Safe and interesting neighborhoods to stay in Podgorica?

Are you heading to Podgorica and need a place to stay? This article will show you the top safe and interesting neighborhoods. You’ll see different accommodation options perfect for you. Whether you love city life or prefer quiet areas, Podgorica has it all.

First, we’ll tackle a big question: Is Podgorica safe for tourists? Many think it might not be, but Podgorica is friendly and safe. It’s a great choice for your adventure. Now, let’s look at the neighborhoods. You can pick a spot and know you’ll have a great, worry-free time there.

Podgorica has lots to offer, from the lively city center to quiet suburban spots. You’ll even find places rich in culture. This guide lets you see the best of Podgorica. You can choose a spot to stay that matches your style. Let’s dive in!

Central Podgorica – The Heart of the Capital

Discover the lively city center of Podgorica. It’s filled with historical sites, cultural spots, and a fun nightlife. Tourists love it for its central position and quick access to food, shopping, and entertainment.

Podgorica tourist areas

This place is like the heart of the capital, lively and historic. Walk down Njegoševa Street to see cute cafes, shops, and busy markets. You’ll get a taste of local life and enjoy Montenegrin food.

Don’t miss the Millennium Bridge, a stunning bridge over the Morača River. It shows off the city’s beauty, especially at night when it lights up.

“Central Podgorica is a dynamic hub of activity, with something to offer every visitor. From historical sites to vibrant nightlife, this area never fails to leave a lasting impression.”

Take in some culture at the Podgorica City Museum in a lovely neoclassical building. The museum tells the story of the city from ancient times to today through its displays.

You have many choices for where to stay in Central Podgorica. There are luxury hotels, cozy guesthouses, and vacation homes. You’ll find the perfect spot while exploring the city center.

Accommodation Options in Central Podgorica Price Range Highlights
Luxury Hotels $$ – $$$$ Impeccable service, city views, and luxurious amenities
Boutique Hotels $$ – $$$ Charming and unique accommodations with personalized service
Guesthouses $ – $$ Cozy and budget-friendly options for a comfortable stay
Vacation Rentals $ – $$$ Spacious apartments or houses with a home-away-from-home feel

No matter where you choose to stay, you’ll feel the city’s energy and culture. There’s so much to do, from visiting museums and landmarks to enjoying the food and nightlife.

New Podgorica – Modern and Urban

Visit New Podgorica, the modern part of the city. Here, modern buildings and new development stand out. You’ll enjoy fancy apartments, big malls, and cool places to eat.

As you walk in New Podgorica, you’ll see big buildings and open streets. It shows how Podgorica is moving forward. This area gives a taste of the city’s new urban lifestyle.

Upscale Residential Complexes

New Podgorica has many luxurious places to live. You can find modern apartments or fancy penthouses. They come with great features to make life easy and pleasant.

Podgorica neighborhoods

Shopping Malls and Retail Therapy

Love shopping? Then you’ll love New Podgorica. It has modern malls with everything you need. You can shop, watch a movie, and eat at great places all in one area.

Trendy Dining Options

New Podgorica has a lot of cool places to eat. You can try different food at trendy cafes and restaurants. There’s something for everyone, from local dishes to international meals.

“New Podgorica is the epitome of modernity and progress, offering a dynamic urban experience that showcases the city’s growth and transformation.” – Local Resident

Overall, New Podgorica is a sign of the city’s future. It blends modern design with comforts. With a mix of homes, malls, and dining, it’s perfect for anyone who loves a modern city.

Key Features of New Podgorica Advantages
Sleek modern architecture Provides a contemporary atmosphere
Upscale residential complexes Offers luxurious accommodation options
Shopping malls Allows for convenient retail therapy
Trendy dining options Provides diverse culinary experiences

Zabjelo – A Peaceful Suburban Retreat

If you’re looking for peace near Podgorica, Zabjelo is ideal. It’s on the city’s edge, away from noisy streets. The perfect place for quiet.

Zabjelo is full of green plants and lovely parks. A great spot to unwind and take gentle strolls. Its calm feel is perfect for those wanting a quiet break.

In Zabjelo, you can pick from various places to stay. This includes small inns to fancy hotels, all fitting different budgets. Plus, the locals love to share tips, showing the heart of Zabjelo.


Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Zabjelo and experience the beauty of Podgorica’s suburban charm.

“Zabjelo offers a peaceful escape away from the city’s hustle and bustle, allowing visitors to unwind and rejuvenate in a serene environment.”

Podgorica accommodation options

Zabjelo – Key Highlights

Key Highlights Description
Tranquil Surroundings Zabjelo is known for its tranquil surroundings, offering a peaceful getaway from the city’s hustle and bustle.
Lush Greenery The neighborhood is characterized by its lush greenery, providing a refreshing environment for nature enthusiasts.
Parkland Zabjelo is home to beautiful parks where you can relax, go for a jog, or have a picnic amidst natural beauty.
Accommodation Options From charming bed and breakfasts to comfortable hotels, Zabjelo offers a variety of accommodation options catering to different needs and preferences.
Local Insights The friendly locals are always ready to share their insights, helping visitors discover hidden gems in Zabjelo.

Tuzi – A Melting Pot of Cultures

Stay in Tuzi to see how many cultures come together in Podgorica. This neighborhood is right outside the city center. It blends Montenegrin, Albanian, and Turkish cultures. This makes Tuzi a unique and lively place to visit.

Walking through Tuzi, you’ll see a mix of cultures everywhere. From the way buildings look to the languages spoken, it’s all there. The people celebrate where they come from. It’s a chance to see how different cultures live together in Montenegro.

Tuzi is close to the city center, which is great for exploring Podgorica. After a short drive, you can visit museums and historic places. These sites tell the story of Montenegro’s past.

“Tuzi shows us how different cultures can live well together. It’s a place that celebrates diversity in a beautiful way.”

– Local resident

Finding a place to stay in Tuzi is easy. You can choose from many different types of places. There are small apartments and big villas. All perfect for your visit.

Food in Tuzi is a mix of Montenegrin, Albanian, and Turkish flavors. Tasting these dishes will make you want more. There’s a lot to enjoy in this diverse neighborhood.

Notable Attractions in and around Tuzi:

  • The Tuzi Fortress – A historic landmark with great views.
  • Tuzi Mosque – A stunning mosque that is part of Tuzi’s Islamic past.
  • Petrović Castle – A castle that shows a bit of Montenegro’s royal history.
  • Skadar Lake National Park – A short drive from Tuzi, perfect for people who love nature and birds.

Enjoy the lively vibes of Tuzi to discover the joy of multiculturalism. It’s a must-visit neighborhood in Podgorica for its diverse cultures.

Podgorica Vacation Rentals

Blok V – Modern Living Near Nature

Finding the right mix of modern living and nature isn’t easy. Yet, Blok V in Podgorica offers just that. It’s a neighborhood that blends both worlds. With various types of homes, it suits everyone, from locals to guests.

This area is full of greenery and is close to parks. It’s perfect for those who love being outside. Whether you run, bike, or just like peaceful strolls, you’ll love it here. It keeps you active while surrounded by natural beauty.

The peaceful atmosphere is a welcome breath of fresh air from the city’s noise. Blok V is where you can truly relax after exploring Podgorica all day.

Podgorica neighborhoods

Looking for shops, places to eat, or cafes? Blok V has you covered. Everything is within walking distance, making life easy.

Whether for work or fun, Blok V is a great choice in Podgorica. It brings together city life and nature in a unique way.

Stara Varoš – Quaint and Historic Charm

Step into the historic charm of Stara Varoš, one of Podgorica’s oldest areas. It highlights traditional buildings, small streets, and a peaceful vibe. This is the place to go for a special and beautiful stay.

Podgorica neighborhoods

Stara Varoš brings the feeling of a past era to life. Walking its streets makes you imagine another time. The old buildings and stone paths combine to create a lovely, ancient feel, perfect for a slow walk.

This place is not just pretty. It’s also filled with history, like the Clock Tower and the St. George Church. They are not just buildings; they are a peek into the area’s rich past and the broader cultural story of Podgorica.

“Stara Varoš is a hidden gem in Podgorica. Its enchanting streets and historic buildings offer a sense of tranquility and charm that is hard to find elsewhere. It’s a must-visit for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the city’s history and culture.” – Local resident

But that’s not all – Stara Varoš is alive with its art community. Visitors can explore numerous art spaces. These include galleries and studios that show off local talent, inviting you to take a piece of Montenegrin art back home with you.

And when hunger hits, Stara Varoš is full of delicious options. You’ll find inviting cafes and local food spots. Here, you can taste Montenegrin dishes in a cozy setting, surrounded by the warm hospitality that defines the area.

Why Choose Stara Varoš?

Stara Varoš gives visitors a special escape from busy city life. Here are reasons why you should consider it:

  • Unique and picturesque streetscape with traditional architecture
  • Rich historical and cultural heritage
  • Vibrant art scene with galleries and studios
  • Charming cafes and restaurants serving authentic Montenegrin cuisine
Pros Cons
Quaint and historic atmosphere May be less convenient in terms of modern amenities
Proximity to significant landmarks Narrow streets may not be suitable for cars
Artistic and cultural offerings Limited accommodation options
Eateries serving authentic Montenegrin cuisine Less vibrant nightlife compared to city center areas

Looking for a unique neighborhood in Podgorica? Stara Varoš is a fantastic pick. It offers a blend of old-time charm, rich history and culture, and the best of Montenegro’s cuisine.

Preko Morače – Culture and Riverside Views

Want to explore Podgorica’s cultural heart? Stay in Preko Morače. It’s a lively district on the east side of Morača River. This area combines rich culture with amazing views.

Podgorica Riverside Views

“Preko Morače is a hidden gem in Podgorica, offering a captivating mix of culture and natural beauty.”

Walking in Preko Morače lets you enjoy local arts. There are galleries and theaters to see Montenegrin artists’ work. Join a live show or art exhibit for a unique experience.

After exploring art, take a walk by the river. The view of the Morača River is stunning. It’s a great spot for a calm walk or a riverside picnic.

Cafes and Restaurants

This area is famous for its cozy cafes and eateries. You can taste Montenegrin or international foods. There’s something to please every taste.

At night, the riverside lights up with bars and clubs. Sip a cocktail and enjoy the beautiful night view over the river.

Getting Around

Preko Morače is well-placed for exploring Podgorica. It’s close to the city center. This makes it easy to see other places of interest by foot.

Transportation Approximate Distance
Podgorica City Center 1.5 km
Podgorica Airport 12 km
Train Station 2 km

For those who love culture, beautiful views or nightlife, Preko Morače is perfect. Dive into local life, enjoy the river, and make lasting memories in this lovely area.

Donja Gorica – Serene and Residential

Donja Gorica is a peaceful area in Podgorica. It’s perfect for anyone wanting a quiet place. It sits on the city’s edge, offering a calm vibe away from busy downtown.

In terms of where to stay in Podgorica, you have many options in Donja Gorica. There are small apartments and big family houses. You’re sure to find something that suits your needs.

This area is known for its green spaces. There are parks and open areas perfect for chilling. You can walk along streets shaded by trees or have a picnic in a nearby park.

It’s great for families too. You can easily reach supermarkets and schools. Everything you need is close by.

Donja Gorica is very safe. It’s among the safest places in Podgorica. You can feel safe whether by yourself or with others.

Podgorica accommodation options

Donja Gorica is a top pick for a quiet stay. It’s got everything you need. Plus, it’s known for being a secure place.

Konik – A Local Perspective

Get lost in Konik and really feel Podgorica. It’s alive with real life and local charm. Visit to find the true heart of the city. It’s the place to go for a genuine Podgorica adventure.

Podgorica local insights

Local Life and Authenticity

Konik is off the beaten path, away from the main tourist spots. This area gives a glimpse into daily city life. Stroll its streets to sense the city’s soul and the friendliness of its people.

“Konik is a hidden gem that captures the heart and soul of Podgorica. It’s a place where you can really connect with locals and experience their way of life.” – Local Resident

Vibrant Marketplaces

Discover lively markets in Konik. They’re alive with fresh foods, local treats, and handmade goods. Chat with the sellers and enjoy traditional bites for a full experience.

Sample Traditional Cuisine

Don’t overlook the food in Konik. It offers Montenegrin classics like stews and breads. This is your chance to taste local favorites and maybe find a new love for food.

Explore Local Shops

For unique finds, shop in Konik. You’ll discover crafts, fabrics, and more, all made locally. It’s a way to support the community and take a bit of its magic with you.

Local Tips

  • Start your day early to witness the lively atmosphere of the local markets.
  • Engage with the locals, ask for recommendations, and learn about their customs and traditions.
  • Try the traditional drink “rakija” for an authentic Montenegrin experience.
  • Don’t be afraid to wander off the main streets and explore the hidden corners of Konik.


With this guide, you’re ready to pick the best place to stay in Podgorica. It could be in the heart of the city, somewhere new and trendy, or a quiet spot. Podgorica has something for everyone.

Take a walk through different areas and enjoy local life. Visit Central Podgorica’s vibrant streets, the calm Zabjelo, or Tuzi’s mix of cultures. There’s much to see and experience.

Looking for a place to stay? Or need a solid travel guide? This piece has everything you need for your trip. Dive into Podgorica’s atmosphere, find its special places, and make lasting memories.