What are the best places to stay in Tartu?

Looking for the best spots in Tartu to spend your nights? You’re in for a treat! Estonia’s second-largest city has a lot to offer in terms of where to stay. There’s something for everyone, from luxurious hotels to homey guesthouses and even lively hostels.

Ready to find out the best places to stay in Tartu? Join us as we discover the perfect places for your visit!

Top Hotels in Tartu

Finding the perfect place to stay in Tartu is easy with the variety of hotels available. You can choose from luxurious five-star hotels to cozy boutique spots and more budget-friendly options. This ensures there’s a perfect match for every traveler’s needs.

Top hotels in Tartu provide a truly lavish experience. You’ll find rooms filled with luxury, top-notch dining, and relaxing spa services. It’s the ideal choice for a romantic escape or any special event where you want everything just right.

For a more personal touch, consider one of Tartu’s boutique hotels. These spots offer unique rooms that are stylish and cozy, each with its special flair. The service is tailored to make your stay unforgettable.

If your budget is tight, don’t worry. Tartu also has affordable hotels that offer comfort and great service. You’ll find clean rooms, necessary amenities, and strategic locations to enjoy the city without overspending.

Each hotel in Tartu brings its own special vibe to your stay. Some are right in the city center, close to all the excitement. Others are a peaceful retreat, surrounded by nature or in quieter parts of town.

When you pick a place to stay, think about what matters most to you. Whether it’s luxury, charm, or staying within budget, there’s a great place for you in this beautiful city.

Comparison of Top Hotels in Tartu

Hotel Location Rating Amenities Price Range
Park Inn by Radisson City Center 4.5/5 Spa, Fitness Center, Restaurant $$$
Villa Margaretha Boutique Hotel Old Town 4/5 Bar, Garden, Free Wi-Fi $$
Idea House Quiet Neighborhood 4/5 Private Balcony, Breakfast $

Cozy Guesthouses in Tartu

If you want a warm and home-like feel in Tartu, try a charming guesthouse. They offer a special, cozy vibe, perfect for getting to know the city’s culture and people better.

With fewer rooms than hotels, guesthouses give more personal service. They are great for solo travelers, couples, or small groups looking for a snug place in Tartu.

Guesthouses in this city vary from historic to modern, each with unique style. Your stay will be full of character, making it unforgettable.

Staying at a guesthouse lets you mingle with locals. The hosts, often Tartu residents, give great tips and insights. This way, you can discover the city more deeply.

Rooms in guesthouses are comfy, with everything you need for a peaceful stay. They sometimes have areas for meeting others. This is perfect for sharing travel tales with fellow guests.

“Staying in a guesthouse allowed me to experience the true essence of Tartu. The hosts were incredibly welcoming, treating me like a member of their own family. It was a refreshing change from the impersonal nature of traditional hotels. I highly recommend guesthouses for those seeking a cozy and authentic stay in Tartu!” – Sarah, traveler

Most guesthouses in Tartu are close to its main spots yet set in calm areas. You’ll be near the action but can still enjoy a quiet neighborhood.

For a personal and heartwarming time in Tartu, consider guesthouses. They offer a unique chance to feel at home and make unforgettable memories.

Cozy Guesthouses in Tartu

Vibrant Hostels in Tartu

Tartu’s hostels are perfect for the budget-savvy or those who enjoy meeting others. You’ll find comfy dorm rooms and places to hang out with other travelers. It’s a great way to share experiences and make friends from all over.

“Staying at a hostel in Tartu offers a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals from around the world. Sharing stories, exchanging travel tips, and creating lasting memories are all part of the hostel experience.”

There’s a hostel in Tartu for everyone. You can pick from stylish, modern spots or places full of snug, traditional vibes. Your choice depends on what kind of place suits you best.

Why Choose a Hostel in Tartu?

  • Affordable Rates: Hostels in Tartu provide budget-friendly accommodation options, allowing you to save money for other aspects of your trip.
  • Social Environment: If you enjoy meeting new people and sharing travel experiences, hostels offer a vibrant and communal atmosphere that fosters connections.
  • Local Recommendations: Hostel staff often have insider knowledge of the best local attractions, restaurants, and hidden gems, providing valuable recommendations for your stay in Tartu.
  • Central Locations: Many hostels are located in the heart of Tartu, making it convenient to explore the city’s main attractions, cultural sites, and nightlife.

Staying at a hostel in Tartu means enjoying many perks. You get a cozy bed, clean areas, and places to chill with others. These comforts make your trip more fun and relaxed.

Choose one of Tartu’s top hostels to really experience the city. You’ll meet interesting people, see the city’s beauty, and make unforgettable memories.


Best Tartu hostels

Hostel Location Price Range
The Wanderer’s Nest Old Town $
Backpackers Heaven City Center $$
Artists’ Hostel Supilinn $
Hostel Nomad Turu Street $$

Downtown Tartu Accommodations

Want a lively place to stay in Tartu? Downtown is perfect. You’ll be close to many fun things like museums and great eateries. The heart of Tartu is the best spot for any visitor.

Downtown Tartu offers many places to stay for every taste and budget. There are luxury hotels and cozy guesthouses. By staying here, you can feel the history every time you step outside. The old streets are filled with unique architecture and charming shops.

Tartu Old Town

Walking to famous museums is easy from here. Places like the Estonian National Museum hold the city’s rich past. The Tartu Art Museum showcases its lively art scene. And don’t miss out on the chance to taste local dishes from the city’s cafes and restaurants.

“Staying in downtown Tartu was the highlight of our trip. Being within walking distance of everything made it so convenient, and we loved the lively atmosphere, especially in the evenings.”
– Sarah, USA

If you love history or art, you’ll find plenty to explore in Tartu. But it’s also just a great city to experience. The lively downtown will make your stay memorable. It’s a perfect place to start your adventures in Estonia.

Nature Retreats Near Tartu

If you love a peaceful place, try a retreat near Tartu. Here, you can hike, fish, and enjoy the Estonian countryside. It’s perfect for finding peace.

Nature Retreats Near Tartu

Enjoy nature’s quiet by picking a retreat near Tartu. These places are great for anyone who loves nature. They’re beautiful and offer many outdoor activities.

These places are surrounded by forests, hills, and clean lakes. You can pick from various types of places to stay. There are cottages, farmhouses, and cabins waiting for you.

Imagine waking up to birds singing and the fresh air. Then, start your day with a hike on beautiful trails. You’ll see waterfalls and great spots for views.

Love fishing? You’ll find rivers and lakes with lots of fish. It’s a great way to relax and enjoy the day.

“The nature retreats near Tartu offer a serene escape from the busy city life. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, they provide a perfect setting for outdoor activities and relaxation.” – Local Nature Enthusiast

After exploring, relax in your cozy retreat. Have a good meal with local food, read a book near the fire, or just enjoy the quiet. It’s a great way to end your day.

These retreats are perfect for anyone seeking peace or adventure. They let you experience the amazing Estonian countryside. You’ll remember your time here fondly.

Family-Friendly Hotels in Tartu

Tartu is perfect for families. It’s known for being really welcoming. Many hotels here are great for families, making sure both kids and adults are happy. They offer lots of things to make your stay comfy and fun.

Spacious Rooms for Everyone

Family-friendly hotels in Tartu stand out for their big rooms. These rooms have several beds or connect to each other. This means there’s plenty of space for families to chill out. If you have kids of any age, they will find a cozy place to sleep.

Child-Friendly Facilities and Services

In Tartu’s family-friendly hotels, kids are top priority. They offer things like playgrounds and kids’ clubs, as well as babysitting. This lets parents relax while their little ones have fun too.

Activities for Kids

Tartu’s hotels know the key to a great family trip is keeping kids entertained. They set up activities and programs just for children. From making art to watching movies and exploring on treasure hunts, kids are sure to love it here.

Nearby Attractions and Local Recommendations

It’s smart to pick a hotel close to stuff kids will like. Many are near places like museums and parks. The hotel staff can also help you find more fun things to do nearby.

Family-Friendly Hotels in Tartu

Tartu has lots of hotels perfect for families. They all have big rooms, lots of fun for kids, and are near great family spots. Pick one of these for a super family trip in Tartu.

Business-Friendly Accommodations in Tartu

Tartu has many places to stay that are perfect for people traveling for work. If you’re here for a conference or meeting, you’ll find the amenities you need for a productive and comfortable stay.

It’s important to stay close to the city’s business areas. The best hotels in Tartu are near the key locations. This makes it easy to get to your important business meetups.

These hotels provide everything you need for your work events. They have great meeting spaces, fast Wi-Fi, and people who can help you plan your gatherings. No matter the size of your meeting, they’ve got you covered.

When work is done, there’s still more these places can offer. Most have business centers for you to use after hours. You can get work done in a quiet place.

Key Features:

  • Proximity to business centers
  • Well-equipped meeting rooms
  • High-speed Wi-Fi access
  • Professional event coordination services
  • On-site business centers

But after work, it’s time to relax. These accommodations have things like gyms, spas, and nice places to eat. They’re perfect for winding down and even meeting up with others in a casual setting.

So, whether you’re here for a short visit or a longer one, you’re all set. These places mix a great work environment with the comfort you want. It all helps with your job and makes your stay better.

Business-Friendly Accommodations in Tartu

Unique Accommodation Experiences in Tartu

Looking for something unique in Tartu? You’ll find a wide range of special places to stay. This includes old buildings transformed into modern spaces, rooms with cool themes, and eco-friendly lodgings. With such variety, you’re bound to find something that matches your style and preference.

Converted Historical Buildings

By picking a converted historical building, you dive into Tartu’s deep history. These places are refurbished to keep their original beauty but have today’s comforts. You might sleep in a manor from many centuries ago or in a old factory turned into a stylish hotel. It’s a chance to live in the city’s history, making your stay a one-of-a-kind experience.

Tartu accommodation options

Themed Rooms

Themed rooms are perfect for those who love fun and creativity. In Tartu, you can find places with rooms that have unique decorations, each based on its own theme. If you enjoy art, books, or dream worlds, you’ll discover rooms perfect for you. Whether it’s a room with bright murals, or one that looks like it’s from the past, staying in these themed places is exciting.

Eco-Friendly Options

Sustainability is key in Tartu’s eco-friendly places. These accommodations use renewable energy and focus on reducing their footprint. By choosing a solar-powered guesthouse or a certified green hotel, you’re choosing a stay that’s good for the planet.

Try one of Tartu’s unique accommodations to add something special to your journey. Whether it’s a historical building, a uniquely themed room, or an eco-friendly stay, you’re bound to make great memories.

Accommodation Tips for Tartu Visitors

Planning your trip to Tartu, Estonia’s second-largest city, is important. You can enhance your stay by thinking about key tips for choosing where to stay. These tips will help make your trip more enjoyable.

1. Best Time to Visit Tartu

For the best of Tartu, visit in summer, from June to August. During these months, the city is bustling with festivals and outdoor events. This creates a lively, energetic vibe.

But, because it’s a popular time, finding accommodation can be harder. It’s smart to book your stay well ahead of time.

2. Popular Neighborhoods to Stay in Tartu

Tartu has something for everyone, with different neighborhoods offering unique experiences:

  • Tartu Old Town: Stay in the heart of the city’s historic area to see its medieval architecture. You’ll be near great dining and entertainment options.
  • Karlova: This area is known for its artistic and vibrant scene. It features colorful wooden houses, hip cafes, and art studios.
  • Annelinn: An area further from the city center, it offers a quieter, more local experience. You’ll find peace, green spaces, and easy access to transport.

3. Making the Most of Your Trip

Your accommodation is important, but exploring the city is vital too. Here are some top activities to enrich your visit:

  • Visit the University of Tartu: This university has a long history and beautiful architecture. You can join guided tours or enjoy a walk around its campus.
  • Explore Tartu’s Museums: Tartu has many museums, like the AHHAA Science Center and the Estonian National Museum. They offer something for everyone, from art to history.
  • Experience Local Cuisine: Enjoy Estonian food, including black bread, smoked fish, and elk meat. Tartu’s restaurants and cafes serve up these traditional dishes in welcoming settings.

Average Accommodation Prices in Tartu

Below is a summary of average accommodation prices in Tartu. Keep in mind that these prices can change based on season and availability.

Accommodation Type Average Price per Night
Luxury Hotels $150-$250
Boutique Hotels $100-$150
Budget-Friendly Hotels $60-$100
Guesthouses $40-$80
Hostels $20-$40

Tartu accommodation options

With these insights, you’re ready to make wise choices on where to stay in Tartu. Always think about the best visiting times, explore diverse neighborhoods, and enjoy the city’s cultural and culinary delights. Have a wonderful time in Tartu!

Local Recommendations for Tartu Lodgings

Looking for the best place to stay in Tartu, Estonia? The locals know the city best. They’ve shared tips on unique spots and local accommodations. These places will bring an authentic feel to your visit in Tartu.

“Want a cozy stay? Check out the Tartu Guesthouse. This spot feels like home. You get comfy rooms and tasty breakfast near the city center. It’s a wonderful place to stay.”
– Maria, Tartu Resident

Adventurers will love the Artists’ Loft Boutique Hotel. It’s in a historic building, beautifully redone. Each room is unique, showing off local artists’ work. You’ll live among Tartu’s creative minds in this thriving area.

“Looking for the River View Hotel? It’s my top pick. You can see the Emajõgi River from here. The sunset view from the rooftop is amazing.”
– Jaan, Tartu Resident

For nature lovers, the Tartu Camping & Cabins offers a great stay. It’s just outside the city, surrounded by forests and lakes. Here, you can camp or stay in cozy cabins. Enjoy the outdoors with activities like hiking and canoeing.

Tartu has lots of accommodations to fit your style, from guesthouses to nature spots. Don’t stick only to the usual hotels. Discover places like local inns, artistic hotels, and quiet nature retreats that make Tartu special.

Tartu Guesthouse Artists’ Loft Boutique Hotel River View Hotel Tartu Camping & Cabins
Cozy rooms
Delicious breakfast
Renovated historical building
Artistic design
Local artwork
Stunning river views
Rooftop terrace
Central location
Nature retreat
Forest surroundings
Outdoor activities

Tartu accommodation options

Follow the locals’ advice for the best stay in Tartu. From cozy guesthouses to creative hotels or nature getaways. You’ll really discover Tartu and make unforgettable memories.


Tartu has a lot to offer, making it a great place for all types of travelers. You can pick from luxury hotels, cozy guesthouses, or budget-friendly hostels. This beautiful city in Estonia brings something special for everyone.

Think about what you like and how much you want to spend when choosing where to sleep in Tartu. If you love luxury and comfort, top hotels in the city are perfect. Want something more personal? Go for guesthouses for a warm feel and great service. Are you watching your wallet or love meeting new people? Hostels in Tartu are a fantastic option.

Planning a trip to Tartu means making unforgettable memories. Discover its history, dive into its culture, and feel the local welcome. There are many places to stay in Tartu. So, finding your ideal spot is as simple as clicking a button.