Where to stay in Dubrovnik for the best views?

Planning a trip to Dubrovnik means you’re looking for stunning views every morning. With its clear waters and beautiful landscapes, it’s a place worth waking up in. But, finding the best spot for these views can be tricky. Does Dubrovnik have hotels with amazing city and sea views?

Imagine starting your day with a view of the Adriatic Sea. The ancient city walls and red roofs spread out below you. Think about enjoying your morning coffee on a hotel balcony, watching the sunrise over Dubrovnik. Now, the big question is – which hotels can give you these magical moments?

This article will show you the top hotels in Dubrovnik for the best views. We’ll cover everything from luxury resorts and boutique hotels to vacation rentals and budget-friendly places. Get ready to fall in love with Dubrovnik’s beauty while staying in comfortable, top-quality places with breathtaking views.

So, are you ready to find out which hotels in Dubrovnik have the best views? Let’s get started.

Dubrovnik’s Stunning Coastal Scenery

Dive into Dubrovnik’s breathtaking coastal views, where stunning panoramas await. A hotel with a view lets you fully enjoy this city’s natural beauty.

The Adriatic Sea’s azure waters will capture your heart, with rugged cliffs and greenery. The clear, turquoise sea sparkles in the sunlight, both calming and beautiful.

Choose a vacation rental or a luxury resort for expansive sea views. Imagine waking up to the golden sunrise on the sea, as boats sail by.

Dubrovnik’s beauty goes beyond. From the City Walls, enjoy the Adriatic’s blues and greens against red-roofed buildings.

“Dubrovnik wows with stunning views, offering an unforgettable retreat.” – Dubrovnik Travel Magazine

The beauty of staying at a hotel with views

A hotel with panoramic views allows you to fully dive into Dubrovnik. Wake to the sunrise over the sea, warming your surroundings. Morning coffee on a balcony or poolside becomes magical with the ocean view.

Dubrovnik vacation rentals with panoramic views

Luxury resorts with scenic views blend natural beauty with deluxe amenities. Picture dining at a rooftop restaurant against the Adriatic’s backdrop.

Exploring Dubrovnik’s coastal wonders

Discover Dubrovnik’s coastline on a journey of wonder. Stroll Stradun, lined with shops, cafes, and historical sights.

Experience the sun setting over the Adriatic from the city walls.

Take a boat to the Elaphiti Islands or explore the Dubrovnik Riviera. Discover hidden coves and beaches with crystal-clear waters for swimming.

Explore secluded beaches for a refreshing swim.

From hotel views to coastal explorations, Dubrovnik’s scenery is unforgettable.

Finding the Perfect Spot for Views

Dubrovnik, a beautiful city in Croatia, offers amazing spots for views. You have many choices, from top hotels to cozy rentals. Each place provides stunning landscapes to enjoy during your stay.

We’ve picked the best places in Dubrovnik for great views. These places not only have amazing panoramas but also top amenities and hospitality.

1. Ploče

Ploče is on the east side of Dubrovnik’s Old Town. It offers amazing views of the Adriatic Sea. Here, hotels give you access to Banje Beach for sunbathing and swimming. Also, you get luxurious rooms that look out at Dubrovnik’s red roofs and the shimmering sea.

2. Lapad

For a calm atmosphere, stay in Lapad. This area is on Dubrovnik’s western peninsula. It gives you beautiful views of the Elafiti Islands. Hotels in Lapad are peaceful, letting you relax and enjoy the coastal scenery.


3. Dubrovnik City Walls

Hotels near the city walls offer a unique view of Dubrovnik’s Old Town. From here, see the charm and beauty of the city from above. You can walk along the walls for panoramic views.

Location Accommodation Options Key Features
Ploče Luxury hotels with direct beach access Views of the Adriatic Sea and Old Town
Lapad Tranquil hotels with stunning coastal views Relaxed atmosphere and proximity to Elafiti Islands
Dubrovnik City Walls Hotels near the city walls Unparalleled views of Dubrovnik’s Old Town

Any place you pick in Dubrovnik will amaze you with its views. Let this city enchant you and make memories that last forever.

Top places to stay in Dubrovnik for great views

Keep reading to find luxury hotels in Dubrovnik. Their unbeatable views will make your stay even more special.

Luxury Hotels with Unbeatable Views

If you’re dreaming of luxury in Dubrovnik, the hotels with amazing views are a must. They offer stunning views and luxury, making your stay unforgettable.

The Excelsior Hotel & Spa stands out. It’s set on a cliff with views of the Adriatic Sea. It offers luxury, beautiful decor, and incredible views. Guests can enjoy a spa, fine dining, and a private beach.

The Rixos Premium Dubrovnik offers a resort feel. It has beautiful views of the coast and gardens. The rooms are luxurious, with high-end amenities. Guests can enjoy an infinity pool, fine dining, and spa treatments.

“Luxury hotels in Dubrovnik offer a unique experience. You get stunning Adriatic Sea views and top amenities, redefining luxury.”

– Luxury Travel Magazine

The Villa Dubrovnik is perfect for those wanting privacy and views. It’s on a cliff, offering sea views. The rooms are peaceful, and there’s a beach and infinity pool.

The Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik stands out for its elegance. It’s on a cliff over Miramare Bay. The rooms offer sea views. Guests can enjoy spa treatments and dine at the rooftop restaurant.

These luxury hotels in Dubrovnik promise glamorous, serene, or resort-style stays. They offer luxury, incredible views, and unforgettable experiences.

Dubrovnik luxury resorts with scenic views

Comparison of Luxury Hotels in Dubrovnik with Unbeatable Views

Hotel Location Views Amenities
Excelsior Hotel & Spa Cliffside Panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea Spa, gourmet restaurants, private beach access
Rixos Premium Dubrovnik Coastal Scenic views of the coast and gardens Infinity pool, gourmet cuisine, signature spa treatments
Villa Dubrovnik Cliffside Sweeping views of the sea Beach area, infinity pool
Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik Cliffside overlooking Miramare Bay Breathtaking views of the azure waters Rejuvenating spa treatments, rooftop restaurant

Boutique Hotels for a Unique View Experience

Staying at a boutique hotel in Dubrovnik offers a special view experience. These small, unique places give you personal attention. Plus, they have amazing sights that will amaze you. Looking for a cozy spot in the historic city or a retreat on a hill? Dubrovnik has something special for everyone.

Hotel Stari Grad is a great choice in Dubrovnik. It’s right in the Old Town. From there, you can see the beautiful Adriatic Sea. Enjoy the history of Dubrovnik with modern comforts and great service.

Love peaceful, green surroundings? Villa Dubrovnik is perfect. It’s on a cliff by the Adriatic. Imagine relaxing in an infinity pool or enjoying a spa treatment while looking at the sea.

For something really special, stay at Villa Orsula. It’s near the city walls. You’ll see the Dubrovnik Old Town and Lokrum island. This hotel has elegant suites, great service, and a terrace with an awesome sea view. Villa Orsula is a treasure for an unforgettable visit.

Why Choose Boutique Hotels for Views?

Boutique hotels in Dubrovnik offer intimacy and charm that big hotels can’t match. They make every guest feel special with personalized service. Plus, they pay attention to all the little details.

These hotels are usually in beautiful spots, giving guests amazing city views. You could get a room with a sea balcony or a rooftop terrace. It’s easy to dive into Dubrovnik’s stunning scenery from these hotels.

Boutique hotels also celebrate Dubrovnik’s culture. They feature local architecture and decor. So, you get a taste of the local heritage with all the comforts and luxury of today.

Top Boutique Hotels with Views in Dubrovnik

Hotel Location Views
Hotel Stari Grad Old Town Panoramic Adriatic Sea views
Villa Dubrovnik Cliffside Adriatic Sea views
Villa Orsula Near Old Town Dubrovnik Old Town and Lokrum Island views

These boutique hotels offer amazing views with personal service. They make sure your stay in Dubrovnik is extraordinary. Celebrating something special or just looking for a calm escape? These places provide a unique viewing experience that’s sure to captivate you.

Dubrovnik accommodations with views

Vacation Rentals with Panoramic Views

Planning a trip to Dubrovnik? Look for accommodations with stunning views. Vacation rentals with panoramic views make your experience immersive. Wake up to breathtaking vistas and enjoy Dubrovnik’s beauty in comfort.

Vacation rentals offer privacy and a personalized experience. They feel like a home away from home. They’re great for families, friends, or a romantic getaway.

Dubrovnik offers spectacular panoramic views. From coastal landscapes to beautiful sunsets, these rentals have it all. Imagine enjoying your morning coffee or a romantic dinner with these views.

“The vacation rentals in Dubrovnik offer a truly immersive experience with their panoramic views. The combination of luxury and breathtaking vistas makes for an unforgettable stay.”

Here are some top picks for vacation rentals with panoramic views:

1. Villa Orsula

Villa Orsula sits on Dubrovnik’s cliffs, providing amazing views of the Adriatic Sea. Its elegant interiors and private terraces promise an indulgent stay.

2. Apartment Panorama

Apartment Panorama, on Dubrovnik’s outskirts, has views of the Old Town and sea. It’s perfect for those seeking a stylish, spacious retreat.

3. Villa Dubrovnik View

Villa Dubrovnik View is set in the hills, offering views of the city and sea. Its garden and outdoor areas provide a peaceful escape.

Consider the location and proximity to attractions when booking. Some rentals may need transportation for the city center, others are close to amenities.

Why choose a regular hotel when you can stay in a Dubrovnik vacation rental with panoramic views? Embrace the city’s beauty in style. Book today for an unforgettable trip.

Dubrovnik vacation rentals with panoramic views

Affordable Hotels with Great Views

Looking for affordable hotels in Dubrovnik with great views? You’re in the right place. Dubrovnik offers budget-friendly options that balance price with amazing views.

Hotel Petka in the Gruz neighborhood is a popular choice. With comfortable rooms at reasonable rates, it has stunning harbor views. Their rooftop restaurant serves breakfast with a view.

Hotel Lero is a short walk from Dubrovnik’s Old Town. It offers rooms with Adriatic Sea views at great prices. Guests can relax on the terrace and enjoy the vistas.

Prefer being close to the beach? Check out Hotel Splendid. This hotel is near Copacabana Beach. Guests can enjoy the sun and sea along with beautiful coast views.

“Affordable hotels in Dubrovnik offer a great way to see the city’s views without spending a lot.”

Vacation rentals are another good choice for independence. Companies like Airbnb have affordable places with views. Find the perfect spot within your budget.

When choosing an affordable hotel, think about location and amenities. Pick a hotel close to attractions you wish to visit. Make sure it has amenities like breakfast or a rooftop terrace for enjoying the views.

With some research and planning, you can discover affordable Dubrovnik hotels with stunning views. Why not pick a hotel where you can wake to incredible views without overspending?

Best hotels in Dubrovnik with views

Hotel Location View Price Range
Hotel Petka Gruz Harbor $$
Hotel Lero Near Old Town Adriatic Sea $$
Hotel Splendid Near Beach Coast $$

Hotels Near Dubrovnik’s Landmarks with Views

If you’re planning a trip to Dubrovnik, you’ll want a great view. Many hotels in Dubrovnik offer views of its famous sights. You can wake up to amazing vistas and be close to the main attractions.

The Hotel Excelsior is a great choice for views and location. It’s near the Old Town, with views of the city walls, the Adriatic Sea, and Lokrum Island. Its elegant rooms and great service make it perfect for those who love luxury.

The Hotel Bellevue sits on a cliff above Miramare Bay. This hotel offers clear sea views and Dubrovnik’s historic center. Its stylish design and private beach offer an unforgettable stay.

For a cozy atmosphere, pick the Villa Dubrovnik. It’s on the cliffs above the Adriatic Sea. You’ll see the ancient walls and the sea. Its spacious rooms, private beach, and rooftop pool offer luxury and calm.

When picking a hotel, think about the view you want. Some show the city walls, others show the Adriatic Sea. Take time to find the one that suits you.

The Dubrovnik Hotel Rixos Libertas is good for those on a budget. It’s close to the Old Town and has views of Dubrovnik Bridge. It offers comfy rooms, an outdoor pool, and stunning vistas at a good price.

Hotels in Dubrovnik with views

When looking for a hotel, consider the location, amenities, and the view. A hotel with a great view can make your Dubrovnik trip unforgettable.

Booking a Room with a View in Dubrovnik

To fully enjoy Dubrovnik’s beauty, find a room with a great view. Seeing the coast and historic sites from your room adds to the experience. Follow these tips to get the best view during your stay.

1. Request a Room with a View

Always ask for a room with a view when booking in Dubrovnik. It could be the sea or historic sites. Telling the hotel staff about your preference boosts your chances of a great room. Do this online or on a phone call.

2. Book Early for Optimal Availability

Book early to get a room with a view. Dubrovnik is popular, and these rooms go fast. This gives you a better shot at a top-notch room.

3. Consider Upgrading Your Room Category

Some room types have better views. Think about picking a higher category for an amazing view. Then, you can enjoy the scenery without leaving your bed.

4. Read Reviews and Look for Recommendations

Look at reviews for views before you book. Websites and social media can give insights from others who’ve stayed in view rooms in Dubrovnik.

5. Check for Additional Amenities

Think about what else the hotel offers. Amenities like rooftop bars or pools make your view even better. They add to the fun and relaxation.

These tips will help make your Dubrovnik stay unforgettable. A room with a view lets you dive into the city’s beauty.

Booking a room with a view in Dubrovnik

Advantages Considerations
Uninterrupted scenic views Higher cost compared to non-view rooms
Opportunity for memorable photographs Limited availability, especially during peak seasons
Fresh sea breezes and natural lighting Potential noise from nearby attractions or busy streets
Enhanced relaxation and ambiance Possible obstruction by neighboring buildings or natural features


Congratulations on finding the top places to stay in Dubrovnik! Planning a trip to this beautiful coastal city means you should pick a hotel with great views. This way, you get to start each day with amazing sights and have the best setting for making memories.

Dubrovnik has everything from fancy resorts to unique boutique hotels and cozy vacation rentals. Each offers incredible views. Whether you want to be close to famous spots or enjoy the coast, there’s a perfect place for you.

Make sure to ask for a room with a view when you book to get the best sights. Also, plan early to make sure you get a spot. Imagine yourself chilling on a balcony or terrace, taking in Dubrovnik’s beauty.