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Planning a trip to Plovdiv, Bulgaria, can be exciting. Are you looking for plovdiv budget accommodation that doesn’t skimp on quality or location? You are in the right place. We’ve listed the best affordable lodging Plovdiv has. It’s time to find the most comfortable and affordable places to stay!

Finding affordable lodging is a top concern for many travelers. Luckily, Plovdiv offers many options that won’t empty your wallet. You can choose from budget hotels, guesthouses, and even low-cost sleep places. There’s something for everyone’s budget in this city.

We’ll check out budget hotels in Plovdiv that go above and beyond for your comfort. We’ll also explore affordable guesthouses with a warm, welcoming vibe. And don’t worry, we’ll look into low-cost places to sleep like hostels too. Everyone deserves a great place to stay in Plovdiv without spending too much.

Ready to start your amazing journey in Plovdiv without going over your budget? Let’s find the ideal affordable lodging Plovdiv can offer you!

Budget Hotels in Plovdiv

If you’re looking for a way to visit Plovdiv without spending too much, you’re in luck. Plovdiv has many budget hotels that are both comfy and cheap. These spots are perfect for those who want to keep costs down but still enjoy quality and convenience.

Hotel Plovdiv is one such option. It’s right in the city center, offering clean, cozy rooms at a great price. You’ll be close to Plovdiv’s top spots, shopping, and places to eat. Plus, the kind folks at Hotel Plovdiv are always eager to help, making your stay pleasant.

Then, there’s Hotel Europa. It’s near the Old Town, offering snug rooms with all the modern perks. Its location helps you see Plovdiv’s historic places and culture spots without effort. The team at Hotel Europa aims to ensure your stay is both comfy and fun.

Looking for budget-friendly luxury? Check out Hotel Elite. It boasts chic rooms and extra perks like a gym and a rooftop with great city views. It’s close to places like the Roman Theatre and the Ancient Stadium. Hotel Elite offers a unique stay that blends luxury and savings.

So, whether you’re in Plovdiv for work or fun, these budget hotels are a smart choice. They let you explore the city without spending too much. Secure your spot at one of Plovdiv’s budget hotels for a delightful and economical travel experience.

budget hotels in Plovdiv

Hotel Location Price Range
Hotel Plovdiv City Center $50 – $80 per night
Hotel Europa Old Town $40 – $60 per night
Hotel Elite Near Roman Theatre $70 – $100 per night

Affordable Guesthouses in Plovdiv

If you’re on a tight budget, finding a place to stay in Plovdiv is not hard. You will be pleasantly surprised by the many affordable guesthouses. These places are charming and cozy, offering you a friendly environment to enjoy your trip without spending too much.

The Garden Retreat is one of these guesthouses. It’s in a peaceful area not far from the city center. The green scenery and comfortable rooms in this guesthouse are perfect for a quiet and affordable stay.

“The Garden Retreat was the perfect choice for our budget-friendly trip to Plovdiv. The serene ambiance combined with the warm hospitality of the staff made our stay truly memorable.” – Sarah T.

Another good choice is the Old Town Guesthouse in Plovdiv’s charming Old Town. It’s near the city’s historic spots and doesn’t cost a lot. This makes it perfect for those trying to save some money.

Want to meet other travelers? Consider the Cozy Corner Guesthouse. It has a shared kitchen and common areas. Here, guests get to know each other, creating a friendly vibe. Plus, the prices are very budget-friendly.

If you’re wondering about the costs, here’s a quick look at the rates of these guesthouses in Plovdiv:

Guesthouse Location Average Price per Night
The Garden Retreat Tranquil Neighborhood $40
Old Town Guesthouse Old Town $45
Cozy Corner Guesthouse Central Location $35

These places prove you can get a good deal without losing out on comfort or convenience. Whether you’re looking for peace, a central location, or to meet new people, you’ll find a perfect guesthouse in Plovdiv.

Affordable Guesthouses in Plovdiv

Staying at these affordable guesthouses means you can enjoy Plovdiv stress-free. Pick one of these economical options and discover the friendly side of Plovdiv without worrying about over-spending.

Low-Cost Places to Sleep in Plovdiv

Looking for affordable places to stay in Plovdiv? There are many options that don’t break the bank. Whether you’re watching your budget or saving for cool adventures, you’ll find a place that fits your wallet.

Hostels for the Budget Traveler

Hostels are perfect for those travelling on a budget. They offer comfy dorms at low prices. Staying at a hostel means meeting new friends and staying within your budget.


Consider the Plovdiv City Hostel for a good pick. It’s in the city center, close to interesting places and food joints. This hostel has both dorms and private rooms that won’t empty your pockets.

Budget-Friendly Accommodations for Every Need

Besides hostels, you’ll find other affordable spots in Plovdiv. There are guesthouses and hotels that won’t strain your finances. No need to worry about spending too much.

For more peace and comfort, the Old Plovdiv House is a great choice. It’s in the Old Town and has rooms with a Bulgarian touch. You can enjoy an authentic stay for a fair price.

Looking at hotels? You might like the Ibis Plovdiv. It’s part of a famous chain and offers modern rooms at good prices. The location is also handy, close to the city’s heart.

Accommodation Location Price Range
Plovdiv City Hostel Central $10 – $15 per night
Old Plovdiv House Old Town $30 – $40 per night
Ibis Plovdiv City Center $50 – $70 per night

Note: Prices may vary depending on the season and availability. It is advisable to check with the respective establishments for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Low-Cost Places to Sleep Plovdiv

In Plovdiv, finding cheap but great places to stay is easy. Whether you’re into hostels for the social vibe or prefer the calm of a guesthouse or hotel, there’s something for everyone’s budget. This opens up the city’s wonders to all visitors, not just those with big wallets.

Economic Accommodation in Plovdiv

If you’re heading to Plovdiv without breaking the bank, don’t worry. There are many budget-friendly places to stay. These economical options in Plovdiv don’t skimp on comfort or quality. They offer great value for your money.

One top pick for the budget-minded is Hotel Plovdiv. It sits right in the city’s center. Here, you’ll find cozy rooms at great prices. You get to use free Wi-Fi, have air conditioning, and sleep in a comfy bed. Everything you need for a good night’s rest while traveling.

The Plovdiv Guesthouse is another gem. It’s close to the city’s heart, offering affordable, quaint rooms. Stay here to feel the true Bulgarian welcome, without paying much. It stands out for its charm and friendly prices.

If you want an adventure, try Hostel Plovdiv. It’s fun and affordable. This hostel has shared and private rooms. Plus, you get to meet new friends and share travel stories. Perfect for those who love mixing and mingling!

Looking for a cozy, budget-friendly place in Plovdiv? These three spots strike a great balance between cost and quality. No matter your pick, be it a hotel, guesthouse, or hostel, expect a great stay without overspending.

Comparison of Economic Accommodation Options in Plovdiv

Accommodation Location Price Range Amenities
Hotel Plovdiv City Center $50-$80 per night Free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, ensuite bathroom
Plovdiv Guesthouse Near City Center $30-$50 per night Shared kitchen, common area, friendly staff
Hostel Plovdiv Central Location $15-$30 per night Dormitory rooms, communal areas, social events

Check out the comparison chart above. It shows how Plovdiv’s economical places cater to different needs and budgets. You can pick based on what matters most to you, be it the location, price, or a lively atmosphere. There’s something for everyone.

Economic Accommodation in Plovdiv

Picking economic stays means more money for exploring Plovdiv’s wonders. There’s a wide range of options to choose, fitting any travel style. So, get ready to dive into Plovdiv’s rich history and dynamic culture, all while keeping your budget happy.

Finding Affordable Plovdiv Lodging

When you’re planning a trip to Plovdiv, picking where to stay is key. You want a place that fits your budget yet is still comfy and good quality. Luckily, there are many ways to find a nice place to stay without spending too much.

Booking in Advance

Booking your room early is a smart move in Plovdiv. Early bookings often mean lower prices and special deals. Look out for early booking offers or quick flash sales on rooms. This way, you can enjoy a nice stay for less money.

Considering Off-Peak Seasons

Being flexible with when you visit can really save you money. If you don’t mind avoiding busy times, hotels are usually cheaper. This happens in the winter and on weekdays when there aren’t big events. Plus, you might find some great packages and discounts.

Utilizing Online Platforms and Travel Websites

Online sites and travel apps are gold mines for good deals. They let you see lots of places, check reviews, and even find exclusive offers. Places like Expedia,, and Airbnb are great for budget stays in Plovdiv. Don’t forget to use filters to find exactly what you need at the right price.

“By booking in advance, considering off-peak seasons, and utilizing online platforms, you can find affordable lodging options that meet your budget and expectations in Plovdiv.”

affordable lodging Plovdiv

Using these strategies, finding a budget-friendly place in Plovdiv becomes easier. Plan early, think about visiting in off-peak times, and check out online sites for the best deals. Saving money on your stay means more to spend on exploring Plovdiv’s lively culture and sights.

Exploring Plovdiv on a Budget

Visiting Plovdiv can be amazing and affordable. This guide will help you make the most of your trip without spending too much. You’ll find tips to save money while having a great time.

Affordable Attractions

In Plovdiv, there are many low-cost attractions. The Ancient Theatre of Philippopolis is a top pick. It’s a well-preserved Roman theatre. Besides its beauty, you can watch shows or enjoy the view for free.

The Kapana Creative District is also worth a visit. It’s full of art, shops, and cafes. Walk its narrow streets to find unique items. The district’s warm vibe makes exploring it fun and budget-friendly.

Budget-Friendly Dining

Eating well in Plovdiv doesn’t have to be expensive. Kapana has many budget-friendly eateries. You can enjoy local tastes without breaking the bank. Try traditional foods like banitsa and kavarma.

At the Central Market Hall, find affordable, fresh foods. It’s perfect for quick meals or snacks. This lets you eat out without spending a lot.

Public Transportation

Getting around Plovdiv on a budget is simple. The city has a good bus and tram system. You can reach many places cheaply, avoiding taxi costs.

Buying a daily or multi-day pass is a smart move. It saves money on transport. With these tickets, seeing places like the Old Town and the Ethnographic Museum is easy and economical.

cheap places to stay Plovdiv

Using Plovdiv’s budget-friendly sites and transport options, you can have a great time. Enjoy the city’s history, culture, and food without spending too much. It’s a great way to see Plovdiv on a budget.

Affordable Lodging Near Plovdiv’s Attractions

When you visit Plovdiv, finding a place to stay matters. Look for a place that won’t break the bank and is close to the fun stuff. Luckily, there’s lots of cheap lodgings near Plovdiv’s top sights.

Staying close to the action makes your Plovdiv trip better. You can explore history, enjoy the culture, and see the beautiful views. And you won’t have to spend too much time or money on getting around.

There’s something for everyone, from hotels to guesthouses, that won’t cost a lot. You’ll get cozy rooms, friendly service, and be close to what makes Plovdiv special.

Old Town

The Old Town in Plovdiv is full of old charm. It’s where you find historic sites and pretty streets. Choose to stay here to dive deep into the city’s history. You’ll be near old buildings, and there are affordable places to stay.

Ancient Theater

The Ancient Theater is famous in Plovdiv for its sound and views. Staying nearby means you can walk to the theater and other ruins. Enjoy the theater at night and explore the area during the day.

Kapana District

Kapana means “The Trap” and it’s a lively place in Plovdiv. It’s known for its creativity and cool spots. You can find cheap places to stay here. It’s perfect for those who love art, cafes, and shopping.

Area Lodging Options
Old Town Guesthouses and boutique hotels
Ancient Theater Hotels and guesthouses
Kapana District Budget-friendly accommodations

There’s affordable lodging near every main spot in Plovdiv. Pick a place that’s close, and you’ll save time and money. It’s a great way to have a wonderful trip in this great city.

affordable lodging Plovdiv

Tips for Saving Money During Your Stay in Plovdiv

In Plovdiv, you can save money and enjoy your stay without losing quality. We’ll show you how. You can follow these steps to keep your spending low while still having a great time.

1. Utilize Local Transportation

Save money by using Plovdiv’s buses and trams. They are not only cheap, but also convenient. These rides will take you to all the big spots and save you cash. Just buy your tickets from kiosks or the driver.

2. Seek Out Affordable Dining Options

Plovdiv has a lot of great food that won’t cost much. Little eateries, cafes, and street food places serve delicious Bulgarian food on a budget. You’ll get good amounts of food for not a lot of money.

3. Take Advantage of Discounts and Promotions

Look for special offers at places to visit, eat, and stay. Museums, galleries, and historical sites often have cheaper tickets on certain days. Hotels might give deals during slow times or for longer trips. Always ask about discounts to save money.

4. Consider Self-Catering Accommodations

Think about getting a place where you can cook, like an apartment. You can find local ingredients and make your own meals. This saves you from eating out all the time, and you’ll feel more at home.

5. Explore Free and Low-Cost Attractions

There’s a lot to do in Plovdiv that doesn’t cost much. Walk around the Old Town and see the parks and gardens. You can also just take a walk and see the city’s beautiful buildings. Plus, there are lots of events and festivals that are free or cheap.

Tips for Saving Money Benefits
Utilize Local Transportation Budget-friendly and convenient.
Seek Out Affordable Dining Options Enjoy delicious meals without overspending.
Take Advantage of Discounts and Promotions Savings on attractions, restaurants, and accommodations.
Consider Self-Catering Accommodations Flexibility to cook your own meals and save on dining expenses.
Explore Free and Low-Cost Attractions Experience the city’s culture and history without breaking the bank.

To make your money go further in Plovdiv, use these tips. You can enjoy your trip and keep your costs down with these simple steps.

budget-friendly accommodation options

Exploring Plovdiv’s Neighborhoods on a Budget

If you’re after budget stays in Plovdiv, check out its varied neighborhoods. Plovdiv’s neighborhoods each have their own charm and offer budget-friendly places to stay. You’ll find everything from historic spots to lively districts, ensuring there’s an option for you.

1. Old Town

The heart of Plovdiv is its Old Town, with its ancient streets and buildings. It’s home to guesthouses and hotels that offer an old-world experience at good prices. By staying here, you can live and breathe Plovdiv’s history, seeing places like the Roman Theatre.

2. Kapana

Kapana, which means “The Trap” in Bulgarian, was once overlooked but is now a hub of creativity. With its art, culture, and fun, it’s the place to find budget stays such as hostels. Dive into its vibrant atmosphere and check out its art and cafes to get a taste of Plovdiv’s innovative side.

3. City Center

For those looking to be near all the action without breaking the bank, Plovdiv’s City Center is ideal. It offers comfortable lodgings close to key sites like the Ancient Stadium. Here, you can easily explore Plovdiv’s gems from your affordable base.

4. Smirnenski

Want a quieter place that doesn’t cost a lot? Smirnenski, not far from the city center, is perfect. Enjoy a serene stay in accommodation that’s light on the wallet. It’s an excellent option for those who prefer peaceful surroundings but easy city access.

5. Trakiya

Trakiya is loved by both locals and tourists for its green parks and budget-friendly stays. It’s a peaceful area with affordable guesthouses and B&Bs. By staying here, you can relax in a quiet setting yet be close to Plovdiv’s sights.

best budget stays Plovdiv

Exploring Plovdiv’s neighborhoods on a budget means finding lodgings that are both affordable and enriching. Consider what matters most to you as you pick a place to stay in this lovely Bulgarian city.

Neighborhood Accommodation Options
Old Town Budget-friendly guesthouses and hotels
Kapana Affordable budget hotels and hostels
City Center Comfortable and affordable hotels and guesthouses
Smirnenski Affordable hotels and apartments
Trakiya Affordable guesthouses and bed and breakfasts


Finding cheap places to stay in Plovdiv lets you experience this lively city affordably. You’ll find every type of lodging, from budget hotels to guesthouses. This means there’s something for every kind of traveler.

Choosing economical places to stay in Plovdiv helps you save for exploring. This ancient city is filled with culture, history, and beautiful spots. You can visit the Old Town, the colorful Kapana district, and ancient ruins without spending too much.

Use the advice on finding good deals, spending less, and seeing Plovdiv without a huge budget. Plan your trip carefully. Consider visiting during quiet times and use local transport. This way, your journey will be both enjoyable and wallet-friendly.