What to do in Mostar?

Welcome to Mostar, a captivating city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s filled with breathtaking sights, deep history, and lively culture. Whether you love history, seek adventures, or enjoy art and food, Mostar fits all. So, what can you do in this amazing city?

Start with the Stari Most bridge. It spans the Neretva River in a breathtaking way. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site. Walking on it feels like you’re not just visiting, but also living in Mostar’s history.

Mostar is surrounded by more than just historic sites. It has stunning natural scenes. Think about the amazing Kravice waterfalls and the beautiful Buna River. These are just the beginning of Mostar’s natural beauty.

Don’t miss the local culture. In the Old Town, you’ll find tasty Bosnian food. Enjoy dishes like cevapi and burek. It’s a great way to feel the spirit of the city.

Curious about Mostar’s top activities? Let’s explore this amazing city together. We’ll show you its hidden gems and give you the best tips. Get ready for Mostar’s history, food, and thrill. Let’s start this adventure!

Uncover the Rich History of Mostar

Mostar is a city rich in history, a must-visit for history lovers. It boasts many historical sites worth seeing. You’ll step back in time in Mostar, from iconic places to beautifully preserved relics.

Stari Most Bridge

Best attractions in Mostar

The Stari Most Bridge stands out in Mostar. It’s a symbol of the city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This 16th-century Ottoman bridge joins Mostar’s two sides and showcases the city’s rich cultural heritage. Be sure to walk across it for stunning views of the Neretva River.

Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque

Don’t miss the Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque on your visit. It’s a beautiful Ottoman-era mosque with a unique minaret. Climb its minaret for incredible views of Mostar’s Old Town and its beautiful architecture. Inside, you’ll find a mosque that’s truly awe-inspiring with its grand design.

Museum of Herzegovina

For a deep dive into Mostar’s past, visit the Museum of Herzegovina. It’s home to many historical items such as ancient relics, traditional clothes, and artworks. Discover the city’s cultural significance through its exhibits. You’ll learn a lot about Mostar’s heritage here.

“Mostar’s historical attractions provide a glimpse into the city’s intriguing past, showcasing its architectural, cultural, and religious diversity.”

Visiting Mostar’s historic sites is a treat for anyone interested in the past. You’ll get to see amazing architecture and learn about the city’s rich history. It’s a journey through time that everyone can enjoy.

In section 3, we will help you dive into Mostar’s culture. This includes exploring its vibrant Old Town and tasting delicious Bosnian dishes.

Immerse Yourself in Local Culture

When in Mostar, diving into its culture is a must for a vibrant experience. Visit the Old Town, a UNESCO site, and walk its historic, narrow lanes.

Don’t miss the local market as you explore. It’s where you find genuine Bosnian crafts, souvenirs, and clothes. Plus, you can join in with the friendly locals and hear their stories.

Mostar is also a foodie heaven. Try Bosnian favorites like cevapi and baklava. You can enjoy these treats in scenic spots around the city.

For a real taste of tradition, see a music and dance show. Mostar is alive with its music, and you can catch shows in many places. Watch as dancers and musicians share the city’s rich culture.

By getting into Mostar’s culture, you’ll understand its history and daily life better. You’ll form a close bond with the city, leaving with memorable experiences.

Marvel at Architectural Wonders

Mostar is known for its stunning architecture. Each building tells a different story. You’ll see a mix of religious and cultural influences in the city.

The Roman Catholic Franciscan Church is a key spot. It’s known for its beautiful design and tall tower. Many find it a spiritual place and a great view of Mostar.

“The Roman Catholic Franciscan Church is a symbol of Mostar’s culture. It’s a quiet place in the city. Its design is amazing, and the view from up there is stunning.” – Traveler’s Review

The Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity is also a must-see. It reflects the city’s diverse heritage. Inside, you can see detailed frescoes and learn about Orthodox Christian culture.


The Historical Museum of Herzegovina is full of interesting exhibits. Set in an old Turkish bath, it brings Mostar’s history to life. You’ll see ancient artifacts and learn through interactive displays.

A walk through Mostar’s streets is a unique experience. You’ll find Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian architecture side by side. It’s a clear sign of Mostar’s rich past and varied influences.

Architectural Wonders in Mostar: Key Highlights

Landmark Architectural Style Notable Features
Roman Catholic Franciscan Church Gothic-Renaissance Breathtaking bell tower with panoramic views of the city
Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity Byzantine Ornate frescoes and intricate religious iconography
Historical Museum of Herzegovina Turkish bath converted into a museum Collection of artifacts and interactive exhibits showcasing Mostar’s history

Mostar’s buildings are more than architecture. They’re a living part of its cultural and historical tapestry. Exploring these sites is a great way to understand the heart of Mostar.

Mostar Architectural Wonders

Explore Natural Beauty

Mostar shines with both historical landmarks and natural beauty. The city is full of captivating landscapes and beautiful sights. You can enjoy crystal-clear waters and stunning waterfalls that will amaze you.

1. Buna River

The Buna River is a top natural site in Mostar. It has beautiful turquoise waters and reflects the green trees around it. You can take a boat ride or just sit by the river to enjoy its calm and beauty.

2. Blagaj Tekke Monastery

Near Mostar is the Blagaj Tekke Monastery, hidden at a cliff’s base. It’s an ancient Dervish house with a beautiful view of the Buna River. Visit for a cultural experience, Bosnian coffee, and to enjoy the peace.

3. Kravice Waterfalls

The Kravice Waterfalls are a must-see near Mostar. This natural paradise in Studenci village has big waterfalls and green scenery. You can swim or just enjoy the view; it’s a memorable experience.

Mostar's Natural Beauty

Experience Mostar’s beauty by visiting places like the Buna River and Blagaj Tekke Monastery. The Kravice Waterfalls are also not to be missed. Enjoy the peaceful natural settings and the stunning beauty of Mostar.

Experience Adventure Activities

Ready for a thrilling adventure in Mostar? This city is alive with excitement. It offers many activities that will make your heart race. Whether you love thrilling challenges or just want to try something new, Mostar has it all. Prepare for unforgettable adventures that will take your breath away!

White-Water Rafting on the Neretva River

White-water rafting on the Neretva River is a top choice here. Gear up with a life jacket and paddle. Then, dive into the rapids for an exhilarating journey. The river is surrounded by stunning cliffs and lush scenery. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to rafting or a pro. This ride will surely excite you beyond measure.

Paragliding Over the City

Why not get a bird’s view of Mostar through paragliding? Soar high, enjoying views of the city’s highlights, like Stari Most bridge and the Old Town. Feel the wind lift you up high as you glide. It’s an experience you’ll cherish forever. Oh, and don’t forget your camera for those amazing shots.

Hiking Through the Nearby Mountains

Take a hike through Mostar’s beautiful surroundings. Ready your hiking gear and explore the wild paths. You’ll find hidden trails, waterfalls, and beautiful views. Let the mountain air refresh you as you soak in the natural scenes. The mountains here cater to all, whether you’re a hiking pro or just starting out.

“Adventure is worthwhile in itself.” – Amelia Earhart

So, why wait? Head to Mostar for some of the coolest adventure activities. Choose from rafting the lively rivers, flying high in paragliding, or exploring on foot through hikes. Your Mostar journey is sure to be full of excitement and unforgettable moments. Let your love for adventure take you to the thrilling side of Mostar.

Mostar Adventure Activities

Activity Description
White-Water Rafting Embark on an exhilarating white-water rafting adventure on the Neretva River and navigate through thrilling rapids.
Paragliding Experience the thrill of paragliding over Mostar and enjoy breathtaking views of the city and its surroundings.
Hiking Discover the beauty of Mostar’s nearby mountains on an exciting hike, exploring scenic trails and natural wonders.

Delve into Mostar’s Art and Craft Scene

Mostar is known for its lively art and craft scene. It’s a highlight for any visitor. You can find everything from detailed copperware to ancient carpet weaving traditions. These artworks are made with love and skill.

Start your art and craft journey at Art Studio Hadžić in the Old Town. You’ll see the dazzling work of local artists with copper. They make unique, delicate pieces. You might find the perfect souvenir there.

Don’t miss Kujundžiluk Street for a real taste of Mostar’s crafts. It’s a charming street filled with shops selling pottery, jewelry, and carpets. These shops bustle with color and pattern. Feel free to talk to the artisans. They love telling their craft’s stories.

Mostar's Art and Craft Scene

At the Bosnian Cultural Center, you can join workshops and see exhibitions. It’s a great place to dive into Mostar’s artistic side. Who knows? You might just find your next favorite artist there.

“The art and craft scene in Mostar is a testament to the city’s rich cultural heritage and the creativity of its people. Through their masterful craftsmanship, local artisans bring life and beauty to traditional art forms, thus preserving the city’s identity and allowing visitors to take a piece of Mostar home with them.” – Local Art Enthusiast

Head to the Mala Tepa Carpet Weaving workshop for a look at a centuries-old craft. Here, skilled weavers show you how they turn wool into beautiful tapestries. Each piece is a story in itself.

Recommended Must-Visit Places in Mostar’s Art and Craft Scene:

  • Art Studio Hadžić – Explore handmade copperware and witness the intricate work of local artists.
  • Kujundžiluk Street – Discover traditional crafts, including pottery, jewelry, and hand-woven carpets.
  • Bosnian Cultural Center – Immerse yourself in local art exhibitions and workshops.
  • Mala Tepa Carpet Weaving – Learn about the ancient craft of carpet weaving and admire stunning tapestries.

Relax and Unwind in Hammams and Spas

After a day of fun in Mostar, it’s time to relax. The city has both ancient hammams and modern spas for you to enjoy. You can choose between the old tradition of Turkish baths or the luxury of spa treatments. Mostar caters to every taste.

Experience the Ancient Tradition of Turkish Baths

Visiting a traditional hammam is a great way to unwind in Mostar. These baths are a key part of the city’s history. Feel your worries disappear in the steam and hot water. You’ll leave feeling renewed.

Try a traditional Turkish bath for a unique experience. Relaxation and tranquility await you at every corner.

Indulge in Luxurious Spa Treatments

If you prefer modern relaxation, Mostar has high-end spas too. Enjoy massages, facials, wraps, and more. Skilled staff will make sure you’re fully refreshed. You’ll love the experience.

Escape the Everyday at Mostar’s Spas

Mostar’s spas offer peace and quiet away from the city’s buzz. Choose a hammam or a modern spa – both will leave you feeling great. It’s the perfect break from exploring the city.

Best attractions in Mostar

Relax in Mostar’s hammams and spas to destress. Experience the calm, warm treatments, and service. Whether you’re into old Turkish baths or modern spa luxury, it’s a highlight of visiting Mostar.

Discover Mostar’s Festivals and Events

Mostar is always lively, with its many festivals and events. It’s a great place for music lovers, sports fans, and those who enjoy cultural events. The city offers a variety of activities that help you experience its rich local culture. Here are some events you have to see while you’re here:

1. Mostar Summer Festival

The Mostar Summer Festival is a magical time. It shows off performances like music, dance, and theater. You’ll find art exhibitions too. Explore the streets alive with music, art, and tasty food. It’s an experience you won’t forget.

2. Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series will leave you amazed. See divers jump off Stari Most into the Neretva River. It’s a top event for thrill-seekers. Watch these divers show off their skills and bravery.

3. Mostar Blues & Rock Festival

The Mostar Blues & Rock Festival is perfect for music lovers. It features both local and international artists. The music is energetic and fills the city with a great vibe. Enjoy the performances and get lost in the music.

4. Mostar Film Festival

The Mostar Film Festival is for movie fans. It shows all kinds of movies from around the world. You can watch films, talk with filmmakers, and find new favorites. It’s a great way to connect with the art of cinema.

Event Date
Mostar Summer Festival July – August
Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series September
Mostar Blues & Rock Festival October
Mostar Film Festival December

Planning your trip around these events will make it even more exciting. Mostar has something for everyone. From music, to extreme sports, to film, there’s plenty to enjoy. Be part of these amazing festivals and take home great memories from this beautiful city.

Mostar Festivals and Events

Enjoy Shopping and Souvenir Hunting

Mostar, a city deep in history and culture, is a great place for shopping. You can find unique souvenirs, local crafts, and Bosnian products in the vibrant marketplaces. All these are wonderful keepsakes from your trip.

Diverse Marketplaces

Mostar is famous for its many markets. The Old Bazaar, found in the city center, is a favorite spot. It has shops full of items like carpets and copperware. Walking its cobblestone streets means smelling spices and seeing bright colors everywhere.

Don’t miss the Kujundziluk Street, also known as the Gold Street, where you’ll find exquisite jewelry, traditional clothing, and other unique items.

Local Crafts and Artisanal Products

If you love crafts, Mostar is perfect for you. It’s known for its carpets and you can buy one to take home. You’ll also find beautiful ceramics, woodwork, and leather goods that local artisans make.

For a true taste of Mostar, make sure to try the Bosnian coffee and purchase a traditional cezve—a small pot used for brewing the rich and aromatic drink.

Authentic Bosnian Products

In Mostar, you’ll find many authentic Bosnian items. Look for beautiful handmade pottery and ceramicware decorated with traditional designs. You can also buy natural goodies like honey, olive oil, and wines that are locally produced.

Must-Visit Shops Address Contact
Old Bridge Museum Shop Mala Tepa 1, Mostar +387 36 550 590
Handicrafts Kujundziluk Kujundziluk 30, Mostar +387 36 550 444
Herzegovina Product Mehmeda Spahe 1, Mostar +387 36 559 758

Note: The contact information provided is subject to change. Please check the official websites or contact the shops directly for the latest details.

In Mostar, shopping is a wonderful experience. You’ll find great souvenirs and support local artists. Spend time enjoying the markets, and you might find something you truly love.

Mostar Market

Indulge in Mostar’s Culinary Delights

When in Mostar, be sure to taste its rich, flavorful foods. This city mixes traditional Bosnian meals with Mediterranean tastes, creating a foodie’s paradise.

Don’t miss trying “cevapi,” a Bosnian kebab served with flatbread and more. Its smoky, meaty taste is unforgettable.

For a heartier meal, “bosanski lonac” is a must-try. This Bosnian stew combines meats, veggies, and spices for a delicious, comforting dish.

If you love sweets, taste “tufahija.” This Bosnian dessert features poached apples with sweet filling and cream on top.

Mostar has many top-notch restaurants and cafes. You can enjoy Bosnian coffee in a cozy cafe, or dine with a view of the Stari Most.

For traditional Bosnian food in a lovely spot, visit “Sadrvan” in the Old Town. There, you’ll find real Bosnian meals with live music.

For a modern Bosnian eating spot, go to “Restoran Harmonija.” It combines traditional food with creative dishes in a stylish environment.

Sample Menu from Restoran Harmonija:

Appetizers Main Course Desserts
• Bosnian mezze platter • Grilled sea bass with citrus glaze • Tiramisu with a Bosnian twist
• Grilled seasonal vegetables with yogurt sauce • Lamb kebabs with roasted potatoes • Walnut cake with honey and caramel sauce
• Stuffed grape leaves with beef and rice • Beefsteak with truffle mashed potatoes • Baklava with pistachios and rosewater syrup

Mostar’s food scene is lively, offering something for every taste. Explore the city’s flavors to truly enjoy your visit.

Mostar Travel Guide


In conclusion, Mostar has something for everyone. You can be a history lover, nature enthusiast, adventurer, or art fan. The city promises a memorable visit filled with rich history, beautiful architecture, and lively culture.

This guide helps you plan your adventure in Mostar. You’ll visit historic places and experience local life. Mostar is ready to welcome you and make lasting memories together.

Pack your bags and camera to explore Mostar’s charming streets. Find secret spots, enjoy great food, and capture moments that stay with you forever. Mostar is calling you to come and enjoy its wonders.