What are the recommended accommodations in Augusta?

Are you getting ready for a trip to Augusta, Georgia but unsure of where to stay? We’ve got you covered with our top accommodation picks. Whether it’s a quick weekend trip or a longer vacation, we’ve listed great places to make your stay comfy and unforgettable.

Augusta has everything from fancy hotels with beautiful river views to cozy bed and breakfast spots in historic areas. There’s a perfect place here for each budget and style. Looking for a big, family-friendly hotel or a unique tiny house or old inn? You’ll find what you need in Augusta.

But wait, which one is right for you? Which places give the best service, are in great locations, and are worth the money? Let us guide you to the top spots in Augusta. So, you can easily pick where to stay and enjoy your time in this lovely city.

Where to Stay in Augusta, GA

Looking for the best place to stay in Augusta, GA? We’ve got the lowdown. Augusta has many neighborhoods each offering great places to stay. You can choose from hotels known for their modern touch, or from the more snug bed and breakfasts. There is something perfect for every kind of tourist in this lovable city.

Discover the Best Places to Stay

Downtown Augusta is a top pick. It’s the city’s hub, full of life, and near places like the Augusta Riverwalk and the River Golf Club. Here, you can stay in well-known hotels that have amazing views of the Savannah River. Alternately, there are small, special hotels and rentals that promise an unforgettable experience.

Summerville is another great option, with its historic allure. It’s famous for its grand bed and breakfasts in old mansions. Choosing to stay here means you get to enjoy old-world charm. The streets and buildings around you are simply beautiful. It’s ideal for a quiet and lovely break.

For golf fans, West Augusta is a top choice. It’s near big golf clubs, like the famous Augusta National Golf Club. Here, you’ll find upscale hotels and rentals made just for golf enthusiasts. They make sure you can get to the course easily and give you all you need for a great golf-focused stay.

Plan Your Stay with Confidence

Augusta has so much variety it can be hard to pick. That’s why we made a list below. It shows what each neighborhood offers in terms of style and features. Check it out to see the best place for you.

Neighborhood Recommended Accommodations Key Features Amenities
Downtown Augusta The Partridge Inn Historic charm, river views Restaurant, rooftop bar, fitness center
Summerville The Queen Anne Inn Elegant mansions, historic charm Complimentary breakfast, garden, private bathrooms
West Augusta The Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center Close to golf courses, luxury accommodations Outdoor pool, golf course views, fitness center

Where to Stay in Augusta GA

“To make your trip to Augusta unforgettable, selecting the right place to stay is key. Think about what you like, be it history or golf. Then, use our suggestions to help you choose the right spot.”

Top Hotels in Augusta, Georgia

In Augusta, Georgia, you have many great hotels to choose from. This city has something for every budget and taste. You might want a fancy hotel near the river, or a unique boutique hotel. Augusta welcomes all its guests with open arms.

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Looking for luxury? The Ritz-Carlton, Augusta is perfect for you. It has beautiful rooms, great services, and views of the Savannah River. It’s also close to Augusta’s best spots.

Top hotels in Augusta Georgia

If historic charm is what you desire, visit The Partridge Inn Augusta, Curio Collection by Hilton. Since 1836, it’s been a home to presidents and stars. Enjoy its history, elegant rooms, and Southern food.

Prefer a smaller place? Try The Willcox or The Olivia. These boutique hotels stand out with their unique styles and personal touches. They offer a warm place for you to enjoy your stay.

Looking for a comfortable, affordable stay? Check out Hyatt Place Augusta and Hampton Inn Augusta-Washington Road. They have big rooms, modern features, and are budget-friendly. You can have a great stay without overspending.

Unforgettable Views at The Partridge Inn Augusta, Curio Collection by Hilton

“Our time at The Partridge Inn Augusta was magical. The hotel’s historic vibe and the beautiful Augusta views stole our hearts. The staff was amazing, the food fantastic. We can’t wait to go back!” – Sarah, New York

Convenience and Comfort at Hyatt Place Augusta

“Staying at Hyatt Place Augusta was perfect. It’s near everything, has big rooms, and a friendly staff. The breakfast was a nice surprise. We think everyone should check it out when in Augusta!” – Mike, California

Planning a trip to Augusta? Its top hotels make for unforgettable experiences. Choose from luxury, history, or chain comfort. Your stay in Augusta will be full of memories you’ll always treasure.

Augusta Lodging Accommodations for Every Budget

Finding the right place to stay in Augusta is crucial for your trip. Whether it’s a fancy hotel or a more budget-friendly choice, Augusta has something for everyone.

For those wanting comfort at a good price, many Augusta hotels are great value. They have clean rooms, a cozy setup, and all the essentials. Picking these options means saving money without losing out on comfort.

Looking for luxury? Augusta’s upscale hotels are perfect. They offer big rooms, stylish designs, and extra perks like pools and great food.

Prefer something unique? Try Augusta’s bed and breakfasts and vacation rentals. They’re cozy and personal, giving you a taste of the local life. From charming inns to cute cottages, these spots offer a special kind of stay.

Want help choosing the right place to stay? Check out the table below for a detailed comparison of different Augusta accommodations:

Accommodation Type Price Range Amenities
Luxury Hotels $$ – $$$ Swimming pool, fitness center, on-site dining
Budget-Friendly Hotels $ – $$ Comfortable rooms, friendly staff, convenient amenities
Bed and Breakfasts $$ – $$$ Charming rooms, personalized service, complimentary breakfast
Vacation Rentals $ – $$$ Cozy accommodations, kitchen facilities, unique atmosphere

Make sure to book your stay early to get the best deals. With options for every budget and comfort level, Augusta awaits your visit.

Augusta Lodging Accommodations

Family-Friendly Accommodations in Augusta

If your family is coming with you, choosing the right place to stay is important. Family-friendly spots in Augusta have everything you need. They make sure every family member has a great time.

The Augusta Family Hotel & Resort is right at the city’s heart. It has big rooms and suites perfect for many guests. They offer cribs, rollaway beds, and connecting rooms. This helps make sure everyone sleeps well.

This hotel offers lots for the kids to do. It has a special area with games, watched over by staff. Parents can enjoy some free time. There’s also a pool, a playground, and mini-golf.

Want to be close to nature? Try the Augusta Lakeside Lodge. It’s near parks and reserves and has big cabins for families. You can have a barbecue or picnic out, enjoying the fresh air together.

Vacation rentals are another great choice for families looking to feel more at home. Augusta Family Retreat has fully equipped homes and apartments. They come with everything you might need, like kitchens and laundry. This makes your stay easy and comfortable.

Whether you go for a hotel, resort, or rental, Augusta’s family places keep the whole gang happy. With fun things to do and great locations, you can make unforgettable memories with your family.


“Our family had an incredible time at the Augusta Family Hotel & Resort. The staff was welcoming and attentive, and our kids loved the kids’ club and outdoor activities. The spacious rooms and convenient amenities made our stay comfortable and stress-free. We highly recommend this family-friendly accommodation!”

-Emily, New York

Augusta accommodations

Augusta Accommodations for Business Travelers

Augusta is a hotspot for those traveling on business. Its many industries and convention centers attract visitors. When in Augusta for work, finding the right place to stay is key. You’ll need somewhere that meets your business needs and offers what you need to work. Here are our top picks for where to stay in Augusta if you’re here for work.

Convenient Location

Location is crucial for business trips. It’s best to find a place that’s close to where you need to be. Areas like downtown, Augusta Riverwalk, and West Augusta are good choices. This avoids wasted time on the road and keeps you on track during your stay.

Business Centers and Meeting Spaces

It’s important to have access to spaces where you can work and meet. Find hotels with business centers that are ready for your needs. It’s also great if the hotel has meeting rooms or conference areas. This is perfect for any meetings or presentations you have during your stay.

Amenities for a Comfortable Stay

Staying in Augusta for business means you should feel at home. Look for places that offer comforts like a good desk, ergonomic chairs, and fast Wi-Fi. Free breakfast or snacks are a nice bonus. These things make work trips more productive and pleasant.

Dining Options

Being close to food is a big win on busy trips. Find hotels with places to eat, or near good restaurants. This is great for quick meals or client meetings that involve food. It saves you time and energy.

Augusta Accommodations for Business Travelers

Accommodation Location Amenities Dining Options
Hotel A Downtown Augusta Business center, meeting rooms, high-speed internet On-site restaurant
Hotel B Augusta Riverwalk Business center, meeting rooms, complimentary breakfast Nearby restaurants
Hotel C West Augusta Business center, meeting rooms, high-speed internet On-site restaurant, room service

Augusta has great spots for business travelers. They offer the right mix of convenience, practicality, and comfort for a successful trip. Whether you’re here for a big event, meeting important people, or simply doing business, these hotels have everything you need for a great stay.

Unique Accommodations in Augusta

Looking for something special in Augusta? You’re in the right place. The city has many unique places to stay unlike regular hotels. You can find places full of history or cozy spots. These hidden gems will make your trip unforgettable.

The Magnolia Inn is one such place. It’s a restored historic inn in the city’s center. It shows off old-world charm and offers modern comfort. You’ll get a taste of Augusta’s history with a warm welcome.

Another option is the Augusta Cottages. They’re in a calm wooded area. These cottages are perfect for a peaceful break from the city. You can relax in nature and in the privacy of your own cottage. It’s great after exploring Augusta.


“The Magnolia Inn was ideal for our Augusta stay. The rooms were lovely, and the staff was so welcoming. Its charming vibe and good location won us over. We suggest it to everyone!” – Emily, New York

“The Augusta Cottages felt like a dream. The cottages were cozy, and nature was stunning. It was an amazing city break. We’re excited to return!” – Michael, Florida

Augusta offers unique stays that truly fit the location. You can pick from historic inns to quiet cottages. Each place offers something special, making your Augusta trip truly memorable.

Augusta accommodations

Augusta Accommodations Near Attractions

Visiting Augusta and want to stay close to its key spots? You’re in for a treat. Augusta has many places to stay near its top attractions. This makes discovering the city’s highlights easy.

There’s a wide selection of places to stay in Augusta. These include boutique hotels and vacation rentals. They suit various tastes and budgets. So, if you love art or golf, you won’t miss out. There are options close to the Morris Museum of Art and the Augusta National Golf Club.

Augusta accommodations near attractions

The Partridge Inn is perfect for those who enjoy elegance and easy access to the Augusta Canal National Heritage Area. It’s known for its comfortable rooms, great service, and stunning city views.

Looking to explore Augusta’s history at the Augusta Museum of History? Staying at the Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center is a great idea. Its location and amenities put you close to Augusta’s past.

The Holiday Inn Express Augusta Downtown is ideal for those planning to visit the Augusta Riverwalk. It’s within walking distance of the river, with its beauty and many entertainment options.

For events at the James Brown Arena, the Hyatt House Augusta Downtown is a top pick. Its roomy, stylish rooms and nearness to the arena make it easy for you to both unwind and enjoy the event.

Accommodations Near Augusta Attractions

Hotel Location Attractions Nearby
The Partridge Inn 2110 Walton Way, Augusta, GA Augusta Canal National Heritage Area
Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center 2 10th St, Augusta, GA Augusta Museum of History
Holiday Inn Express Augusta Downtown 444 Broad St, Augusta, GA Augusta Riverwalk
Hyatt House Augusta Downtown 1268 Broad St, Augusta, GA James Brown Arena

These places highlight Augusta accommodations near attractions. They offer great locations and comfy amenities. This lets you enjoy Augusta’s best easily.

Book your stay in Augusta now for a trip filled with great memories!


If you’re planning a visit to Augusta, Georgia, you’ll find many places to stay. There are luxury hotels and budget-friendly choices. Augusta has something for all kinds of travelers. Our top picks guarantee a pleasant and memorable trip.

Looking for convenience, affordability, or a unique experience? Augusta has a variety of places to stay. Our suggestions will help you find the perfect spot in this lovely city.

For business or fun, Augusta’s places to stay will impress you. Stay, explore the city’s sights, indulge in its lively culture, and taste the great food. Augusta is ready to welcome you warmly!

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