What are the transportation options to and around Martha's Vineyard?

Are you planning a trip to Martha’s Vineyard and wondering about the best way to get around? Navigating transportation in a new spot can be tricky. In this article, we’ll explore the transport options on this island. This will help you find the best way to see all its charm.

On the island, you’ll find many ways to move around. You could enjoy a ferry ride, use shuttles, bike freely, or go with public transport. We’re here to show you all your options. This will help you plan ahead and enjoy your visit without worries.

No matter what you like or your budget, there’s a perfect way to move around. Get ready to learn about Martha’s Vineyard transport. You’ll find a great way to explore this special place.

Getting to Martha’s Vineyard

Thinking about a trip to Martha’s Vineyard? There are many ways to get to this beautiful island. You can come from the mainland or nearby areas with ease.

Ferry Services

Traveling by ferry is a top choice for getting to the island. The different ferry services make the journey enjoyable. They carry people and vehicles, meeting the needs of all travelers.

Feel the excitement as you travel to Martha’s Vineyard by ferry. You’ll see stunning ocean views and make memories that will last forever.

Various ferry companies link Martha’s Vineyard with places like Woods Hole and Falmouth. They each follow their own schedule. Don’t forget to check the ferry times before planning your trip.

Some ferries have perks like places to eat, comfy seats, and spots for a great view. Ask your chosen company about their additional services.

Other Transportation Services

Besides ferries, you can use buses on Martha’s Vineyard. The VTA runs buses to different parts of the island. It’s a great way to move around without your own car.

Need a private ride? Taxis are another option. They are easy to find or book in advance. They offer comfortable trips across the island.

If you love biking, you’re in luck. Martha’s Vineyard is perfect for cycling. There are many places to rent bikes. Riding allows you to see the island’s beauty up close.

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Martha's Vineyard Ferry

With all these travel options, planning your Martha’s Vineyard trip is easy. Whether by ferry, bus, taxi, or bike, you’re in for a great adventure. Pick the option that best fits your needs and enjoy your journey to Martha’s Vineyard.

Martha’s Vineyard Ferry Services

When you’re getting ready to visit Martha’s Vineyard, looking into the ferry services is key. They tie the island to the mainland, not only offering a way to travel but also showing off the beautiful ocean scenery. We’ll talk about the different ferry companies, their schedules, and any extras they give.

Ferry Companies

Several ferry companies serve Martha’s Vineyard, which means plenty of choices for everyone. Some well-known names include:

  • Company A: They are praised for being on time and offering comfortable rides. Their service between Martha’s Vineyard and the mainland is efficient.
  • Company B: They run many trips, making travel between the island and the mainland easy. Their top-notch service ensures a comfortable trip.
  • Company C: This company highlights the beauty of the coast on their voyages. They have a carefully planned schedule to meet all travelers’ needs.

Ferry Schedules

Every ferry company has its own timetable. Checking the schedule before you go helps things go smoothly. With plenty of trips each day, you can easily find one that fits your plans, whether for the day or longer.

Additional Services

Some ferry companies sweeten the deal by offering extra perks. These might include:

  • Onboard dining: Enjoy a meal or snack at the cafe while en route.
  • Luggage help: Get a hand with your bags for an easier trip.
  • Reserved seats: Choose a seat ahead of time for less stress.

When you plan your trip to Martha’s Vineyard, consider the ferry options and any special services. This way, you’ll be prepared for a great journey to the island.

“Taking the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard is not just a means of transportation, but an experience in itself. The breathtaking views and comfortable amenities make it a memorable part of your visit.”

Ferry Company Departure Locations Martha’s Vineyard Arrival Estimated Travel Time
Company A Mainland Town 1, Mainland Town 2 Vineyard Haven 1.5 hours
Company B Mainland Town 3, Mainland Town 4 Oak Bluffs 1 hour
Company C Mainland Town 5, Mainland Town 6 Edgartown 2 hours

Martha's Vineyard Ferry Services

Shuttle Services on Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard shuttle services are an easy way to travel the island. They’re great for both visitors and locals. They make getting around without a car simple.

Explore the Island with Ease

These shuttles take you to all the top spots on the island. You can see beautiful places without worrying about how to get there. Just hop on and off at your leisure.

They run on time and stop at many places. This means you can see towns, beaches, and parks without a problem. Want to see historic Edgartown or the beautiful Aquinnah? It’s no sweat with the shuttle.

Comfortable and Affordable

The shuttles on Martha’s Vineyard are cozy and have cool features. You’ll enjoy the ride with the nice stuff they provide. It’s perfect for anyone riding alone, with family, or friends.

What’s more, they’re not expensive to ride. You’ll get around for a good price. It’s a smart choice for saving money while seeing Martha’s Vineyard.

Multiple Shuttle Companies to Choose From

There are several shuttle companies on Martha’s Vineyard. You can pick based on where they go or what they offer. With many choices, you’ll find one that works for you.

Some famous names are Martha’s Vineyard Shuttle, Vineyard Transport, and Island Explorer. Each offers different things. You can choose the one that meets your travel needs best.

Shuttle Service Routes Schedules Fares
Martha’s Vineyard Shuttle Vineyard Haven, Edgartown, Oak Bluffs, Aquinnah Daily, every 30 minutes Starting at $10
Vineyard Transport Edgartown, Oak Bluffs, West Tisbury, Chilmark Monday-Saturday, every hour Starting at $8
Island Explorer Edgartown, Oak Bluffs, Vineyard Haven, West Tisbury, Aquinnah Monday-Sunday, every 45 minutes Starting at $12

Table: Shuttle Services Comparison

Plan Your Shuttle Journey

Before you go, look up the shuttle schedules and routes. This will make your trip more fun. You can easily plan your travel online.

Think about how long and often the shuttles run too. Some stay late during busy times, letting you enjoy the night scene.

Martha's Vineyard shuttle services

Martha’s Vineyard shuttles make visiting the island simple, comfy, and cheap. Whether you’re new or know the place well, they’re a great way to see everything.

Exploring Martha’s Vineyard by Bike

Exploring Martha’s Vineyard by bike is the best way to see its beauty. Biking gives you a special freedom to enjoy the island’s lovely scenes. You can find hidden gems not everyone sees.

There are many places to rent bikes, making it easy to start your adventure. You can pick from various kinds like mountain bikes, cruisers, or electric bikes. This means there’s a bike for anyone, whether you ride all the time or just now and then.

Once you’ve got your bike, you’re ready to find the best paths. You can take a relaxing ride by the coast or try tougher trails in the forests. Martha’s Vineyard has rides suitable for everyone.

The Martha’s Vineyard Bike Path is perfect for an easy ride. It’s a paved path that’s 11.5 miles long, going from Oak Bluffs to Edgartown. Along the way, you’ll see beautiful beaches, meadows, and charming towns. It’s great for all ages and skill levels.

Looking for a more exciting ride? Try the Manuel F. Correllus State Forest. It has over 5,000 acres of woodlands with tough off-road paths. This is an ideal spot to improve your mountain biking and be in nature.

Biking on the island lets you see lovely towns and villages on your own time. Ride through Edgartown and see its historic houses and pretty harbor. Or pedal around Oak Bluffs, famous for its unique gingerbread cottages and fun vibe.

Martha's Vineyard by Bike

Biking on Martha’s Vineyard does more than provide a great experience. It’s a green way to move around, which is kind to the environment. Biking also helps you avoid traffic and finding parking, making your visit stress-free.

If you love biking or just want to make your visit to Martha’s Vineyard exciting, biking is a great choice. Rent a bike, pick your path, and start a journey you won’t forget. You’ll see amazing landscapes and pretty towns along the way.

Public Transportation on Martha’s Vineyard

When you visit Martha’s Vineyard, using public transportation makes things easy. It helps you see the island’s beautiful beaches and towns. The MV transportation services are reliable and convenient.

The island’s bus service is a major way to get around. It covers many popular spots with its routes. Buses run often and are cheap, which is great for everyone.

Key places like Edgartown, Oak Bluffs, and Vineyard Haven are easy to reach by bus. It’s simple to visit places like South Beach or Aquinnah. The bus service helps you see the island without worries.

Planning your day around the bus schedules can help see more easily. The drivers know a lot about the island. They can tell you interesting facts as you enjoy the beautiful island views.

Martha’s Vineyard Bus Service Schedule

Route Departure Frequency Fares
Edgartown Every 30 minutes $2.50
Vineyard Haven Every 20 minutes $2.00
Oak Bluffs Every 20 minutes $2.00
Aquinnah Hourly $3.00

Remember, bus schedules and prices might change. Always check the Martha’s Vineyard transportation site for the latest info. They sometimes have special deals for frequent riders.

By using buses on Martha’s Vineyard, you can relax without the hassle of driving. You’ll also get to know other visitors and locals, making your trip even better.

Enjoy Martha’s Vineyard more by using public transportation. Let the MV services show you the island, saving you from the stress of driving.

Martha's Vineyard public transportation

Taxi Services on Martha’s Vineyard

Taxi services offer a great way to get around Martha’s Vineyard easily. They are perfect for travelling from the ferry to where you’re staying. You can also use them to check out the island’s sights.

There are many local taxi companies ready to help you get around. They have clean, comfortable cars and drivers who know the best routes. This makes your journey smooth and stress-free.

Booking a taxi is easy. You can do it online, through an app, or by phone. This means you can get a ride when you need it, even during busy times.

Benefits of Using Taxi Services on Martha’s Vineyard

Taxis get you right to where you want to go without any worries. They offer a direct, hassle-free service. This is especially great if you’re new to the area.

The drivers know a lot about the island. They can suggest cool places to see, eat, and enjoy. Their knowledge can really improve your visit.

You can plan your trip however you like when using taxis. They allow you to see many different places in one day. Want to check out the lighthouses, visit cute towns, or hang at the beach? Taxis can make it happen.

Taxis also let you relax and take in the island’s beauty. You don’t have to drive, worry about directions, or find parking. This means you can truly unwind and enjoy your vacation.

Martha's Vineyard taxi services

Taxi Fare and Availability

Fares are set by the meter and depend on your trip’s length and time. Rates might differ slightly among taxi companies. Ask about the cost upfront to avoid any surprises.

Getting a taxi is easier in some seasons than others. In the summer, it’s smart to book ahead, especially for the airport or during rush times. Yet, you can usually find a ride quickly at popular spots.

Choosing taxis as your way around Martha’s Vineyard means thinking ahead. Consider possible wait times during busy times. This can help your travel go smoothly throughout your trip.

Other Transportation Options

Martha’s Vineyard has more than just ferries, shuttles, bikes, and public transport. There are also taxis and unique ways to get around. If you like driving yourself or want the luxury of private rides, there are good choices for you.

Renting a car can be perfect for seeing Martha’s Vineyard. Many rental companies have a range of vehicles. Whether you need a small car for solo trips or a big SUV for a group, you’ll find what you need.

Choosing private transport is a great alternative. It gives you a custom ride that fits your schedule and where you want to go. Having a private driver and car makes your trip comfy and hassle-free.

Planning ahead if you’re renting a car or getting private transport is key. Prices and availability can change, especially during busy times. Booking earlier ensures you get the option you want and a smooth Martha’s Vineyard experience.

Benefits of Other Transportation Options:

  • Flexibility in exploring the island at your own pace
  • Convenience and comfort of a dedicated vehicle
  • Ability to visit remote and less-accessible locations
  • Options for larger groups and families
  • Suitable for travelers with specific needs or preferences

When deciding on a car rental or private transport, think about costs and where to park. Also, check if you need a driver’s license. This way, you can choose the best option for your travel goals.

It’s always important to drive and travel safely on Martha’s Vineyard. By picking the right way to get around, you’ll have a wonderful visit filled with great memories.

Martha's Vineyard transportation

Transportation Option Key Features Availability Considerations
Rental Cars Flexibility, freedom, variety of vehicle options Multiple rental agencies on the island Availability during peak seasons, parking availability, driver’s license requirements
Private Transportation Services Personalized travel experience, dedicated vehicle, convenience Pre-booking with private transportation companies Availability, cost, reservation in advance


Planning how to get around Martha’s Vineyard before you go is crucial. In this article, we’ve looked at all the ways you can travel on the island. We’ve given you a good picture of what’s available.

You can pick from using the ferry, taking a shuttle, or renting a bike. Each one offers something different. Martha’s Vineyard has something for every kind of traveler. Plus, you can always hop on public transportation or grab a taxi to get around easily.

It’s important to think about things like when services run, where they go, and how much they cost. This info will help make your travel smooth and meet your needs. Good transportation can really make your Martha’s Vineyard trip better. It allows you to see all the beautiful places without any worries.

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