How to get to Kragujevac from Belgrade?

This complete guide will show you the top routes and travel choices from Belgrade to Kragujevac. You’ll learn the easiest ways to get there and get handy tips for your trip.

Do you know what beautiful sights you’ll see on the way from Belgrade to Kragujevac? Let’s find out together.

Belgrade to Kragujevac: Distance and Overview

Getting ready for a trip from Belgrade to Kragujevac means knowing the city’s distance. Kragujevac sits in central Serbia, famous for a long history and deep culture. The cities are about 80 kilometers (50 miles) apart.

Kragujevac is like a door to Serbia’s heart, mixing historic spots with beautiful scenery and local life. It’s perfect for anyone who loves nature, learning about the past, or experiencing Serbian traditions.

“Kragujevac is a city that encapsulates the essence of Serbia, with its vibrant cultural scene, fascinating historical sites, and warm hospitality. Exploring this beautiful city is an opportunity to delve into the heart and soul of the country.”

Now, let’s check out the ways you can journey from Belgrade to Kragujevac.

Belgrade to Kragujevac route

Travel Information

Mode of Transportation Travel Time Benefits
Car 1.5 to 2 hours Flexibility and convenience
Bus 2 to 2.5 hours Comfort and affordability
Train 2 to 2.5 hours Scenic journey and relaxation
Taxi Approximately 1.5 to 2 hours Direct and convenient
Shared Ride Varies, dependent on availability Cost-effective and social

Each way of getting there has its own good points, fitting different needs and budgets. You might like the freedom of a car, the ease of buses or trains, the quickness of a taxi, or saving money with a shared ride. Pick what works best for you.

Belgrade to Kragujevac by Car

Driving from Belgrade to Kragujevac is a great choice if you want convenience. The trip usually takes between 1.5 to 2 hours. Your travel time depends on traffic and road conditions. To start this scenic journey, rent a car in Belgrade and take the E763 highway south.

The road from Belgrade to Kragujevac shows off beautiful Serbian landscapes. You’ll see serene countryside and beautiful views. This trip is a chance to enjoy nature through its rolling hills, pretty villages, and stunning scenes.

By driving, you choose the pace of your journey. You can stop to see interesting places, take photos, or taste local food at cafes. With your car, moving around Kragujevac is also easier to see all its sights without waiting for buses or taxis.

transportation to Kragujevac

Benefits of Traveling by Car:

  • Convenient and flexible
  • Faster travel times compared to other modes of transportation
  • Scenic route with picturesque views
  • Opportunity to make stops and explore hidden gems along the way
  • More independence and control over your journey

Start your adventure from Belgrade to Kragujevac by the road. Enjoy the open road and make memories with the freedom a car provides.

Belgrade to Kragujevac by Bus

Traveling by bus from Belgrade to Kragujevac is a top choice for many. Various bus companies run routes regularly between the cities. This makes it easy for travelers to move around.

The trip usually lasts between 2 to 2.5 hours. This time can change based on traffic and any stops the bus makes. These buses offer a good mix of being both fast and reliable.

Buses are a great choice for those looking for a comfy and budget-friendly ride. You can enjoy beautiful Serbian sights from the bus. It’s a perfect way to unwind while heading to Kragujevac.

If you want to avoid the stress of driving, buses are the answer. They let you completely forget about the road and just focus on the views. This way, your journey becomes part of your adventure.

Buying a bus ticket is often cheaper than other travel options. So, it’s a smart pick for anyone watching their wallet. Whether you’re on your own or with friends, the bus from Belgrade to Kragujevac fits the bill.

Advantages of Traveling by Bus Disadvantages of Traveling by Bus
  • Cost-effective option
  • Comfortable seating
  • Opportunity to enjoy the scenery
  • Frequent departures
  • Potential for traffic delays
  • Restricted luggage space
  • Less flexibility for spontaneous stops

Traveling by bus from Begrade to Kragujevac blends ease with savings. You get to relax in comfort while looking at stunning views. Yet, be ready for possible delays and keep light on the luggage.

Belgrade to Kragujevac by Train

The train from Belgrade to Kragujevac is a peaceful and enjoyable way to travel. You can board the train at Belgrade’s central station. The trip takes about 2 to 2.5 hours. During the journey, you can relax and see the beautiful scenes. This makes you feel rejuvenated when you arrive.

Train travel is special because it lets you see Serbia’s natural beauty. You can relax, read, or admire the view from your seat. It’s a great choice for anyone, no matter if you’re alone, with friends, or family.

Before your trip, check the train times. It’s also good to arrive early at the station. This way, you can easily get on the train. Booking your seat early is smart, especially during busy times. This secures your spot and travel time.

Benefits of traveling by train from Belgrade to Kragujevac:

  • Scenic views of the Serbian countryside
  • Comfortable and relaxing journey
  • Option to read or enjoy the scenery
  • Regular departures from Belgrade’s central railway station
  • Approximately 2 to 2.5 hours travel time

“The train journey from Belgrade to Kragujevac offers a tranquil way to travel, giving you the opportunity to sit back, relax, and admire the beauty of the Serbian landscapes.”

Traveling by train from Belgrade to Kragujevac is perfect for solo or group adventures. Enjoy the views and prepare to explore Kragujevac.

Train Schedule from Belgrade to Kragujevac

Train Departure Time Train Arrival Time
08:00 10:30
10:30 13:00
13:00 15:30
16:00 18:30
19:00 21:30

Remember, train times can change. So, check the schedule before you leave. Arrive at the station at least 15 minutes early to avoid any rush.

Belgrade to Kragujevac by Train

Belgrade to Kragujevac by Taxi

If you’re seeking a straightforward way to get from Belgrade to Kragujevac, taxis are a good choice. They’re fast and take you right from one door to another. This is perfect for those traveling solo or with others, offering ease and relaxation during your trip.

It’s smart to look out for taxis, especially when it’s busy. You could find them at taxi stands in Belgrade or through ride-hailing apps. Always say you’re heading to Kragujevac and set the price before you go. This step makes the whole journey easier and less stressful.

A big plus of taxis is the pick-up and drop-off approach. They will get you from where you are in Belgrade to where you want in Kragujevac. This means no dragging heavy bags around or dealing with public transport. Traveling becomes simple and enjoyable.

Taxi Fare and Duration

The trip usually takes between 1.5 to 2 hours by taxi. This time can change with different routes or if there’s a lot of traffic. To stay safe, add some extra time, especially if it’s a busy period for travel.

The cost of the taxi ride can change based on many things, like how far it is, the time of day, and if you have lots of bags. It’s best to talk about the price with the driver first. This way, you’ll know what to expect and not have any surprises.

When you’re thinking about the cost, remember you’re paying for comfort, quickness, and how many people are with you. Sharing the cost in a group often makes it a better deal than other ways of traveling.

Enjoy the view of the countryside on your way to Kragujevac. From the window, you’ll see beautiful Serbian nature. Look out at the hills and fields as you travel to your destination.

Don’t forget to have some money ready for the taxi fare. It’s good to have Serbian dinars on you for an easy payment.

transportation to Kragujevac

Taking a taxi from Belgrade to Kragujevac is efficient and enjoyable. It gives you a direct service and can save you time. Just make sure you’re ready, find a taxi easily, and agree on a fair price. With everything set beforehand, your trip will be smooth and stress-free, letting you focus on the city of Kragujevac.

Belgrade to Kragujevac by Shared Ride

Looking for a way from Belgrade to Kragujevac that’s light on the budget? Consider shared ride services. These services are great for sharing the travel costs. Plus, you get to know others headed the same way.

Booking a seat in a shared vehicle means you’ll share the journey with others. This service picks up and drops off passengers at set spots. It sticks to a schedule to make sure everyone arrives on time. Riding together saves money and lets you meet new people.

To secure your shared ride from Belgrade to Kragujevac, book ahead. This way, you make sure there’s a spot for you and plan your trip well. Look up a few shared ride options to fit your budget and needs. Check the route, times, and any rules before finalizing a booking.

transportation to Kragujevac

Choosing a shared ride isn’t just good for your wallet. It’s also a green choice. You share the ride with others, lowering both traffic and pollution.

For solo travelers or small groups, shared rides are convenient and pocket-friendly. You can chill and enjoy the company of your fellow passengers. Plan ahead to skip any stress and enjoy affordable travel.

Things to Consider When Traveling

Before you head to Kragujevac, bear in mind some key factors for a smooth travel. Here’s some advice on getting around:

  1. Check Travel Advisories:
  2. Before you leave, make it a point to look into the most recent travel advisories. Ensure there are no warnings or restrictions that could derail your plans. It’s vital to stay on top of any updates regarding border crossings and road conditions.

  3. Prepare Necessary Documents:
  4. If crossing borders is part of your travel, ensure you have all essential documents. This includes your passport, visa, and any required permits for entering Kragujevac. Take the time to get your documents ready ahead of time to prevent any issues.

  5. Pack Essential Items:
  6. Packing important items is a smart move to make your trip more comfortable and safe. Bring a reusable water bottle to stay refreshed. Also, pack snacks to keep your energy levels high. And, remember to bring any medication you might need. This preparation will enhance your journey.

Belgrade to Kragujevac transportation tips

“Preparation and planning significantly enhance your travel experience. With these tips, you’re set to enjoy Kragujevac and your journey.”

Scenic Stops Along the Way

The journey from Belgrade to Kragujevac is filled with stunning sights. There are several great places to stop. You can see the Serbian countryside’s beauty by visiting the Oplenac Royal Mausoleum in Topola or Gornji Milanovac.

travel options from Belgrade to Kragujevac

Topola has the amazing Oplenac Royal Mausoleum. This beautiful site is where the Serbian royal family is buried. You can see detailed mosaics and learn about Serbia’s royal history here.

If you love history, the Oplenac Royal Mausoleum is a must-see. Its design and historical value are fascinating stops on your trip.

Gornji Milanovac is also worth a visit. It’s a charming town in central Serbia. There, you can enjoy local culture, see museums, and take in the view from the Pobijenik viewpoint.

Gornji Milanovac is a true treasure. Walk its streets to meet friendly locals and see its beautiful, peaceful setting.

Whether you pick the Mausoleum or Gornji Milanovac, both add to your trip. These stops enrich your journey with the beauty of the Serbian countryside. Don’t miss the chance to make special memories here.

Local Transportation in Kragujevac

Once you’re in Kragujevac, you’ll find lots of ways to get around. From ease to low cost, choices fit everyone’s needs.


Taxis in Kragujevac make getting around easy. They’re easy to spot and offer quick rides. Just signal one or head to a taxi stand for a ride. Make sure to agree on the fare with the driver beforehand.

Public Buses

The city’s bus system is a great way to move around for less. Buses link to many spots, making it easy to see the sights. You can buy tickets on buses or from ticket booths. Always check schedules to avoid waiting.

Renting a Car

Renting a car is perfect for those who want more freedom. With many agencies to choose from, you can find a car that fits your needs. It’s ideal for exploring beyond the city and enjoying Serbia’s countryside.

Local Tourism Office

Visiting the local tourism office is a wise move when in Kragujevac. They have the latest info on how to get around and what to see. The staff can help with maps and advice for your trip. They’re your go-to for any travel questions.

Now you know how to travel in Kragujevac. Taxis, buses, or a rented car – you have many choices. This means you can enjoy places like the National Museum or Zica Monastery at your own speed.

transportation to Kragujevac

Summary Table: Local Transportation Options in Kragujevac

Transportation Option Key Features
Taxis Convenient and direct
Public Buses Affordable and well-connected
Renting a Car Freedom and flexibility
Local Tourism Office Information and assistance

Accommodation Options in Kragujevac

If you need a place to stay in Kragujevac, you have many options. The city has lots of hotels, guesthouses, and apartments. This means you’ll find the right place for you, no matter what you’re looking for or what your budget is.

If luxury is what you have in mind, check out the top hotels in Kragujevac. They come with great amenities, big rooms, and exceptional service. Notable choices are the Hotel Zepter, Hotel Kragujevac, and Hotel Tri “Braće”.

For those watching their wallets, there are affordable guesthouses and hostels. They offer comfy rooms, common areas, and a chance to meet other travelers. A good option is Guesthouse Vintage Inn or Hostel Fellini for a snug stay that saves you money.

Maybe you want a place where you can cook your own meals. In that case, look into renting an apartment in Kragujevac. This choice is good for longer visits or if you have special food needs. You can find apartments on Airbnb and

Accommodation in Kragujevac

It’s smart to check out what past guests have said about where you’re staying. This can give you an idea of what to expect. And booking early is wise, especially when travel is popular, to get the best deals and choices.

No matter if you want luxury, a good deal, or your own kitchen, Kragujevac has you covered. By booking your stay early, you’ll ensure your visit to this lively Serbian city is pleasant and worry-free.


Traveling from Belgrade to Kragujevac has many options. You might like driving or taking public transport or a taxi. Each choice fits different needs.

Think about your budget and time when picking how to travel. Renting a car lets you see Serbia’s beauty on your own. Buses and trains are cheaper and more laid-back.

No matter how you get to Kragujevac, it’s a special place to visit. It’s the heart of Serbia, full of culture and things to do. Walking around, going to museums, and feeling the city’s energy will stay with you. Have a great trip!