Named after the famous astronomer who studied in Krakow, Hotel Copernicus is situated in a 14th-century building adjacent to the Royal Castle. The hotel features original frescoes, Gothic arches, and Renaissance-era paintings, providing a truly immersive historical experience.

Hotel Wentzl

Housed in a 15th-century building in the heart of Krakow’s Old Town, Hotel Wentzl combines contemporary elegance with traditional elements. The hotel’s location on the Main Market Square provides easy access to historical landmarks, and its rooms feature antique furnishings and paintings, giving guests a glimpse into Krakow’s past.

Tip: To fully immerse yourself in Krakow’s cultural heritage, take advantage of the guided tours offered by these hotels to learn more about the history and significance of the surrounding areas.

These hotels offer more than just a place to stay – they provide an opportunity to fully appreciate Krakow’s rich cultural history. Book your stay today and experience the true essence of this enchanting city.

Tips for Choosing the Right Hotel with Old Town Access

When it comes to finding the perfect hotel for your visit to Krakow’s Old Town, location is key. Consider these tips and factors to ensure you’re selecting the best option for your needs:

1. Proximity to Old Town

The most important factor in choosing a hotel for Old Town adventures is proximity. You want to be able to easily access the attractions and landmarks without having to journey too far. Consider accommodations that are within walking distance or with easy access to public transportation.

2. Budget-Friendly Options

While luxury hotels may offer enticing amenities, they can quickly drain your budget. Be sure to choose an accommodation that fits within your financial means, allowing you to enjoy the city without breaking the bank. Check out budget-friendly lodging options for Old Town proximity Krakow to save money without sacrificing location or quality.

3. Hotel Amenities

Before making your booking, take some time to explore what amenities the hotel offers. From modern facilities to family-friendly activities, these factors can add extra value and convenience to your stay.

4. Reviews and Ratings

When in doubt, turn to the experiences and opinions of others. Look for hotels that have good reviews and ratings to ensure positive experiences and avoid disappointments. This is especially helpful when considering lesser-known hotels or new accommodations.

Tip: Don’t rely solely on the overall rating, but also take the time to read individual reviews to get a more well-rounded understanding of the hotel’s strengths and weaknesses.

5. Hotel Brand and Reputation

Well-known hotel brands often offer consistent quality and service, making them a safe choice for your stay. However, boutique hotels can also provide unique and intimate experiences. Do your research on the hotel’s reputation to make an informed decision.

6. Additional Considerations

Finally, consider any additional factors that may impact your stay, such as pet policies, smoking restrictions, or accessibility for those with disabilities. These details can impact the comfort and enjoyment of your stay, so be sure to choose a hotel that fits your unique needs.

Explore Old Town Krakow

As one of Europe’s most well-preserved medieval cities, Old Town Krakow offers a unique historical charm that captivates its visitors. While exploring the Old Town, make sure to visit the Rynek Główny, the largest medieval market square in Europe, and Wawel Castle, the former residence of Polish kings that features breathtaking architecture and art.

Another fascinating place to visit is the Jewish Quarter Kazimierz, where you can learn about the history and culture of Jewish residents in Krakow before World War II. Make sure to also visit the Sukiennice, the Cloth Hall that has been a center of trade for centuries. It now houses the Gallery of 19th Century Polish Art, and displays works by famous artists such as Jacek Malczewski and Władysław Podkowiński.

best accommodation options in Krakow

After a day of exploring Old Town Krakow, return to your comfortable and conveniently located accommodations. With our guide to the best hotels for Old Town access, you can find the perfect hotel to compliment your Krakow adventure.


With a plethora of lodging options within walking distance of Krakow’s Old Town, you are spoiled for choice. Remember to consider your budget, preferred amenities, and proximity to major attractions when selecting your accommodation.

Once you’ve settled into your hotel, be sure to explore the enchanting streets of the Old Town. From the iconic Wawel Castle to the bustling Market Square, there’s plenty to discover.

Whether you’re seeking luxury accommodations, budget-friendly options, or a unique boutique stay, Krakow has it all. Choose the right hotel for your needs and prepare for an unforgettable visit to this charming city.