What are the best beaches near Haapsalu for swimming and sunbathing?

Are you eager to explore Haapsalu’s finest beaches for swimming and sunbathing? This town is perfect for water lovers or anyone looking for a peaceful seaside day. Its coasts, ranging from sparkling sands to secret coves, promise a great holiday spot. Here, you can enjoy the sun and fresh water.

Imagine walking on golden sand, feeling the soft breeze, and hearing waves. Once settled, you might ponder the best Haapsalu beaches. They offer both beauty and great swimming spots.

Let’s explore the top beaches in Haapsalu for swimming and sunbathing. From the lively Haapsalu Seaside Beach to the quiet Väike Viik Beach, we will highlight each option. You’ll learn about their special features and why they’re a must-visit in Haapsalu.

Haapsalu Seaside Beach.

Haapsalu Seaside Beach is among the top places to swim near Haapsalu. It has a long sandy shore and calm waters. This makes it perfect for both locals and visitors. It’s great for sunbathing or taking a dip.

The sandy shore at Haapsalu Seaside Beach is perfect for spending the day. Lay down your towel and enjoy the warm sun. You can also stroll by the water. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

The calm sea at Haapsalu Seaside Beach is great for a swim. Its clear waters offer a refreshing experience for all levels. If you love to swim or want to start, the beach’s gentle waves are welcoming.

“Haapsalu Seaside Beach is a hidden gem on the coast of Haapsalu. Its serene ambiance and beautiful surroundings make it a favorite spot for beach lovers.” – Local Resident

Haapsalu Seaside Beach has showers and restrooms for convenience. After swimming, you can freshen up or rinse off the sand. These facilities help make your beach visit more enjoyable.

Enjoy some treats from beachside cafes after swimming and sunbathing. Haapsalu Seaside Beach is close to eateries. Taste the local cuisine while you take in the sea view.

Haapsalu Seaside Beach is the perfect place to relax. It offers a break from the city. Whether for swimming, sunbathing, or unwinding, this beach has a great vibe. Plan a visit and fall in love with this coastal gem.

top beaches for swimming near Haapsalu

Facilities Activities Lifeguards
✓ Showers ✓ Swimming ✓ Present during peak times
✓ Restrooms ✓ Sunbathing

Väike Viik Beach.

Looking for a quiet place to catch some rays? Väike Viik Beach is just right for you. It’s tucked away from the busy crowds, offering calm and peaceful surroundings for your beach day.

This secret paradise is hidden within beautiful greenery and stunning views. Lay back on the soft sand, and let the nature around you ease your mind from daily worries.

This beach is known for its shallow, calm waters that are perfect for a relaxing swim. Whether you’re keen on swimming or just dipping your toes in, it’s a safe and enjoyable place to be. Dive in and revel in the clear waters.

Remember, Väike Viik Beach doesn’t have any shops or rentals nearby. Don’t forget to pack everything you need, like a cool picnic and your beach gear. It’s how you’ll make the best of your isolated beach time.

sunbathing spots around Haapsalu

“Väike Viik Beach offers peace and tranquility, away from the crowds. It’s the perfect place to unwind and enjoy some quality time with nature.” – Local Resident

Why Visit Väike Viik Beach?

  • Secluded and peaceful sunbathing spot
  • Picturesque setting surrounded by nature
  • Shallow waters for a leisurely swim
  • No facilities available, so bring your own essentials

Paralepa Beach.

Are you searching for the perfect place to enjoy sunny days near Haapsalu? Look no more because Paralepa Beach is ideal. It has beautiful golden sands and clean, clear waters.

This beach offers all you need for a laid-back day in the sun. You can relax on beach chairs under umbrellas all day. There are also beach volleyball courts for fun games with friends.

While enjoying the sun, you can easily grab a snack or a drink from the nearby cafes. They offer everything from tasty ice cream to delicious seafood. So, you won’t go hungry or thirsty here.

Remember to pack your sunscreen and a beach towel for your trip to Paralepa Beach. This stunning beach is a great choice for a fun and sunny day near Haapsalu.

Haapsalu Sunbathing Beaches


Facilities at Paralepa Beach

Facilities Availability
Beach chairs Available
Umbrellas Available
Beach volleyball courts Available
Cafes Available
Kiosks Available
Showers N/A
Restrooms N/A

Roosta Beach.

Roosta Beach lies just outside Haapsalu and is a unique find. It’s known for its clean, peaceful environment where you can enjoy sandy dunes and clear waters.

This beach is perfect for swimming. You can enjoy a dip in Haapsalu’s refreshing waters. It’s great for both experienced swimmers and those just starting.

There are also areas for sunbathing at Roosta Beach. You can choose to lay on a towel or relax in a chair. It’s a wonderful place to soak in the sun and peace.

beaches in Haapsalu for swimming

Don’t miss out on Roosta Beach. It’s a breathtaking area in Haapsalu full of peace. Spend a relaxing day by the water or in the surrounding sandy spots. It’s a top pick for anyone who loves the beach.

Kloostri Beach.

Kloostri Beach is one of the best for swimming and sunbathing near Haapsalu. It’s in a pretty location, attracting both locals and tourists. Everyone comes here for a relaxing day by the sea.

The beach has both sandy shores and rocky areas. This mix is great for those who love to explore. So, if you like relaxing on soft sand or exploring rugged coastlines, you’re in for a treat.

The calm waters here are perfect for swimming. This makes Kloostri Beach a safe spot for everyone to enjoy. After a dip, the crystal-clear waters will leave you feeling refreshed.

There are picnic areas for when you’ve had enough of swimming and sunbathing. So, have lunch with your loved ones and admire the beautiful Baltic Sea views.

Don’t forget your beach gear like sunscreen, towels, and chairs. There are no shops here, so you can really connect with nature and unwind.

Don’t miss the chance to visit Kloostri Beach. Enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and exploring this beautiful spot near Haapsalu.

best beaches near Haapsalu for swimming and sunbathing

Beach Facilities at Kloostri Beach

Facilities Availability
Restrooms Not available
Shower facilities Not available
Picnic areas Available
Beach chairs Not available
Food and drink vendors Not available

Uuemõisa Beach.

Uuemõisa Beach is a top spot for families in Haapsalu. It’s safe for kids and those who don’t swim well. The water isn’t deep and the beach slopes gently. Parents can relax while kids enjoy the water.

This beach is more than just swimming. It’s set in a beautiful place. There are spots for picnics and fun places for kids to play. It’s perfect for a day out with the family.

“Uuemõisa Beach is the ideal destination for families seeking a fun-filled day by the sea. With its shallow waters and picnic areas, you can spend quality time together while enjoying the stunning surroundings.”

Your safety is important at Uuemõisa Beach. Lifeguards keep an eye out during busy times. This means you can have fun and make memories without safety worries.

Uuemõisa Beach is perfect for a family day out. Everyone can enjoy the sun, play, and have a good time together.

Haapsalu beaches

Facilities at Uuemõisa Beach

Facilities Availability
Toilets Yes
Outdoor showers Yes
Picnic areas Yes
Lifeguards During peak times

Keibu Beach.

Escape the city rush and find peace at Keibu Beach, near Haapsalu. It’s a quiet spot for those who enjoy nature and the beach. Here, you can swim or lie in the sun on its wide, sandy shores.

best places to swim and sunbathe near Haapsalu

Walking onto the beach, a tranquil feeling takes over. The sound of waves and the sea breeze make it perfect for relaxing. It’s great for swimming in clear water or just basking in the sun.

This beach is not like the busy ones with lots of shops. There are no crowded cafes or fancy restaurants. You get to enjoy nature without any interruptions.

Lay on your towel, feel the sun’s warmth, and listen to the waves. You can swim, look for seashells, or just walk along the shore. It’s a calm place to get away from the city and be with nature.

Don’t forget to bring your own beach stuff like sunscreen and snacks. There are no shops close by, so the peace stays undisturbed.

Keibu Beach is perfect if you want to relax away from the city. Spend a day here swimming and sunbathing. You’ll leave with memories of a beautiful, peaceful beach near Haapsalu.


Haapsalu has many stunning beaches perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Whether you prefer a bustling sandy area or a quiet place to relax, Haapsalu has it all. You’ll find beaches like the well-liked Haapsalu Seaside Beach and the lesser-known Keibu Beach.

These spots near Haapsalu make for unforgettable visits. So, pick up your sunscreen and get ready for a great time in the sun at Haapsalu.