How far is Kranj from Ljubljana?

Wondering how far Kranj is from Ljubljana? It’s crucial for travel planning. Whether it’s a local escape or traveling from afar, it’s key to know the distance. So, how far apart are these two Slovenian gems?

We’re going to dive into the exact distance from Kranj to Ljubljana. This info is vital for your travel plans. From the quickest path to other options, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s start by talking about just how close or far these lively cities are. Get ready for some surprising insights!

Calculating the Distance

Knowing the distance between Kranj and Ljubljana is key for planning your trip. It helps you find the best path and guess how long the journey will take. There are several ways to figure out the distance between Kranj and Ljubljana. We’ll look at a few.

Method 1: Road Distance

To travel by road, figuring out Kranj to Ljubljana’s distance is pretty easy. Just look at a map or use GPS for the road distance. This method shows the route you’ll take, with all the turns and detours. Knowing this helps in planning your stops or finding other ways if needed.

Method 2: Straight Line Distance

Maybe you want to know the straight line distance between Kranj and Ljubljana. Also called the “as the crow flies” distance, it’s a direct line measurement. This is good for getting a basic idea of how close the cities are. But remember, the actual road distance can be very different from this direct line.

“The road distance between Kranj and Ljubljana is essential to consider when planning your route, while the straight line distance offers a more abstract perspective of the cities’ proximity.”

Distance Calculation Method Result
Road Distance XX miles
Straight Line Distance XX miles

Looking at the road distance, Kranj to Ljubljana is about XX miles. The direct line distance, however, is roughly XX miles. Remember, these numbers are close estimates. They could change depending on the route or other factors. But knowing both road and straight line distances gives you a good idea of how far apart Kranj and Ljubljana are.

distance between Kranj and Ljubljana

Travel Time Estimates

When you plan your journey from Kranj to Ljubljana, time is crucial to consider. The length of your trip varies based on the transport you choose and traffic. Let’s look at the expected travel times for each option:

By Car

Driving from Kranj to Ljubljana gives you freedom and adaptability. It’s roughly 25 kilometers between them. Without much traffic, you should get there in 30 minutes.

But, if traffic is heavy or weather is bad, you might take longer. Always check for live updates on traffic. Also, remember to add time for finding a parking spot, especially at busy locations in Ljubljana.

By Public Transportation

There are various public transport options between Kranj and Ljubljana. Buses and trains are the most popular.

By Bus: The bus ride takes 30 minutes to an hour, depending on stops. It’s smart to look up the latest schedules for a smooth trip.

By Train: Trains are a quick choice, around 20 minutes to get from one city to the other. It’s fast and easy.

Public transport times might change, so always check for updates. Plan your trip in advance for a hassle-free experience.

By Other Means

You can also use private car services or ride-shares. These can be more convenient, but time varies based on many factors like traffic and availability.

Always compare your travel options. Think about the cost, how comfortable you want to be, and the convenience before you decide.

When planning, leave time for unexpected delays or surprises. It’s better to be early and have time to see Ljubljana than to rush. These travel times are estimates. Give yourself some leeway in your plans.

Next, we will show you step-by-step directions from Kranj to Ljubljana. This will help make your journey easy and free from stress.

Kranj to Ljubljana travel time

Mode of Transportation Estimated Travel Time
Car Approximately 30 minutes
Bus 30 minutes to 1 hour
Train Approximately 20 minutes

Directions from Kranj to Ljubljana

Starting your journey from Kranj to Ljubljana right is crucial. Having accurate directions is key for a smooth trip. We’ll guide you, whether by driving, public transport, or a hired car.

Driving from Kranj to Ljubljana

If driving from Kranj to Ljubljana suits you, it’s a good choice. Here’s what to do:

  1. Head south on {Street Name} toward {Street Name}.
  2. Continue straight onto {Highway Name}.
  3. Take the exit toward {Exit Number}.
  4. Continue onto {Street Name}.
  5. You will reach Ljubljana.

But remember, traffic and road conditions can change. Always use a navigation app for the best route.

Taking Public Transportation

If public transport is your pick, taking a bus or train is easy. Here’s a guide:

  • From the Kranj Bus Station, board the bus headed for Ljubljana Central Station.
  • Or, take a train from Kranj Train Station to Ljubljana Train Station.
  • In Ljubljana, move on by foot, taxi, or the city’s public transport.

Make sure to check bus and train times early to align your plans. Services can change during the day.

Hiring a Private Car

For the luxury of your own space, consider renting a car from Kranj. Here’s what you need to know:

Reach out to a car rental in Kranj, maybe ABC Car Rentals or XYZ Car Hire, to reserve a car.

Grab your car from the set pick-up spot, with all needed papers and conditions met.

Stick to the road knowing that apps and GPS can guide you.

In Ljubljana, finding your way and a parking spot should be straightforward.

directions from Kranj to Ljubljana

Driving, public transport, or a hired car, you can travel well from Kranj to Ljubljana. Just plan in advance and think about what you need before you set off.

Road Distance between Kranj and Ljubljana

When planning a trip from Kranj to Ljubljana, knowing the road distance is key. This lets you work out how long the journey will take. You can then plan your journey the best way possible.

The road distance between Kranj and Ljubljana is about road distance Kranj to Ljubljana. This can change based on the route you pick. It might also be different because of detours or other ways to go.

Knowing the road distance helps you get ready for the trip. It’s useful if you’re going to work, seeing family, or just having an adventure in Slovenia. Being prepared makes your trip go more smoothly.

Route Distance Toll Roads
Kranj to Ljubljana via A2 road distance Kranj to Ljubljana Yes
Kranj to Ljubljana via local roads Varying distance based on selected route No

If you go from Kranj to Ljubljana on the A2, it’s road distance Kranj to Ljubljana. And remember, you’ll pay tolls. Or, if you choose local roads, the distance will change, but you won’t hit any tolls.

Now you understand the distance between Kranj and Ljubljana well. You can plan everything, including how to avoid toll costs, and pick the best route for your travel.

road distance Kranj to Ljubljana

Kranj vs Ljubljana Distance in Miles

When you’re planning a trip from Kranj to Ljubljana, knowing the miles helps. It gives a clear idea of how far you’ll travel. This makes decisions easier.

The formula to change the distance from Kranj to Ljubljana into miles is simple:

Distance in miles = Distance in kilometers × 0.621371

Just multiply the kilometers by 0.621371. This gives you the distance in miles quickly.

Let’s find the distance:

  1. First, find out how far Kranj and Ljubljana are in kilometers. The distance by road is about 22 kilometers.
  2. Use the formula to convert this into miles:

Distance in miles = 22 km × 0.621371 = 13.67 miles

So, the road from Kranj to Ljubljana is around 13.67 miles.

Kranj vs Ljubljana Distance Comparison

Now, let’s see the difference between Kranj and Ljubljana in kilometers and miles:

Distance Kranj to Ljubljana
In kilometers 22 km
In miles 13.67 miles

The table shows us that the distance from Kranj to Ljubljana is 22 kilometers or 13.67 miles.

Knowing the distance in miles can help plan your journey. It gives a clear idea of the travel length. This is useful for planning whether you think in miles or kilometers.

Kranj and Ljubljana Distance

Kranj – Ljubljana Distance by Car

Driving from Kranj to Ljubljana in your car lets you go where you want, when you want. It’s about making your way through beautiful views at your speed. You also get to choose when to take breaks.

The driving time between Kranj and Ljubljana is roughly 25 minutes. This is if you take the E61 highway. The trip covers about 29 kilometers. But, traffic and where you start in Kranj can change this time.

If you’re going on this short trip, a little preparation goes a long way. Consider stopping at these places:

  • Pause at Šmarna Gora, a top spot for hiking on the route to Ljubljana. It’s a chance to stretch your legs and take in the natural beauty.
  • Check out Medieval Skofja Loka, a quaint town on your way. See its old buildings, like Skofja Loka Castle, and taste local dishes at the eateries.
  • Or, swing by the Volčji Potok Arboretum. This botanical garden is a place of peace, with many kinds of plants. It’s perfect for a calm walk.

These spots make the journey more enjoyable and give you a break as you go from Kranj to Ljubljana.

Kranj to Ljubljana by car

Simple Comparison of Driving Distance

Route Distance (km) Driving Time (minutes)
Kranj to Ljubljana (via E61) 29 25
Kranj to Ljubljana (via E61 and A2) 31 30

Looking at the table, different routes change how far and how long you’ll drive a bit. Pick the one that fits what you like and your plans best.

Public Transportation Options

Traveling from Kranj to Ljubljana offers great public transportation choices. You can either take a relaxing bus or a scenic train. Both options make your journey easy and enjoyable.


Many people choose buses to move between Kranj and Ljubljana. Several bus companies run frequent services all day long. They provide comfortable seats, cool air, and sometimes Wi-Fi. The journey time by bus from Kranj to Ljubljana travel time keeps you comfortable and connected.


For a beautiful ride, consider the train from Kranj to Ljubljana. Trains show off Slovenia’s lovely countryside. You get to sit back and take in the views. The trip takes about Kranj to Ljubljana travel time. It’s a great way to travel comfortably and enjoy the sights.

Buses and trains are both good ways to go between Kranj and Ljubljana. They are reliable and budget-friendly, saving you from driving and parking worries. With many trips each day, you can easily pick a time that suits you best.

Kranj to Ljubljana public transportation options

Choosing public transport helps cut travel time and decreases pollution. It’s a win for the planet and a stress-free way for you to go from Kranj to Ljubljana. So, enjoy the journey without the traffic and green your travel choice.


Congratulations! You have the info needed for the distance between Kranj and Ljubljana. It’s about 26 kilometers by road and 20 kilometers straight. Your travel options could be driving, taking a bus, or using a private car. The time it takes will change based on traffic and other things.

If you drive, it should take around 30 minutes. But, this can change due to traffic or your chosen route. Using public transport is easy too. Buses and trains run between the two cities. They have different travel times and schedules, so check before you go.

When you plan your trip, think about the miles too. The distance by road is about 16 miles. If you’re more used to miles, this can help you understand the journey better.

Understanding the distance from Kranj to Ljubljana is key for a good trip. Knowledge about this can help you plan well for a smooth journey. Have a great trip!