Which local events or festivals should I attend in Columbus?

Are you looking for fun events in Columbus? Want to know which local festivals are must-sees? You’re in the right place! This guide lists the best Columbus events and festivals. Whether you’re from here or just visiting, these experiences are top-notch.

Columbus offers music, art, and food festivals galore. But which are the top picks? We’ve found the very best. Now, all you have to do is enjoy them.

Are you excited to find amazing Columbus festivals? Let’s look at the fantastic culture, music, art, food, and sports that make Columbus great! Get ready for unforgettable experiences!

Columbus Events Calendar for 2021

Stay up-to-date with Columbus’s latest events in 2021. Use our handy calendar to plan ahead. Don’t miss out on any of the city’s fun festivals and events.

Columbus is rich in culture, offering something for everyone all year round. You can enjoy music, arts, food, or sports. Our calendar covers it all.

Join us at Columbus’s upcoming festivals. They show off the city’s lively atmosphere. Enjoy music that moves you and art that inspires. This is Columbus at its best.

“Our events calendar is your key to everything lively in Columbus. Explore cultural events, local music shows, food fests, and sports games. You won’t skip any top events with our calendar!”

Our calendar is perfect for both residents and visitors. It helps you plan weekends, vacations, and fun outings. You’ll always know where the action is.

We update the calendar often, so check back. Stay in the loop and have a blast at Columbus’s events!

Columbus Events Calendar

Key Features of Our Columbus Events Calendar:

  • Comprehensive listing of upcoming festivals and events
  • Regular updates to ensure accuracy
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Our Columbus events calendar has something for everyone, no matter your interest. Dive into the city’s culture, music scene, and more. Make lasting memories at Columbus’s vibrant events.

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Music Festivals in Columbus

Columbus is famous for its lively music scene. Going to a music festival there is a great way to dive into local music. You’ll find everything from rock and hip-hop to jazz and folk. Columbus has a festival for every music taste.

1. Columbus Jazz and Rib Fest

At this yearly festival, enjoy jazz and tasty barbecue. Live jazz will make you want to dance while you eat great ribs. It’s perfect for those who love music and food.

2. Breakaway Music Festival

Find top electronic, hip-hop, and alternative music at Breakaway. Big names and new artists make the atmosphere exciting. Get ready to dance to your favorite songs under the Columbus night sky.

3. Country Jam Ohio

Love country music? Don’t miss Country Jam Ohio. Top artists in country music come together for a great time. Put on your cowboy boots, sing along, and enjoy the country music vibe.

“Music brings people from different worlds together. Columbus music festivals are the perfect place to enjoy the magic of music. They showcase talented artists from both near and far.”

4. Rock on the Range

Rock on the Range is a dream for rock fans. It has top rock bands and newcomers, high energy, and exciting performances. For lovers of rock music in Columbus, it’s a must-see.

In Columbus, there are many more festivals to explore. No matter what music you love, there’s a festival for you. Enjoy the lively scene and find your favorite tunes.

Columbus Music Festivals

Festival Name Genre Date Location
Columbus Jazz and Rib Fest Jazz July Downtown Columbus
Breakaway Music Festival Electronic, Hip-hop, Alternative August Mapfre Stadium
Country Jam Ohio Country September Legend Valley
Rock on the Range Rock June Mapfre Stadium

Art Events in Columbus

Columbus is a lively hub for the arts, bursting with creativity and expression. All year round, the city comes to life with art events. These events highlight the amazing work of local artists. If you love art or just enjoy beautiful creations, these events are for you. They offer a great chance to dive into Columbus’s artistic world.

The art events in Columbus cover a broad spectrum of styles and forms. You can experience inspiring paintings, sculptures, photos, and more. This is a time to not only honor local artists’ talent but also to knit more culture into the city.

Discover the Richness of Columbus Art Scene

Visiting art events in Columbus opens up a world of different art forms. This includes both modern galleries and community projects. You can meet new artists and see galleries known across the nation. These events help artists reach more people and show their unique views. They give art lovers a chance to connect and explore deep into the city’s creative soul.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton

Experience Artistic Expressions Across the City

Art in Columbus is not confined to one space. It spreads all over, blending into the city’s landscape. Whether in the heart of downtown or the lively neighborhoods, there’s always art to discover. You can go and explore on your own or join a tour. It’s a great way to get close to the art and its creators.

Event Date Location
Columbus Art Walks Every first Saturday of the month Downtown Columbus
Gallery Hop Every first Saturday of the month Short North Arts District
Columbus Arts Festival June 2021 Scioto Mile
Franklinton Fridays Every second Friday of the month Franklinton Arts District

There’s a wealth of art events happening in Columbus. Each one is a chance to meet new artists and see their work. They offer a deeper dive into the world of art.

Columbus art events

By joining these Columbus art events, you’re not just experiencing culture. You’re helping the local art scene grow and thrive. So, put these events in your calendar. Get ready to be part of Columbus’s lively art scene.

Food Festivals in Columbus

Columbus is a dream for food lovers, with a wide range of tastes to enjoy. Its food festivals are the perfect way to explore local and global dishes. They highlight the city’s best meals and let chefs and bakers from around the world show off their talents.

If you love comfort food, spicy dishes, or desserts, there’s something for you in Columbus. These festivals bring people together to enjoy delicious food and a lively atmosphere. They are a celebration of everyone’s love for great meals.

At these events, you can taste dishes made by the city’s chefs and artisans. You’ll try favorites and new, creative meals. It’s a chance to find new favorite foods or learn to cook something new at home.

But, these festivals are more than just about eating. They also provide chances to learn and explore. You might find cooking demonstrations or workshops. Plus, you can meet famous chefs and gain insight into different cuisines.

Don’t miss the chance to visit these top food festivals in Columbus:

Taste of Columbus

This yearly event lets you enjoy dishes from top eateries and food trucks. It includes everything from main courses to desserts.

North Market Food Festival

Held at a historic market, this festival features local foods like cheeses and bread. It’s perfect for anyone looking for gourmet treats.

Asian Festival

The Asian Festival is a blend of food and culture. You can try various Asian meals and drinks, from sushi to bubble tea.

Italian Festival

It’s all about Italy at this festival, with favorites like pasta and gelato. You can also enjoy Italian music and shows while you eat.

“Food festivals are the perfect opportunity to explore different culinary traditions, support local vendors, and satisfy your cravings for delicious food.” – Local Foodie

Do mark your calendar for these Columbus food festivals. They’re great for both food lovers and those wanting a fun day out. You won’t want to miss them!

Columbus food festivals

Family-Friendly Events in Columbus

Columbus is a top choice for families wanting fun. It has a lively community and diverse events. There’s something for every family member, whether kid or adult. Let’s look at fun events and festivals that everyone will enjoy.

1. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is perfect for a thrilling day. It has 10,000 animals, fun shows, and interactive displays. Families can see animals up close and enjoy time together. Events like Boo at the Zoo make visits even more special.

2. COSI Columbus

COSI is Ohio’s leading science and industry center. It has hands-on learning for all ages. You can explore space and the ocean. It’s a great place to learn about STEM fields while having fun.

3. Columbus Children’s Theater

The Columbus Children’s Theater is a must-visit for theater fans. It aims to educate and entertain kids through plays. Everyone will love the shows, and it’s a chance to support young actors.

Family-Friendly Event Date Location
Family Fun Day at Columbus Commons June 5, 2021 Columbus Commons
Movie Night Under the Stars July 17, 2021 Scioto Audubon Metro Park
German Village Makers Market August 14, 2021 German Village

4. Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Visit the Franklin Park Conservatory for natural beauty. It has different biomes, a Children’s Garden, and educational displays. This is a lovely place for families to explore and learn together.

Don’t forget to check event websites for the latest info. Make sure to know about any COVID-19 rules. Enjoy Columbus with your family at these amazing events.

Columbus family-friendly events

Cultural Festivals in Columbus

Immerse yourself in Columbus’s rich cultural heritage by attending the city’s cultural festivals. Columbus is a melting pot of diverse ethnic backgrounds. These festivals let communities celebrate their traditions, art, music, and food. These events are perfect for exploring new cultures or just soaking in their energy. They offer a special chance to dive into Columbus’s cultural mix.

Columbus Cultural Festivals

The Asian Festival is a big hit in Columbus. Every year, it highlights the vibrant heritage, customs, and foods of various Asian cultures. You can enjoy everything from dance performances and martial arts demos to tasty Asian foods. This festival is a must-visit experience for everyone.

“The Asian Festival provides a platform for the Asian community in Columbus to share their culture and heritage with the wider community. It’s a beautiful celebration that showcases the diversity of Asian cultures and promotes understanding and appreciation.”
– A local festival attendee

Don’t miss the Greek Festival either. This event dives into Greek culture with its music, dance, and food. You’ll find live shows, arts and crafts, and a place to buy Greek goods and keepsakes.

The Somali Cultural Festival highlights another important local event. It celebrates the Somali community’s culture and traditions. Here you can enjoy fashion shows, music, and stories. It’s a chance to feel the special Somali welcome.

The Native American Indian Celebration is important too. It’s by the Native American Indian Center of Central Ohio. There, you can see traditional drumming, dancing, and hear stories. This event opens a window to Native American culture and life.

Upcoming Cultural Festivals in Columbus

Festival Date Description
Asian Festival August 14-15, 2021 Celebration of Asian cultures featuring live performances, food stalls, and cultural exhibits.
Greek Festival TBD (Postponed in 2021 due to COVID-19) Showcasing Greek traditions, live entertainment, and delicious Greek cuisine.
Somali Cultural Festival TBD (Postponed in 2021 due to COVID-19) A celebration of Somali culture with fashion shows, music, and storytelling.
Native American Indian Celebration TBD Honoring Indigenous cultures through drumming, dancing, and storytelling.

These are just a few examples of the cultural festivals that take place in Columbus throughout the year. Each festival offers a unique experience where visitors can learn, engage, and celebrate the diverse cultures that make Columbus such a vibrant city. Attending these festivals is not only an opportunity to experience new traditions but also a chance to foster cultural appreciation and understanding.

Sports Events in Columbus

Are you a sports fan? Columbus has amazing sports events that will thrill you. It’s perfect for both watching professional teams and joining in on games. No matter what you love, Columbus has something fun for you.

Professional Sports Events

Feel the buzz at Columbus’s pro sports games. From basketball to fast hockey, you’ll be hooked. Watch teams like the NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets and MLS’s Columbus Crew SC strive for victory.

Amateur and Community Sports

Columbus is alive with community sports. If you love running, cycling, golf, or tennis, there’s a place for you here. You can join local events, charity races, or friendly sports matches anytime.

This city welcomes everyone, no matter their age or sport interest, to come play together.

Special Sporting Events

Columbus stands out for unique sports events. From marathons to extreme sports, there’s always something cool happening. You can watch top athletes or even take part, feeling the thrill of competition.

Columbus Sports Events


Exploring local events and festivals in Columbus is an amazing way to enjoy the city’s culture and spirit. You can find all sorts of activities, from music to food events, that everyone will love.

Get lost in the rhythm of top music festivals that show different music styles and talented artists. Be part of art events that show off the city’s creativity and local art. Taste local dishes and food from around the world at food festivals.

Enjoy family-friendly events that have fun for all ages. Dive into Columbus’s cultural scene at its festivals, which honor its diverse traditions. And if you love sports, cheer on your favorite teams at Columbus’s sports events.

Our guide can help you plan the best way to enjoy Columbus’s events and festivals. They’re great for both locals and visitors, offering unforgettable experiences and a closer tie to the city’s lively community.

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