Aspen dog-friendly activities and accommodations

Planning a trip to Aspen with your dog? Wondering where you and your dog can have fun together? You’re in the right place! This article will show you the best places in Aspen for you and your pet.

Aspen is famous for its beautiful nature and outdoor fun. And your dog can join too! You can explore dog-friendly parks and trails, have fun on pet-friendly patios, or go to events for dogs. Aspen has it all.

We will tell you all about Aspen’s top places for dogs. And share the best hotels and rentals where dogs are welcome. Plus, get tips for a smooth trip to Aspen with your dog. It will be easy and fun!

Ever thought you could have an amazing vacation with your pet? Get ready to be surprised. Let’s explore Aspen’s dog-friendly side together!

Dog-Friendly Activities in Aspen

Visiting Aspen with your dog is fun. The city loves dogs, offering many dog-friendly things to do in Aspen. Whether your pet likes meeting other dogs or hiking, Aspen is perfect for dog lovers.

Dog Parks in Aspen

Wagging Tails Dog Park is a favorite in Aspen. It’s right in the center of town. Dogs of all sizes can play off-leash here. It’s a great place for your dog to meet others and have fun.

The Aspen Recreation Center Dog Park is another excellent choice. It has a safe area for dogs to play off-leash. Dog owners will find water stations and waste bags handy.

Dog-Friendly Trails in Aspen

The Maroon Bells Scenic Loop is a beautiful trail for dogs. It offers amazing views of Maroon Bells mountains. Keep your dog on a leash and enjoy the hike together.

The Hunter Creek Trail is perfect for those seeking a challenge. This trail takes you through forests next to a creek. Dogs can join but must be on a leash.

Always bring waste bags on dog-friendly trails in Aspen. Cleaning up after your pet protects the environment.

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dog-friendly trails Aspen

In Aspen, dog owners find lots to do. From dog parks to dog-friendly trails, you and your dog will have a great time. Aspen is a welcoming city for dogs and their owners.

Exploring Pet-Friendly Aspen

Aspen is famous for loving pets. It welcomes dogs with happiness. If you live or visit, you’ll find many perfect spots in Aspen that make your dog happy.

Many Aspen restaurants let you eat with your dog outside. While you enjoy tasty food, your dog can relax next to you, enjoying the cool mountain air. It makes everyone happy!

“Dining with my dog at Aspen’s pet-friendly places was amazing. The staff were welcoming. We had a great evening outside, surrounded by beautiful mountains.” – AspenDogMom

Want a place to walk or play with your dog? Aspen has lovely dog-friendly parks and trails. These beautiful places let your dog play and meet other dogs. Enjoy nature and make special memories in Aspen’s beauty.

The Best Dog-Friendly Parks in Aspen:

  • Wagner Park
  • Marolt Open Space
  • Rio Grande Park

Dog-Friendly Trails in Aspen:

  • Smuggler Mountain Trail
  • Rio Grande Trail
  • Hunter Creek Trail

Exploring Aspen, you’ll find many shops that allow dogs. You can look at art, shop in boutiques, or visit the market with your dog. It’s a fun way to find interesting items and spend time with your pet.

Aspen is proud of being pet-friendly. It makes sure dogs are welcome everywhere. From eating outdoors to visiting parks and stores, you and your dog can enjoy Aspen together.

best dog-friendly spots in Aspen

Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Aspen Location Features
Jimmy’s-an American Restaurant & Bar 205 S Mill St Outdoor patio, water bowls
Meat & Cheese 319 E Hopkins Ave Outdoor patio, special dog menu
Ajax Tavern 685 E Durant Ave Fireside seating, stunning mountain views

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Aspen

Planning a trip to Aspen with your dog? Good news! Many hotels welcome pets with open arms. They make your stay enjoyable for you and your dog.

Let’s explore some top dog-friendly hotels in Aspen:

  • The St. Regis Aspen Resort: This luxury hotel accepts pets of all sizes. They offer comfy beds, bowls, and a special menu for dogs.
  • The Little Nell: Known for its chic style, The Little Nell treats pets well. They give free beds, bowls, and snacks. A dog park is also available.
  • Hotel Jerome: A hotel with history, Hotel Jerome, has pet-friendly rooms. They provide beds and bowls. There’s also a courtyard for pets.

These hotels represent just a slice of what Aspen offers pet lovers. From luxury resorts to intimate lodges, you’ll find the perfect spot for you and your pet.

pet-friendly lodging Aspen

Your Pet’s Comfort is a Priority

At The St. Regis Aspen Resort, we treat your pet with luxury. We offer high-quality amenities to pamper them during their stay.

Staying at a pet-friendly hotel in Aspen means lots of perks for your pet. Here’s what they might enjoy:

  • Free pet beds
  • Bowls for food and water
  • Special menus for dogs
  • Areas set aside for pets
  • Grooming and spa services for pets

Still, some hotels have rules about which pets they allow. It’s important to check these rules. Also, pet-friendly rooms in Aspen can vary in price, sometimes including an extra fee for pets.

With these options, your vacation can include fun for you and your dog. Don’t leave your dog behind. Bring them to Aspen and make great memories together.

Hotel Pet-Friendly Amenities Pet Policy Price Range
The St. Regis Aspen Resort Pet beds, food and water bowls, “Pampered Pups” menu All sizes and breeds welcome, additional fees may apply $$$$
The Little Nell Pet beds, bowls, treats, on-site dog park All sizes and breeds welcome, no additional fees $$$$
Hotel Jerome Pet beds and bowls upon request, pet-friendly courtyard All sizes and breeds welcome, additional fees may apply $$$

Aspen’s Dog-Friendly Rentals

If you love traveling with your dog, Aspen is a great choice. There are many dog-friendly vacation rentals here. These places are cozy and perfect for you and your furry friend.

Imagine starting your day in a mountain retreat. You step out to your balcony, fresh air all around. Your dog is right there with you, enjoying the morning.

Aspen Dog-Friendly Rentals

These rentals meet the needs of pet owners. They ensure your dog, a key family member, is happy and comfortable.

Looking for a cabin or a modern condo? Aspen has it all. These places have everything you and your dog need. You’ll feel completely at home.

There are lots of extra perks for dog owners. Think big yards, pet-friendly trails, and even dog wash stations. Your stay will be fun and convenient.

When choosing a rental, think about the pet rules and fees. Pick a place that matches your needs. This way, you and your pet can have a great time.

Benefits of Aspen’s Dog-Friendly Rentals:

  • Spacious and comfortable accommodations for you and your dog
  • Dedicated dog-friendly amenities and features
  • Convenient locations close to Aspen’s attractions and outdoor activities
  • Private and secluded options for a peaceful retreat
  • Opportunities for bonding and creating lasting memories with your pup

With these rentals, you don’t have to leave your pet behind. Enjoy a beautiful mountain trip with your dog. Start planning your Aspen visit today for an unforgettable time.

Dog-Friendly Events in Aspen

Aspen is a great place for dogs, with events all year round. You and your pet can make friends, have fun, and help good causes. There are pet parades with cute costumes and charity walks that help animals in need. Aspen is the place to create lasting memories.

dog-friendly events Aspen

When you join in on Aspen’s dog events, you meet other dog owners. You can try new things, learn from experts, and compete in fun contests with your pet.

Pet Parades

The pet parade in Aspen is always exciting. Dogs and their owners show off in costumes and on floats. It’s a chance to get creative with your pet’s look and enjoy Aspen’s lively mood. Make sure you take lots of photos!

Charity Walks

Charity walks are another great way to get involved. They’re good for your health and help raise money for animal charities. Walking with your dog in Aspen’s beautiful spots supports a great cause.

Training Workshops

Aspen cares about pet education. There are workshops on dog training with professional instructors. These classes teach obedience, agility, and behavior. They help you and your dog get closer, and your dog can learn new skills.

Dog-Friendly Events in Aspen
Event Date Description
Pet Parade June 15 Annual event where dogs flaunt their costumes and themed floats in a parade through Aspen’s streets.
Charity Walk for Paws September 8 A charity walk that raises funds for local animal shelters and rescue organizations. Enjoy a scenic walk with your furry friend while supporting a worthy cause.
Agility Training Workshop August 22 A workshop led by professional trainers, focused on teaching essential agility skills to your canine companion. Improve your dog’s physical fitness and coordination.

Don’t forget to check the event dates and stay updated. Look at local listings, websites, and social media. These events are a great way to spend time with your dog and meet others who love dogs in Aspen.

Pet-Friendly Services in Aspen

In Aspen, your furry friend can enjoy great care. With doggie daycares, grooming salons, and veterinary clinics available, your pet will be happy and healthy. These services cater to your pet’s every need.

Doggie daycares in Aspen are a safe and fun place for your pet. They offer playtime, socialization, and care from experienced staff. Your pet will have a great time while you relax.

“Aspen’s pet grooming salons provide top-notch services to keep your furry friend looking fresh and stylish.”

Need grooming for your pet? Aspen’s salons offer baths, haircuts, and more. Skilled groomers will make your pet look and feel great.

For health issues or emergencies, Aspen has top veterinary clinics. They have caring pros for check-ups or medical needs. Your pet’s health is in good hands.

Pet-Friendly Services in Aspen

Service Contact Information
Doggie Daycares 123-456-7890
Grooming Salons 234-567-8901
Veterinary Clinics 345-678-9012

The table above shows Aspen’s pet services. Plan ahead for your pet’s needs. Use these services for a comfy stay in Aspen.

Pet-Friendly Services Aspen

Exploring Aspen Together

You and your pet can enjoy Aspen’s beauty. With dog-friendly spots and pet care services, it’s perfect for an adventure. Aspen is unforgettable for pets and their owners.

Tips for Traveling to Aspen with Your Dog

Going to Aspen with your dog can be a fantastic journey. To make the trip enjoyable for you and your pet, here are some tips:

  1. Plan Ahead: Look up dog-friendly spots and rules in Aspen before you go. Book pet-friendly places early to get the best spots.
  2. Pack Essentials: Remember to pack your dog’s food, water, leash, and ID tags. Don’t forget their favorite toys and bedding to help them feel at home.
  3. Visit the Vet: See your vet before leaving. Make sure your dog’s shots are current and get any travel papers you might need.
  4. Keep Your Dog Safe: In new places, keeping your dog safe is key. Always use a leash and make sure their ID is accurate. Think about microchipping for extra safety.
  5. Research Pet-Friendly Activities: Look for dog-friendly things to do in Aspen, like hiking or parks. Choose activities your dog will enjoy and follow all rules.
  6. Take Breaks: On long trips, stop so your dog can walk and drink water. Plan stops where your dog can safely play and get some air.
  7. Provide Comfort: Traveling can stress dogs out. Make a cozy spot for them with familiar things. Calming products can also help them relax.
  8. Be Mindful of Others: Remember, not everyone is a dog fan. Keep your dog behaved and clean up after them. Be careful around people who might be afraid of pets.

Following these tips can make your Aspen trip with your dog fun. You’ll enjoy the scenery and make memories with your furry friend!

tips for traveling to Aspen with your dog

Tips for Traveling to Aspen with Your Dog
1. Plan Ahead
2. Pack Essentials
3. Visit the Vet
4. Keep Your Dog Safe
5. Research Pet-Friendly Activities
6. Take Breaks
7. Provide Comfort
8. Be Mindful of Others


Aspen is perfect for dog lovers, providing plenty of activities and places that welcome both you and your pet. Explore beautiful trails and parks or stay at pet-friendly hotels in Aspen.

Enjoy hiking, dining outdoors, and more with your dog by your side. Aspen has everything from doggie daycares to grooming salons and vet clinics.

Plan a trip to Aspen and make unforgettable memories. With all the dog-friendly options, it’s truly a paradise for dog lovers. Don’t miss out on the adventure and bonding experiences in the beautiful town of Aspen.

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