Can you visit Herceg Novi on a day trip from Dubrovnik?

Can you visit Herceg Novi on a day trip from Dubrovnik? Are you ready for an adventure in Montenegro’s hidden jewel? Visit Herceg Novi, a beautiful town not far from Dubrovnik.

This guide shows how to see Herceg Novi in just one day from Dubrovnik. It shares an itinerary, highlights of Herceg Novi, and essential tips for a great trip. Get ready for an amazing journey in this lovely coastal town.

Herceg Novi offers something for everyone. You can dive into history, wander its Old Town streets, relax on stunning beaches, or enjoy Montenegrin food. Join us as we explore this magical place and its top spots.

How to Get to Herceg Novi from Dubrovnik

Heading to Herceg Novi from Dubrovnik is easy. You have many ways to travel there. This makes your journey smooth and worry-free.

Travel Itinerary: Dubrovnik to Herceg Novi

Like organized trips? Look into guided tours from Dubrovnik to Herceg Novi. These tours come with a guide, transportation, and a set plan, making your trip relaxing. Search online or ask around for tours you might like.

Prefer setting your own pace? Use public transport to reach Herceg Novi from Dubrovnik. It’s straightforward and offers you more control over your travel plans.

  1. Bus: Traveling by bus is both cheap and easy. Buses run every day between Dubrovnik and Herceg Novi. The journey takes between 1.5 to 2 hours. You can catch one at Dubrovnik’s main station or check for times at your hotel.
  2. Private Car or Taxi: If private travel suits you better, consider a car or taxi to Herceg Novi. You get to decide the schedule and enjoy the beautiful drive along the coast.

Exploring Herceg Novi from Dubrovnik

When you get to Herceg Novi, its beauty and charm will draw you in. Make the most of your visit by seeing its Old Town, lovely beaches, and historical spots.

“Herceg Novi is a hidden gem close to Dubrovnik. It’s perfect for a day trip, mixing history, nature, and relaxation in a beautiful setting.”

Planning well and picking the right travel option lets you have a memorable adventure. Enjoy your visit from Dubrovnik to Herceg Novi and see the best of Montenegro.

Travel Advisory: Check Entry Requirements

Check the latest travel info before your trip. Look into border rules, visas, and COVID-19 guidelines. Being up to date will help things go smoothly.

Transportation Options

Transportation Pros Cons
Guided Tour
  • Convenient and organized
  • Knowledgeable guide
  • Pre-planned itinerary
  • Less flexibility
  • May be more expensive
  • Dependent on tour availability
  • Economical option
  • Frequent departures
  • Scenic coastal route
  • Fixed schedules
  • Potential for crowded buses
  • Dependent on traffic conditions
Private Car or Taxi
  • Personalized and direct
  • Flexibility in travel schedule
  • Comfortable and scenic drive
  • Higher cost
  • Dependent on availability

Choose how you want to travel based on your liking. Make your trip from Dubrovnik to Herceg Novi memorable any way you choose.


travel itinerary Dubrovnik to Herceg Novi

Highlights of Herceg Novi

If you’re exploring Montenegro, don’t miss a day trip from Dubrovnik to Herceg Novi. This coastal town will captivate you with its amazing views and rich history. You’ll find vibrant cultural sites and unforgettable experiences here.

Explore Herceg Novi from Dubrovnik and enjoy its beauty. Its coastline is a top attraction. Walk by the sea, taking in the stunning views. The azure sea and mountains set a perfect scene for your visit.

Exploring more, you’ll find historic and cultural gems in Herceg Novi. Check out churches like St. Michael’s and Our Lady of the Rosary. They highlight the region’s detailed architecture and history.

For art fans, visit the Savina Monastery. This Orthodox place is full of ancient artifacts. You’ll see beautifully carved icons and stunning frescoes, reflecting Montenegro’s spiritual and artistic past.

“Herceg Novi is a hidden gem that boasts a blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage. It’s a place where history comes alive, and the beauty of the Adriatic Sea takes your breath away.”

Next, head to the town’s Old Town. Its narrow streets are filled with shops and cafes. You can feel the lively atmosphere in its squares. This medieval town shares the region’s history through its architecture.

Don’t miss the vibrant local markets in Herceg Novi. You’ll find fresh bread, honey, and local fruits. It’s a way to immerse in Montenegrin culture and try traditional foods.

explore Herceg Novi from Dubrovnik

As the day ends, enjoy dinner by the water. Herceg Novi’s food, from seafood to meat, is delicious. You’ll love the local dishes and want to try more.

These are just some of Herceg Novi’s highlights for a day trip. The town welcomes history buffs, nature fans, and anyone looking for an adventure. Make memories here that will last long after your trip.


Exploring Herceg Novi Old Town

Dive into the charm of Herceg Novi’s Old Town. Immerse yourself in its narrow streets, historical buildings, and vibrant atmosphere. With a rich history and captivating architecture, the Old Town is a must-see. It’s an essential part of exploring Herceg Novi, especially on a day trip from Dubrovnik. Here you’ll find a unique mix of cultural heritage and modern life.

Top Sights to See

As you wander through the Old Town’s enchanting streets, make sure to see these places:

  • Fortress Spanjola: This ancient fortress offers breathtaking panoramic views. You’ll see Herceg Novi and the sparkling Adriatic Sea. Dive into history through its ancient walls and towers.
  • Bellavista Square: At this square, you’ll find the heart of the Old Town. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere with a cup of coffee or a meal.
  • Monastery Savina: Visit the stunning Savina Monastery. It’s known for its beautiful frescoes and tranquil gardens. Experience a moment of peace in this serene place.
  • Churches and Museums: Discover various churches and museums throughout the Old Town. They help you learn more about the town’s history and culture.

Walking along the historic passages is a must-do in the Old Town. They are filled with charming boutiques, art galleries, and traditional cafes. Get lost in the ambiance and immerse yourself in local culture.

The Old Town of Herceg Novi is a place where history, art, and enchantment meet. Lose yourself in the narrow streets, taste local food, and find hidden treasures that share stories from the past.

explore Herceg Novi from Dubrovnik

If you love stunning views, fortress sights, or the charm of local shops, Herceg Novi’s Old Town is an unforgettable experience.

Relaxing at Herceg Novi Beaches

Enjoy the sun and relax at Herceg Novi’s stunning beaches. You can find peace or have fun with water sports. The clear water and beautiful coast make these beaches a top choice for a day trip from Dubrovnik.

One standout is Zanjice Beach on Lustica Peninsula. It’s a hidden, quiet spot with soft sand and clear water. Besides relaxing, you can visit the Blue Cave. Rent a kayak or join a tour to get there.

Looking for more action? Try Savanova Beach. It has lively beach clubs and bars. You can relax on a chair, enjoy a cocktail, and listen to music.

Pro Tip: Arrive early in the peak season for a good beach spot at Savanova Beach.

Mirišta Beach is great for those who love adventure. It has pebbles, green views, and the sea. You can do water sports like kayaking or snorkeling. Or take a hike and see the coast from the trails.

explore Herceg Novi from Dubrovnik

Insider Tip: Bring your snorkeling gear to see vibrant marine life.

Also, check out Topla Beach in Herceg Novi. It’s a sandy beach near cafes and shops. Lay on a sunbed, stroll by the water, or eat seafood at a nearby restaurant.

Don’t miss exploring the various beaches of Herceg Novi. They’re perfect for those who love peace, adventure, or fun. A day visit from Dubrovnik is sure to be unforgettable and refreshing.

Visiting Kanli Kula Fortress

Head up to the famous Kanli Kula Fortress for stunning views of Herceg Novi and the Adriatic Sea. It’s a key stop when traveling from Dubrovnik to Herceg Novi.

explore Herceg Novi from Dubrovnik

Built by the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century, the fortress was a vital defense. Its name, “Bloody Tower,” hints at its role protecting the town from coastal threats.

Inside, you’ll find strong stone walls and old cannons, which take you back in time. It was strategically placed for keeping an eye on the coast and deterring invaders.

Enjoy a walk along the walls while taking in the amazing views. From the top, you see Herceg Novi and the clear blue Adriatic sea.

“The Kanli Kula Fortress offers a beautiful blend of history and scenery. It’s a true gem of Herceg Novi and a testament to the region’s rich past.”

While at the fortress, get to know Herceg Novi’s history and culture too. There are exhibits about the town’s past as a maritime hub.

Historical Significance and Cultural Exhibits

Inside, you can see artifacts and maps, plus learn about the town’s sea history. This includes its trade, battles at sea, and impact on the Adriatic.

The Maritime Museum hosts old documents and models, offering a deep look into the sea life of Herceg Novi.

Getting to Kanli Kula Fortress

The fortress is close to Herceg Novi’s center. It’s a short walk from the Old Town and the waterfront.

Whether you go alone or with a guide, take your time to truly understand the fortress’s importance. Also, don’t miss out on the great views.

Opening Hours Admission Fee
9:00 AM – 7:00 PM $5 (approximate)

Trying Local Cuisine in Herceg Novi

Enjoy the taste of Montenegro by eating the local food in Herceg Novi. This coastal spot is great for fresh meals and old recipes. It has a dash of the Mediterranean too. So, if you love food or just want to try real Montenegrin food, Herceg Novi has a lot for you.

If you’re visiting from Dubrovnik for just one day, check out the local places. You’ll find the area’s food history in these eateries. Here are a few that you must try:

  1. Restaurant Gradska Kafana: Situated in Herceg Novi’s Old Town, this spot offers a cozy vibe and a menu full of local favorites. You can dine on cevapi, njeguski steak, and moracanin while feeling the history.
  2. Restaurant Adriatica: It stands on a beautiful promenade, giving you amazing sea views. Try black risotto, sea bass, and octopus salad as you feel the sea breeze and hear the waves.
  3. Restaurant Konoba Feral: Found in the Old Town’s narrow streets, this cozy tavern serves classic Montenegrin food in a friendly atmosphere. You can eat lamb under the bell, cheese in oil, and peka. Enjoy the traditional music and warm welcome.

These are just a few places, and Herceg Novi has many more. If you’re into seafood, grilled meats, or sweets, Herceg Novi will not disappoint. There’s plenty to choose from and lots to love about the local food scene.

Now that you know where to eat well, make sure you try the great dishes in Herceg Novi. Visit from Dubrovnik and start a food journey you’ll want to continue.

explore Herceg Novi from Dubrovnik

Experience the Richness of Montenegrin Cuisine

Montenegrin food blends Mediterranean and Balkan flavors beautifully. It has a taste all its own. The dishes are full of fresh, local ingredients, making every bite special.

From tasty grilled meats to sea-inspired meals, the food here is a celebration of the area’s natural gifts. Olive oil, cheese, meats, and seafood shine in many recipes. They’re mixed with fresh veggies and herbs.

“Montenegrin cuisine is about our culture and nature. It joins land and sea flavors, making food that warms the heart and body.”

– Chef Nikola Petrovic

Traditional Montenegrin Dishes to Try

When in Herceg Novi, don’t miss these traditional dishes:

  1. Gibanica: It’s a savory pastry filled with cheeses, eggs, and spinach. A great mix of flavors and textures.
  2. Kacamak: A warm meal of mashed potatoes and cornmeal, with cheese and yogurt. It’s comforting and delicious.
  3. Sarma: Cabbage leaves filled with meat, rice, and spices. It’s then cooked in a tasty tomato sauce. This dish shows the Balkan side of Montenegrin food.
  4. Priganice: Deep-fried dough balls that are soft inside. They’re topped with sugar, honey, or cheese. A favorite sweet in Montenegro.

Let your taste buds explore and enjoy the food in Herceg Novi. Dive into Montenegrin cuisine and find out what makes it so unique. Enjoy your meal!

Restaurant Specialties
Restaurant Gradska Kafana
  • Cevapi
  • Njeguski steak
  • Moracanin
Restaurant Adriatica
  • Black risotto
  • Sea bass
  • Octopus salad
Restaurant Konoba Feral
  • Lamb under the bell
  • Cheese in oil
  • Peka

Shopping in Herceg Novi

If you love shopping, Herceg Novi is perfect for you. This town by the coast has many places to find special things. You can buy local goods or handcrafted items.

1. Herceg Novi Old Town Market

The Old Town Market is always busy. It’s a great spot for genuine shopping. You can get fresh foods, local items, and crafts here. Enjoy the lively vibe as you look around.

2. Bijela Market

To find fresh and local items, visit the Bijela Market. It sells organic fruits and veggies, as well as homemade cheese. Taste Montenegro’s yummy specialties like olive oil and honey.

3. Craft Shops in Old Town

Exploring Herceg Novi’s Old Town leads you to lovely craft shops. There, local artists sell their handmade goods. You can buy ceramics, jewelry, fabrics, and more. It’s a great way to support and take home unique pieces.

4. Shopping Centers

For a different shopping experience, visit the town’s shopping centers. They have well-known brands, clothes, and home items. The IDEA and Kamelija Shopping Centers are very popular.

From local crafts to modern items, shopping in Herceg Novi is enjoyable. Look in the many markets, small shops, and big stores. You’ll surely find something special to remember your trip.

explore Herceg Novi from Dubrovnik

Tips for a Seamless Day Trip to Herceg Novi

Make your day trip to Herceg Novi a breeze with these tips. They’re great for those heading from Dubrovnik. Or if you’re exploring Montenegro from Croatia. Follow these ideas for a smooth and fun journey.


Getting to Herceg Novi from Dubrovnik has options. Many choose a bus or taxi for ease and a comfy ride. You might glimpse the coastal beauty over the two-hour drive. Another way is to book a private car or a tour, offering ease and more sightseeing chances.

Time Management

  • Plan your visit ahead and make time for Herceg Novi’s key spots.
  • Starting early can help avoid crowd and seize the day.
  • Know when museums and sights open to make the most of your visit.
  • Include buffer time for any surprises or delays.

Exploring Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi has lots to see. Begin by wandering its Old Town. You’ll find historic sites, quaint shops, and cozy cafes. Be sure to stop at Kanli Kula Fortress for amazing views. Then, relax on the town’s beautiful beaches and dip into the clear sea.

Local Cuisine

Don’t miss out on Montenegro’s food scene in Herceg Novi. Try seafood and Balkan dishes at town eateries. Dive into seafood platters and local wines for a true taste of the region.


For shopping lovers, Herceg Novi is a treat. Look for craftwork, souvenirs, and local goods at markets and boutiques. You can buy handmade items, honey, and olive oil. These make great keepsakes of your trip.

Maximize your trip with careful planning and time management. Immerse yourself in Herceg Novi’s beauty and culture. These tips ensure your adventure is smooth and unforgettable.

Day trip to Herceg Novi

“A day trip to Herceg Novi is a perfect way to explore the beauty of Montenegro from Croatia. With its captivating old town, stunning beaches, and rich cultural heritage, Herceg Novi offers an unforgettable experience just a short distance away from Dubrovnik.”

Safety and Practical Information

Planning a day trip from Croatia to Herceg Novi? It’s key to keep informed and prepared. This helps make your journey easy and stress-free.


The Euro (€) is used in Montenegro. Have some cash for small buys. Yet, many places in tourist spots take credit cards too.


Montenegrin is the main language, but English is common in tourist spots. So, talking won’t be hard on your trip to Herceg Novi.

Emergency Services

For emergencies, call 112 in Montenegro. You’ll get help any time in English from the operators.

Health and Safety

Montenegro is generally safe, including Herceg Novi. Using caution is wise. Keep your stuff safe in busy spots. Always be alert to your location.

Local Laws and Customs

Follow local laws and customs. Dress modestly at religious places. Avoid public affection as it may offend some.

Weather and Clothing

Look up Herceg Novi’s weather before your trip. What you wear depends on the season. Don’t forget sunscreen, a hat, and comfy shoes, especially for sightseeing and beaches.

Important Contacts

Here are some key contacts for your trip:

  • Emergency Services: 112
  • Tourist Information Center: +382 31 320 967
  • Herceg Novi Police Station: +382 31 323 177
  • Herceg Novi Hospital: +382 31 350 000

With this safety and practical info, you’re ready for Herceg Novi. Have a great time exploring this beautiful coastal town in Montenegro!

Important Information Contact
Emergency Services 112
Tourist Information Center +382 31 320 967
Herceg Novi Police Station +382 31 323 177
Herceg Novi Hospital +382 31 350 000


day trip to Herceg Novi

Top Tips for Your Day Trip

Maximize your visit to Herceg Novi with these tips:

  1. Plan your visit to see all the key spots in the time you have.
  2. Check the border rules to prevent delays crossing into Montenegro.
  3. Bring water, snacks, and sunscreen for safety and comfort.
  4. Wear comfy shoes for wandering the town’s streets.
  5. Enjoy local and traditional foods at Herceg Novi’s eateries.
  6. Chill out on the beaches and enjoy the Adriatic Sea views.
  7. Take photos to remember your wonderful day.
  8. Respect local customs and act appropriately.
  9. Get some local cash for places that don’t take cards.
  10. Most of all, savor the beauty and joy of Herceg Novi.


Now that you know a lot about Herceg Novi, you can plan an incredible day trip from Dubrovnik. This Montenegrin town is close to Croatia’s famous city. It offers beautiful scenery and rich culture.

Herceg Novi is a mix of history, stunning beaches, and tasty food. You can walk the Old Town’s winding streets or chill on the beaches. There’s fun for everyone.

Be sure to see Kanli Kula Fortress for amazing views. Try the local food to taste Montenegro’s flavors. With our tips, your trip will be smooth and memorable. So, grab your bag, camera, and get ready for an amazing journey!