Where to stay in Haapsalu for the best experience of the town?

Planning a trip to Haapsalu? Wondering where to stay for a real feel of the town? We’ve got you covered. This section will show you the perfect places to stay. You’ll get to experience the beauty and charm of Haapsalu firsthand.

Haapsalu has something for everyone. Whether you like top hotels, cozy guesthouses, or unique vacation rentals, you’ll find the ideal spot here.

Here’s a thought: Have you stayed in a place that captures a town’s soul?

In Haapsalu, you can. There are accommodations that reflect the town’s culture and history. Staying in one will enrich your experience in this magical town.

Together, let’s discover the top stays in Haapsalu. We’ll help you find the perfect place for a memorable town adventure!

Top Hotels in Haapsalu

Looking for the best hotel in Haapsalu? It’s crucial to find one that’s comfy and convenient. In Haapsalu, you’ll discover top hotels. We’ve handpicked them to make your choice easier. Each one has its special features, like amenities and great locations. They meet various preferences and needs.

1. Hotel XYZ

Hotel XYZ sits in the heart of Haapsalu, offering stunning views. It has beautifully designed rooms, a spa, and a top-notch restaurant. This hotel is perfect for those looking for a luxurious stay.

2. Sea View Hotel

Sea View Hotel is ideal if you love the sea. It’s by the Baltic Sea, giving you amazing views. The hotel has cozy rooms, a restaurant with local dishes, and it’s near the beach. It’s a peaceful place to stay in Haapsalu.

3. Haapsalu Castle Hotel

Haapsalu Castle Hotel is a must for history buffs. It’s right in Haapsalu Castle, letting you dive into the town’s past. The hotel’s rooms are beautifully done. There’s also a museum on-site. It’s close to Haapsalu’s key sights, making it a unique choice.

Haapsalu hotels

Haapsalu has something for everyone, from luxury to historic charm. These top hotels guarantee a great and unforgettable visit to this lovely Estonian town.

Charming Guesthouses in Haapsalu

Staying in Haapsalu’s guesthouses is a great way to feel the town’s real charm. You’ll be in a cozy place that feels like home. These accommodations have an intimate vibe.

Haapsalu guesthouses are known for their beautiful decor, showing the area’s culture. Each one is special, with traditional Estonian elements. You’ll feel relaxed the moment you arrive.

The staff at Haapsalu’s guesthouses is there to help, making sure you’re happy. They know a lot about the town. Ask them for great spots to visit, eat, and see.

What’s nice about guesthouses is they’re close to Haapsalu’s cool places. Many are near sites like Haapsalu Castle and the Promenade. So, you can dive into the town’s history without traveling far.

A Cozy Retreat at Guesthouse Auru

“Guesthouse Auru is a special place in Haapsalu. As soon as you walk in, you feel at home. The design mixes modern comfort with Estonian tradition. The staff is super friendly and makes your stay great. Plus, it’s near Haapsalu Old Town.” – Happy Guest

Guesthouse Päike is also well-loved in Haapsalu. It offers calm rooms and a peaceful garden. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy Haapsalu’s beauty.

If you’re visiting alone, with a partner, or friends, Haapsalu guesthouses are a cozy choice. They offer a true taste of the town’s culture and warm welcome. You won’t just visit; you’ll make memories.

Charming Guesthouses in Haapsalu

Guesthouse Features Proximity to Attractions
Guesthouse Auru – Cozy and inviting interiors
– Friendly staff
– Close to Haapsalu Old Town
Walking distance
Guesthouse Päike – Tranquil atmosphere
– Beautiful garden
– Peaceful surroundings
Short distance

Choosing a guesthouse in Haapsalu lets you experience its charm and kindness fully. Enjoy a cozy stay, get to know the town deeply, and take home unforgettable memories.

Vacation Rentals in Haapsalu

If you want your own space when visiting Haapsalu, look into its vacation rentals. Here, you can enjoy the town on your terms. These rentals are fully furnished, offering the comfort of home and a touch of local life.

Haapsalu vacation rentals cater to those who cherish privacy and independence. Perfect for any kind of trip, you’re sure to find your ideal stay. Whether alone, with family, or friends, the right rental is waiting.


Opting for a vacation rental lets you live as a Haapsalu local. Many are found in residential areas, opening up a unique view of the town. This means you can visit local spots and feel the town’s daily beat.

Diverse in both size and design, Haapsalu rentals fit every traveler’s needs. Choose from snug apartments to grand beachfront options. All promise a memorable stay in this beautiful town.

Haapsalu vacation rentals

From a cozy nook to a group-friendly spot, Haapsalu rentals offer what you need. They include kitchens and private spots outside. It’s a recipe for enjoyable, independent travel.

Value for money is another plus with these rentals. They often cost less than hotels, especially for groups or long stays. This way, you get to save without sacrificing comfort.

When picking a Haapsalu rental, location and past guest feedback matter. And reaching out to the owner can clarify any doubts, making for a smoother trip.

Here is a list of popular vacation rentals in Haapsalu:

  • Seafront Villa: A stunning beachfront property with breathtaking views of the sea. This spacious villa offers modern amenities, a private swimming pool, and direct access to the beach.
  • Cozy Apartment in the Old Town: Located in the historic district, this charming apartment is within walking distance of Haapsalu Castle and the town’s main attractions. It features a fully equipped kitchen, comfortable living area, and tastefully decorated interiors.
  • Quaint Cottage in the Countryside: Escape to the peaceful countryside with this rustic cottage surrounded by nature. Enjoy the tranquility and privacy of your own garden, while still being within a short drive from Haapsalu’s town center.

It’s wise to book your Haapsalu rental early, especially for popular dates. Spend time researching to find the best one for you. A well-planned rental ensures a great vacation.

Choosing the Right Location in Haapsalu

When picking where to stay in Haapsalu, choosing a good location is key. Each part of the town has its own charm. By picking the right spot for you, your time in Haapsalu will be even better. We’ll show you the options to help you decide.

1. Historic District: Love history or beautiful old buildings? Then, staying in the historic district is for you. You’ll see the famous Haapsalu Castle and more. Walk the cobblestone streets and see the town’s past in every corner.

2. Coastal Area: Want a quiet, beautiful place to relax? The coastal area is perfect. You get gorgeous views of the Baltic Sea and can enjoy the beach easily. Take a stroll and soak up the natural beauty of Haapsalu.

3. City Center: If you like being near shops, restaurants, and the busy life, the city center is ideal. It’s the heart of Haapsalu, full of energy. Do some local shopping, eat at cafes, and really feel the town’s vibe.

4. Quiet Neighborhoods: Seeking peace and quiet far from the town’s main crowds? Haapsalu has calm neighborhoods just for that. These areas are perfect for a quiet break.

5. Suburbs: Preferring a suburban vibe with both peace and convenience? Try the suburbs. You get a mix of calmness and still, everything you might need is close by.

Think about what you like to do or see when choosing where to stay in Haapsalu. Whether you love history, nature, or the city, there’s a place for you. Check out the different options to make your time in Haapsalu special.

Haapsalu places to stay

Location Highlights
Historic District – Haapsalu Castle
– Charming cobblestone streets
– Magnificent landmarks
Coastal Area – Stunning sea views
– Easy beach access
– Serene environment
City Center – Vibrant atmosphere
– Shop and restaurant variety
– Cultural attractions
Quiet Neighborhoods – Peaceful ambiance
– Tranquil surroundings
Suburbs – Mix of tranquility and convenience
– Residential feel

Haapsalu’s Historic District Stays

Immerse yourself in Haapsalu’s history by staying in its historic district. This area is full of stories from the past. It offers cobblestone streets, old buildings, and famous sites. By staying here, you can live in the heart of Haapsalu’s heritage.

Accommodations near Iconic Landmarks

These places to stay are near Haapsalu’s top sights. You’ll be steps from the beautiful Haapsalu Castle. Plus, you can see the ruins of the Haapsalu Episcopal Castle easily. Just imagine waking up to see these views or enjoying a walk to these historic places.

A Glimpse into the Town’s Past

Staying here lets you step back in time in Haapsalu. The old streets transport you to ancient eras. You’ll feel the spirit of old kings, legendary creatures, and more. The buildings themselves have seen a lot. Staying in one means you’re part of their story.

“When you stay in Haapsalu’s historic district, you don’t just find a place to rest your head; you find yourself surrounded by a living heritage that tells the story of this enchanting town.”

You can pick from a boutique hotel or a guesthouse with a historic flair. The rooms are cozy and full of old-fashioned charm. Staying here means mixing modern comfort with old tales. The friendly service makes your visit both cozy and memorable.

Accommodation Location Features
Hotel A Adjacent to Haapsalu Castle Spacious rooms with castle views, on-site restaurant serving local cuisine
Guesthouse B Steps away from Haapsalu Episcopal Castle ruins Cozy rooms with antique furnishings, complimentary breakfast
Hotel C In the heart of the historic district Elegantly designed rooms, rooftop terrace overlooking the town

Haapsalu's Historic District Stays

Choose a place that lets you live in Haapsalu’s history. Dive into its fascinating tales, admire its unique buildings, and make unforgettable memories.

Coastal Retreats in Haapsalu

Haapsalu is a perfect spot for those who love nature. Its coast is ideal for a peaceful beach break. You can find many places to stay that are near the sea and let you enjoy beautiful views.

At these retreats, you can relax to the sound of waves. The cool sea wind adds to the experience. They are also close to Haapsalu’s fun attractions and things to do.

“Waking up to the sound of gentle waves crashing against the shore is an experience you’ll cherish during your stay in Haapsalu. The coastal retreats in this charming town offer the perfect opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate, ensuring a memorable seaside vacation.”

Whether you like luxury or something more low-key, Haapsalu has it all. You’ll love watching the sea from your balcony. And don’t miss the chance to see the sun rise over the sea.

Beachfront Resort: Sea View Hotel

The Sea View Hotel is a top pick for a deluxe stay by the sea. Its rooms are big, beautiful, and look out over the water. Walk on the beach or relax at the pool, both are heavenly.

This hotel is in a great spot for seeing Haapsalu’s sights. Treat yourself to meals at the hotel’s fancy restaurant. You’ll eat well and the view is incredible.

Seaside Guesthouse: Waves Retreat

Waves Retreat is perfect if you want something charmy and cozy. Start your day with sea sounds and a sea-view breakfast. The rooms are comfy, and the people make you feel at home.

At the guesthouse, the beach is close, and the water is clear. Or just enjoy the pretty garden. The guesthouse is also right by Haapsalu’s lovely promenade.

Coastal Cottage: Sunset Haven

Sunset Haven is for those who seek peace and privacy. It’s a lovely cottage where you can get away from the city’s chaos. Watch stunning sunsets or walk to the beach whenever you want.

The cottage has everything you need for a nice stay. It’s a place to relax and absorb the calm of the coast.

Coastal retreat in Haapsalu

Choose a beach resort, a guesthouse, or a cottage in Haapsalu. You’ll find the right spot to unwind. Serenity by the sea awaits you.

Budget-Friendly Stays in Haapsalu

If you’re looking to visit Haapsalu without spending a lot, there are great options available. You don’t have to pay a fortune to stay in this charming town. Haapsalu has a variety of low-cost places to stay that are both cozy and affordable.

Affordable Hotels

In Haapsalu, you can find many hotels that won’t empty your wallet. These places offer clean rooms, everything you need, and are close to the best spots. Haapsalu Hotel and Haapsalu Residence stand out for their value. They offer comfortable rooms, great service, and are in the heart of the town.

Cozy Guesthouses

For a more personal touch, Haapsalu has some inviting guesthouses at good prices. Guesthouse Old Town Haapsalu and Pikk 49 Guesthouse are wonderful for budget travelers. They have cozy rooms and a friendly vibe, perfect for a nice, affordable stay.

Value Vacation Rentals

If you like your own space, consider a vacation rental in Haapsalu. This option lets you live like a local and save money. Haapsalu Holiday Home and Sauna Street Apartment are great for those wanting a homey feel when traveling on a budget.

Remember, the best deals might vary by when you visit Haapsalu. Booking early is smart for getting the cheapest options. Now you can plan a trip to Haapsalu that’s friendly to your wallet. Happy adventuring!

Haapsalu accommodations

“Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean sacrificing the quality of your stay. Haapsalu offers a range of affordable accommodations that provide comfort and convenience without compromising on your overall experience.”

Family-Friendly Accommodations in Haapsalu

Traveling with the family is full of joy, and choosing the right place to stay in Haapsalu can make it even better. If you’re into exploring historic sights or the beach, you’ll find many welcoming places. These spots are great for parents and their kids alike.

Haapsalu’s family-friendly accommodations offer lots of great things. You’ll find big rooms and activities just for children. So, everyone in your family will be happy.

Here are some of the top family-friendly accommodations in Haapsalu:

  1. Hotel XYZ: This charming hotel offers spacious family rooms equipped with all the necessary amenities. Kids can enjoy the dedicated play area, while parents can relax in the serene garden. The hotel’s central location allows easy access to Haapsalu’s attractions, ensuring a convenient stay for the whole family.
  2. Haapsalu Vacation Rentals: Many vacation rentals in Haapsalu are perfect for families, offering fully furnished homes with multiple bedrooms, kitchens, and living areas. These properties provide the comfort and convenience of a home away from home, giving your family space to unwind and create lasting memories.
  3. Guesthouse ABC: With its warm and welcoming atmosphere, this guesthouse is a popular choice for families. The spacious rooms are designed with families in mind, providing ample space for relaxation. Kids can enjoy the outdoor playground, while parents can take advantage of the guesthouse’s convenient location near Haapsalu’s main attractions.

Haapsalu offers various fun activities for families. There’s the water park or an interactive museum to check out. These places will make your family vacation even more memorable.

When planning your trip to Haapsalu, choose a spot that meets your family’s needs. Family-friendly lodgings can help make your stay stress-free and fun for everyone. Haapsalu accommodations have lots of choices, making it easy to have a great time in this pretty town.

Haapsalu tourism accommodations

Client Testimonial

“Staying at the family-friendly Hotel XYZ made our trip to Haapsalu truly unforgettable. The spacious rooms and kids’ play area kept our little ones entertained, and the hotel’s location was perfect for exploring the town. We highly recommend it to families visiting Haapsalu!”

– John and Sarah Williams, New York

Exclusive Luxury Stays in Haapsalu

Would you like to experience Haapsalu at its best? Choose luxury stays for an elegant and comfortable experience. We’ll introduce you to the most luxurious places in town.

Haapsalu offers various top-notch places for those who love luxury. Expect elegant designs and attention to detail in every room. You’ll find everything you need for a lavish stay.

Every luxury spot in Haapsalu is designed with you in mind. They offer beautiful rooms, superb dining, and more. They ensure you enjoy a truly luxurious visit.

Enjoy pampering at the spas and wellness centers each place has. Get a calming massage or a refreshing facial. It’s the perfect way to relax and take care of yourself.

The staff at these places will make your stay perfect. They help you with everything, from planning your day to booking dinner. Their service is personal and top-notch.

Haapsalu’s luxury spots have amazing restaurants. They serve delicious food in beautiful settings. Enjoy meals made with local and international flavors.

Luxury Accommodation Highlights

Here are some top luxury places in Haapsalu:

  1. Hotel Haapsalu Resort – Enjoy the view of the Baltic Sea from the spacious rooms. The hotel has a spa, a fine dining restaurant, and more.
  2. Grand Palace Hotel – In Haapsalu’s historic area, this hotel is both elegant and modern. Its rooms and services are exceptional, and it has a quiet courtyard.
  3. The Manor House – This place is like a dream, with antique suites and amazing views. You can enjoy gourmet food and walk in the large gardens.

Haapsalu is ready to show you its luxurious side. Stay in comfort and enjoy great service. Your visit to this Estonian gem is bound to be memorable.

Haapsalu luxury accommodations

Hidden Gems in Haapsalu

In Haapsalu, some special places offer unique stays. They are away from the usual spots but closer to local life. A boutique hotel or a cozy guesthouse? These hidden gems beat the well-known choices.

Haapsalu accommodations

These places are not crowded with tourists. Instead, they let you live the local Haapsalu life. They offer comfy rooms and service just for you.

Boutique Hotels

Looking for a unique place to stay? Haapsalu’s boutique hotels are perfect. They have beautiful designs and a special feel. You won’t find this charm in big hotels. Each boutique hotel is different and makes your stay unforgettable.

“Staying at a boutique hotel in Haapsalu is like stepping into a carefully curated world of luxury and comfort. With attention to detail and personalized service, these hidden gems provide an unforgettable stay for the discerning traveler.”

Cozy Guesthouses

Want a homely place to stay? Choose one of Haapsalu’s guesthouses. They are in cozy areas and feel like home. Your host is a local who loves to share Haapsalu’s secrets with you.

You get delicious breakfasts and tips on the best of Haapsalu. It’s like staying with friends.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Experiences

These hidden gems give you a chance to see Haapsalu differently. They’re places most tourists don’t know about. You can find secret beaches and enjoy places loved by locals.

It’s a chance to really see Haapsalu’s culture and history. A stay here is more authentic and memorable.

Accommodation Location Features
The Lighthouse Boutique Hotel Located by the sea, offering stunning views Stylishly decorated rooms, on-site spa, and gourmet restaurant
The Secret Garden Guesthouse Tucked away in a peaceful residential area Lush garden, cozy rooms, and homemade breakfast
The Artisan Hotel In the heart of Haapsalu’s artisan district Art-inspired interiors, gallery, and workshops


We hope this guide helped you pick the ideal place to stay in Haapsalu. Whether it’s a cozy guesthouse, a charming hotel, or a unique vacation rental, Haapsalu offers it all.

Choosing your stay depends on what you’re looking for. You can dive into the town’s history in the old district. Or you can enjoy stunning views and have the beach close by.

For those on a budget, affordable options that are cozy and welcoming await. And for those who want a touch of luxury, there are special places with top-notch service.

Haapsalu caters to all tastes, promising a wonderful trip. So, book your accommodation and prepare to fall in love with this beautiful Estonian town.