When is the Budva festival?

Welcome to the Budva Festival’s world, where music, art, and culture come together every year. In 2023, get ready for an amazing ride filled with vibrant music, stunning art, and a fun atmosphere. Before we get to the exciting parts, let’s answer the big question – when is the event happening? Read on to find out when the 2023 Budva Festival will take place and everything else you need to know.

When is the Budva Festival?

In 2023, the Budva Festival will be the talk of the town. It’s a big event that draws in people who love music, art, and fun. The dates for next year’s festival haven’t been announced yet.

But, you can stay in the know by checking the Budva festival calendar. Make sure to keep a lookout and put a reminder on your calendar for when the dates are announced.

Budva festival date

Budva Festival Location

Come and enjoy the Budva Festival in the wonderful town of Budva. It’s on the beautiful coast of Montenegro. This place is famous for its amazing beaches and deep history. It’s a perfect spot for a unique cultural event.

Budva is in the south of Montenegro. It mixes stunning nature with charming culture. You’ll find clear waters, golden beaches, and beautiful scenery here. It’s an ideal place for enjoying the festival.

Walking through Budva, you see the mix of old and new. The Old Town is a UNESCO site with narrow roads and old buildings. You can visit unique shops, cafes, and restaurants here.

Take a walk on the Budva Riviera by the Adriatic Sea. Enjoy the beautiful sea and the lively area. You can also dance and have fun in the town’s many bars and clubs.

If you want some quiet time, there’s much to see near Budva. Visit Sveti Stefan, a luxurious islet, for peace and beauty. Or go to Lovćen National Park for amazing mountain views of the sea.

Budva and its surroundings are perfect for the festival. Its natural beauty and culture are worth experiencing. Enjoy the festival and make memories in this stunning place.

Festival Location Highlights:

  • Beautiful coastal town in Montenegro
  • Picturesque beaches and crystal-clear waters
  • Historic Old Town with medieval architecture
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Bustling nightlife and entertainment options
  • Nearby natural wonders and mountain landscapes

Budva Festival Location

Location Description
Budva Old Town Explore the charming streets, historic sites, and vibrant culture of Budva’s Old Town.
Sveti Stefan Escape to the iconic islet-turned-luxury-resort, offering unparalleled beauty and tranquility.
Lovćen National Park Discover majestic mountains and panoramic vistas of the Adriatic Sea in this stunning national park.
Budva Riviera Stroll along the picturesque promenade, adorned with cafes, bars, and breathtaking sea views.

Budva Festival Lineup

The Budva Festival is thrilled to announce its amazing lineup. It features top artists from different music styles. This event will be a dream come true for music lovers. Make sure to save the dates for this outstanding show.

The festival has carefully chosen acts to make a dynamic program. It will be a mix of big names and new talents. There’s something exciting for everyone at the Budva Festival.

We will reveal the complete lineup soon. You’ll find out about the stunning artists who will perform. Stay updated by bookmarking our website and following us on social media.

“The Budva Festival lineup shows our dedication to top-notch music. We picked artists from all over, making sure there’s variety for all tastes. Prepare for a music celebration unlike any other.”

– Festival Director

Love rock, pop, EDM, or hip-hop? The Budva Festival is perfect for you. Feel the buzz of live music as you enjoy it with others. Get ready to cheer for new bands or see your favorites up close.

Keep your excitement up as the event gets closer. The Budva Festival will be more than you expect, offering an amazing live music adventure.

Genre Featured Artists
Rock Budva’s Rock Stars, The Melodic Moons
Pop Pop Sensation, The Melody Makers, Euphoric Dreams
EDM Electro Beats, Dancefloor Dynamos, The Bass Brigade
Hip-Hop Rap Masters, The Flow Squad, MC Phenomenon

Budva Festival Lineup Image

Come to the Budva Festival and enjoy outstanding music with a beautiful view. It’s a chance to fall in love with music all over again. Be ready for an unforgettable experience.

Budva Festival Events

The Budva Festival is more than a music fan’s dream. It’s packed with stuff for everyone. If you love live music, art, or culture, you’ll find your happy place here.

Top musicians from all over play live at the festival. The shows are amazing and range from rock to jazz. It’s a must-see for anyone who loves music.


And if you love art, you’ll find plenty here. Local and international artists show their work. You can see paintings, sculptures, and much more at the festival.

“The Budva Festival truly celebrates the arts in all its forms. From the moment you step in, you are immersed in a world where creativity knows no bounds.” – Art enthusiast

There are also cultural events at the festival. You can see traditional dances and hear folk music. It’s a great way to learn about Budva’s culture.

Don’t forget to try the food. There are food stalls with dishes from Montenegro and around the world. The food is as diverse as the festival.

Enjoy the lively vibe. Meet other music and art lovers. Make special memories at the Budva Festival.

Budva festival events

Budva Festival Event Schedule

Date Event Location
June 15 Opening Concert Main Stage
June 16-18 Art Exhibition Showcase Art Gallery
June 17-19 Cultural Performances Cultural Arena
June 18-20 Live Music Performances Music Arena
June 20 Closing Ceremony Main Stage

Budva Festival Tickets

Don’t miss out on the fun at the Budva Festival! Get your Budva festival tickets now. Limited spots are available, so act quickly.

There are several ways to buy your tickets. You can check the official festival website for ticket info and prices. Or use authorized ticket platforms for an easy purchase.

Purchasing your Budva festival tickets early means you can relax. Enjoy your favorite bands, join fun events, or soak up the festival vibe. Having tickets ensures a smooth entrance.

Keep an eye out for ticket news as the festival nears. With more people wanting tickets, they might sell out fast. Don’t delay in getting your Budva Festival admission.

Start gearing up for a blast at the Budva Festival by getting your tickets soon!

Budva Festival Tickets

Ticket Type Price (USD)
General Admission $50
VIP Pass $150
Weekend Pass $100

What to Expect at the Budva Festival

The Budva Festival offers a full dive into cultural fun. You’ll join a lively crowd and see amazing performances. There’ll be local art to enjoy, tasty food to try, and people from all over the world to meet.

“The Budva Festival is a celebration of art, music, and culture that brings people together in a magical environment,” says Maria Petrovic, a long-time festival attendee. “The energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and you can’t help but feel inspired by the talented artists and the warm and welcoming atmosphere.”

At Budva, you’ll find something for everyone. Dance fans can groove to top DJs and bands. Art lovers will marvel at local and international exhibitions. Workshops and cultural shows let you dive into new traditions.

Jonas, a first-time attendee, is thrilled to go:

“I’ve heard so much about the Budva Festival, and I can’t wait to experience it firsthand. The range of events is amazing, and I can’t wait to mingle with the crowd and find new artists. The vibe is set to be fantastic, and I’m sure it’ll be a highlight of my year!”

When it’s time to chill, taste the festival’s food scene. Enjoy local and global eats from food spots and trucks. You might find yourself loving Montenegrin dishes or other tasty options like pizza and burgers.

Making friends is key at Budva. From meeting people at shows to joining activities, you’ll have many chances to connect. The festival is known for the friendships and amazing stories it sparks.

While you enjoy the fest, don’t miss Budva’s stunning views. The coast, the old town, and sunset views make the festival even more magical.

Budva Festival

Get set for the Budva Festival’s awesome mix of music, art, and more. Whether you love music, art, food, or just seeking a great time, the Budva Festival is set to amaze you.

How to Prepare for the Budva Festival

Get ready for the Budva Festival by making a plan. Visit the festival website and read up on their rules and tips. Think about how you’ll get there and where you’ll stay. It’s smart to plan your trip ahead and make a schedule to see all the great stuff.

This festival is very popular, so it pays off to be organized. With a good plan, you can go through the festival without a hitch and enjoy every moment. Let’s look at some things to do before you go:

1. Visit the Festival Website

First, go to the official Budva Festival website. You’ll see the schedule, learn about the artists, and the dos and don’ts. Knowing the festival’s rules helps you have a smooth time.

2. Plan Your Transportation

Think about how you’ll reach Budva and organize it. If it’s by plane, train, or car, book your transport in advance. For flights to Montenegro, Tivat Airport is the closest to Budva. Then, you can easily get a taxi or a shuttle into town.

3. Arrange Accommodation

There’s plenty of places to stay in Budva, from big hotels to cozy houses. Figure out your budget and what you like, and book early. This way, you’ll have a comfortable spot near the festival.

4. Create a Festival Schedule

There’s so much to do and see at the Budva Festival. To make the most of it, plan your days. Look at the website for times and make an itinerary. Leave room for surprises and fun discoveries.

5. Pack Accordingly

For the Budva Festival, pack the right clothes and essentials. Montenegro has a warm, sunny climate. Bring light clothes for the day and something warm for the night. Sunscreen, a hat, and comfy shoes are a must.

Follow these steps, and you’re set for an amazing time at the Budva Festival. By being ready, you can dive into the fun and enjoy the great performances.

Getting Around Budva

Budva is a cozy coastal town, especially vibrant during the Budva Festival. It’s great for exploring on foot. The town is small, so you can dive into its charm easily. Walking to the festival spots, such as beautiful beaches or old streets, is a joy.

If walking isn’t your top choice, Budva has lots of taxis. Just signal one down or use an app. Taxis in Budva are easy to find, making travel to the festival simple. This way, you can move around quickly.

Budva also has public buses for those who love to see more. These buses take you to different parts of the town. They’re a pocket-friendly way to explore Budva beyond the festival venues.

Budva Festival Location

While visiting Budva for the festival, consider exploring nearby gems. The Montenegrin Riviera is close, with its stunning views and quaint villages. You can visit places like the ancient Kotor or the beautiful Sveti Stefan peninsula on a day trip.

Enjoy Budva’s beauty and the festival to the fullest. Walk, grab a taxi, or take a bus – exploring Budva is easy. This way, you can truly experience all the wonders of this lively coastal gem during the festival.


Get ready for the 2023 Budva Festival! It’s a unique event that mixes music, art, and culture. This festival is set in a beautiful coastal area. With amazing artists and lots of fun things to do, it will be an experience to remember. Make sure to check the official dates and buy your tickets early to not miss out.

Join us at the Budva Festival and dive into its lively vibe. You’ll see awesome performances, beautiful art, and taste delicious food. It’s a chance to meet people from all over the world and make lasting memories. The town of Budva in Montenegro awaits you.

Save the date and plan your visit for this incredible festival. More details will be coming soon. Don’t miss your chance to be part of the 2023 Budva Festival. It’s where amazing moments are waiting for you.