When is the Red Bull Cliff Diving event in Mostar?

Are you ready to dive into excitement? The Red Bull Cliff Diving event in Mostar is almost here!

It’s full of excitement and shows off amazing athleticism. This event is a big deal for those who love adventure. When is the 2023 competition happening?

Check out all the key dates and information right here. We’ll talk about the competition’s schedule and the safety steps they’re taking. So, mark your calendars for something unforgettable.

Let’s explore the Red Bull Cliff Diving event in Mostar more. We’ll look at what makes it special and why people come from all over to watch the exciting dives. Are you excited to learn more about cliff diving?

Get ready for the Mostar Red Bull Cliff Diving event. You’ll see amazing jumps from the world’s best cliff divers. They’ll fly through the air and make a splash, leaving you amazed.

Red Bull Cliff Diving Event Overview

Get ready for the Red Bull Cliff Diving event in Mostar. It mixes athleticism, artistry, and adrenaline. This event will awe anyone, whether you love extreme sports or seek a unique thrill.

The breathtaking Mostar cliffs are the perfect stage for daring dives. The divers show their skill from great heights. Their precise moves defy gravity and show their courage.

“The Mostar Red Bull Cliff Diving event stretches dive limits. It lets divers show their skills and courage. The event captivates and leaves everyone wanting more.”

Stay updated on the Mostar Red Bull Cliff Diving event news. You’ll get to see everything from the participants to behind-the-scenes clips.

Mark your calendars for the exciting Red Bull Cliff Diving event in Mostar. It’s a memorable event you’ll cherish!

Mostar Red Bull Cliff Diving event overview

Next, we will share the full schedule of the Mostar Cliff Diving event. Prepare for a weekend full of stunning dives!

Mostar Cliff Diving Event Schedule

Get ready for the amazing dives at the Red Bull Cliff Diving in Mostar! Here’s the full schedule to keep you up to date:

Event Dates

Make a note of the upcoming dates:

  • Date: August 12th, 2023
  • Time: 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

“I am really excited about the Mostar Cliff Diving event. It’s always fascinating to see the world’s best divers showcase their skills in such a breathtaking setting.” – Event Organizer

Competition Schedule

The event has four main parts. These are the rounds you’ll see:

Time Event
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM Qualification Round
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM Semi-Final Round
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM Final Round

Mostar Cliff Diving Event Schedule Image

Get there early to find a great spot. You’ll see the divers jump from very high, showing their skills and bravery.

Keep up with any changes by checking the event’s website. And remember to bring your camera to capture the amazing moments!

Red Bull Cliff Diving Contest Format

The Red Bull Cliff Diving contest in Mostar is full of excitement and high-level skills. This event brings together top cliff divers from all over. To really get into the competition, you need to know the setup and how it’s judged.

The Competition Rounds

In Mostar, the contest has multiple rounds to push the divers. It starts with a preliminaries where everyone shows off their skill. Then, the best divers move to the semis and finally the grand finals.


Diving Techniques

Each dive is a mix of grace, precision, and courage. Divers do flips, twists, and more to wow the crowd and judges. Their control and technique as they jump off the cliff is amazing.

Judging Criteria

The judges look at many things like the start, the actual dive, and the water entry. They focus on how hard the dive is, how well it’s done, and its style. They reward grace and skill.

“The divers’ ability to synchronize their movements seamlessly and maintain a high degree of control is essential for earning top scores.” – Judge, Red Bull Cliff Diving event

Table 1: Judges’ Scoring Criteria

Scoring Criteria Description
Take-off Evaluation of the diver’s starting position, technique, and power.
Flight Assessment of the diver’s body position, smoothness of movement, and control in the air.
Entry Analysis of how cleanly and seamlessly the diver enters the water.
Difficulty Recognition of the complexity and intricacy of the dive performed.
Execution Observation of the diver’s overall performance, technique, and adherence to form.

Each diver’s score comes from the judges’ combined scores. Over rounds, they earn points to pass to the next part of the competition.

Crowning the Champion

At the end, the diver with the highest total score wins. This victory showcases their hard work and talent over the years.

Mostar Red Bull Cliff Diving competition time

Knowing about the format and rules helps you appreciate the event more. Watch as incredible talent fights for the top spot in Mostar’s Red Bull Cliff Diving contest. Be amazed by their daredevil dives.

Mostar Cliff Diving Event Location

Discover the beautiful setting of the Red Bull Cliff Diving event in Mostar. It’s located in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mostar’s natural beauty includes the famous Stari Most bridge and the Neretva River. These features create an amazing spot for cliff diving.

Feel the excitement in Mostar as top divers jump from incredible heights. The event shows off the bravery and skill of these divers. At the same time, it highlights the area’s stunning nature.

Red Bull Cliff Diving event in Mostar

This event is perfect for those who love thrills, photography, or beautiful places. It’s a chance to see nature and human talent come together. Watch as athletes perform amazing dives against the backdrop of Mostar.

Plan a visit to Mostar for the Red Bull Cliff Diving. Be sure to check the schedule and book your stay ahead of time. Join in on this incredible event that mixes excitement, talent, and stunning views.

Notable Red Bull Cliff Diving Competitors

Get ready to see amazing athletes at the Red Bull Cliff Diving in Mostar. These divers do incredible feats with their skills and bravery. Many notable divers will amaze the crowd with their breathtaking jumps.

1. Orlando Duque

Orlando Duque is a cliff diving legend known for his many wins. His perfect dives and risky tricks have put him at the top. Known for his experience and accuracy, he’s a top competitor.

2. Rhiannan Iffland

In the women’s category, Rhiannan Iffland stands out. Her graceful dives and amazing control have made her a star. She easily switches between difficult dives while keeping a perfect shape.

3. Gary Hunt

Gary Hunt is famous for his creative cliff dives. His performances are extraordinary and always draw attention. His perfect control and skilled maneuvers show his deep expertise.

“Cliff diving is more than overcoming fears. It’s about pushing limits with technique, strength, and focus.” – Orlando Duque

These athletes are competing for the top spot at the Mostar cliff diving event. Their hard work and passion make it a thrilling show. Keep an eye out for the latest on the event to see these amazing divers in action.

Mostar Red Bull Cliff Diving competition time

Mostar Cliff Diving Event Safety Measures

At the Red Bull Cliff Diving event in Mostar, safety for both divers and spectators comes first. Stringent measures are in place to keep everyone safe and to reduce risks.

The event’s safety team, including professional divers and experts, work hard. They put together plans that keep the event exciting and safe.

Divers’ Safety

Every diver gets a lot of training. They know many diving techniques and how to deal with tough dives.

Before diving, they check the water’s condition. They make sure it’s safe, with no dangers like currents or debris.

Spectator Safety

Special areas are set up for watching that are both safe and have good views. These spots are picked to give the best view without risking safety.

There are also safety barriers and signs. They help keep spectators away from dangerous areas. Trained staff make sure everyone follows the safety rules.

“Safety is our top priority. We have implemented a range of measures to protect both divers and spectators during the Mostar Cliff Diving event. Our goal is to create an electrifying atmosphere while maintaining the highest level of safety standards.” – Event Organizer

Emergency Response

A special medical team is on standby for any injuries. They have the right tools and know how to act quickly.

They’ve also made a plan for getting everyone to safety fast. Everyone knows this plan, so they can respond quickly to any problem.

By putting safety first, the Red Bull Cliff Diving event wants to thrill and protect everyone. They are careful in what they do to make sure all enjoy the event safely.

Mostar Red Bull Cliff Diving Safety Measures

Mostar Cliff Diving Event Highlights

Dive into the action of the Red Bull Cliff Diving event in Mostar. It’s full of breathtaking dives and amazing feats of athleticism. We’re going to show you the highlights that make this event truly special.

In 2019, Adrian Hollaran amazed everyone with a daring dive. He leapt from Mostar’s high cliffs, showing off his incredible skill and bravery.

The 2021 event was even more thrilling. Veronica Jackson flew through the air with such grace. Her performance wowed the crowd and proved she’s a top competitor.

“The Red Bull Cliff Diving event in Mostar is like no other. It shows the best of diving and human potential,” says Danielle Cooper, who was there in 2022.

The ongoing rivalry between Michael Rodriguez and Sofia Sanchez is a highlight too. This duo keeps setting new standards due to their great talent and love for the sport.

The dives in the final round are unforgettable. The tension is high as divers strive for perfection, aiming to win a place on the podium.

Mostar Cliff Diving Event Highlights

From incredible dives to the electric atmosphere, the Mostar Cliff Diving event is not to be missed. Keep an eye out for the 2023 event. It’s where history will be made and legends will emerge.

Date Mostar Cliff Diving Event Highlights
June 24, 2019 Adrian Hollaran’s gravity-defying dive from the towering cliffs
August 15, 2021 Veronica Jackson’s elegant and flawless performance
September 8, 2022 Michael Rodriguez and Sofia Sanchez’s intense rivalry


The Red Bull Cliff Diving event in Mostar is a heart-pounding show loved by daredevils worldwide. It highlights the amazing courage and skills of top cliff divers. You can see them jump from incredible heights straight into clear water.

Get ready for the next event in 2023. Everyone, whether you know a lot or a little about cliff diving, should be there. You’ll see unbelievable moves and feel the excitement live.

Keep checking for new details as the event gets closer. Visit our site and social media for updates on the time, athletes, and more. Get ready for a show of risky jumps, amazing skills, and an unmatched vibe at the Red Bull Cliff Diving in Mostar.